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I am going to forewarn you that this is going to be a very cynical, pessimistic, & negative essay. As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig but it won’t make it pretty. And the pigs at the heart of this piece are definitely ugly & their greed is at the center of it all. I just started a book called “Predator Nation,” by Charles Ferguson, the director who won an Oscar for his documentary “Inside Job” about the  world-wide economic collapse of 2008. As Mr. Ferguson said in his acceptance speech at The Oscars,”to this date, not a single, high level executive has gone to jail” and today, four years later, this is still true. 


“America’s decline has been tolerated by the American People.”  (pg. 22, Predator Nation) http://

You may recall that the mantra of Obama’s presidential campaign was “Change” and he wasn’t vague about it. He promised us a change for the better and no more business as usual and the first thing he did was appoint Geithner, Summers, & Bernanke, three of the wolves who contributed significantly to the Grand Theft of our Treasury & the myriad layers of fraud & corruption which led to a world-wide economic collapse. And when pressed to hold the Bush administration accountable for not only its part in the economic debacle but also their war crimes, Obama said he wasn’t interested in looking back. The only way one could argue that Obama did bring us change was that he amped-up the theft of The Federal Treasury, the assault on our rights as American citizens, the warmongering, and the placing of friends in high places where they could continue to gorge themselves at our expense. Note also Obama’s praise for his golden boys, Jeffrey Immelt of G.E. & Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan, two more crooks of the highest order. Reaganomics

Obama's promise of change

So far, I have just read the first chapter of Mr. Ferguson’s book and it inspired the following observations: 

too big to fail

    1. The financial services sector or industry, the “Too Big to Fail” banks, the pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, the “Defense” industry, etc. all know they won’t be held accountable for their crimes & at most, once in awhile will have to pay a relatively small fine in relation to the billions they have gained by breaking the laws, so they continue to rape, pillage, & plunder the world’s resources & the billions of people suffering under the various puppet governments we call nations.
    2. The Power Elite in Finance, Government, & the Military all collude in their mad power grab for more, more, more. media conglomerate chart
    3. The handful of corporate media conglomerates control & dictate what information we read, hear, or watch on television, magazines, newspapers, radio, etc. and in this way, they provide the smoke & mirrors that keep us ignorant, divided, & distracted.
    4. Private armies made up of highly paid mercenaries who have no allegiance to anything except their paychecks, are replacing our National Guards around the world. Note that after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, it was Blackwater mercenaries who patrolled the streets free to shoot U.S. citizens at will.

      black water in nEW orleans

      Blackwater mercenaries patrolling New Orleans

    5. Both the Democratic party & the Republican party have sold-out to the monied interests and have betrayed their oath to their constituents. The amount of money necessary to run for office and to stay in office has made politicians have to raise thousands of dollars each & every day and they only care about staying in office so the Hell with the people and their needs. Politicians are there only to serve their masters and will never allow the money to be taken out of the equation.
    6. Both political parties collude in the siphoning-off of all the money meant for the public good or welfare and transferring it into the pockets of the rich who are the major stockholders in the oil, defense, pharmaceutical, etc. industries. Sorry Joe Citizen, we (the govt.) can’t afford to rebuild the bridges, pay teachers’ salaries, provide free lunches for the hungry children, etc. but there’s a never ending supply of money for the endless series of wars of aggression to steal more resources from the poor of other countries. Note that Dick Cheney cheney and halliburton stockowned over 400,000 shares in Halliburton who just coincidentally was awarded the lion’s share of the contracts to rebuild Iraq after Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, etc. blew it back into the Stone Age, and Cheney became even richer?
    7. And Hollywood does its patriotic duty to support the war effort, the war against the poor that is. Yeah, Hollywood makes one movie after another full of guts & glory to reassure us that good beats evil in the end and all is well. They, the corporate cockroaches know that they have to keep the proles (that’s us, the proletariat) entertained & distracted while their masters are fleecing us.
    8. They —especially the Obama administration go after “Whistleblowers” with a
      Aaron Swartz

      Aaron Swartz killed himself because of govt. persecution for his sharing knowledge with the public

      vengeance because they let the cat out of the bag & reveal the lies, propaganda, the truth about what the status quo is doing but won’t prosecute those who committed the crimes the Whistleblowers told us about. They want to lock Bradley Manning up for life & possibly even kill him and they want to do the same to Julian Assange again because they pulled back the curtain revealing the Wizard of Oz as a phony manipulator of people’s fears.

