True Power!



       The recent tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School have reignited the debate between the so-called patriots who believe it’s their Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms & those of us who believe guns for hunting are one thing and assault weapons are an entirely different matter.


       Of course, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has spent millions in their propaganda campaign designed to muddy the waters of debate & confuse the general public. And we’re supposed to ignore the fact that the NRA doesn’t represent the interests of the gun-owning American public but rather the profit motive of the gun & ammunition manufacturers who are their largest financial contributors & the NRA is a de facto lobbyist.


       The NRA’s leadership hides behind the American flag & a very limited and strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. We are supposed to accept ludicrous “reasoning” such as it’s gun owners convenience in terms of their not having to reload as frequently with assault weapons which should prevail rather than the general public’s right to not be vulnerable to weapons of mass assault.


       Some even argue that if a law was passed banning these assault weapons, that wouldn’t prevent them being used. Of course there are always going to be those bent on committing mass murder & naturally a law isn’t going to stop them just as laws against murder aren’t 100% effective in stopping murder. But this is circular reasoning and doesn’t negate the fact that the more of these assault weapons we can take out of circulation, the less dangerous a world we live in.


       I contend that our government should offer to reimburse people for the assault weapons they already own and also pass laws making the possession of such weapons an extremely serious offense with several years in prison if you are caught with one. There is quite simply no logical or just reason for anyone to own these kinds of weapons. Are these people going to argue next that we have the right to own hand grenades, rocket launchers, surface to air missiles, etc.? Absurd? Well where do you draw a line? Their reasoning is empty and they hope that we won’t recognize it.


       Personally speaking, I have never understood so many guys’ obsession with owning handguns, rifles, etc.? I feel it’s sort of analogous to the reason some people want to become a cop e.g. they feel owning guns will make them more powerful just as many, if not most, people want to become cops because they feel that carrying a gun, a badge, & the ability to place a call and have backup makes them more powerful & feared by others. This is insecurity pure & simple.


       True power comes from within and not from anything external to yourself. Any 90 lb. weakling can pull the trigger on a gun but a real man or person of strength or power can handle life’s crises by using their intelligence and from an inner sense of power because they have self-confidence.


       Real confidence comes from knowing that you have faced danger & have rose to the occasion. Yeah, some of you gun “enthusiasts” will write me off as unrealistic because you believe that you have the corner on common sense, reality, the world as it really is, etc. And if this is your line of reasoning, I must be either extremely stupid or lucky, perhaps both? Yeah, that must be it!


       Well here is an overview of my “luck” and why I have the confidence to go wherever the road or chance may take me. I have tried to avoid fighting all my life but nonetheless, I have been fighting since I was around five or six years old. My theory is that as a result of the fights I’ve been involved in over the course of my life, I have learned that I am more than capable of defending not only myself but also others who were weaker or less able to defend themselves.


       My point isn’t to make myself sound like some sort of macho man but rather to substantiate that guns aren’t necessary to defend ourselves. I have always made use of whatever happened to be handy e.g. a chair, a stick, whatever; if someone had a knife or some other weapon they were threatening me with. Moreover, if a person is aware of their surroundings and pays attention to the cues that a situation is leading to a possibly dangerous level, one can often avoid crises by simply being observant & watching for the telltale signs.


       Furthermore, my personal history is one of being physically, emotionally, & psychologically abused from an early age. This has made me somewhat suspicious of people and wary of the dangers posed by some people. Yet my fears & insecurities have never made me want or feel the need to own a gun for self-protection. I have hitch-hiked up & down the West coast of the U.S. dozens of times, across the U.S., around Europe several times sometimes on a one-way ticket with a couple of hundred bucks in my pocket. I have gone into bars that were pretty much Black only or Hispanic only, by myself and have had a good time and not been threatened by anyone. Can this all be just blind, dumb luck? Of course not. I grew up in a pretty rough area of South Central L.A. called Paramount, which is right across the L.A. riverbed from the notorious city of Compton. I have taken on several guys at a time because they were bullying someone. I have had tire-irons, baseball bats, etc. upside my head but I’m still here to say that I don’t feel the need to own a gun. I keep a baseball bat by my door and if I can’t take care of things with that, I figure it’s not meant to be.


       It saddens me that so many Americans have succumbed to the fear & hate mongers such as on “FOX News” which want us all fearful so they can push their agenda of a society ruled exclusively by rich, old white men who own everything. Fear and hate divide us and this is precisely what they, the powers that be, want. Sure, write me off as another Left-wing conspiracy nut but in fact, the true conspiracy nuts are the Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Anne Coulters, etc. who dominate the airwaves on the corporate media. By the way, the media is rightfully ours, the American publics, but like so many other areas of our lives, we have stood by silently as they robbed us blind.


       True power comes from within and also from a sense of community and belief in our God-given rights as human beings. Love is the greatest power on Earth and I am confident that there are many more out there like me. My purpose in life is to share what I have learned with others. I try to lead by example and have seen through too many of the lies, myths, & propaganda in the culture war, the class war, and the assault on our dignity. The 1960s was a decade often derided for being idealistic, naïve, disruptive, & destructive for no good reason. I say bullshit! We believed a better world was possible and we helped to stop the Vietnam War, to ensure Civil Rights, women’s rights, awaken the public to the dangers created by the corporate cockroaches to our environment, etc. Yes, it often feels like an exercise in futility but it’s the good fight. And by joining in the good fight, the fight for humanity, and the fight for justice, equality, fairness, etc., we share in the greatest power on Earth, the power of an idea whose time has come & the power that comes from that wonderful, uniquely human feeling of belonging to a much larger whole that shares a common humanity!


                     Rob DeLoss, Feb. 6th, 2013

                     Trinidad, California



     I have an old, blacklight poster that I’ve owned since I was a teenager. It’s a large Peace sign made-up of many, small what look like swastikas which originally was a Jewish symbol for peace. And the quote underneath the giant Peace symbol is “There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind. In the end, the mind always conquers.”  —Napoleon Bonaparte

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