Compassionate Conservatism

remember Ronnie Reagan's promise that by giving corporations tax breaks it would "trickle down"

Compassionate Conservatism is a political doctrine that was suppose to define the George W. Bush presidency. Some argue that this doctrine helped Bush to win the presidency but I contend yeah, if you overlook the fact that his brother was governor of Florida, the disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of Blacks in Florida, the fact that a relative of his worked for “Fox News,” and falsely claimed that Bush had won Florida & the other major media went along with it, & the unprecedented intervention of the U.S. Supreme Court when it commanded that they stop counting votes in Florida, and other minor details. In brief, “compassionate conservatism,” like daddy Bush’s “a kinder & gentler nation,” and Reagan’s “trickle-down economics,” were all masterful propaganda ploys.

We have been indoctrinated our entire lives with thinly disguised and deceptive rhetoric such as these doctrines. We have been told so often & so consistently that what is good for corporate America is good for America i.e. the flesh & blood citizens of America, that it has become a truism. Tragically for us and the rest of the world, these lies are pushing us forward at an ever increasing pace, like lemmings following their leader over a cliff.

The “conservative” Republicans, though there is nothing conservative about them, led by the Mad Hatters of the Tea Party, are racing at breakneck speed to destroy every single program, benefit, etc. that is designed to help those of us unemployed, foreclosed on, suffering from poor health or diseases, not able to buy enough food to feed their families, etc. Their callousness is breathtaking and would probably even shame Attila the Hun? It’s difficult to keep up with all the social safety net programs, benefits, etc. that they are going after so I thought I’d offer a general outline or overview of their agenda of hate.
Like wolves in sheep’s clothing, they righteously proclaim the sanctity of human life and to prove how precious human life is to them, the more vicious among them incite their followers to kill doctors who perform abortions. But once a baby is born, their compassion evaporates like a fog revealing their true selves. Planned Parenthood which devotes the overwhelming majority of its budget to helping women & children, offers mammograms, counseling, etc. is first & foremost on their hit list. Then comes Head Start programs designed to help children from poor families. School lunches for the hungry & destitute kids who go to school hungry every day also has to be wiped-out. If you can’t find work or have been laid off or fired, it must be your fault not the corporations who find it more profitable to move overseas and pay workers $2 a day and are given tax incentives by “our” government to do so. So you apply for Food Stamps, yeah, that outrageous giveaway of $150 a month for a single adult, which enables you to eat like a king, and which WalMart teaches its employees how to apply for. You know, WalMart, the number one retail business in America that imports almost all its products from China, the glorious representative of the free market in action. But you’d better never utter the word “union” if you work for Wal Mart because you will be fired from that generous minimum wage job for doing so and they are now trying to pass a bill in “our” Congress that if you go out on strike and are on food stamps, they can cancel your food stamps. But hey, maybe food stamps aren’t really in jeopardy because after all, J.P. Morgan profits from food stamps because they manufacture the plastic food stamp cards.

Obama's Wall St. Cabinet (some 'Change')

Bush & his buddy, Kenny Boy, whom he didn't really know but Kenny Boy let Georgie borrow ENRON's jet extensively when Bush campaigned for presidency

The truth behind "No Child Left Behind"

 (video clip of Diane Ravitch, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education)

Ah yes! J.P. Morgan/Chase Bank, whose founder made a handsome profit during the Civil War by buying defective rifles for $3 apiece and selling them to the government for $17 apiece, who played a major role in the Great Depression, originally known as the Republican Depression, and who also did their fair share in the recent economic meltdown that brought the world economy close to total collapse and did you know that our illustrious leader Obama, just appointed a high level executive from Morgan/Chase to his cabinet? Yeah, the compassion of these conservatives brings me near to tears every time I reflect on it.
To return to the programs on the chopping block for these kindhearted folks, let’s see, oh yeah, unemployment, workman’s compensation, disability, in brief, any program that an employer is currently obligated to pay for his/her lazy or incompetent employees, must be eliminated, it only encourages people to not be ambitious like their bosses. Pell grants for working class students who dream of a better future than flipping burgers at McDonalds must be gotten rid of. Student loans should be handled by private corporations who do so much better handling money than government agencies. Yeah, we’ve seen how good private enterprise is at fraud, theft, phony bookkeeping e.g. Enron, Georgie Bush’s pal Kenny Boy.

