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The Enemy Within

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America’s true enemies are not the poor, immigrants who risk everything to enter the “promised land.” No, my friend, our true enemies are within America, and they are “legal,” if you accept what is laughingly called a society of “law & order.” Yeah, I know that I struck deep & hard from the get-go but, if you want an honest opinion from someone who has nothing to gain, listen up.

I recently visited an old friend and in short order, he made some (what I consider) prejudicial remarks re: “Hispanics not here legally.” I tried to bite my tongue as best I could because I’ve known this friend for twelve years or better and believe him to be basically, a decent person. It saddened me to hear the things he was saying about Hispanics and I cut him a lot of slack because he’s been an avid watcher of FOX “News” since they came on the air, I believe? In fact, one of the first comments I made was “you’ve been watching Bill O’Reilly too much,” to which he replied, “I haven’t watched Bill O’Reilly for over a year.”

Hopefully, I don’t come across as too negative or pessimistic but, I believe my friend’s background along with his several years of watching FOX, succeeded in convincing him that his prejudice, if not outright bigotry & racism, is entirely normal or a matter of “common sense?” What struck me as so ironic or sad was that, my friend, shortly after making disparaging remarks about Hispanics being here illegally, taking our jobs, etc. (you know, the same old, tired, repetitious, mantra of the good, “Christian Right,” who have adulterous affairs, cheat the IRS, drive drunk, etc.), told us of a couple instances where some Hispanics helped him out.

This struck me as what I can only guess is some sort of “disconnect” from the reality we live in. I mean, Jesus Christ! Just how much more evidence to we need before we wake up to the fact that the powers that be, status quo, whatever the hell you want to call them, plain as the nose on our faces, don’t give a rat’s ass in hell about us, the suckers, the taxpayers, the ex-military personnel, etc. Do they have to literally come and defecate on your face before you wake up to the fact?

I guess once again I have to remind you of the recent expeditions of these “Captains of Industry,” you know, our unofficial heroes who have done so much for America. I’ll try to just highlight the events most notable after Reagan became president, for the sake of brevity. I will have to quote from various authors, writers, etc. from time to time to substantiate my accusations/statements.

Well, where to begin? Well, Reagan was certainly a phenomenon but a phenomenon of seemingly, willful ignorance? I had not been into politics until Ronnie joined the big game i.e. running for the presidency of the U.S. I mean, it didn’t require a rocket scientist to see the handwriting on the wall when Ronnie became the “leader of the Free World.” I quite bluntly was scared to death! After all, Reagan had compared the Contras i.e. Death Squads, who had massacred thousands of innocents for the simple goal of terrorizing the peasants, to our founding fathers. And old Bonzo Reagan wasn’t the first but he certainly opened the floodgates of deregulation which gave us the Savings & Loan Scandal, which wiped out tens of thousands of Americans life savings. Do you recall the enormous tax breaks Reagan gave corporate America so they could rehire the millions of workers they’d laid off? Of course the bastards did no such thing, instead there were record mergers and the pigs got fatter. That was called “trickle-down” economics i.e. they argued that by giving the top CEOs tax incentives, the prosperity would trickle down to us, the lowly peons. It was more like they were trickling piss down on us. Moreover, old Ronnie, the gipper, also swapped weapons & drugs to free the Americans being held hostage which he swore we’d never do. And he went around Congress’ express laws forbidding the continued support of the death squads in Central America. But those butchering bastards were useful as suppliers of cocaine to America which helped financed all Ronnie’s illegal practices.

I’ve said all this before so I’m going to cut to the chase and also point out that the darling of the democratic party, Bill Clinton, was little better with his genocidal policies against Iraq which caused the death of half a million children and his illegal & immoral bombing of Yugoslavia. And let’s not forget his signing of NAFTA which instigated the stampede of “American” corporations overseas and signaled the end of being able to make a decent, living wage in America for the vast majority of us and again giving the corporate crocodiles tax breaks for closing their factories here and opening them in the developing world where people work for a couple of dollars per day. Remember the rational? It was going to raise the standard of living for the billions of people suffering around the world but they failed to mention that they were suffering because of the good, old capitalist crooked politics & practices.

George W. Bush went hog wild in his corporate giveaways e.g. Enron, Halliburton, Blackwater mercenaries, etc. etc. etc. And the invasion of Afghanistan & Iraq have increased the number of young men willing to become suicide bombers exponentially. Globalization & the privatization of everything under the sun e.g. water, highways, post offices, schools, prisons, etc. is their game plan for enslaving the world or a post modern return to feudalism but on a global scale. And if you think I’m exaggerating things, do a Google search of the term “full spectrum dominance,” to see what they’re up to in outer space. Many if not most Americans have lost their pensions, their health insurance, their homes, their jobs, their self respect. And even after the recent scare that the whole world’s economy was going to totally collapse, the swine are doing it all over again i.e. there are still no effective regulations in place to stop the whole thing from repeating itself. The super banks & Wall St. are now speculating in carbon emissions i.e. the major polluters like the U.S. can now buy up credits from the smaller countries and continue on polluting as the polar ice cap melts and sea levels rise wiping out millions of people’s homes, etc. I had great hopes for President Obama but he clearly has joined the power elite with his appointment of several of the bright boys who got us in this financial mess, to the top positions for steering our economy.  obama and mitt romney

To sum up, my friend, FOX “News” is little more than what Pravda was for communist Russia i.e. a propaganda tool for the rich and the bureaucrats who get rich by selling out the people. FOX and all its serpentine sophists such as Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter, Savage, Beck, ad nauseam, are hate mongers who’s function is to keep us hating and blaming the other victims of society e.g. gays, feminists, & ‘illegal immigrants.’ By focusing our anger on them, we overlook those jackals at the top who are causing the real danger to humanity and it’s so ludicrous to blame ‘illegal immigrants’ for negatively impacting our economy when the top 1% of the super rich are pushing humanity towards a cliff and if we fall off that cliff, it’s all over. Those poor Hispanics take so much blame & anger when it is we, the U.S., who stole their land from them, and our corporations in concert with their crooked politicians who keep them down and force them to flee to the U.S. in the hope of making enough to feed, clothe, & house their families. They are some of the happiest and most generous people I have ever had the pleasure to know and so, I say to my ‘friend,’ you don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on and you should be as mad as hell at the corporate slime and stop watching that stupid ass FOX news and start watching Democracy Now! The alternative news. No, don’t blame the victims, blame the victimizers. Hate & ignorance is how the robber barons keep us divided and down and until we unite & inform ourselves, we will continue to be degraded & treated like serfs in a global prison, begging for crumbs from the masters’ tables. One last note, if we have so much respect for law & order, then why does our government defy international law time and time again and only get on its high horse when other countries do likewise?

Rob DeLoss, Dec. 24th, 2009

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