Trump & His Buddy, Tony Soprano are the Boardwalk Empire

I know that many of you are too busy with your high tech toys & can’t find the time to read about such mundane matters as the possibility of Donald Trump becoming our next president so, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.


  • he started with a “small” loan of a million dollars from his father
  • he profited from his father’s deep pockets & political connections
  • his father was unbelievable crucial to his rise though he constantly claims to be a self-made man
  • his father paid the rent on his first office in Manhattan
  • his father had to sign the financial agreements on everything he did i.e. his first casino in Atlantic City, Trump Plaza, etc.
  • everything that came to Donald came through the political connections of his father
  • Fred Trump financed virtually everything he built early in his career via the FHA (Federal Housing Authority) which was established by FDR—government subsidies
  • Fred figured prominently in national scandals of the misuses of FHA funding
  • Fred Trump was clearly involved with the Klu Klux Klan
  • there was a clear racial discrimination pattern at Fred Trump developments
  • Trump Tower was basically housing for a rogues’ gallery of felons i.e. Robert Hopkins, who ran the biggest illegal gambling operation in the Bronx & a client of Roy Cohn (Joseph McCarthy’s right-hand man in the McCarthy witch hunt trials); Ted Teah, member of the city planning commission from the Bronx & associate of Roy Cohn; Robert Lamagra, under indictment for the murder of another mob guy; “Baby Doc” Duvalier, dictator of Haiti; Joe Weichselbaum, convicted several times for cocaine trafficking
  • Donald tweets anti-Semitic images with Hillary Clinton in them
  • Donald’s comments are putting Muslim women in danger i.e. his remarks about Muslims working for the TSA
  • he said all Mexicans are rapists & drug dealers and he jokes about Mexico attacking the U.S.
  • Donald & Roy Cohn spoke at least 15 times per day
  • next to Fred Trump, Roy Cohn was the single greatest influence in Donald’s life
  • Roy Cohn was incandescent evil
  • Cohn was a chicken-hawk after little boys & yet was the most virulently anti-gay guy you could imagine
  • Cohn represented all five of the organized crime families in New York
  • Cohn was extremely wired into the Reagan White House
  • Cohn was the ultimate fixer power player in New York for a whole period of time
  • John Cody, a Gambino crime family associate, also had an apt. in Trump Tower & used Roy Cohn as a go between Donald & the mob
  • the Philadelphia mob controlled Atlantic City & Nick Scarpo, the bloodiest crime family in the U.S., controlled the hotel workers’ union, Local 54, & when they would strike all the casinos in Atlantic City, they wouldn’t strike Donald’s hotel
  • Donald bought his first parcels of land in Atlantic City from underbosses of the Nicky Scarpo crime family
  • Mike Matthews, the mayor of Atlantic City, and Donald’s number one ally, went to jail
  • Wayne Barrett (the author of this expose), the reporter who has followed Donald’s career for decades, got to see Donald’s tax returns because they were part of the record of the Casino Control Commission in the ’70s
  • Donald’s second casino, Trump Castle, was actually built by the Hilton family out of Chicago because they were denied a license because they were represented by a mob lawyer, this was done for Donald’s benefit & it didn’t matter that he too was represented by the mob lawyer, Roy Cohn
  • Donald’s hotel in Las Vegas doesn’t have a casino & the only conclusion possible is that it’s because he can’t get a gambling license in Nevada
  • he might become president of the U.S. but can’t get a gambling license in Nevada?
  • he’s not gotten a casino license since he got one for the Taj & that was fixed
  • early in his career, Trump offered Wayne Barrett a free apt. in an attempt to induce him to not dog him
  • Donald bragged to Barrett how he had broken another journalist by suing him & driving him into bankruptcy
  • Wayne Barrett is considered the preeminent journalist on Trump & his latest book, “Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth; The Deals, the Downfall, the Reinvention”
  • Trump promised to build affordable housing in Atlantic City in order to build a larger casino & got agreements from the city regarding roadways & access to Trump Castle & then reneged on his promise
  • four of the five mayors of Atlantic City went to jail during the time Donald was prominent there & he had an incredible relationship with most of them because he was getting city-owned property near the Taj
  • Trump Castle is out at the marina, not on the boardwalk
  • from being King of Atlantic City, he now laughs about how he got out just in time
  • he won’t show his tax returns because it’d reveal he’s actually worth $200 to $300 million
  • Tim O’Brien proved this & Trump sued him —he has to maintain the fraud of his success & that he’s a billionaire
  • Trump’s charitable contributions are virtually nonexistent
  •  the prime time he probably could have been prosecuted was at the time of his downfall from ’90 to ’91, but the banks kept him alive because he was too big to fail
  • he submitted fraudulent financial statements to the bankers & they knew it, for a billion dollars in personally guaranteed loans
  • the House Banking Committee wanted to hold public hearings about it but the banks wouldn’t cooperate
  • the D.A. of Manhattan was a friend of Donald’s & Donald was his second largest contributor
  • Donald was co-chair of the first Rudy Giuliani fundraiser for mayor
  • the media’s portrayal of him as a populist is absurd, the whole history of populism is against elites
  • what’s really driving the Trump campaign is its antagonism towards immigrants, mostly minorities
  • he’s portrayed as the outsider when in fact, he’s an embodiment of the insider
  • he’s claimed he’s hired thousands of Latinos when Atlantic City has almost zero Latino residents
  • to build the Taj, he over-leveraged everything–junk bonds, etc. and he made one mistake after another & from the day it opened, it could never make the payments i.e. bond payments, so he stiffed the bondholders & all the small contractors who worked on it
  • hundreds of Polish workers hired to do the demolition of the Bonwit Teller building so the casino could be built in its place literally slept there & he didn’t pay them
  • he says women should be punished for having abortions
  • as he was going through his divorce with Marla Maples, he leaked to the tabloids “Best Sex I Ever Had” stories, unconcerned about the effect on their 13 year old son
  • one of the reasons white males love him so much is because they think he’s a stud
  • his divorce with Ivana was incredibly ugly & damaging to the children, & he fought with Ivana over who gets Eric’s computer—a “billionaire” fighting over a computer???
  • his wives are forced to sign confidentiality agreements in their divorce proceedings to keep them from telling the world what he’s really like
  • Donald took the 5th Amendment 97 times in the divorce proceeding by Ivana’s lawyers
  • Wayne Barrett “He’s really not fit i.e. not qualified to run the Trump organization”
  • “So he’s certainly not fit to run America”
  • “I think he represents not just a danger to America, but because we are such an influence in the world, it’s really a shocking threat to the world.”
  • Well there you have it my friends. Pretty scary that such a person could become the most powerful man on the planet with the ability to start a nuclear war wouldn’t you agree? I never watched his show, “The Apprentice,” because I’ve found him personally repugnant from the first time I ever heard him open his loud mouth. I guess it shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise because if you recall, dear old Ronnie the Rodent Reagan also had significant ties to the mob i.e. his campaign finance manager was Senator Paul Laxalt of Nevada, a well-known mafia connected guy. And there was a great book called “Reagan, MCA, & the Mob,” by Dan Moldea, I believe? Donald, the Duck Dynasty’s show, “The Apprentice” was appropriate but he is the de facto apprentice because his mentors were mob bosses, mob lawyer, Roy Cohn, & corrupt politicians! http://www.democracynow.org/2016/6/30/a_classic_state_capitalist_how_donald  & http://www.democracynow.org/topics/donald_trump
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