    9. There are only two, huge troughs of public money left that the pigs want to stick their snouts into and devour; Social Security & Medicare and once they’ve devoured them, that’s it folks, we’ll have officially become just another destitute, Third World country run by despots & dictators.
    10. Ralph Nader tried to warn us what they were up to with NAFTA, signed by Bill Clinton & NAFTAClinton, the knight in shining armor to the selective memory liberals. And all the jobs that used to pay a semi-decent wage are gone forever. Shipped overseas where they can pay the poor $2 a day and don’t have to worry about environmental concerns, workers’ rights, etc.
    11. They have illegally foreclosed on our homes, one of Bank of America’s favorite pastimes, and millions of people have been evicted from their own homes & still the so-called Justice Dept. does nothing about it. They have stolen our pensions. They have stolen our health insurance so hundreds of Americans die daily because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. And they have stolen our bank of america foreclosuresdignity & still we sit by, shrug our shoulders, and mumble “There’s nothing we can do.”
    12. They have already contaminated our air with so much pollution that school children & the elderly must often stay indoors because it’s a health risk for them to breathe the air outside. Many of our water supplies are contaminated due to oil drilling, chemical pesticides, etc. caused by the major industries mentioned earlier and water is becoming a scarce commodity. Millions if not billions of the poor around the globe have no access to safe, drinking water and countless deaths are the result. And now they have unleashed Franken-foods on us with the GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) or death-seeds being spread purposely by the likes of Monsanto & other giant agro corporations around the world and by the wind. Frankenfoods

    • Global Warming or Climate Change is denied by a handful of pseudo- scientist whores and backed by millions of dollars from the oil industry and other corporate cockroaches despite the glaring evidence all around us which is staring us right in the face and we march on like lemmings over a cliff.

      climate denial & oil

      the oil industry is funding the climate deniers for obvious reasons

    • Our once formidable high-tech industry is rapidly losing ground to countries like China & India because our universities are falling behind & gifted students can no longer afford a college education. By the way, Noam Chomsky, humanity’s glorious champion has said that there’s absolutely no economic justification for these obscene tuition hikes in universities and it’s primarily a means for the wealthy to control the citizens. It’s a form of the backlash at the student protests in the 1960s which they clearly were afraid of and don’t want to ever see again. Mexico, our poor neighbor to the South has a good education system & college tuition is extremely low if not free in most places.

      Chomsky in his office

      Noam Chomsky at work

    • Our much touted “Bill of Rights” has effectively been shredded with the passage of “The Patriot Act” and we can be arrested in the middle of the night, have no right to know what we’re accused of, no right to a lawyer, can be held indefinitely, etc.
    • They, the Robber Barons, can’t build new prisons fast enough and we have more people behind bars per capita, than any nation on Earth.
    • We have a de facto, backdoor military Draft because the poor & an ever increasing number of middle class young people have a choice of minimum wage flipping burgers or pumping gas or joining the military in the hopes that not everything the recruiters told them is a lie.

  • Veterans returning from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, & elsewhere come home broken in mind, body, & spirit and are tossed into the streets and forgotten. They wander the streets like ghosts haunting the landscape & invisible because they are sad reminders of the lie that is America.

    homeless veterans

    how we honor our Vets!

  • Our Credit records/reports are used against us & prevent us from renting apts., getting jobs, etc. and it is manipulated by the credit agencies. For example, some credit card agencies have falsely given people bad scores to prevent other credit card companies from trying to lure them over to their credit card. And what about these Credit Agencies like Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, etc. that gave the Super Banks, the mortgage lenders, the hedge fund managers, etc. all triple A credit rating knowing that it was all a scam just before the world-wide economic collapse of 2008?
  • We are hounded, hunted, & humiliated until we snap and either end up dead or in prison for life and then the self-righteous bastards profess astonishment and ask “What went wrong with them?” 
  • I know all these things not only from the many years of intensive research I’ve done but also from personal experience. I have been homeless & know the pain, shame, & embarrassment of being treated like a sub-human by mindless bureaucrats. I have felt like a fugitive for most of my life but couldn’t put it in words when I was young. Now as a senior and one who has spent his life fighting against injustice & being mocked and dismissed by mental midgets who couldn’t hold a candle to me intellectually, I have connected the dots but that doesn’t take away the continued suffering & daily humiliation. The begging for minimum wage jobs. The constant looking over my shoulder worrying about cops or business owners arresting me for parking my home, my fifth wheel trailer that I tow ever in search of a place where I can rest unbothered. 

