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White Collar Criminals vs. Blue Collar Criminals


The white-collar criminals own the media and it’s in their interest to scare & distract the public from their crimes by harping on the blue-collar criminals (drug dealers mostly) crimes. But the white-collar criminals (corporate crime-lords) are every bit as dangerous, ruthless, & cold-blooded as the relatively small number of vicious drug dealers.

The corporate crime-lords dehumanize us just as the Pentagon teaches our soldiers to dehumanize “our enemies” in wartime because this enables them to be totally indifferent to the devastation their policies & practices wreak on our lives. They “downsize” us & “outsource” our jobs. They cannibalize our pension plans & eliminate our health care coverage. This is why the true terrorists are the corporate & political elite who is waging, in effect, a terrorist campaign against the vulnerable & destitute at the “bottom” of society, the working poor, & the middle class.

The reactionary extremists currently in the White House are even making conservatives angry & ashamed because of their irrational & callous policies & practices. The Bush/Cheney cabal have openly declared that their goal is to undo every social welfare program established by F.D.R. Unfortunately, people tend to forget that the social safety net of programs that Roosevelt established were necessary because of the excessive greed of the extreme conservatives which caused the Great Depression. The bastards want and are doing it to us all over again.

It’s not enough that they turn us into automatons in their factories & other menial jobs, now they have pulled the rug out from underneath us completely. Is it any wonder that so many of us turn to alcohol & drugs to temporarily escape the misery, pain, & degradation of our daily lives? Of course when we, the sub-humans, become addicted, get arrested for drunk driving, etc., it’s because we are inferior beings with defective, inherited characteristics. But when the celebrities like movie stars, rock stars, sports stars, politicians, & the super-wealthy like that cipher, Paris Hilton, have a drug or alcohol “problem,” they deserve our sympathy & compassion because the stress of fame & fortune is hard to bear. And we see ad nauseam, television programs focused entirely on these unfortunate souls.

But the rest of us are just despicable trash that can be discarded without a second thought & we “choose” to be criminals, drug addicts, & hard-core drunks. The judges slap the celebrities on the wrist ever so lightly, time & time again. As for those of us not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, the judge throws the book at us & we are thrown into an even deeper pit of despair. It’s no coincidence that the prison-building industry is one of the top industries along with temporary employment agencies. Keeping the public scared & focused on the drug using & selling criminals serves a dual purpose i.e. it locks up a good portion of the “undesirables” who tend to not play along with the rigged-game known as capitalism & stir up trouble for the masters and it funnels even more of the tax-paying public’s money into the pockets of the rich reptiles. Never mind that the rich hardly pay any taxes at all as it is. President Bushwhacker keeps on giving them more tax breaks & rewards them for shutting down their factories in America & relocating in a Third World country to rape, pillage, & plunder those poor souls. President of Vice, Dick-head Cheney’s company, Halliburton, recently moved offshore to avoid taxes all together & Cheney invests in the Euro-dollar. And it was just another one of those fortunate coincidences that Halliburton was awarded the lion’s share of the contracts to “rebuild” Iraq after Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, and etc. cooked up the witches’ brew of lies & excuses to invade Iraq & bomb it back into the Stone Age. This is what’s known as the “free market.”

It’s an ugly & vicious cycle that is slowly but surely unraveling the social bonds that tie a “civilized society” together as a people. In brief, my friend, this is what capitalism boils down to; protect the rich & their right to screw the rest of us no matter how cold, callous, & inhumanely. I ask you, who are the true criminals?

Rob DeLoss, August 31, 2007

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