Dying for an Education!

Dying for an Education!

I just watched a video on Free Speech T.V. about the memorial to our soldiers who died in Iraq i.e. the white crosses on the beach, and a good number of the young soldiers who survived & were there to pay their respects to their friends said they had joined the military because their families couldn’t afford to pay for their going to college. The rich and the powerful have a very strong & vested interest in keeping Americans ignorant. Holding the carrot of a better life, a prosperous future, etc. out in front of us with the myth of the American Dream & the lie that a college education will enable you to realize the American Dream, keeps the rabble in line. It assures the corporate chieftains that the poor will risk their lives in the military, fighting in wars of invasion to enrich the corporate pirates. And the power elite manipulate, distract, & tempt us 24 hours a day with the barrage of advertising designed to keep us wanting and desiring their products that make the cockroach captains filthy rich. Meanwhile they fire us and go overseas because they can pay the Third World poor $2 per day. And they take away our health insurance & our pensions and call it the ‘free market.’ This is the ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ our young sacrifice their lives for?

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