    me in Trinidad, CA, Dec. 2012

  • It’s impossible to get by on minimum wage and that’s all there is & even those jobs are now making absurd demands such as passing a credit background check, a drug test, a criminal background check, etc. I wouldn’t mind all this bullshit if it were required across the board for politicians, police, judges, lawyers, corporate CEOs, etc. No, this is just a hammer they use to beat us down into a constant state of subservience so we don’t dare ask for a raise or question how they do business, etc. 
  • corporate taxesThe behemoth corporations like JP Morgan/Chase, G.E., AT&T, etc. not only don’t have to pay any taxes, they actually get back millions & billions in tax rebates because they have the money to pay the top tax lawyers to find or create ever new loopholes that allow it. They use our infrastructure paid for by our taxes, to conduct their business but pay nothing for it. Moreover, their Research & Development depts. are often subsidized by our tax dollars but once they make a new product that starts making a profit, it’s privatized and all the profits go to them and we get nothing from having subsidized them. Our police depts. protect them and our fire depts. put out their fires but they pay nothing for this service, we do. The the free market“Free Market” is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated. 
  • I read reports of corporations complaining that they can’t find enough qualified employees yet there are millions of people like myself who are turned down from one employer after another for being “over qualified?”
  • As more and more people are being forced into poverty, going homeless, suffering & fearful because they have no health insurance, the “Compassionate Conservatives” are pushing hard to slash the funds for Food Stamps? Is there blood in their veins? I too have been on Food Stamps a few times in my life when I was down on my luck and the most I ever received was $150 for a month. Try living on that and one allowed visit to compassionate conservatives 2a Food Bank per month. And most of the food from Food Banks is outdated and risky to eat. 
  • Walmart is held up as the great American success story but is the most rabidly anti-union, sweat shop business around. The majority of their products come from China and many, if not most of their products are manufactured by people forced to work in slave-like conditions and by prisoners in Chinese prisons. Walmart teaches their new employees how to apply for food stamps because they can’t afford to put enough food on their tables thanks to the slave wages paid by Walmart. Walmart discriminates against women employees and only allows them to rise so high in their hierarchy. Walmart moves into a community and soon thereafter, the small businesses that were a longstanding part of their communities are forced to close down because they can’t compete with the low prices on all the cheap products that Walmart & prison labor
  • We sit playing our video games, gossiping on our cell phones, watching “Reality” shows on T.V., wasting our time on “Social Media” sites like Facebook, a private tyranny which rules autocratically & arbitrarily as it sells our personal information to companies who then bombard us with their sales scams. And facebook & big brotherFacebook willingly gives our personal data to the government agencies spying on us illegally & violating our former rights under the Bill of Rights.
  • Yes, the American Empire, like the British Empire, the Roman Empire, etc. is burning & rotting from within and we’re too apathetic or indifferent to be bothered to even read about it let alone get out in the streets and do something about it?
  • I beg my Facebook “friends” to read the essays on my blog or the ones I post on Facebook but they can’t be bothered. They are proud of themselves though and believe they are social & political activists. Yeah right! Not! They’re armchair activists who think that by posting a poster of protest against something that’s doing their part & the majority of posts on Facebook are recipes, health food tips, the sharing of personal photos of family & vacations, and assorted other trivia. Many Facebook members love to share daily reminders that negativity is to be avoided and we should just focus on the positive, meditate, etc. and all will be well with the world. The extent of their efforts to make this a better world is a split second click on the “like” button and once in awhile they can spare the time to write a two or three word comment. That’s the extent of their feedback and encouragement for those like me who pour their hearts & souls into trying to inform others & inspire others to become an active citizen in the fight against all the corporate & political cockroaches destroying our world.
