A Dark Night

A Dark Night             

Rats in a maze
Hamsters in a cage.

Spinning our wheels
All reveals

How unreal
This world feels

What does it matter
All this chatter?

People are dying
And no one is crying.

Everyone’s too busy
And all in a tizzy

No one to care
I’m not there.
What’s the point of trying
As I lay here sighing?

All that’s lost
At such a cost.

Cell phones ringing
But no one is singing

Wall St. wins
And the wolves grin

Change we are told
And the lie is sold

I plead
Please read.

What’s the use?
Is the excuse.

Rats in a maze
Hamsters in a cage!

—Rob DeLoss, May 24, 2011 (Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday)

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