Thoughts on Bukowski

Thoughts on Bukowski

In both movies, ‘Barfly’ & ‘Factotum,’ female characters commented that he (main character portraying Bukowski) strutted around like he was royalty or something. I believe even though this at first seems so ridiculous because he’s a skid row alcoholic bum, upon reflection, he struts because of the beauty of his spirit? Even though he’s living in such squalid conditions, his soul or his creative daemon is constantly trying to express the deeper truths or beauty of life. Note that he loves classical music, Mahler in particular. If you listen close enough and look hard enough, you too can see the beauty that Bukowski saw in the bums and bars of skid row.

I noticed also that at times, he needed to be alone. Probably so as to not be distracted and to work his words as he said. And at other times he would seek company out. He seemed very cynical or pessimistic at times but of course, when a sensitive spirit is forced to put up with petty and ignorant and phoney people e.g. bosses, yuppies, etc., it’s damn hard not to be bleak regarding the human condition.

It’s like he’s wading through the sewers of humanity and every once in awhile, he stumbles upon a diamond in the rough i.e. a beautiful spirit, someone who hasn’t given up and who still has some integrity or a fierce passion for living and for honesty!

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