  • Many of the so-called liberals/progressives on Facebook actually think Obama is a great president and hope that Hilary Clinton becomes our next president?Do you remember that song several years ago called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy?” that is the national drug or the new Soma and if we just smile as everything & everyone around us withers & dies, everything will be okay. People like me are to be dismissed & ignored as mere malcontents, losers, etc. I make people uncomfortable with the news I share with them, the knowledge I have worked so hard to gain. Yeah, makes me feel like giving up at times & makes the battle seem futile because if the mental midgets who sometimes even brag that they’ve never read even a single book in their lifetimes can dismiss me with such ease, what’s the point in trying? To try to convey in a manner that people may perhaps be able to relate to, if I had to guesstimate, I have probably spent on average, 40 hours per week for the past 30 years, reading, researching, writing, talking, thinking about the issues I’ve mentioned in this essay. And this isn’t to say that I have the corner on the Truth but I clearly have paid some heavy dues earning my knowledge and deserve at the very least, an honest hearing and common courtesy!G.E. Generally Evil
  • So, it doesn’t really come as such a great surprise that we have arrived at such a tragic state of affairs and are facing an apocalypse entirely of our own making. The advertising and public relations industries have succeeded magnificently in their goal of creating a nation of consumers obsessed with material possessions & all the trappings of “success” as defined by those same edward bernaysPR whores. The common man has boiled life’s complexity down to the simple maxim that “He who dies with the most toys is the Winner.” 
  • Yes, and stupidity is now worn as a badge of honor and FOX News has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of viewers who eagerly watch & smugly pat themselves on their backs because they know to the marrow of their bones that they have the Truth and are the true patriots.
  • One thing that is clear as a bell and comes out just about every single time you hear or read about some business scandal is the crime of fraud. In fact, it’s so commonplace that I say it’s a standard business practice or business as usual from the small businesses to the corporate conglomerates, fraud is seen as just jamie dimon robber barona normal part of doing business. If it’s so commonly accepted then why is it that if you or I write a few bad checks, we are sent to jail & have a criminal record that haunts us for the rest of our days but businessmen commit fraud day in & day out and barely get a slap on the wrist and don’t even have to admit guilt in a court of law?
  • A few more cheery notes to end with, those who actually rule this world of ours, not the facade of Democracy that we are indoctrinated into believing we live under, are forever devising more fantastic schemes and this one is quite spectacular in its scope & goal, it’s called Full Spectrum Dominance.  I just came across this article and haven’t read it yet but a cursory glance was very intriguing. And yes, it’s easy to dismiss stuff like this as “conspiracy theory” but as Michael Parenti said, full spectrum dominance 3Michael Parenti Democracy for the few“Not all conspiracies are theories.” I hopefully have provided ample evidence of what a destructive path we are on but if you prefer to bury your head in the sand, that’s your choice. FOX News & it’s illustrious list of contributors such as Limbaugh, Beck, O’ Reilly, Coulter, Hannity, etc. trot out their conspiracy theories regarding the liberals/progressives daily but those of us on the Left of the political spectrum are so gun shy because of all the accusations hurled against us by the Reactionary Right-wing extremists that we dare not fight back using their own weapons against them. So be it but this is war and I will use every tool, every weapon at my disposal. For the sake of brevity, here is a thumbnail sketch of “Full Spectrum Dominance” (and you might care to reflect on the money being spent on this but not on food, housing, health, etc for us the peons? 

