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The United States of Amnesia

Gulag Amerika I borrowed the title of this essay from the wry wit of Gore Vidal and it sums America up succinctly. Our attention span is approaching that of a house-fly, so here’s a checklist of what the tens of trillions that our War Dept. has euphemistically dubbed “National Security” since the end of WWII has brought us:

The threat of an ebola epidemic and the GOP is still trying to undo Obamacare.

Another war to replenish the supply of terrorists who want to kill us.

Leon Panetta, former C.I.A. director & Secretary of Defense as recently as Oct. 7, 2014, again stuck on the Benghazi attack.

Drones spying on us in America.

Darth Vader police departments terrorizing the public.

Daily incidents of cops killing unarmed black men.

Wall St. wolves & Banksters continuing to bankrupt the federal treasury because no one, Democratic Dogmatists or GOP (Greedy Old Pigs) has the backbone to prosecute them.

A stagnant economy where the only jobs available are minimum -wage type jobs like flipping toxic burgers for fast food fascist corporations.

“Super Banks” too big to fail & too big to jail that still aren’t being held accountable for illegally foreclosing on millions of Americans’ homes.

A military “budget” that is bigger than the rest of the world’s nations combined comprised of trillions of dollars wasted on programs & weapons systems that are useless & don’t work.

The world’s largest prison population where de facto slave labor is used to provide products & services for corporations which therefore undermine the local communities in which they are placed.

A general population of alarmingly illiterate citizens.

Dozens of “Intelligence agencies” with “experts” like Condoleeza Rice, an expert on Russia who didn’t know that Russia was collapsing until the Berlin Wall was torn down.

George W. Bush’s Cabal of Cowards & Criminals who ignored the early warnings regarding a significant attack against the U.S. and started the War on Iraq based on an absurd bed of lies & propaganda.

The longest war in U.S. history, the war in Afghanistan, a country which has never been conquered and for what? 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia and Osama bin Laden has been killed? Oil?

The inhumane & un-American slashing of every social welfare program that helps the poor, the disabled, the elderly, children, etc.

An infrastructure of roads, highways, bridges, ports, levees (New Orleans), etc. that is beginning to resemble Baghdad which we leveled so Cheney, the Dick-head of Vice could enrich himself & his buddies at Halliburton with the sweetheart contracts they were gifted with.

A tax system & a judicial system that is every bit as corrupt as countries like Mexico which we think we’re so superior to.

The FDA which protects corporate monsters like Monsanto by allowing them to poison us & prohibits us from knowing what’s in our food, water, & air.

The EPA which also protects the corporate cockroaches & doesn’t give a shit about the public’s health.

The first black president whose top priority is prosecuting whistleblowers who dare to tell us the truth about corrupt corporations & government surveillance programs directed against us.

A return to the good old days where poor women are forced to go to back-alley butchers for abortions that often kill them.

A country where gun-toting rednecks are free to intimidate us and where homicidal rampages are becoming the norm.

A nation where peaceful protestors are pepper-sprayed & beaten but racists & homophobes are free to terrorize the general public.

A national media that is clearly right out of George Orwell’s 1984 and the “Ministry of Information” and “Ignorance is Strength.”

A public school system that is being taken over by “Christian” Right-wing Fascists & Fundamentalists.

A major U.S. city, Detroit, where the poor have their water cut off. Try seeing how long you can last without clean water like those poor souls in Africa dying by the millions.


I could go on and on but I think you get the picture by now? This is what the tens of trillions of dollars stolen from us, the tax paying public, has given us. Don’t you just get a warm, fuzzy feeling of Security? This is the Military/Industrial/Congressional/Media/Think Tank/University Complex on steroids!


So, go back to your preoccupation with zombies, vampires, Sports, “Reality” television, video games, “social media,” “smart phones,” etc. All is well and there’s no sense getting angry, paying attention, and heavens forbid, reading & writing. As the multitudes of Vegans & animal rights activists tell us, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” because he who dies with the healthiest body is the Happiest!


—Rob DeLoss, Brookings, Oregon (October 11, 2014)

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