The Key to Corporate Control: Divide and Conquer

The Key to Corporate Control: Divide and Conquer

The central tactic or strategy by which the corporate behemoths now ruling the world maintain their power is the age-old, divide and conquer or divide and rule strategy. This tactic has been used by Caesar, Napoleon, Louis XI, the Habsburgs, James Madison, etc. throughout history. Machiavelli advised those who wished to gain and maintain power to use this method. World leaders from fascist dictators to democratically elected presidents use this strategy though few will admit it publicly. And in today’s world where we face unparalleled destruction, it is the corporate elite’s secret game plan in a nutshell. Noam Chomsky has recently pointed out that the two greatest dangers facing humanity at present are nuclear war and climate change. I submit that if we, humanity, don’t inform ourselves and unite in very short order, we may soon realize that horrific nightmare so many of the far right Christian fundamentalists are praying for i.e. Armageddon.

The concept is very simple i.e. an enemy divided or broken-up into smaller units or forces is easier to defeat than an enemy that is united. In fact, this is how the wealthy corporate owners of sweat shops keep their employees weak and under their thumbs. Company goons or thugs first attempt to intimidate those who attempt to unite their co-workers into a union with verbal threats but if that doesn’t work, they move on to physically beating the union leaders up and if they still persist, the final step is to kill them. This usually suffices and all but the most courageous simply go silent and give up on their dreams of justice, rights, & opportunities for a better life.

Without a doubt, if every American knew of our secret and dirty history, we wouldn’t be under the thumb of these evil bastards pushing us towards oblivion. When I try to inform people whether friends, family, or strangers in a pub about the bloody dictators the U.S. has put in power and allowed to murder their own citizens, I am accused of being a communist, of hating America, and I am sometimes threatened with physical violence. It’s been a long, hard, & lonely road I have traveled but I must be true to my conscience no matter where it leads me. the cold, hard fact is that the powers that be in America, Europe, Japan, etc. simply don’t give a damn whether a king, president, minister or whatever who rules a nation butchers their own citizens or subjects as long as they can profit from their relationship with them. Oh they love to give lip service to the sanctity of human rights but behind the scenes they turn a blind eye and sometimes actively participate in the oppression and murder. Case in point, almost all of Central and South America’s brutal dictators and their military and police elite were/are trained at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Georgia (the name has recently been changed in an attempt to fool the U.S. public into believing we no longer operate this school for torture and assassins.

Basically, fear and hatred are the tools used to divide and conquer the citizens by their rulers. Most people believe their governments rule over them but this is no longer the case. The megalithic, corporate conglomerates now reign over us all and they tell the presidents, kings, & ministers when to shit and when to get off the toilet. Presidents and etc. are mere figureheads used to dupe the people into believing they still live in a democracy or have some rights and an actual say in how their government operates. And the two institutions most responsible for allowing fear and hatred to flourish and thereby enable the powers that be to remain in power are the corporate media and the public education system. Only a people sufficiently dumbed-down by a pathetic public education system which is made mandatory for everyone to attend and a corporate owned media which is a thinly veiled propaganda delivery system, could fall for the absurd crap we are bombarded with from cradle to grave. Why do you think such vile, bigoted slime-balls such as Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Coulter, etc. are paid such outrageous sums of money? It’s obvious that they are paid such obscene salaries and fees for speaking engagements because they serve a crucial role in the divide and conquer scenario of the power elite. These pugnacious whores job is to spread the fear and hatred continually so as to keep us from realizing that we have a common enemy i.e. the corporate overlords who are paying Limbaugh, Beck, etc.

Toward this end of keeping us divided and thereby conquered i.e. fighting amongst ourselves and blaming one another while the robber barons rob us all blind, the talking heads or pundits of prejudice consistently bombard us with bile psychologically designed to direct our anger and hate for our problems onto gays, Muslims, illegal immigrants, drug users, Blacks, liberals, terrorists, women who have abortions, intellectuals, communists, socialists, anarchists, humanists, unions, teachers, etc. etc. etc. And again, because we have been so dumbed-down by our public education system and indoctrinated by the corporate media, sadly, most people fall for this propaganda and have never connected the dots as to why we are so beaten down. As Noam Chomsky has pointed out, the information and knowledge is out there for us to inform ourselves but it takes a helluva lot of discipline to enlighten oneself (my paraphrasing).

Furthermore, another useful tool the status quo employs to keep our attention diverted from the reality of what’s being done behind the scenes of power is sports and what laughingly passes for “entertainment.” The American male’s obsession with sports is truly astounding and American women’s obsession with fashion, soap operas, Dancing with the Stars and other such nonsense is equally fascinating and depressing. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to interest people in the serious issues threatening our lives only to be told “I simply don’t have the time or energy and I’m not interested in politics.” Yeah, no time for politics but they’ll spend 40 hours or better per week watching sports and the inane sit-coms that pass for entertainment. I’m so tempted to tell them, well perhaps when they foreclose on your house, take away your health insurance, steal your pension, etc., you might become interested in politics?

Above all else, it is critical for us to remember always that the advertising and public relations industries are the weapons used by the corporate elite to manipulate our minds and our emotions in this game of life and death we are in. those Wizards of Oz in Washington D.C., Wall St., & Hollywood are only interested in keeping us passive, distracted, and buying their crap products. To know who your enemy is and where they are coming from is half the battle. And the battle is never over. The rich are never satisfied no matter how much wealth they amass. As long as we are divided and fighting amongst ourselves and blaming our fellow victims, they will remain in power and control our destinies. But if you truly love America and can still dream of a better life and want to walk with dignity, you must somehow summon up the courage to start your journey on the path towards awareness. I won’t kid you, it’s a very rough road and there are no guarantees you will succeed but the alternative is to carry on wandering in the darkness fearful and helpless against the cockroaches crushing our spirits. My gift to you is in the form of advice that there is no better way to arm yourself for the battle ahead than by reading everything you can get your hands on by Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, & Howard Zinn. Best wishes comrades.

—Rob DeLoss, August 20, 2011

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