    michael parenti on wealth

    The triumvirate of America’s greatest intellects & champions (Parenti, Zinn, & Chomsky)

full spectrum dominance 1



“According to the Department of Defense “Joint Vision 2020,” Full Spectrum Dominance is a key phrase for the blueprint the DoD will follow in the future. The report says that “The mission of the U.S. military today and tomorrow is to fight and win the nation’s wars.” Yet the U.S. has not declared war since 1942, so the Defense Department must be referring to all the other military operations, and there are many, that have taken place since then.

Full Range of Conflict

Full Spectrum Dominance must be achieved, according to the DoD, by working over “the full range of conflict,” including working with allies and international agencies. “Adversaries will not stand still,” the report warns, and will probably attack through “asymmetric means,” which usually means guerilla warfare or terrorism, but can refer to any creative tactic that is yet to be devised. Not only new means threaten the U.S., but the old means as well: “this danger includes long-range ballistic missiles and other direct threats to U.S. citizens and territory.”

Never Allow Supremacy to be Challengedfull spectrum dominance 2

Since the U.S. by itself spends nearly as much as the rest of the world combined on the military, Full Spectrum Dominance means more of the same is planned into 2020. According to the New York Times, ‘The National Security Strategy of the United States,” published in 2003 declared that the U.S. would maintain dominance by making pre-emptive strikes whenever it feels hostile nations are developing “chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.” The document further warned that the “United States would never allow American military supremacy to be challenged in the way it was during the cold war.”

The Iraq Experiment

According to the Times article, Iraq would be “the petri dish in which this experiment in pre-emptive policy grew.” If so, the experiment may have failed, since Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein had no connection with al-Quaeda, and then-President George Bush and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair have recently been found guilty of war crimes in relation to the invasion of Iraq in a (non legally-binding) court in Maylasia.


Full Spectrum Dominance may just be a new phrase for an old idea, according to MIT professor Noam Chomsky. Even before the end of WWII, planners concluded that the U.S. would come out of the war as the “unquestioned power” which would ensure “the limitation of any exercise of sovereignty” by other nations. The purpose of this would be to “achieve military and economic supremacy for the United States.”

Ruling Space

Apparently ruling the world is not ambitious enough, since the Air Force Strategic Master Plan FY04 and Beyond says, “…we can and must do more to fully exploit space, to not maintain our current military advantage but also to enable the Chief’s vision of achieving asymmetric advantage through a capabilities-based air and space force.” The space force calls them selves “Guardians of the High Frontier” with the “vision to insure that the United States achieves space superiority.”


  1. And here’s some more uplifting news that some of you may not be aware of? At least a decade before the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and assorted other slime-balls collaborated on writing this game plan for America’s future and they were tickled pink when 9/11 gave them the excuse to launch it.

HistoryPNAC 1


and 9/11 was just such an event & excuse for the Corporate Cockroach Warmongers & Profiteers

The PNAC was co-founded by William Kristol and Robert Kagan in 1997[2], with roots in the 1992 Pentagon. PNAC’s original 25 signatories were an eclectic mix of academics and neo-conservative politicians, several of whom have subsequently found positions in the presidential administration of George Walker Bush. PNAC is noteworthy for its focus on Iraq, a preoccupation that began before Bush became president and predates the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In 1998, the group wrote a letter to President Bill Clinton, Mississippi Senator Trent Lott (then Senate Majority Leader) and Newt Gingrich (then Speaker of the House of Representatives), demanding a harder line against Iraq. By then, the group had grown in numbers, adding individuals such as former Reagan-era U.N. Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, and long-time Washington cold warrior/pro-LikudRichard N. Perle.

According to William Rivers Pitt, “Two events brought PNAC into the mainstream of American government: the disputed election of George W. Bush and the attacks of September 11th. When Bush assumed the Presidency, the men who created and nurtured the imperial dreams of PNAC became the men who run the Pentagon, the Defense Department and the White House. When the Towers came down, these men saw, at long last, their chance to turn their White Papers into substantive policy.”[3]


America & the World’s Mad Tea Party!

Several original PNAC members, including Cheney, Khalilzad and the Bush family, have ties to the oil industry. Many other members have been long-time fixtures in the U.S. military establishment or Cold War “strategic studies,” including Elliott Abrams, Dick Cheney, Paula Dobriansky, Aaron Friedberg, Frank Gaffney, Fred C. Ikle, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Henry S. Rowen, Donald H. Rumsfeld, John R. Bolton, Vin Weber, and Paul Dundes Wolfowitz. It should not be surprising, therefore, that while the group devotes inordinate attention to Iraq, its most general focus has been on a need to “re-arm America.” The prospect of mining oil riches may explain part of the group’s focus on Iraq, but this motivation has been buried under the rhetoric of national security and the need for strong national defense.

To justify a need to “rearm” the country, however, reasons must be found. In the more peaceable world of the late 1990s, with no rival super-power in sight, Iraq and “ballistic missile defense” against “rogue states” were the main games in town. The group’s links to advocacy for ballistic missile defense came through Donald Rumsfeld, who in 1998 chaired a bi-partisan commission on the “US Ballistic Missile Threat” and Vin Weber, a registered lobbyist for Lockheed Martin and other Fortune 500 companies.

