Eulogy for Mom

Eulogy for Mom, March 10th 1997

Thank you for giving me life. I wish your life had been easier. You worked hard to provide for us and tried to raise us as best as you could. No one can fault you for not trying to do your best. In fact, you probably should have let us fail more. You raised Tammy’s sons and I know that they loved you as deeply as any son loves his mother. You also loved and took good care of your own mother. I think that for the last year or so, we had some of the best talks of our lives. I’m so sorry for all the worry and grief that I caused you. I wish that we could’ve gone on a cruise together. I like to think that my wandering ways helped to inspire you to start traveling. And like the youthful spirit you always were, you were a beautiful lady and many of my friends over the years thought so also. There is so much I wish I would’ve said and done but now I must hope that we’ll meet again! I’m glad that I did make you proud as a mother for some of my accomplishments. I know that you will rest in peace now that you are with Tim again. He was always your favorite and it’s not hard to understand why. He could charm a person right out of their pants. He always was a mischievous rascal but he loved and stood by his family come hell or high water. I know that you sometimes thought me cold and aloof but I’ll miss you both for the rest of my life and I love you both deeper than is possible to communicate in words.

Good Night Sweet Mother,
I wish you eternal bliss!

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