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Don’t Tell Me about America’s Respect for Law & Order!

Don’t Tell Me about America’s Respect for Law & Order!   Eric Holder

I have been paying attention to what’s going on in politics since Ronnie Reagan took office and have seen far too much of the web of lies we call “Law & Order,” in America. The politicians and the pundits love to proclaim the sanctity of the law in the U.S. and how America champions freedom & democracy around the world but it’s a patent (easily recognizable; obvious) deception. Think about the popularity of the television series “Law & Order” and its several spin-offs, could this be a part of a deliberate scheme to reassure us that we are indeed a land where law truly rules & justice prevails? I don’t know about you but I’m as mad as hell and wonder if my fellow citizens are ever going to wake up from their sleep-walking state and take back this country that so many have sacrificed and died for? Just how far do the rich bastards have to go before we say enough is enough? Here is a brief list of their crimes against us, their lies, their treachery, & their betrayal of America.

I was watching the critically important program “Democracy Now!” a couple of days ago and when I heard that the government was seeking to lock up an activist for simply hanging a banner from the seventh floor of a building where our senators work, for several years,and I began to formulate this essay in my head. The banner simply said “Green power.” Have you noticed the heavy-handed crackdown on “whistle-blowers” the last decade or more? In my opinion, “whistle-blowers” should be given medals of honor and not prosecuted. They are the true protectors of our “national security.” The crooked politicians always claim their crimes and cover-ups are a matter of “national security,” i.e. we’re not allowed to even learn the details of their criminal actions because it would jeopardize our “national security.” This is clearly a cloak for any & all crimes the big boys commit.
Consider the editor of Wikipedia who released the video given him from a soldier revealing how our troops gunned-down innocent civilians in Iraq. He’s now a wanted man & the soldier is facing something like fifty years in jail. Have any charges or threats of prison been proposed for the CEO of BP who deliberately lied about their capabilities to stop oil leaks, ignored what regulations there are, etc., all to increase his corporation’s profits? And BP is still in charge of the clean-up and journalists are threatened with jail if they get within 65 feet of the clean-up efforts? Talk about leaving the fox guarding the hen house.

More importantly, the criminal record of the Bush family dwarfs just about any other family or individual I can think of. In brief, Prescott Bush, Dubya’s grandfather, did business with Hitler, profited from his factories in Germany even while our soldiers were dying there in WWII, and had the gall to sue the U.S. government for losses he sustained due to our bombing of Germany during the war. He was also a major shareholder in United Fruit Corp. which supported brutal dictators in Central America. Dubya’s dad was head of the C.I.A. and played a vital role in the Iran/Contra Scandal. You may recall it was about ignoring the law Congress passed regarding funding the Contras in El Salvador and Nicaragua who slaughtered innocent people. The C.I.A. sent weapons via plane to Central America and brought back plane loads of cocaine to finance their illegal weapons purchases and then traded powerful weapons to Iran in exchange for the American hostages being held in Tehran. He also launched the Panama Invasion to go after Noriega, our former ally supported by the C.I.A., and killed several thousand innocent Panamanians.

Pursuing this further, we have the illustrious, Alfred E. Newman (Mad magazine’s cover boy) look alike, George “Dubya” Bush, who stole the presidency with the help of his cousin and Fox “News.” Did nothing & ignored the warnings of an imminent terrorist attack on America & then blamed the intelligence agencies. And with the attacks of Sept. 11th, the Bush junta launched their war on us, the American public. They shredded our Bill of Rights, tortured prisoners, spied on all of us via our telephones, computers, etc., enriched their buddies e.g. Cheney’s company, Halliburton (which he continues to profit from) who has lied time and time again and overcharged the government, lost millions, if not billions, etc.

Above all, the Bush/Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld/Rice cabal fabricated an elaborate propaganda campaign to justify the invasion of Iraq and the net result so far is several thousand American soldiers dead, tens of thousands of our soldiers maimed for life physically & psychologically and the death of at least a million Iraqis, many, if not most of them, innocent civilians. All these horrendous crimes are creating a generation of terrorists who will kill Americans wherever they see the opportunity. The so-called “War on Terror” is really a war on the poor, the working class, & the middle class people around the globe. It’s a thinly-veiled agenda of stealing every single cent they can get their hands on and putting it in their pockets. And our so-called “media” is by and large, their PR agency. To be sure those journalists are with the program, the rich reptilians have now made it mandatory that journalists be “embedded” with military units so they can control what the journalists see, print, & broadcast. Again, it’s always under the cloak of “National Security.” Don’t forget the fact that Bush’s inner circle, publicly “outted” Valerie Plame, Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s wife, as a C.I.A. agent. This is clearly an act of treason but did anyone go to prison for it? It’s absolutely mindboggling how many crimes the Bush family has gotten away with and have suffered no consequences.

To put it another way, the powers that be, the power elite, the status quo, whatever you wish to refer to them as, have consistently risked our true national security for decades but whenever an honest person dares to speak out against them, he or she is ruined financially, their careers are cut short, they are publicly denounced, and sometimes they are even mysteriously killed. Whenever you hear them claim “it’s a matter of national security,” you should be very aware & alert to what’s really going on beneath the surface B.S. they feed us. And again I am at a loss as to why more of us can’t seem to see through this façade? It’s like the little boy that cried wolf too many times i.e. the commies are coming, the terrorists are coming, the drug lords are coming, etc. The message and the purpose is clear, they want to keep us scared so they can continue to steal from us and all the rest of the world’s struggling masses.

As a result of this rampant lawlessness at the highest levels of our government, their corporate masters pay little if any taxes, are rewarded for closing plants here and opening them in China and elsewhere, and get the free use of our highways, airports, ports, etc., all paid for by us and without which, they wouldn’t be able to do business. But if you or I don’t pay our taxes, they threaten us with jail, take everything we own, & make us pay outrageous late fees and penalties. These are just a few examples of “law and order” as practiced in America. It’s no coincidence that the majority of senators and congressmen are lawyers, they know that those who have the power to create the laws can also evade the laws and be paid handsomely for their corruption by the true crime lords, the C.E.O.s.

In conclusion, reflect on the charade that’s going on in the media now regarding Obama’s so-called progressive changes he’s bringing to America and the outrage of the nim-wits such as Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter, etc. It’s ludicrous and they know it. Obama fooled us with his mantra of “change” and it’s obvious as hell e.g. he put the same crooks in charge of our economy who brought the world economy to near total meltdown. Oh yeah, don’t forget that it was the Bush administration who were the major players in the raid on the public treasury. Clinton was guilty also but Jesus Christ, he was almost impeached for getting a blow job and Bush got away with monumental crimes against America and all of humanity?

Finally, perhaps the looting of Baghdad while our soldiers were told to stand by and do nothing about, was a portent of the end of what we like to call Western Civilization? After all, Iraq was the cradle of civilization and the alphabet was created there, along with algebra, and countless other aspects of man’s evolution. The greed, violence, and level of destructive capabilities along with the sophisticated manipulation of public relations firms, pundits, professors, etc. are pushing us towards annihilation but we sit glued to our boob-tubes, distracted & amused. By the way, when Obama was pressed to prosecute Bush et al for their crimes, said “we need to look forward and not dwell on the past.” No, he couldn’t be more wrong because in a land where law and order is really respected, the mighty, as well as the poor, must be held to the same standards, no exceptions! And because we have lost sight of this simple truth, we and all of humanity will continue to suffer.

Rob DeLoss, July 7, 2010 (Arcata, CA)

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