According to a February 27, 2003, editorial by William Rivers Pitt, PNAC

has been agitating since its inception for a war with Iraq. PNAC was the driving force behind the drafting and passage of the Iraqi Liberation Act, a bill that painted a veneer of legality over the ultimate designs behind such a conflict. The names of every prominent PNAC member were on a letter delivered to President Clinton in 1998 which castigated him for not implementing the Act by driving troops into Baghdad.PNAC 4

PNAC has funneled millions of taxpayer dollars to a Hussein opposition group called the Iraqi National Congress, and to Iraq’s heir-apparent, Ahmed Chalabi, despite the fact that Chalabi was sentenced in absentia by a Jordanian court to 22 years in prison on 31 counts of bank fraud. Chalabi and the INC have, over the years, gathered support for their cause by promising oil contracts to anyone that would help to put them in power in Iraq.

Most recently, PNAC created a new group called the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Staffed entirely by PNAC members, The Committee has set out to “educate” Americans via cable news connections about the need for war in Iraq. This group met recently with National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice regarding the ways and means of this education. …

PNAC 5The Project for the New American Century seeks to establish what they call ‘Pax Americana‘ across the globe. Essentially, their goal is to transform America, the sole remaining superpower, into a planetary empire by force of arms. A report released by PNAC in September of 2000 entitled ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses‘ codifies this plan, which requires a massive increase in defense spending and the fighting of several major theater wars in order to establish American dominance. The first has been achieved in Bush’s new budget plan, which calls for the exact dollar amount to be spent on defense that was requested by PNAC in 2000. Arrangements are underway for the fighting of the wars.[4]

      1. I have worked for the majority of my adult, working life in the field of Special Education and perhaps this was appropriate because I am often a bit slow at connecting the dots. The brazen efforts on the part of the conservative corporate cockroaches over the last year to break up teachers’ unions because of their combined political strength and generally voting against the Republicans is not what I thought it was at first take. I thought they were primarily just anti-intellectual and wanted to keep us dumb so they could sucker us into their fantasy land of fear & hate so  we’d vote against our own best interests like the FOX News suckers. But after reflecting on Charles Ferguson’s first chapter, I am now inclined to think that they know they have gutted America’s manufacturing base and our high tech edge is slipping away fast so why in the Hell should any more money be spent on public education. Moreover, they can get their hands on those dollars by privatizing education so it’s a win-win once again for the greedy pigs. The children of the cockroaches will always be able to attend the best schools in the world and those are the only children they give a damn about so fuck the rest of us is their attitude when it comes to not only education but food, water, air, health, everything. We are only useful as cannon fodder and as consumers as long as we have a nickel in our pockets. That’s the nitty-gritty truth of it and there’s no use sugar-coating it.
      2. Perhaps my own educational background will help to illustrate my point? I was raised by my mom and she was a single parent for most of my childhood. We were a poor, working class family and I had a brother—he passed away at 18 from a heroin overdose. And I have two sisters who got pretty heavily into drugs. I have loved learning since I was in kindergarten. My mom said I’d get up before anyone else, get myself dressed—shoes sometimes on the wrong feet—and walk down to the school and be waiting for the doors to open. She’d come get me and bring me back home until it was time to go to school. Books became my best friends because I was a loner and we moved a lot. In the sixth grade they told me that I was reading at the 11th grade, sixth month level. My secondary schooling was in a poor, industrially zoned town called Paramount, right across the L.A. riverbed from the now infamous Compton. No counselor ever called me into their office to counsel or guide me and when I started attending community college & told them I wanted to be a forest ranger I learned that I should’ve taken physics, calculus, trigonometry, etc. in high school. I learned years later that my high school didn’t even offer these classes. As a cub reporter for the Paramount Journal several years after graduating, I interviewed the principal of my former high school and he told me matter-of-factly that they didn’t offer these classes because the school was on a “vocational track.” In other words, it didn’t matter how intelligent you were because if you lived in this district they trained you for factory work period. I enlisted in the U.S. Army a few months after graduating from high school because my number in the lottery was so low they’d draft me soon & the army had the least amount of time—two years. The first week of Basic Training we took a battery of tests & I must’ve scored pretty high on them because they kept taking me & about four or five other guys to these special meetings with high ranking officers promising us they’d station us wherever we wanted and train us in whatever we wanted. I hated the army with a passion and didn’t even want to be a squad leader so I refused all their offers/attempts to get me to go to OCS (Officer Candidate School). After several months in the army, orders came down that half of us would be going to Vietnam & the other half would be sent to Germany. I didn’t know which half I’d be in so I kept going AWOL until I got out with a General Discharge under other than honorable conditions & waiving my right to the G.I. Bill. Several years later I was feeling down & getting nowhere so I took the test for the U.S. Navy figuring I’d at least get to see a bit of the world. They asked me to take the vocabulary section of the three hour test over because they couldn’t believe how high I had scored on it. The navy recruiter wanted to place me in an advanced electronics course which took a year and a half to complete but because it’d been too long since I had gotten out of the army, they wouldn’t allow me to join the navy. I could go on but I believe I have made my point, me and millions of other poor kids in this country have been screwed simply because we had the misfortune to be born into working class families and our intelligence & aptitude makes absolutely no difference in this farce we call a democracy. By the way, I eventually did earn my B.A. in English literature and was able to substitute teach for L.A. Unified Schools for four years. And the greatest job I ever had only lasted for six weeks and was teaching English as a Second Language at Van Nuys High School. My students were mostly from Mexico, El Salvador, & Nicaragua. The principal offered me the job year round but because I hadn’t taken six units towards my teaching credential, the district wouldn’t renew my long-term credential and I had to move on. When I told my students, several of the girls started crying and tears came to my eyes as well and I left the classroom out of embarrassment. This is how the system screws millions of us & breaks our spirits. I have never had such a fulfilling job again.

