Law & Order vs. Truth & Justice

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Where is the sword of justice for white-collar criminals?

and Obama says re: Bush's crimes "I'm Not Interested in Looking Backward"

I recently watched a movie titled 88 Minutes with Al Pacino starring in it. It was a murder/mystery genre film and one of Pacino’s last lines inspired me to write this essay i.e. “justice and truth, where do they intersect?” To answer the question of where truth & justice intersect, we must first address the concept of law & order. Legal scholars, politicians & pundits, solemnly proclaim we are a nation of law & order and the law is the bedrock of our democracy, but corruption & blatant disrespect for the law seems the rule not the exception. It has been said by many observers of the George W. Bush administration that it was the most lawless administration we have ever had & I agree. In the final months of this oil cabal cabinet, the pundits & the public are finally beginning to wake up because the economy is going into a tailspin & its ripple effects are spreading around the globe. Of course, the citizens & governments of many other nations are equally as guilty of sitting by as their politicians & businessmen screwed them just as the Bush/Cheney junta did us. It’s very tempting to say I told you so because I have been railing against that slimy simpleton “Dubya,” since he stole his first “election” as our president. All that has unfolded over the last eight years is almost too much to believe. It’s as if we’ve been living a nightmare that is just so fantastic it’s hard to comprehend how an administration could be so morally bankrupt, corrupt, and yet get away with it without going to jail or being impeached?  

Beware of Jesus Jumpers!

Moreover, if you recall, one of the first things this fascist fundamentalist, Bushwhacker II did once he stole office was pass his “faith-based initiative” over the vote of Congress & install “faith-based offices” in several federal departments. This proves my longstanding argument that most fundamentalists are neither Christian nor righteous. Bush clearly believes that he is above the law & can ignore the laws of this land which are rooted in the U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights which he swore to honor & defend. I think Bush must have been bitten by Mad Cow disease or something because the more his & his cabinet’s crimes were revealed, the more he retreated into his fantasy world of God has spoken to me & I answer to a higher power mantra. On a recent edition of the PBS series Frontline, Bush’s idea of Christian compassion was blatantly revealed for all its empty rhetoric. The program focused on an elderly Black man from New Orleans who heroically returned after Hurricane Katrina had wiped out his home and lived in the filth & squalor without electricity & very little water as he struggled to rebuild his home. Bush is shown on national television with his shirt sleeves rolled up of course & Bush proclaims “we are going to stay until we have cleaned up New Orleans & help our fellow citizens.” (the transcript isn’t available yet because this just aired on Jan. 6, 2009 so I’m trying to capture the gist or the feeling of what Bush said). A few minutes later in the broadcast it was pointed out that the local power company of New  The Old Man & the Storm Orleans that served the lower ninth ward area where this old gentleman was so valiantly trying to rebuild his life so he could bring his wife and children back home, asked the federal government for financial assistance. What was the response of the “compassionate conservative” Bush? We don’t bail out private corporations!

Where's the Justice for the poor of New Orleans?

This is why I want to spit in the face of those who call themselves fundamentalists but turn a cold shoulder to the truly needy, the down & out, the homeless, the uninsured, those losing their homes due to predatory lending, etc. In case you’ve been visiting another planet for the last few months, let me remind you that the American public loudly declared that they didn’t want to bail out Wall Street who had gotten us into this economic quagmire but of course the lawless ones did so anyway and now no one knows where the several hundred billion dollars went. And next we are told that we must bailout the auto industry because its just too big to let it go under & the repercussions will be too great on our economy. In other words, it’s okay to bail out the private industries who have raped, robbed, & pillaged us into financial ruin because they are large but the smaller corporations and the public can go to hell. This is what they call “Law & Order.” 

Rupert Murdoch, FOX guarding the henhouse

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, ridiculed by fundamentalists & FOX News pundits

It’s time to call a spade a spade, the corporate crocodiles who own the most powerful conglomerates are the ones who own & rule America and all this talk of freedom & democracy is nothing but a dog & pony show designed to dupe the gullible, naïve, & uneducated American public. Why? To keep them in line i.e. paying outrageous taxes, consuming the crap advertised on television, & serving in the war mongers military. And to ensure that we keep playing in this rigged-game, fear is used as a bludgeon to dull our senses & our reason. Furthermore, try not paying your taxes like all the corporate behemoths don’t do and the police will come a knocking on your door. In brief, ‘law & order’ is just a façade for the crime & chaos that is truly America. Just reflect on the criminal track record of Bush’s presidency. I won’t go into it now because it’s just too lengthy but it’s clear as the nose on your face & all you have to do is a cursory Google search to see it for yourself. This is why I say that ‘Truth & Justice’ should be the bedrock of our nation not ‘Law & Order.’ It’s not mere coincidence that most politicians are lawyers. They know where the power is and how to get it i.e. make & interpret the law and you gain access to the wealth e.g. the federal treasury. Oh how they love to sing the praises of the ‘free market,’ ‘fair trade,’ ‘capitalism,’ etc. but time and time again it is us, the captive suckers (taxpayers) who have to bail out the free market pirates who say tough shit when our small businesses go under. The PBS program I mentioned is titled “The Old Man and the Storm,” obviously an attempt to parallel the tough old guy fighting to save his home to Hemmingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. The real storm this gentleman is fighting though is the storm of corruption, lies, vice, & greed that was unleashed under the lawless administration of the Bushwhacker. Of course it has been going on throughout our history and Reagan made it look patriotic to be greedy & uncaring but Bush has sunk America to new depths of shame. And the democrats are just as much to blame. 

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