Are We Ever Going to Wake-Up?


            “We” (the politicians & the corporate masters) spend $2 billion dollars per week on our war in Afghanistan. Can you remind me again of why we’re in Afghanistan & why we’ve been there for a decade and longer than we’ve been in any other war that America has ever been involved in? And what about our war in Iraq? Why were we there? What did we accomplish? And how much does it cost for us to maintain the world’s largest embassy in Iraq and the 16,000 or so mercenaries there along with the 14 military bases we have in Iraq? Oh yeah, we also maintain close to 800 military bases around the world and nobody knows for sure, how many secret prisons we have around the globe?


            Yet we are told over & over that “we” don’t have enough money for our schools, our health care, food stamps, unemployment benefits, Social Security, roads, bridges, highways, etc. that need repair and every other program established to help the down & out? Why are the ranks of the homeless, the unemployed, people who die because they don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to go to a hospital expanding exponentially? Is it as the Reptilian Republican talking-heads like Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, etc. claim i.e. people are just lazy, drug-addicted, & simply want to live off of government hand-outs?


            Let me attempt to offer some answers to these questions that I’ve risen. First and foremost & at the risk of sounding like I’m oversimplifying, just about every crime the corrupt ones holding positions of power & privilege over us commit,  is swept under the circus tent of “National Security” which is code for we can’t & won’t tell you the truth about this matter because it could jeopardize our wealth. They (the one-tenth of 1%) the obscenely wealthy who pull the strings behind the curtain of public scrutiny, not unlike the Wizard of Oz, wage their non-stop wars of aggression around the planet quite clearly to rape, pillage, & plunder the resources & the people of any nation they set their minds on robbing. They put the ball in motion by paying their lackeys (people without principle or pride) in their media conglomerates to implant stories of total misinformation, disinformation, bald-faced lies, half-truths, etc. and of course the editorial staff go along with the façade because they know that were they to object, they’d lose their cushy, high-paying position overnight. Note that even the so-called bastion of “liberal journalism” i.e. The New York Times sold-out when they beat the drums for the invasion of Iraq via their star reporter, Judith Miller who reported almost verbatim the lies of Chalabi, the bank president who stole millions from a Syrian bank and is wanted by Syria. Of course, well perhaps I shouldn’t say of course because there are millions of Americans who actually believe that FOX News is actually a news organization, is America’s version of the former Russia’s national newspaper Pravda. FOX News is akin to a fat & ugly streetwalker strolling down the street with a skirt on that is much too small and her ass is hanging out & she occasionally stops to sit on a bus stop with her legs wide-open to reveal that she has no panties on and she grins wide with a tooth-less gaping hole laughing madly and giving a wink.


            Please excuse my graphic and perhaps over-the-top description of FOX News but that is how detestable they are to me. To return to the subject of “National Security,” have you ever questioned what exactly they mean by “National Security?” If you’re like the majority of Americans, most likely you haven’t because we are brought up and taught to accept what our government does in our name and to believe that they have our best interests in mind and we should never question their reasons for sending us to war because that would be unpatriotic or un-American. But I am here to tell you that it’s basically all a lie! You are probably thinking right about now, “So, who in the Hell are you? What makes you an expert?” Well, unlike many, if not most of those lying liars on FOX News & etc. I have spent well over 30 years reading like a madman, taping political programs, researching, traveling, talking to people from all walks of life, etc. and I am speaking from my head & heart out of a true compassion for all the unfortunate souls around the world who don’t have a voice. I am not getting paid for this and most likely only a few dozen souls will even take the time to read this but I fight on because the injustices, the cruelty, the despair, & the degradation that billions of the suffering poor experience every waking minute of their dismal lives pushes me on.


            The vicious vultures, unlike their cousins who wait for an animal to die before devouring them, are impatient and are constantly doing everything in their power to hasten the death of people around the globe who stand in the way of their making greater & greater profits. They are not protecting America and obviously could give a damn less about the 99% of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths. They are de facto, the world’s most vicious & callous pirates and murderers & every one of them should be tried in an international court of law and after having been convicted of crimes against humanity, every last cent they’ve stolen, should be taken from them & given to their victims and they should then be locked up in the worst prisons the world has for their entire lives with no chance of parole.


            You may be thinking, “This guy is off his rocker!” due to my extreme anger? My only excuse is that it’s perhaps an occupational hazard due to all that I have learned and continue to discover about the machinations of these corporate crocodiles & the consequences of their actions. Consider this if you will, the far right-wing extremists who are either too stupid or simply don’t care about how vile, vulgar, & ugly they appear when they spew their venom publicly, are basically the stooges of that tiny fraction of the fascists ruling the world and for whatever combination of reasons, have taken the gloves off so-to-speak over the past few years. It might be that because their unbridled greed caused a near global economic meltdown, they fear the masses rising up against them and they figure that they’d better go for our jugular veins before we go for theirs?


            Anyway, reflect on this brief list of their attacks against us: they are doing their best to wipe-out affirmative action; the right to organize, the right of immigrants to this country to be treated in the way our Statue of Liberty says they should be treated (and if the majority of Americans no longer believe in these words engraved on the Statue of Liberty:


            Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Then we should tear the lady down who greeted so many of our forefathers as they entered the safe harbor of America because she now is a false idol.); the reactionary Right are working overtime to undo the rights of women, and they above all else are trying to turn back the clock on voting rights because they know that the power of the vote is in many respects, the last semblance of power that the poor have against the power of the rich who enslave us all with their wage slave pay, closing of factories in America, elimination of our health care insurance, pollution of our environment, dumbing-down of our schools, imprisonment of our young, brainwashing by their media, de facto forcing us to serve as cannon fodder in their war machine, etc. The Statue of Liberty has become a form of false advertising and even as we wage war against the world in our imperial expansion of power for an American Empire that rules the world, the liar’s club of millionaires on television & radio proclaim “America, land of the free, home of the brave. Champion of Democracy and everyone wants to come here and be like us!” Yeah, right!