    1. Senator George McGovernThe late and great senator from South Dakota, George McGovern was one of those rarities amongst politicians, he was a true servant of the people not the corporate cockroaches. In a short book of his he delved into the liberal principles this country was founded upon. In a nutshell, these are the beliefs that America is supposed to believe in; truth, freedom, equal opportunity, justice, and equality under the law. Well these words all ring hollow in this perverted, unrecognizable form our democracy has devolved into and I don’t need to substantiate this charge any more than what I have already shared with you. Just take a little time to reflect on these beliefs or ideals and you’ll soon take my point.

  • No matter how often nor how loudly the politicians & the pundits on T.V. proclaim how great America is and how we are the champions of freedom & democracy around the world, their rhetoric rings hollow and is an ugly lie. We have over 800 military bases around the world and nobody knows how many secret bases we have. The fact that we torture and abuse prisoners like at Abu Abu GhraibguantanamoGharib & Guantanamo can’t be denied and we are creating more not less terrorists with this kind of treatment of prisoners. Obama signs off on weekly hit lists for assassination and they have even murdered American citizens abroad whom they suspect of crimes but couldn’t be bothered to present any evidence in a court of law. No my friend, the brutally honest & ugly fact is that America has become a cold-blooded, murderous oligarchy, plutocracy, & fascist empire and all the evil deeds committed in our name are coming back to haunt us like on Sept. 11, 2001 and we’d better brace ourselves for more such attacks. If we truly wanted to stop terrorism dead in its tracks, all we’d have to do is practice what we preach & be that “Bright, shining city on the hill” and we’d bring all suspected terrorists to U.S. courts for public trials transparent for all the world to witness!
  • As I believe I mentioned earlier, I have felt like a fugitive for most of my life and the older I get the clearer the reasons why I feel so become evident. Yes, I and billions of other people across America and around the world are forced to live our lives in fear like fugitives. We are forced to flee the living Hell created by upright walking cockroaches amongst us. I am simply trying to turn the light of Truth on the cockroaches whom I hate with every fiber of my being! I only hope there is a “higher power” and that some day their karma will catch up with them. They are the ones who should be hiding, not us, the compassionate, simple people of this planet who only wish to live in dignity with adequate & nutritious food, water, clean air, and to perform meaningful work & live in peace & harmony with Mother Earth & our fellow men. How has it come to pass that so many American citizens are made to live like fugitives in this land of the free & home of the brave?


Until and unless we wake-up & recognize the sham and facade of this Public Relations hologram of a “Democracy,” we will continue to wallow in misery & humiliation. Therefore, it’s up to each & every one of us to fight the cockroaches by turning our lights on their evil ways for all to see and to stop believing in a magical leader to come along & lead us to paradise like the Pied Piper of Hamlin!

—Rob DeLoss, June 6, 2013 (Portland, OR)

Namaste!touching pic veterans graves



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