Are the Republicans Serious?


I voted for President Obama but seriously doubt whether I will vote for him this time. Yeah, I know, but Romney will be so much worse is the common refrain but as long as we keep accepting this lesser of two evils argument, the Democrat party keeps on sliding farther & farther to the Right. And if our economy weren’t in such a terrible state, it’d be almost humorous that the Republican noise machine keeps painting Obama as a Socialist. I knew as soon as Obama appointed Summers, Geitner, & Bernanke to the highest positions of financial power in his cabinet that we were betrayed by yet another smooth-talking politician who had told us what we wanted to hear. Obama is clearly in the pocket of Wall St. and his recent praise for Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan/Chase after it was just revealed that Dimon had made a mistake that cost the bank $8 billion dollars and climbing, confirms my assertion that Obama is part of the problem, not the solution and that the only change that Obama brought to the White House was a president with a slightly darker complexion.


But if the Republicans seriously believe that Mitt Romney is the man to turn the economy around, they’ve got serious mental challenges. First of all, I remember what a big deal the Republicans made of John Kerry’s so-called “flip-flopping” on issues and what an exaggeration it was but I don’t hear those spineless Democrats pointing this out about Romney at every opportunity? Romney is the flip-flop king bar none and when it comes to giving public speeches, Romney makes George W. Bush look articulate & eloquent by comparison. And that’s saying something!

Furthermore, what’s even worse than Romney’s hollow character, devoid of morality or principles is his habitual lying. I recently listened to an excellent interview on the brilliant radio program called Background Briefing with the host, Ian Masters. The guest was Michael Cohen who’s recent article Mendacious Mitt: Romney’s bid to become liar-in-chief, was published in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper on June 21, 2012. Here, in my opinion, are some of the more salient points from the article:


When challenged about an untruthful statement, Romney’s tactic is to deny he said it—lie trumping lie.”


  • …Quite simply, the United States has never been witness to a presidential candidate, in modern American history, who lies as frequently, as flagrantly, and as brazenly as Mitt Romney.
  • Romney accuses Obama of going around the world apologizing for America…and yet, even after multiple news organizations have pointed out this is a ‘pants on fire’ lie, Romney keeps making it.
  • Romney claims that the 2009 stimulus passed by Congress and signed by President Obama ‘didn’t work’
  • According to the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus bill created more than three million jobs—a view shared by 80% of economists polled by the Chicago Booth School of Business (only 4% disagree)
  • Romney also likes to argue that the stimulus didn’t help private-sector job growth, but rather helped preserve government jobs
  • In fact, the Obama years have been witness to massive cuts in government employment…. the private sector is doing a heck of a lot better than the public sector
  • Romney has accused Obama of raising taxes—in reality, they’ve gone down under his presidency
  • He’s accused the president of doubling the deficit. In fact, it’s actually gone down on Obama’s watch
  • Romney took credit for the success of the auto bail-out even though he wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post titled ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’
  • It is virtually unheard of for a politician to lie with such reckless abandon and appear completely unconcerned about getting caught

Rather than being viewed and ultimately exposed as examples of a pervasive pattern of falsehoods, Romney’s statements embed themselves in the normalized political narrative—along with aggrieved Democrats complaining that Romney isn’t telling the truth. Meanwhile, the lie sticks in the minds of voters.


         Well, here are a few of my rebuttal arguments on Romney’s pack of lies. Regarding the government jobs that Romney claims are being protected, yeah right, that’s why Governor Walker of Wisconsin declared war on public workers & slashed their rights. The truth is that mendacious Mitt and his corporate cockroach brethren, want to totally eliminate all public employee unions because they tend to vote for Democrats and insist on being paid a living wage and having a decent health care insurance program, a protected pension plan and other such frivolous things. Why don’t those Republican & Democrat senators and congressmen give-up their health insurance plan paid for by us, the taxpayers, if they so strongly believe that health insurance costs shouldn’t be paid for by employers? And this war on unions is not limited to Wisconsin, no, it’s a nation-wide war on the poor, the working class, the middle class, students, soldiers, the elderly, immigrants, people of color, the handicapped, etc. The greedy fucking bastards will never be satisfied with the millions & billions they’ve already stolen from us and as America circles the toilet drain, they’ll raise a feeble voice and ask ‘What happened?’