And speaking of “Dubya” (George W. pronounced “Dubya” in Texas, the intellectual & cultural center of America, Bush), let’s not forget about the precious gift he gave us that just keeps on giving i.e. No Child Left Behind. Of course we’re not suppose to know that it was a lie from the beginning because it was based on phony test scores in a school district in Texas and proclaimed a miracle and Georgie made it a national law so the compassionate ones can now close down public schools and put charter schools in their place which aren’t accountable to meddling government officials, just like the rest of corporate, private American tyrannies, and the good Christian fundamentalists can slowly convert all of America’s children into good little Christians like themselves who are proud to kill in the name of Christ and doing all they can to bring on Armageddon. I know, sounds a little far-fetched right? Well if you’ll do a little homework, you’ll see how horrifying true this is.  Pat Robertson, a true compassionate conservative who calls for the assassination of foreign leaders e.g. Hugo Chavez

Professor Noam Chomsky

Moreover, I have seen bumper stickers that ask, what would Jesus say?, and I ask myself, yeah, what would he say regarding these compassionate conservatives? Seems to me, though I definitely don’t call myself a Christian, that Jesus’ teachings could be summed up in his Sermon on the Mount. And he basically told his followers to feed, clothe, and take care of the poor, the disabled, the hungry, etc. But in this topsy turvy propaganda world gone mad, those who call themselves Christians and conservatives now believe just the opposite i.e. fuck the poor, the homeless, the people suffering from horrific diseases, etc. It’s all about getting rich as possible and beat your neighbor to the next buck any way you can.

America’s greatest untapped treasure is Professor Noam Chomsky and because his intellect, his research, his insightful research is so powerful, he is feared and reviled by not only the compassionate conservatives but also the phony liberals/progressives. Chomsky has pointed out that the two major drains on our economy are “Defense spending,” and “Medicare.” And true to form, the compassionate ones are focusing their energies on wiping out Medicare e.g. the recent vote in Congress unanimously passed by the Republicans to eliminate Medicare. The “Defense Department” (formerly known as the War Dept.) is the holy cow of the compassionate ones. Yes indeed, they’ve never met a weapons program they didn’t like. Never mind the fact that “whistle-blowers” from inside the Pentagon have been testifying for decades in front of Congress about hundreds, if not thousands, of weapons systems that don’t work, helicopters & tanks that are defective, “Smart bombs” that aren’t so smart i.e. their precision targeting often kills innocents, etc. Or that most of the programs handed out to corporate America are underbid but as soon as they are awarded the contract, surprise, it costs a lot more than they said it would and takes far longer than they said it would to be manufactured. And ignore the fact that many of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc. are killed in “accidents” due to these expensive weapons systems, etc. Yes indeed, we spend more money on “defense” (translation, offense) than the rest of the world combined but we mustn’t spend anything on the American public in terms of health, education, welfare, etc.

I hold on to the hope that perhaps one day, our police will wake up to the fact that they are being used by the rich to keep us down and that the rich don’t give a damn about them either. Just take a look at how the first responders, firemen, & police who so bravely sacrificed themselves rescuing others when 9/11 happened and how they have been totally shit on by the compassionate conservatives and are dying and being refused medical care. And if our soldiers ever wake up and connect the dots of how they too are nothing more than cannon fodder for the robber barons that send them to invade & occupy other countries for their oil & etc. and are treated likewise when they return, we stand a chance of taking back America!


Rob DeLoss, April 28, 2011

Addendum 1/19/11; “If Rep. Michelle Backman (R-Minn) wanted to make a name for herself by proposing to cut funding for veterans health care and disability compensation, she has succeeded. ‘Such an ill-advised proposal is nothing short of heartless,’ according to Disabled American Veterans Washington Headquarters Executive Director David W. Gorhan. “Prudential still allowed to cheat families of fallen soldiers.”; “The Veterans Administration has reached an agreement with Prudential insurance that will require the insurer to disclose how it continues to rip off the families of fallen soldiers. Several days ago, Clark explained how Prudential would send survivors what looked like a checkbook instead of a check for the total amount of the policy. That allowed the insurer to hold onto the money for longer and earn interest, which it did by putting the money in an uninsured company account comingled with corporate funds.”; Justice Department examining foreclosures on soldiers’ homes; A unit of Morgan Stanley (Morgan/Chase), the sixth-largest U.S. bank by assets, and other lenders are under investigation by the Justice Dept. for allegedly overcharging soldiers and foreclosing on their homes without court orders.

And for the record, please pay close attention to this and don’t let the lying thieves & bastards tell you otherwise, Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement (government handouts), they’re insurance programs that people pay into and the government borrows money from these programs. The greedy swine who brought the world to near collapse (and it will happen again because they refuse to fund the regulatory agencies who are supposed to regulate them), and were bailed-out against our wishes i.e. we get to pay the bill for their thieving, will never learn or be satisfied. They want to get their bloody hands on Social Security and Medicare because they contain trillions of dollars. So they have mounted a massive propaganda campaign to fool the public into believing Social Security and Medicare are entitlement programs and can be better managed by allowing the private corporations, banks, insurance industry, etc. manage them.

Sean Penn & Eddie Vedder

Finally, in case you aren’t aware of it, almost every major industry in this country which is a private corporation or conglomerate, is subsidized by us and we pay for their research & development, the roads, highways, airports, seaports, police, firemen, military, etc. but once they develop a product that starts making a profit, the profits are all privatized and we get nothing for the subsidies we gave them. Case in point, the Internet. It was developed in the Pentagon with our tax dollars. Yes indeed, those compassionate conservatives are killing us with kindness! And here is a video clip of a song by Bob Dylan that sums up why we are always at war. Note, George Orwell told us as well if you pay close attention?

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