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The Forces Against Us

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Most of us have no idea of how sinister & powerful the forces arrayed against us are. And what really saddens me is that nearly everyone I know & have met in my life don’t give a shit about our slavery, humiliation, & oppression. Some argue that what they don’t know can’t hurt them but this simply shows how deeply ignorant they are. Ignorance simply means to not know something but tragically, many are willfully ignorant & go through life content with their toys & material possessions. But are they really happy? I don’t believe so. No, I see their hollow eyes and their constant search for a new fix i.e. a new sensation, a few moments of stimulation.

America used to be known as a nation of “rugged individualists,” but we have atrophied into a nation of flabby, shallow, plastic people. This “social media” trend is a perfect example of just how shallow we’ve become. Everywhere you look, you see people absorbed with their “Smart” phones which should more accurately be dubbed “Moron” phones because that’s what they are helping to turn people into. Our intelligence expands by actively using our minds via reading challenging books, engaging in serious conversations with others, traveling to other cultures, listening to great authors, etc. but the plethora of cheap, sensationalistic images & sounds is now mistaken as “social interaction.”

The younger generation is prima facie evidence of this social malaise we are engulfed in. Go into bars, restaurants, any public transportation, etc. and you’ll see what appears to be a group of “friends” glued to their phones but not talking to one another. My entire adult life I have been pleading with family members, friends, & strangers to read even a single paragraph of some classical work of literature or of a brilliant non-fiction writer but you’d think I’d just invited them to have a root canal performed. When I first started going to Europe, I used to get offended by their criticisms of Americans but I now know how right they were & are. We seem to be almost proud of our ignorance and a simple survey of our television programming testifies to this ignorance as well. Okay, that’s probably enough criticism for now. The motivation for writing this essay came from two revelations that occurred to me recently; 1)a comment by Noam Chomsky re: America’s entry into WWII, 2) and the new documentary about what Edward Snowden showed the world called “Citizen Four.”chomsky-interview

“The business community in the United States, and even more so in England, were fairly supportive of Hitler. After Hitler came to power, investment in Germany shot up. Now that’s all gone from history. One part of the story is true, though. If the United States and Britain had wanted to stop Hitler in 1938, they probably could have done it. There wouldn’t have been any war, but they didn’t particularly want to.” (pg. 105, Noam Chomsky “What We Say Goes: Conversations on U.S. Power in a Changing World.”up-with-no-conception-of-privacy-at-all-they-ll-never-know-what-it-edward-snowden-388696

I’m not one prone to believe conspiracy theories but was it a mere coincidence or perhaps a deliberate conspiracy between the U.S. & the U.K. to let Hitler rise to power because then they’d reap the profits from the war machine? Most of us are aware of the fact that after the attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR declared war on Germany and the majority of American manufacturing companies switched to the manufacture of planes, ships, tanks, etc. Is it really so far-fetched that America & Britain’s power elite colluded in delaying entry into the war because they knew that once they had a nation of citizens so scared & angry that they’d sacrifice everything to stop Hitler?Hitler & Mussolini

Too unbelievable? Have you heard of Major General Smedley F. Butler of the United States Marine Corps? Well, Mr. Butler testified before Congress that for the majority of his military career, he was little more than a hired gangster or thug for Wall St. and the big banks i.e. his troops invaded country after country to either protect American business interests or to suppress the citizens of that country so American corporations could establish a manufacturing plant there.smedley butler


J.P. Morgan

In fact, some scholars, Gore Vidal amongst them, I believe, argued that FDR knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was imminent but let it happen so as to have the moral authority to enter into the war. Hopefully you won’t just dismiss these possibilities out of hand & will reflect on them for a bit? And in case you haven’t noticed, that “war machine” i.e. didn’t simply revert back to pre-WWII, after we defeated the Nazis, and the Italian fascists, & the Japanese. No, it has continued to this very day and approximately two-thirds of our national budget is spent on “Defense” or defense related products/services. And this is why it’s imperative that the government & their corporate masters keep us scared & angry. If we didn’t have a constant enemy posing a threat to our lives, we wouldn’t allow this pillaging of our national treasury to go on. One last point on the subject of war for your consideration is that some historians have claimed that the true reason we entered into WWI was to protect J.P. Morgan’s fortune. Morgan had loaned fortunes to several European nations and he knew that if Germany won the war, he’d lose his fortune because the defeated countries wouldn’t be able to pay him back. If I had to select who I felt was the most sinister & corrupt wealthy individual in the whole of American history, it’d be J.P. Morgan. You might find it interesting to do your own research on this inhuman being.

As I said, the second inspiration for this thesis of mine is the documentary, “Citizen Four.” And one of the things I liked about this film is the fact that Edward Snowden went out of his way to avoid having the film be all about himself. He wanted to have the focus be on what the government & the corporate cockroaches are doing. Facebook, AT&T, Verizon, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. are all colluding with the NSA and various other intelligence agencies that supposedly work for us, by allowing the NSA & helping the NSA to spy on all of us without a shred of evidence or even the slightest suspicion. Everything that goes out across the ether i.e. our phone calls, the web pages we visit, our e-mail, etc. etc. etc. is tapped, gathered, & stored to be used whenever convenient to the powers that be.fb

fbi-cointelproAs I was writing the last few sentences, I remembered something I read years ago. It was by Senator Frank Church, I believe, and he chaired the Church Committee which investigated the COINTELPRO program which basically boiled-down to the government spying, etc. on the various peace movement organizations in the 1960s. Anyway, Senator Church said something like, “The NSA makes the C.I.A. look like the Mickey Mouse Club.” That’s saying something pretty heavy in my book. This isn’t democracy nor is it freedom, it’s totalitarian and only different from Stalinist Russia in that it’s not so transparent. Some say, well I’m not worried because I have nothing to hide. This is just plain stupid! So you don’t mind if the government is watching you while you make love to your wife, masturbate, confess past sins to a dear friend, etc. etc. etc. It’s simply mind-boggling that so many are so apathetic? Perhaps true freedom or I should say, the goal of true freedom, is simply too hard or requires too much effort on the part of the average American?orwell

