Dancing is Life!

Dancing is the rain.

Dancing is the spirit of the Redwoods.

Dancing is the touch of your first love.

Dancing is the smile of your newborn babe.

Dancing is the memory of your dear, departed ones.

Dancing is the act of creation.

Dancing is the thrill of new knowledge.

Dancing is the smell of a beautiful woman’s perfume in your nostrils.

Dancing is the tingling magic of her touch.

Dancing is laughter.

Dancing is mourning.

Dancing is respect.

Dancing is holy.

Dancing is peace.

Dancing is healing.

Dancing is trust.

Dancing is freedom.

Dancing is discovery.

Dancing is thrill.

Dancing is serious.

Dancing is truth.

Dancing is wisdom.

Dancing is home.

Dancing is naked as a Druid in the Oak Grove.

Dancing intoxicates.

Dancing is hope.

Dancing is courage.

Dancing is the spirit of the young in the old.

Dancing is friendship.

Dancing is love.

Dancing is an adventure.

Dancing is scary.

Dancing is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Dancing is an aphrodisiac.

Dancing is a mystery.

Dancing is an invitation.

Dancing is a dream.

Dancing is a pleasant memory.

Dancing is touch.

Dancing is one soul searching for another.

Dancing is communication.

Dancing is exotic.

Dancing is erotic.

Dancing connects.

Dancing is god-like.

Dancing is my life!

                                   —Rob DeLoss, December 25, 2011


song “Hungry Eyes”

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  1. Greg Driscoll
    Greg Driscoll says:

    Thanks for your comments on my poem “Canzone”.
    Sorry it’s taken so long for me to read your poem, but the holidays are always a hectic time. I really like the content of your poem “Dancing is Life”, but the impact, for me, is weakened by the constant repetition of the word Dancing. Adding more rhythm and variation (the essence of dancing!) – even just substituting the pronoun “it” every other line or two, and combing some of the predicates – will, in my view, result in your having the quintessence of a great poem: thoughtful substance and appealing form.

    • Rob DeLoss
      Rob DeLoss says:

      Hi Greg, and thank you for taking the time to comment on my “poem.” I hear what you’re saying re: my feeble attempt at poetry. To be honest with you, poetry has always intimidated me. I was drinking on Xmas day and just started jotting it down. I read a poem years ago on hitch-hiking and it followed that format so that’s where the idea came from. Was just trying to express what I usually can’t re: dancing. I write mostly political essays and boy is there a never ending stream of things to write about our joke of a political system. Thanks for the positive feedback though, my ego thanks you. Persevere!


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