            Sorry for the possible digression but every time I speak or write, I am teaching and it’s very hard to encapsulate the connecting points when discussing such weighty matters. To finally return to my first question as to why we invaded Afghanistan, I have to agree with Larry Everest who, in his book, Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda, sums it up by saying that we’re there to protect the oil pipeline to the Caspian Sea. I also believe that we invaded Iraq to steal and then protect the Iraqis oil fields. How else can you explain the fact that Saddam Hussein was our buddy in the Middle East for decades and “we” supplied him with many of his weapons which he used against his own countrymen but when he decided to stop being our lackey & when he attacked Kuwait for their slant-drilling across the border and tapped into Iraq’s oil & Saddam was assured by our Ambassador to Iraq that we wouldn’t intervene, overnight, the propaganda machine went into high gear and Saddam was the new Hitler. And speaking of the propaganda machine, I recently purchased a book from a used book store with the title The Pentagon Propaganda Machine by former Senator J.W. Fulbright and although I haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet, this quote is relevant to this essay:


            “For more than 14 of the past 28 years we have been fighting somewhere, and we have been ready to fight almost anywhere for the other 14. War and the military have become a part of our environment, like pollution.” (Inside flap, copyright 1970 by Liveright Publishing Corporation)


            Furthermore, the infamous, Gore Vidal, in his book Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, makes the case that ever since WWII, the U.S. has been engaged in war in one sense or another and provides a list of our wars, police actions, etc. The hideous hyenas hiding behind “National Security” have learned their lesson from the colossal “mistake” of Vietnam and now require that “journalists” be embedded with our troops. Why? Because they fear that the truth may leak out and it’s not the battle for the “hearts & minds” of the conquered that they’re concerned about but rather, it’s the battle to capture & brainwash the hearts & minds of America so we’ll passively go along with their warmongering. So now, we follow a clear pattern of 1)whip up public support via propaganda; 2) invade the latest target of opportunity; 3) occupy as long as necessary for our troops to get a good foothold & allow “our” mercenaries to get situated; 4) quietly withdraw and declare “Mission Accomplished” as Georgie W. (Dubya) Bush, the Coward from Crawford so aptly portrayed on the battleship anchored off of San Diego and “our” corporations suck out every last dollar from the “evil enemy state” while we pat ourselves on the back and declare “Yep, good old America has rescued yet another poor, backward nation.”


            Summing up, these sociopaths are creating a never-ending army of terrorists and can you blame the “terrorists?” What would you feel like doing if someone killed your loved ones for nothing (accident) with drones that drop bombs? What might you do out of sheer rage? Whose going to want to invade America a few years from now at the rate America is being devoured from within by the corporate crocodiles like Mitt Romney who is worth something like $250 million because he buys up struggling companies, sells off all their assets and takes loans out on the company and then leaves the company to self-implode while Romney hides his money in the Cayman Islands and pays little to no taxes on his hundreds of millions of dollars. This is sheer hubris and the brazen glorification of greed & corruption and he’s running for president and is backed by a “Super Pac.” On top of this he has the gall to call himself a job creator when he in fact is a job destroyer!


            Have you seen the countless towns, communities, & cities across America that are going or have gone bankrupt and resemble ghost towns? These swine in their corporate suites are bankrupting America and forced us against our will to bail them out so they could turn around and reward themselves with fantastic bonuses as they stole our homes and none of them have gone to jail because it’s just business as usual in America. Our soldiers regularly kill innocents and some go completely nuts like the sergeant who just went on a killing spree in Afghanistan and murdered 16 innocent people in their beds, mostly children, then stabled their dead bodies repeatedly and then threw them into a pile and burned their bodies. Or what about the sick soldiers who like to collect trophies of their victims and keep an ear, a finger, etc.? This is what war does to some people and especially when soldiers begin to wake-up to the fact that they’re fighting an unjust and unnecessary war against innocents. War after war and time after time we learn that the reasons we went to war were all a massive lie and propaganda campaign yet we again and again believe these lying bastards and go off to yet another war. I am afraid and I fear that the horrible attack on America on 9/11 may have just been the beginning? Moreover, look at the price we have paid since 9/11 in terms of the loss of our once cherished liberties as guaranteed to us in our Bill of Rights. The powers that be can break into our homes in the middle of the night, kidnap us, lock us up somewhere and we have no right to trial, no right to know what we’re supposed to have done, no right to contact our loved ones, and if they want, we may never be seen again. Think I’m exaggerating? Research it yourself, don’t believe me and just write me off as another conspiracy nut but you’re in for a rude and ugly awakening my friend. Lastly, my greatest or deepest, darkest fear is that a group of the countless terrorists we have created by our actions will get their hands on some of the plutonium floating around the world on the black market. When Russia collapsed from its internal decay and competition with us in our insane arms race during the Cold War, they spent more money and manpower on guarding potatoes than they did on guarding their plutonium. If this nightmare scenario were to come true, hundreds of millions of us could die a very painful and ugly death to radiation exposure but this is not cause to throw up our hands in apathy and resign ourselves to our lot. No, this is our clarion call to wake-up and take action first by informing ourselves and then shutting down the politicians in bed with their corporate mistresses or high-priced hookers!


P.S.  Was President Eisenhower a conspiracy nut when he warned us to beware of the military/industrial complex? And by the way, Eisenhower originally called it the military/industrial/congressional complex but was persuaded to leave out congressional. Gee, I wonder why?

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