In conclusion, I feel no pity any more for any American who can read above the 8th grade level and won’t make even the slightest effort to enlighten themselves.No, my pity is reserved for those billions of poor souls around the globe who can’t read & don’t have nearly the resources that we do as Americans. I have been railing against the corporate cockroaches for the past 20 years or better and the more I learn, the more my mind is blown at the brazen raping, pillaging, & plundering done around the world in the name of profits. I’ll leave you with this list of just ten of the multi-national corporations who gladly did business with Nazi Germany;movie the oorporation


Jamie Dimon, CEO, President, Board Director Morgan-Chase bank

J.P. Morgan Chase


Random House




Novarlis (Bayer aspirin)




G.E. “Brings Good things to Light” i.e. atomic bombs used on Hiroshima & Nagasaki

General Electric

And speaking of General Electric, they are in my opinion, one of the most corrupt corporations in America. You may not be aware of it, but Ronald Reagan, before becoming president of the U.S., spent 20 years touring G.E. plants around America giving their employees, “the speech.” REAGANBasically scaring & angering G.E. employees with “the Commies are coming, the Commies are coming.” Finally, if you think I’m exaggerating or making this stuff up, look it up for yourselves, don’t take my word for it and here’s one last bit of info sure to warm your heart i.e. several of the American corporations that were doing business in pre-WWII and during the war, sued our government after the end of the war claiming loss of profits because of our bombing, etc. and they were compensated millions. Yep, our sons & fathers dying in this “Good War,” and the corporate cockroaches are enriched not only from their profits but additionally enriched with our tax dollars, & many of these all powerful corporations don’t even pay a cent in taxes but conduct business using our infrastructure i.e. roads, highways, bridges, ports, etc. But you don’t care or aren’t worried, right?

—Rob DeLoss, Brookings, Oregon, November 7, 2015

supreme court

U.S. Supreme Court, Bought & Paid for by the Corporate Cockroaches



J. Edgar Hoover

I left out an important part of my argument & don’t feel I made a passionate enough argument against war so I’m adding this; at one point in the documentary, Edward Snowden comments that most people feel the spying on us is an attack on our freedom and while this is true, it misses the key point i.e. this is about control. That’s all he said on the subject but I will elaborate so hopefully you will understand the seriousness of this.

You may recall that J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the F.B.I., kept secret records on many, if not all, the politicians in Washington D.C. and he even kept records on presidents like JFK. These records were mostly of people’s sexual habits, affairs, etc. And Hoover used his secret files to blackmail any politician who might try to curtail his power or do something he didn’t like. If they’ll blackmail presidents, what do you think they’d do to someone like you or me, simple working class people who pose no threat to them whatsoever?

Moreover, think of the chilling effect this has on dissent, our right as citizens of a so-called democracy. Are you going to open your mouth in protest when the government can break your door down in the middle of the night & lock you up, torture you, etc. and you don’t even have the right to a lawyer, let alone know what you’ve been charged with? Again, you may dismiss me as a conspiracy nut but you obviously haven’t heard or read the Patriot Act which they passed right after 9/11. It effectively shredded our Bill of Rights.manning

And to return to the subject of war, the lifeblood of the corporate cockroaches, which used to be a serious crime called war profiteering but now makes a handful of scum, super-rich while the rest of us are downsized, have our pensions stolen, our health care taken away, our infrastructure crumbling, etc. Gore Vidal laid it out very succinctly in his book, “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.” I just turned 63 and there has not been a single year in my whole life that the U.S. hasn’t been involved in a war or a “police action.” Don’t let the term police action fool you though, it may sound innocuous but people still die. The government & their corporate business managers involve us in wars/police actions about as casually as a person throws away a dirty piece of tissue paper after having blown their nose on it. And if this cavalier attitude regarding our lives, our well-being, and our environment doesn’t anger you or bother you, you don’t deserve to live in this country and I have no pity for you whatsoever!

Update: Just watched 60 Minutes tonight (Nov. 8, 2015) and it was one of the most despicable, hatchet-jobs I’ve seen in quite some time. The story linked Edward Snowden & Chelsea Manning with a third man who went on a killing spree. By the way, for those of you still enamored of Obama as the Black Crusader who came to town to save us, you might care to note that he has zealously pursued “Whistleblowers” to such an extent that he has the dubious distinction of having prosecuted more “whistleblowers” than all other presidents combined.assange

I just finished re-watching the film, “The Fifth Estate,” about the formation of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, & the personality conflicts within Wikileaks, and the big picture just struck me i.e. while the governments & transnational corporations around the world are perfecting their abilities to spy on us to an ever greater extent, they are simultaneously cracking-down on individuals who attempt to enlighten humanity as to what they’re up to. And Obama’s continual attempt to shove the TPP deal through is reflective of this world conspiracy by the power elite to silence us & enslave us for their personal power & prestige!TPP_final

full spectrum dominance 1

The U.S. Air Force’s program for Space

Some of you may recall that Obama as presidential candidate claimed his administration was going to be transparent, if you can’t see through his rhetoric, you are little more than a consumer in the Land of Oz!CC logo lower

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