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A 21st Century Magna Carta!

Michael Parenti

     A Facebook friend of mine sent me a video yesterday of Keith Olbermann reading a statement issued by the Occupy Wall St. general assembly on October 5th. The video brought tears to my eyes & inspired me to write this essay/blog. It dawned on me that this statement could be seen as a sort of 21st century Magna Carta because it highlights what we, the 99% of the world’s population, are demanding as our rightful inheritance in this modern world gone mad with the corruption, greed, & destruction of the Corporate Cockroach Class! True to form, the powers that be via their mendacious media moguls epitomized by Rupert Murdoch, the sleaze meister, have tried to dismiss the Occupy Wall St. movement. The craven, corporate crocodiles demand of us what they never adhere to themselves i.e. a clear agenda backed-up with facts & documentation. Unfortunately, the power elite know all too well the power of repetition & with their stranglehold on what is laughingly called the mainstream media or the absurd, leftist media, far too many Americans fall for their propaganda. Moreover, I believe the status quo want us to be exact in our demands so they can focus their attack on us & therefore help them to more easily undermine our goals as too nebulous. They hide behind facades of freedom, democracy, & conservatism but it’s a hidden agenda of true despotism. Here is my perspective on what we, the human class, as contrasted with the cockroach class are fighting to retain & regain.John Trudell “Bombs over Baghdad”

John Trudell


     In the first paragraph of the statement by the Occupy Wall St. general assembly of New York City, reference is made to the corporate forces of the world and this is the key or central issue facing humanity. Why? Because it is precisely the behemoth corporate conglomerates who are behind most of the crises facing humanity e.g. climate change, wars, starvation, pollution, economic collapse, etc. I have long argued that if we could focus our energy on revoking corporate charters & reducing them to their original status when America was just being formed, we’d go a very long way in terms of resolving most of the critical issues threatening us.


Grover Norquist

     Next in the statement, the issue of how critical it is for us to unite our voices & our energy in this battle for life and dignity. Of course, the Robber Barons have long known & practiced the tactic of divide & conquer and that is precisely what they’re doing now with their agent provocateurs both overt & covert. The overt agents of repression are the putrid pundits like Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Coulter, etc. The thing we have to be very careful of are those covert agents who try to get us to commit acts of violence in our demonstrations. Why? Because if we give the vile & vicious vultures any excuse to react with extreme violence, you can bet your bottom dollar they will &  this is precisely what they pray for. As Grover Norquist, one of the most malicious behind the scenes, manipulators of the morally bankrupt has said, “I want to reduce the government i.e. we, the people, to the size of a small child I can strangle in a bathtub.” He is one of those compassionate conservatives don’t you know? Here is my point by point rephrasing of what this general assembly of the finest examples of humanity are united in fighting against:


*through predatory & illegal lending practices, millions of people have been thrown out of their homes

*we were forced to bail-out these too big to fail “super banks” & they were supposed to make credit available to us to help stimulate the economy but basically told us to go fuck ourselves

*they thrive by keeping the uninformed among us focused on fear, hatred, & intolerance

*their greed has given us a food supply, water, air, & pharmaceuticals that are a threat/danger to our well-being

*they have consistently & steadily undermined unions & workers’ rights to the point that we are nearly helpless in the face of their onslaught against workers

*they have turned back the clock of history to where it’s becoming only the wealthy who can attend college & every human should be allowed to pursue the development of their intellect to the highest level they are capable of with no regard to being able to afford it financially

*through the use of such tools as NAFTA signed by the democratic president Bill Clinton they threaten us with shipping ever more of our jobs overseas if we dare to protest their stealing back our hard-won labor rights

*via their legal system, they have given themselves all the so-called rights of human beings but without any of the criminal consequences you or I face for say, writing a bad check. It’s no coincidence that most politicians are lawyers because they know that he who writes the laws, controls the people but not the wealthy & that’s how you please the wealthy & become wealthy yourself

*the medical “profession” has basically become a toothless old whore who will sell her services to the highest bidder & those of us who can’t pay should just go away & die in silence & not be an eyesore for the rich & famous

*privacy is no more & Big Brother is everywhere but we’re suppose to ignore this & Amuse Ourselves to Death as Neil Postman warned us

*tragically, most of those working in the military & police forces paid for by us, are unwitting agents for the corporate masters oppressing them i.e. police & military, as well as all the rest of us

*no matter how many times their corrupt & immoral policies, laws, rules, etc. have been proven to be wrong & harmful to human life, they still retain the reins of power

*they have bought & paid for the political system & chances are very slim that we’ll ever get the money, bribes, & corruption out of our political system with anything short of a peaceful but massive social revolution

*we won’t be able to develop alternative forms of energy until we stop the powerful oil, coal, nuclear, etc. industries who have the politicians in their pockets

*they clearly have no respect for human life because the drugs which could save millions/billions of people’s lives aren’t profitable enough for the swine in control

B.P. Oil Spill

*they lie, cheat, steal, kill in the name of profit and if we don’t stop them, the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, will happen again & again

*the corporate-owned media is one of their most powerful weapons because it keeps the majority of people ignorant as to what is truly going on

*they are privatizing everything from water to prisons so they can’t be held accountable & they’re building their own private armies e.g. Blackwater for the day when we rise up

*colonialism or a neo-feudalism is taking over & what used to be referred to as first world, second world, & third world no longer apply because we are now all peasants beneath the Iron Heels (Jack London) of the Masters of the Universe

*the Geneva Conventions are a quaint anachronism that brings a smile to the masters’ faces & we’re not suppose to notice the hypocrisy but we are programmed to get righteously pissed-off when torture or terrorist attacks are leveled against us in the home of the free & land of the brave

*the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us of only as he was leaving the office of president has expanded far beyond his worst nightmare to include the media, higher education, etc.


a powerful documentary

Noam Chomsky, a one man revolution!

     Yes, a very bleak picture indeed but at least it’s a beginning because we can’t begin to truly become effective until/unless we can articulate the issues threatening us. And this is why we are truly scaring those suppressing us i.e. they, like cockroaches, are only free to do their dirty work in the dark. When we turn on the light of knowledge they run, like the creepy crawlers they are, for the dark. We are already united in our suffering, our humiliation, our degradation. Our task is clear, we need to inform ourselves and everyone we come into contact with or who will listen to us, read what we have to say, etc. Knowledge truly is power and that’s why they are waging war against the public education system. And I acknowledge that our public education system needs a lot of improvements but to shut down public schools & put charter schools in their place is to just play into their game of control or divide and conquer. I offer two gifts to my fellow 99%s, read all the Noam Chomsky & Michael Parenti articles, books, etc. you can get your hands on & spread the word.


P.S.  Please let me know what you think of what I’ve said. I may sound like I’ve got the truth but I know that I don’t. If we keep on communicating with one another we empower each other & have a better chance of making this a better world. Peace!


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