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I think Nader truly grasps what is wrong with the country and could easily formulate ways to return the country to normalcy, including reeling in corporate power. I wrote a few comments about this on Kos and never bothered to check responses since I figured I’d have read flames and put downs.

I am aware from reading that the Kos site seems blind, utterly blind, or shall I say ‘willfully ignorant’ that their favorite candidates are as corporate and warlike as Bush, perhaps not as nasty as he is (Cheney too), but still, similar. Bush lite struck me as an apt way to describe them.

I’m not young, I lived through JFK’s death, etc., and today I’m reminded of the late David Brinkley saying that Bush/Cheney were much much worse than Nixon ever was.

What is astounding to me is that Democrats in general seem willing to give their leadership and candidates a pass, in the naive belief that how these people act today is going to suddenly change upon a Democratic party victory in 2008.

I keep asking, how much worse does it have to get, and I guess a lot worse is the answer.

I’m dumfounded and really angry at Democratic myopia and the same for most of what I read on Kos.

So, I wanted you to know that I agreed with your diary..

quantumspin (on Kos).

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