The Inhumanity of Corporate Personhood!

Antonin Scalia, American Gigolo, sorry Richard Gere




The 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision by the Supreme Court effectively was the final nail in the coffin of American democracy & revealed that like our so-called political representatives in Washington D.C., the U.S. Supreme Court, is little more than a corporate whore. And I apologize to real life, ladies of the night, many of whom who simply see themselves as sex workers and pay their taxes and are decent, good people. I used the word whore because of its strong, negative connotation. When most people hear or use the word, they usually mean someone who has no feelings, takes your money, and leaves you feeling used and like a sucker. And we are indeed a nation of suckers.


But unlike a hooker who just takes your money, corporate whores take our lives and are behind our permanent/perpetual war economy, and they take our soldiers’ lives, our jobs, our health insurance, our pensions, and our self-respect. You may think I’m being a little too extreme in my criticism but if you recall, President Eisenhower, a republican, warned us of this coming apocalypse with his farewell speech & the warning “Beware of the military/industrial complex!” By the way, he wanted to add Congress to this insidious complex but was persuaded to not do so. Perhaps that was just getting a little too close to home or the truth?


To return to my central point i.e. corporations are inhumane, I feel it necessary in this technologically-advanced, media saturated society of ours that is so pitifully ignorant, to point out the obvious i.e. what makes us human is our humanity or compassion & empathy for our fellow human beings. To illustrate, here is a brief checklist of the traits of psychopaths that I borrowed from the book “The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power” by Joel Bakan. I saw the documentary and read the book & I strongly urge you to watch and/or read it because you will be absolutely amazed by what is revealed.

Joel Bakan


Diagnostic Checklist of Psychopathic Traits (pg. 56-57)

  1. Irresponsible
  2. Manipulate
  3. Grandiose
  4. Lack of empathy
  5. Asocial tendencies
  6. Refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions
  7. Unable to feel remorse
  8. Relate to others superficially


For the sake of brevity i.e. I have been advised that I should strive to keep my blog posts under 800 words, so I’ll leave it to you to think of examples of corporate behavior which corroborate/confirm these traits of unhealthy behaviors.


Unfortunately, these “unhealthy” and “anti-social behaviors” of the corporate cockroaches have far-reaching & severe consequences not only for them but for all of humanity. The spark that ignited my urge to write this essay came while watching a PBS Frontline special as I was channel-surfing on T.V. the other night called “Money, Power & Wall Street.” It’s a four part series that totals approximately four hours and wow, there is a lot of gold to mine i.e. information/knowledge/insights! I hope to be able to get a transcript of the series because it allows me to dissect the details and hopefully gain some insight into how the world-wide economic collapse came about? The two words in the episode I was watching that made me sit up were “Moral Hazard.”


The “talking-head/expert” was commenting/reflecting on the dilemma of whether bailing-out the “Super banks” the “Too Big to Fail” institutions would present a “moral hazard?” By this he meant, if the U.S. government (taxpayers) bail-out these banks who have participated in such widespread, illegal acts/transactions, would they learn their lesson or repeat their crimes? (my paraphrasing) If we weren’t in such dire straits, it would be almost laughable that these predatory lenders & rapacious republican reptiles dare to even utter the word “moral.” In fact, I believe people who pursue a degree in business administration are required to take a course called Business Ethics. I took several business courses when I first started college because I didn’t know what I wanted to major in and thought they might be useful at some point in my life. And they were boring as hell, the only thing necessary to succeed in business is to not have any ethics & be as greedy and cutthroat as possible.

 (while listening to Gordon Gekko, think Mitt Romney)

In conclusion, here is a brief list of some of the major examples of corporate inhumanity. Thanks to reign of deregulating Ronnie Reagan, tens if not hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their life savings in the Savings & Loan scandal and Neal Bush, Dubya’s brother was in on that one. We also witnessed the EXXON Valdeez and the gross environmental destruction. By the way, EXXON’s lawyers kept the people trying to sue them tied up in court all these years and the people still haven’t been compensated. Don’t forget the recent BP oil spill and Obama has increased the number of oil drilling permits and backed down again on his word to stop the pipeline they want to run across America. Georgie Bush’s friend Ken Lay stuck it to America big time with Enron. Wall St. and their cronies around the world have plunged the world economy into a tailspin. Obama has continued the legacy of Bush in Afghanistan and there is absolutely no reason we should be there but war is welfare for the wealthy war profiteers. Moreover, these vile and vicious corporate cockroaches are now seeking to rule the universe with what they call Full Spectrum Dominance. Do a search on this topic and see for yourself. I voted for Obama but I won’t again because he has lied and backtracked on just about every campaign promise he made. In short, these corporate Frankensteins via our foreign policies which they dictate to their lackeys in Congress are fueling and fanning the flames of terrorism and global warming because their wars have killed and displaced millions of people around the planet and are turning America into a third world nation as they reward themselves with obscene bonuses and refuse to free up credit for us, the taxpayers. If we don’t educate our fellow citizens, we’ll just get more of the same no matter who is in the White House.


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