The American Injustice System

The American Injustice System

AT&T is a good example of what’s wrong with America and our system of injustice. My mother worked for AT&T for 36 years and when she passed away, AT&T denied she had a pension. My aunt & I were executors of my mom’s estate and it took months of repeated calls to AT&T before we found an honest employee who told us that there was $39,000 in my mom’s pension. It was to be divided equally between my two sisters and I and I told the AT&T representative both verbally & in writing that I wanted them to take the taxes out before writing the check for my share. I received $11,000 and figured everything was okay. A year later the IRS told me that I owed $4,000 in taxes for the money I’d received. I was dealing with incompetent probate lawyers, my sisters who were on drugs & trying to stay two steps ahead of them, a jerk who wouldn’t move out of my mom’s house, a nephew who was dealing pot out of my mom’s house, working for a teacher who thought I was her own personal whipping-boy, and I was separated from my wife. I mention all this not because I want pity but to show my state of mind.

I was so depressed and angry that I just said the hell with the IRS and didn’t file my taxes or pay the $4,000 for several years. Then a few months ago, the IRS started garnishing my meager wages and I was forced to deal with them. The tax accountant I went to said basically that it doesn’t matter that AT&T screwed me; it was still my responsibility to pay the $4,000 with another $2,000 now added-on for penalties & interest. I like millions of other Americans am struggling paycheck to paycheck and when I hear that corporations like AT&T not only pay no taxes but actually get millions or billions back in rebates, it makes my blood boil. This is what I mean by the American injustice system. And I’m not a bit surprised that corporations like AT&T get away with all that they do. If you recall, when George W. Bush started illegally spying on Americans, AT&T didn’t have to be coerced at all into breaking the law and to be sure all their corporate cronies were protected, the Bush administration’s justice department gave all the telecommunications corporations, retroactive immunity.

Furthermore, what about all the war crimes committed by the Bush administration? What about the shredding of our Bill of Rights? It just proves again and again that if you’re rich, you can get away with anything. Bush Jr. used cocaine, got D.U.I.s, went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard that daddy pulled strings to get him into, committed insider trading time & time again in oil companies financed by daddy’s Saudi friends, lied us into a war, and was a major culprit in the financial collapse of our economy but no charges are brought against him. Is this justice? We are told throughout our lives that we are a nation of Law & Order and we’re inundated with television programs to help indoctrinate us into believing that law is sacrosanct in America but it’s all a farce designed to dupe us into submission & compliance while the politicians and the corporate crocodiles break the laws day in and day out with barely a slap on the wrist every now and then. Noam Chomsky put it very succinctly, “The world is not ruled by laws but by force, and you may not like it but that’s the way it is.”

If justice is supposed to prevail in this land of “law & order,” how come the illegal spying on us just goes on? We are told that if we have nothing to hide, we shouldn’t be bothered by the government and corporate America’s spying on us. In other words, just forget about the Constitution & the Bill of Rights, Uncle Sam aka Big Brother knows what is best for us, just trust us. If you trust them then you are a fool and you will be a willing victim of their abuse. How many times and ways do they have to abuse us before we wake up? Everybody is on Facebook nowadays and it’s been revealed that the government has developed software that allows them to pose as people on Facebook and gather all the information you reveal on it. Why do you think they have locked up Private Manning without even charging or proving anything against him and why are they working so hard to imprison Julian Assange of WikiLeaks? It’s because many of their dirty little secrets and lies have been revealed but does the general public care of even bother to read the cables revealed? Hell no! We just keep plodding along as they turn what once was a democracy into a totalitarian state ruled by elite who have absolutely no loyalty to America.

You name the government agency, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the IRS, the Chamber of Commerce, the FCC, the SEC, the Justice Dept., the Treasury, etc., everyone one of these agencies has betrayed us & their formal purpose for existing i.e. to protect & serve the interests of the American public. They are all whores for the top 1% who call themselves Americans and who control this country in every way imaginable because they own it lock, stock, & barrel. They flout the law daily because they believe they are above the law and laugh at us for falling for their “law & order” charade.

Every book we check out, every book we buy, every website we visit, every phone conversation we have, every e-mail we send, every letter we send, every movie we watch, etc. is being monitored and recorded by the secret police and their corporate masters. The Supreme Court is the Corporate Godfathers Club and clearly showed their hand when they installed George W. Bush as president, allowed corporations to secretly donate as much money as they want to politicians, & most recently, stopped allowing class action lawsuits against their corporate lords. I’m 58 years old and have been told all my life that America is number one or the best and freest nation on earth and that’s why everyone wants to come here and that we fight around the world to protect democracy and freedom. But I know and am absolutely positive that this is the biggest lie that’s ever been told. I have spent over 30 years obsessively reading, researching, & learning about this intricate web of lies, manipulation, & deadly deception. But America’s arrogance & ignorance, courtesy of the power elite, has blinded most of my fellow citizens and therefore, we march like lemmings to our death.

Yes, I know this is all very depressing and that probably most who read this will reject it as the ranting & raving of a bitter, old loser but for those of you who aren’t totally dead from the neck up, you may be roused? The United States has become a hollow shell of a grand experiment that has utterly failed. We’re wage slaves scared into submission and apathy. The two party system is a sham designed to distract and fool us like most of what is on television and the national obsession with trivial sports competition. Sadly, the joke is on us because we die for our masters. Decent paying jobs are gone forever and the wealthy simply want us to hurry up and die because we are little more than public eyesores which offend their delicate sensibilities. They only want to see the likes of Paris Hilton. From cradle to grave we are the walking dead. And this house of cards is collapsing all around us but we are too blind or scared to see it. We can no longer afford to buy their commodities so the markets have shifted to China and India.

It’s all become so obvious to all but the willfully ignorant and this is why the slime-balls like the Koch brothers and the Supreme Court justices are out in the open now with their lawlessness. Some still cling to the hope that “Progressive Radio hosts,” are our champions but they are little more than apologists for the status quo. I listen to Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, etc. and no matter how many times & how many ways Obama betrays us, they still sing his praises. If you want to hear some real truth tellers, listen to or read Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Howard Zinn to name a few. The true terrorists of this world are the governments of the most powerful nations with the greatest military arsenals and the multinational corporations pulling their strings. And the United States is the worst lawbreaker on the planet. It may very well be too late but if you give a damn and have any backbone left, you will join with me in spreading the truth!

—Rob DeLoss, May 17, 2011

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