A Dream Deferred

A Dream Deferred

In Dubya’s (George W.”Dubya” Bush) Reign of Terror, those who fought against the British imperialists, would today be branded “terrorists” and would be “disappeared,” tortured, & most likely killed. To dare to dissent or protest in the U.S. today is to risk a helluva lot. Because the American public has become so apathetic, lethargic, & brain-dead due to our public education system & corporate owned & manipulated television, the “dark side” agents for the Cheney/Bush cabal of corruption, have succeeded in pulling the curtain down on those cherished myths of America, the land of the free & the home of the brave.

To be sure, the sinister & cynical used the horrors of 9/11 to deceive the gullible public into accepting their draconian crackdowns & usurpations of our rights—which the thieves & the dupes still exalt. But how can anybody with half a brain, two eyes, two ears, etc., that still function, not see that we are replacing the “Evil Empire” that Russia was always suppose to be?

Those brave & truly patriotic souls who protest at political conventions & etc. are now like “fair game” in hunting season for cops, F.B.I., N.S.A., C.I.A., etc. and you can’t attend a Bush-whacker political rally without signing a “loyalty oath.” If this doesn’t smack of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies, you are one of the walking dead & probably won’t mind at all as the new storm troopers, Gestapo, etc., lock you in your cell, rape your wife, & kidnap your kids. Nope, as long as you have your “sports” i.e. Roman coliseum spectacle & diversion, your “reality” TV. shows, etc., all is well. Let freedom become prison as Orwell predicted over 50 years ago. Pass the beer, the remote control, & the McDonalds’ burger. Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. And I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for you because you sat by & couldn’t get off the couch or turn off the boob-tube and you whine “I can’t inform myself, I’m too tired, I work 8 hours a day.” Yeah, right! You watch 8 hours or more a day of T.V. but you can’t read for even 30 minutes, and especially not something intellectually challenging that might actually strengthen your brain or motivate you to do your duty as a citizen. They say we get what we deserve but that isn’t entirely correct; the majority of Americans are getting & will get what they deserve i.e. Gulag America, but those of us who have busted our asses trying to carry the load for all of you couch potatoes & walking zombies, don’t deserve going down the toilet with the rest of you lazy bastards!

P.S. As evidenced in the recent Republican convention in Minnesota, the “Homeland Security” Gestapo are now raiding & arresting those they claim “intend” to commit terrorist crimes and this is chillingly similar to the Sci-Fi movie “The Minority Report.” If you can’t see how terrifying this state of affairs is, you are truly lost and should gorge yourself to death on a ton of Dunkin Donuts & Jerry Springer until your gut & your head explodes!
You say no, it can’t happen here (Upton Sinclair) but it can & it has. It’s been a steady, under the radar, creeping fascism that has permeated our lives like a slime that has oozed through our pores via T.V., advertising, etc. It’s as plain as the nose on your face, the more a government grabs for power, the more they must take power away from their citizens.
Mad as Hell!
—Rob DeLoss, Sept. 6, 2008

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