I am just so sick to death of all the lies, treachery, betrayal, etc. of the super elite as people are being thrown out of their homes by illegal mortgage foreclosures by the Super Banks ‘too big to fail’ that were bailed-out by us and against our will but they don’t give a rat’s ass about us being kicked to the curb. And again, I am disgusted and extremely cynical that Obama will do anything positive for the 99% of us living in a constant state of fear & worry about whether we will be homeless a month from now if we lose our jobs that barely allow us to pay our basic living expenses, if that! It’s like Obama and Romney are in an ass-kissing competition to the 1% who actually own & rule America.


As for Romney’s bull-shit regarding the deficit, yeah, he and the other lying bastards on FOX News and elsewhere in government conveniently overlook the fact that it was the Republican administration under Georgie “Dubya” Bushwhacker that ran the deficit up to the sky or that there was an actual surplus when Clinton left office—not that I’m defending Clinton for all the evil he committed. Funny isn’t it, but when the Republicans are in the presidency and have the majority in Congress, there isn’t a care in the world about the deficit but when the Democrats are in power, all of a sudden the Republicans are worried about paying the bills they ran up? By the way, the Bush administration must have taken some notes from his old buddy, Kenny boy i.e. Ken Lay, of Enron, because they too have some very creative ideas when it comes to accounting practices e.g. they don’t add the costs of their military excursions like the Iraq war, the war in Afghanistan, etc. in the deficit. Do you remember how that snake-in-the-grass, Paul Wolfowitz, testified before we invaded Iraq that the Iraqi oil would pay for the costs of the war? Yeah, but after we violated International Law and invaded & occupied Iraq and got settled in, it cost us something like a billion dollars a week. Yep, the Republicans & the Democrats tell us over and over how we can’t afford healthcare for Americans, we can’t afford a quality public education system for American children, we can’t afford to provide a safety net for those who can’t find work, etc. but we always seem to be able to pay for these wars of aggression around the world and that never end. We no longer declare victory, no, we quietly announce “Mission Accomplished” and move on to the next target of opportunity. Doesn’t seem to bother us that we’ve been in the Afghanistan war longer than any war in U.S. history. Why are we there again? Wasn’t it to get Osama bin Laden?


In conclusion, I was going to go on longer and tear apart Romney’s claim to be a “job creator” but that’s another essay. In brief, I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Romney is using Joseph Goebbels’ playbook when it comes to lying i.e. tell a lie often enough and after awhile, it becomes truth and the greater the lie, the more easily the gullible public believe it.  If you are like me and want to empower yourself because you are sick and tired of being manipulated by the corporate media and the lying bastards in Congress and the Corporate Cockroaches, buy a copy of a fantastic book called Anti-intellectualism in American Life by Richard Hofstadter. This classic published in 1963 is both depressing and enlightening because it details our long history of distrust of higher learning or higher thinking. What is tragic is the fact that the very knowledge that can liberate us is so often seen as elitist and therefore, the majority of working class and middle class people I’ve met in my life have a prejudice against higher learning. At times, some have become very insulting and a few have even threatened me with physical assault. I try to point out to those who will listen, if this knowledge is so useless, then why do the rich send their kids to these private colleges that primarily focus on the Classics? And I’ll answer my own question, it’s because the Classics in literature, philosophy, history, political science, etc. teach us how to rule not only ourselves but also have to govern a society, gain power, influence people, etc. The Mitt Romneys of this world can only flourish and get away with all their crimes because of corporate owned & controlled media like FOX News, which is really America’s version of what used to be Russia’s main newspaper called Pravda. It’s almost pure propaganda and because we, as a nation, are woefully ignorant of so much of world events and our hidden, true history, liars like Romney are allowed to run for the highest office in the land and the most powerful office in the world. Romney is a national disgrace & embarrassment and he should be silenced loud & hard for not only his lies but also his immoral business practices, not given the chance to drive America’s economy even deeper into Depression. Bottom line, we can’t look to any leader who will magically save us. President Obama has revealed his true colors, no, we must organize and fight from the grass-roots level up to the corridors of power until we have chased away all the cockroaches in Washington D.C. and in the corporate penthouse suites!


—Rob DeLoss, July 1, 2012 (Waldport, OR)

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