A Writer Without Readers is like ….

me in SpainA writer without readers is like an actor without an audience & I’m asking that you bookmark my blog page and whenever you happen to feel like it, you read one of my essays & leave a response, comment, constructive criticism or whatever. Feedback from readers is like Mother’s milk to me and really makes my day. I’ve been working on my writing my whole life and when people comment on my writing, it gives me the encouragement to persevere and keep on trying to improve. We live in a very fragmented or atomized society & many of us feel a profound sense of alienation. I try to connect with people via my writing so if you could check in to my blog now & then, I’d really appreciate your taking the time to do so. I let my blog sort of linger in limbo for over a year perhaps due to my depression over Jeri’s passing away? But as I was recently driving down the coast to spread some of Jeri’s ashes in the ocean & bury another portion in the Redwoods, it struck me that I can honor her memory by continuing with my writing & publishing my first book with a dedication to this lady who believed in me at times when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you my friends!

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