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my son, Ryan and I, about 15 yrs. ago

my son, Ryan and I, about 15 yrs. ago



Part of the reason, perhaps a major part or factor in the power or intense anger in my writing is due to the powerful events in my life as well as the powerless times in my life. I’ve paid a heavy price for pursuing my dream of becoming a writer. I’ve paid with my self-respect, my integrity, my health, my confidence, and my dignity, all this and more.


I have paid for clinging to my dream, my belief, my hope, my humanity, my passion, my life, my certainty that I am a writer and not just any writer, no, a writer who has poured his blood, sweat, & tears into his writing. A writer who paid dearly for his dream. Too dearly? Time will tell, only time will tell.


Nonetheless, a writer worthy of reading and a writer who made a difference in this world of ours! Yes, that’s how powerful my dream is and that’s how powerful my belief in myself is, my trust in my judgment, and my belief in the basic honesty and love in my soul for the well-being of all.


Some have or perhaps will dismiss me as lazy, stupid, arrogant, foolish, or simply too stubborn for my own good? But a guy who gave me a ride once when I was hitch-hiking across America said, “Stubbornness is determination undisciplined.” I prefer to think of my stubbornness in this light.


I started a major writing project several years ago and have written over 2,000 pages of it so far. Whether I will ever finish it or not, I can’t say? But when I was searching for a title for it and came across this, I knew immediately that this was the perfect title for it. It was the family motto for one of America’s most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright “Truth Against the World.” The determination, the belief, the strength it must take to dare to stand up in the face of criticism no matter how powerful or great an array of forces against you, is the level of belief one must have in oneself if he is to ever stand a chance of becoming a writer worth his salt!


Rob DeLoss, Travel America truck stop, Troutdale, OR, June 23, 2013

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