My Book in A Nutshell

My Book in A Nutshell

Christian fundamentalists have become a powerful force in U.S. politics & have been manipulated by cynical & greedy politicians who do the bidding of their corporate masters. Their policies & agenda undermine democracy, unions, workers, & the middle class. By appealing to the emotions of the fundamentalists or the dominionists, with their rhetoric about issues such as abortion & gay rights, the corporate crocodiles & their lackeys whip up the passions of the fundamentalists to the point that they vote against their own financial interests. Abortion & gay rights are moral issues which will never be resolved but make the politicians pontificating about them appear to be moral or righteous people.

Fundamentalists have been attacking secular humanism for decades and see it as a force of evil. In fact, their perpetual assault on humanism represents their basic anti-Americanism & their undermining of democracy, freedom, equality, & justice along with their political & corporate allies & Svengali masters i.e. fascists.

The second part of my book delves into the pervasive atmosphere of anti-intellectualism which dovetails nicely with the fundamentalists war on humanism. Again this is contrary to the intellectual foundations upon which America was established by Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Adams, etc. Our founding fathers were children of The Enlightenment which is synonymous with humanism. In sum, fundamentalists and those who distrust intellectuals & deride them are de facto against the principles America supposedly stands for & which the “Sunshine Patriots” love to proclaim to the world so vociferously.

The third part of my book deals with our public educational system. Once again the fundamentalists & surreptitiously, the powers that be, either consciously or coincidentally by default (neglect), have dumbed-down our public school system. The result, fortunately for the elite who run corporate America, is a workforce seriously handicapped when it comes to understanding how they’re being screwed by the owner class. This makes the poor, the working class, & the middle class much easier to control and keeps them vulnerable & constantly worried about their futures.

The fourth section of my book will deal with the corporate media which plays a major role furthering the wealthy weasels’ agenda of divide & conquer. By keeping the public misinformed, distracted, & generally ignorant of the critical issues affecting our lives, corporate owned media play a pivotal role in keeping the public under control and playing the rigged game of the Robber Barons.

Finally, in the fifth section of my book, I will attempt to tie the first four parts together all under the umbrella of the megalithic, corporations who are truly the world masters. If we don’t reign in the corporate crocodiles, we are marching inexorably to catastrophe which may spell the end of humanity.

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