Memorial Day Remembered

touching pic veterans gravesBeing that this is Memorial Day weekend, I felt it important to attempt to connect the dots or express my feelings about this time-honored holiday in a much broader context. I got the idea for this essay from reading an excellent book by Gore Vidal several years ago called “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: How We Got to Be So Hated.” Gore Vidal had a very sharp wit & an even sharper tongue and for that reason, he turned a lot of people off. Nonetheless, I believe he was a brilliant essayist. In this simple book, he provides a list of all the wars, police actions, etc. that America has been involved in since 1948 which was compiled by The Federation of American Scientists. And it’s pretty amazing but what ‘s even more amazing is if you go back and look up the article this same organization compiled on America’s military involvements abroad since 1798.Gore Vidal & quote


My point is very simple but perhaps shocking? From just a cursory review of these lists, it becomes quite clear that there has hardly ever been a year in our country’s history that our military hasn’t been deployed & engaged in warfare! Reflect on this if you will? The corporate cockroaches are now introducing “Austerity cuts” and driving us, the 99%, ever deeper into a bottomless pit of despair, humiliation, fear, suffering, pain, degradation, etc. as our homes are stolen from us, our pensions are stolen from us, our health care insurance is stolen from us, and they are doing their God-damn best to steal our Social Security benefits and Medicare/Medicaid. homeless veterans


Tell me again why our loved ones have died by the hundreds of thousands, millions in this never ending series of wars, police actions, etc. when they, the power elite, the status quo, the corporate cockroaches just keep getting obscenely wealthier and wealthier? Is this your idea of freedom, democracy, justice? Or is it the myth, the propaganda, etc. they have indoctrinated us with since elementary school? Orwell War is Peace


Rumsfeld & Saddam

Saddam was useful to the cockroaches until he stopped taking orders

We have truly walked through the Looking Glass and into a topsy-turvy world that would have dumbfounded even Lewis Carroll & I’m sure that George Orwell is rolling over in his grave with the extent of the doublespeak and the daily bombardment of it from the likes of FOX “News.” Think about it, “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace,” we’re supposed to believe that the world is out to get us and therefore we must constantly be waging war? You may think this unpatriotic of me but could it be that our corporations, our intelligence agencies, etc. are lying to us and causing us to be hated because of their actions around the planet & then send in our troops to defend their theft of other nations’ wealth, natural resources, etc.?

Chalmers johnson militarism

I’ll assume that you, my would be reader, is a total novice or naive in terms of world history and particularly U.S. history. So, if you would, just check out the late, Chalmers Johnson’s book “Blowback.” In a nutshell, he argues convincingly that our 9/11 was payback for some of the dirty things our C.I.A., and myriad other clandestine agencies, mercenaries, etc. have been doing.

Chomsky challenge authority

I’m including a link here to the exact page on the website of The Federation of American Scientists which provides the detailed listings of America’s wars/police actions, many of which I believe were not only illegal but also immoral. I chose this picture of this woman suffering so deeply from the loss of her loved one to hopefully convey a fraction of the pain that so many of us, as Americans, and all the rest of humanity suffer because of the greed, corruption, & inhumanity of those who walk amongst us but are not us! I hope and pray that we, collectively, as a power for Peace, can stop the warmongers and war profiteers & return to a natural state of grace in our daily lives! Namaste!homeless vets #2

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