I hear that “concerned citizens,” want public schools to be more accountable. I also understand that the governor of Wisconsin believes that by getting rid of public employees’ right to collective bargaining, they too can be more accountable and help their state’s economic troubles. Is this the same sort of accountability that the U.S. Supreme Court had in mind when they passed the “Citizens United” ruling last year that now makes it nearly impossible for real citizens i.e. people, to track where the corporate political contributions come from?

Or is it the kind of accountability that Bush showed after manipulating us into invading & occupying Iraq under a pretext of total fabrications and lies? And that Cheney, the Cheshire cat, continues to profit from via his 400,000 shares in Halliburton who just coincidentally was given the lion’s share of the “reconstruction” contracts in Iraq but have failed to deliver on many of their contracts and have lost billions mysteriously, defrauded, and overcharged outrageously on many of their “services” offered?

Perhaps it’s the kind of accountability that allowed the republicans and the equally corrupt democrats to shred our Bill of Rights, you know, that trivial document associated with our Constitution, under the guise of “protecting us from terrorists.” Kind of reminds me of the logic they trotted-out while we were stopping communism from taking over in Vietnam e.g. we have to destroy villages in order to save them.

Maybe what they mean by accountability is how the laws are enforced against the pharmaceutical corporations that are subsidized by our tax dollars and time after time when they discover they’ve put on the market new drugs, approved by the F.D.A. of course, that are killing people, they have to be encouraged to remove the drug from the markets here in the U.S. but are free to market it in other, less free countries?

Wait a minute, I think I understand? They must mean the kind of accountability that allows the Pentagon and the major “Defense Contractors” to spend trillions of our precious tax dollars which shouldn’t be wasted on us, the taxpayers, for silly things like health, education, or welfare but rather on, weapons systems that fail, that kill our soldiers who use them, & that are purposely underbid when proposed but strangely seem to usually cost far more than the original bids submitted?

Could it be that I’m totally off the mark and that they are speaking of accountability in the sense that BP (British Petroleum) clearly showed as they lied daily for months about their massive oil speak in the Gulf which could’ve been avoided had they not been so concerned about their accounting? And the fact that they continue to deny the ecological and health risks for generations to come for any who eat seafood from the area? Or that they blackmailed the Obama administration into allowing them to continue to drill and Obama, as usual, capitulated to his corporate masters. What did Harry Belafonte say about Colin Powell who lent his “credibility” to launch our invasion of Iraq, “There are field niggers, and there are house niggers?” By the way, Colin Powell first proved how accountable he was by being assigned to “investigate” the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam and submitting his report “What? Nothing Happened.”

Nah! I’ve been way off base; it must be the kind of accountability that those bastions of Wall St. showed us in bringing the U.S., along with their corporate crime partners in the rest of the “developed” world, close to a global economic meltdown. That must be why Obama appointed the top criminal conspirators like Summers, Geitner, & Bernanke to the highest levels of financial power & influence in America. Of course, who better to run the economy than those who wrecked it? Yeah, surely they won’t do it again after learning such a serious lesson? And the “Super banks” too big to fail, along with the insurance corporations, the credit rating agencies, the mortgage corporations, etc. they should obviously all be given a free pass and not be prosecuted. No, we don’t want to clog up the court system with these relatively harmless crimes and should instead focus the full force of our laws & legal system on the real criminals who smoke pot and sell drugs.

Let’s see, perhaps I should just conclude with an encapsulation of just some of my favorite examples of accountability in the land of the free and home of the brave?
*Three Island, Hanford Nuclear, Trojan Nuclear Power Plant
*U.S. military turning its back on depleted uranium issues, agent orange, psychiatric help for G.I.s, rape of female soldiers
*New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
*Blackwater mercenaries incorporated crimes & “misappropriated funds”
*corporations/industries that are subsidized by us, the taxpayers & get free tax ride but still ship our jobs overseas
*corporations that occasionally have to pay a small fine but don’t have to admit any wrongdoing in court and have no criminal record
*Chevron corporation who pushed for the lawsuit filed against them to be held in Ecuador but when found guilty there, refuse to pay the fine & U.S. won’t enforce it
*the “Super Banks” who illegally foreclosed on perhaps millions of Americans homes, throwing people out of their homes, not held accountable and no prosecutions for these crimes and no moratorium on foreclosures by Obama, our champion of “Change”
*the politicians who declare they’re going to crack-down on corporate crime and then de-fund the regulatory agencies who could do the job
*the I.R.S. who ignore the rich who pay no taxes but persecute the small guys who fall behind in their taxes due to economic repercussions caused by the elite
*the handful of food industry conglomerates who are poisoning us
*the corporate owned media who are suppose to tell us the facts but are lapdogs for their rich masters & lie to us daily
*the Savings & Loan Scandal that cost thousands of senior citizens their life savings caused by Reagan, the hero of the “conservatives”
*Iran/Contra where dear old Ronnie Reagan could declare 265 times or so out of roughly 280 questions put to him, behind closed doors, “Uh, I don’t remember, I don’t recall, I don’t recollect, etc.”
*NAFTA passed by the champion of the poor, Bill Clinton, or Slick Willie, to those who really knew him

Yes indeed, this is the kind of “accountability” that America and the world truly needs. Once we have gotten rid of those pesky teachers’ unions, collective bargaining, etc., we can create a nation of nothing but private “charter schools” where it’s okay to pray and teachers aren’t required to teach secular humanism i.e. the teachings of the devil. “Humanism” in general, is the root of America’s decline for the past two centuries and thankfully, true conservatives like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, etc. have shown us the way back to the true America. The humanists i.e. Satanists in disguise, have been corrupting our children with ideas, theories, & philosophies they claim promote tolerance, understanding, and critical reasoning. We must stamp-out these vile concepts because as all good Christians know, God has shown us the way and such wonderful televangelists as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim & Tammy Faye Baker, etc. have been given to us to show us the way. Praise the Lord! Once we succeed in getting rid of every last vestige of liberalism & humanism in this country and recognize that our government leaders and our corporate leaders are the most accountable and caring individuals we could hope for, we will truly have arrived at paradise here on Earth! ( Rob DeLoss, St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2011)

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