As Puerto Rico Goes, So Goes Imperialist America!


A few thoughts on America’s glaring hypocrisy as revealed in the political campaigning going on at present.

I assume you still remember the phrase that we were inundated with at the beginning of the world-wide economic collapse of 2008, “The Super Banks are Too Big to Fail?” And even though the overwhelming majority of Americans said Hell No to the government’s proposal of bailing out the thieves in their corporate suites who had committed massive fraud over the course of several years & had illegally foreclosed on millions of Americans’ homes, stolen their pensions, their life savings, their health insurance, etc., they bailed them out anyway. So obviously, the federal government & the corporate cockroaches gave us a big, “Fuck You!”

And it wasn’t just the “Super Banks” who screwed us, no, it was those     hedge fund companies, A.I.G. —the world’s largest insurance conglomerate, the credit rating agencies—which rule our lives, our employment, our ability to rent an apt., etc. —and myriad other tentacles of our rotten to the core financial system.

Let me attempt to connect a few dots for you & you can then decide for yourselves if I’m making sense. Obama campaigned in his first bid to become president of the U.S. with the promise of “Change.” Hell, that was his mantra & a brilliant advertising tsunami. Yet within a few weeks of taking office it was clear to me that his entire campaign had been a well-orchestrated, brilliant facade. Why? Because of one of the first acts on his part i.e. the appointment of Summers, Geithner, Bernanke, etc. to the highest positions of power in terms of their control over our economic system.

Furthermore, when I learned of Obama’s adulation of Jamie Dimon, and that when Geithner was forced out because of his complicity in the Super Banks Bailout, Obama wanted to appoint his hero, Dimon, as Secretary of the U.S. Federal Treasury but so many people raised hell that Obama backed down. I don’t know about you but it sort of blew my mind when I learned that Jamie Dimon is the president, chairman of the board, & CEO of JP Morgan Chase, the largest of the “Big Four” of America’s banks. Sounds more like a dictatorship to me? If you doubt the corruption of Dimon, all you have to do is a few searches & it will become abundantly clear.

Following this further i.e. how the bankers, hedge fund managers, politicians, etc. are all working to enrich themselves & don’t give a rat’s ass about the rest of us. The rodent with the orange tupee who may win the Republican party’s nomination to be our next president, Donald of the Duck Dynasty Clan is of particular interest re: the fate of Puerto Rico & the U.S. —and don’t misunderstand me, Hillary the Hun may be every bit as much a danger to the fate of the Earth as Donald the Dildo.

Donald Duck or perhaps I should say, Scrooge McDuck loves to brag that he’s a “self-made” man & truly a great success, well if you simply look up Wayne Barrett, an investigative journalist, who has followed the Duck’s Dynasty for decades will soon pop the balloon of this buffoon’s bull-shit! This is what the duplicitous duck does again & again in his so-called “smart business dealings;”

“The Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico, which bears the name of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, court documents show.

Owned by developer Empresas Diaz, the club uses the Trump name under a licensing agreement. Donald Trump does not own the club.

“We merely licensed our name for a fee and have nothing to do with the ownership, development or entity,” Eric Trump, executive vice president of The Trump Organization and son of Donald Trump, said in a statement.”

In a nutshell, the Duck is really advertising saavy and that’s why he guards his “name” with such passion & hostility towards anyone that threatens to tarnish his name brand. He enters into business deals i.e. scams, with grandiose guarantees that his name on the project will guarantee huge profits/success but as so often happens when the various projects begin to fail, he abandons ship & all responsibility financially.

I should probably spell it out for some of you i.e. the Devious Duck is scamming the willfully ignorant & the innocently ignorant in America into believing that his so-called business savvy can be applied to the running of our government. Jesus Christ! Trump is Tony Soprano’s best buddy & they’re the Boardwalk Empire. If you’ll do the bit of research I asked of you, you’ll see that this isn’t just an exaggeration. I’m not going to spoon-feed you and give you all the details because quite frankly I’m tired of busting my ass doing all the heavy lifting & the overwhelming majority of you can’t even write a sentence of support in response.

In conclusion, Obama has just signed-off on what basically boils down to the Payday Loan scam that has impoverished Puerto Rico. How is this any different to his & Georgie, the Coward from Crawford’s enabling of the hedge fund whores, the Super Banks, the credit rating agencies, etc. to fuck not only America but the entire world? And no, I’m not giving a free pass to the corporate cockroaches in all the other countries involved in the rape of humanity!

I must include something here from Wayne Barrett’s research i.e. when Trump was going down for his series of stupid financial moves in Atlantic City;

  • the prime time he probably could have been prosecuted was at the time of his downfall from ’90 to ’91, but the banks kept him alive because he was too big to fail
  • he submitted fraudulent financial statements to the bankers & they knew it, for a billion dollars in personally guaranteed loans
  • the House Banking Committee wanted to hold public hearings about it but the banks wouldn’t cooperate
  • the D.A. of Manhattan was a friend of Donald’s & Donald was his second largest contributor
  • Donald was co-chair of the first Rudy Giuliani fundraiser for mayor

(from the latest essay on my blog)

For this snake-oil salesman to proclaim that he’s the “Law & Order” candidate is again a testament to his hubris & he’s clearly an egomaniac. Because Trump’s racism, bigotry, fear & hate mongering appeal to the dumbest amongst us, I think he may actually believe the bile he spews forth? His audacity is astounding & I believe part of where it came from was his pseudo celebrity from his moronic “reality” show, “The Apprentice.” Sort of reminds me of The Wizard of Oz who pulled all the strings with his facade of power behind the curtains.

I’ve been critical & dismissive of “reality” T.V. shows from the beginning i.e. Survivor. And that show is a prime example of all that is wrong, repugnant, & illegal about the Duck i.e. by lying, backstabbing, manipulating, etc., you will become a winner. Do you seriously believe such a person would be capable of steering our ship of state in such perilous times, or even should be allowed anywhere near the White House???

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