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The Wall St. Conspiracy

The Wall St. Conspiracy

The Wall St. Conspiracy

Paulson, Bernanke, & Geitner

Why is it that no one is calling the world-wide, economic meltdown what it was, a conspiracy? I am sadly aware of the Left’s fear of being labeled “conspiracy nuts” or “too soft on terrorism” (which replaced the old ‘too soft on communism”) & as it’s becoming ever more clear, the so-called Democratic party, are de facto co-conspirators. As has been recently revealed on Democracy Now!, more than 240 members of Congress are millionaires or multi-millionaires. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize who these senators & representatives are loyal to & who they protect. But what I can’t figure out, for the life of me, is why the American public isn’t calling for the corporate robber baron’s & their political lap dogs’ heads on a platter? No matter how ill-educated or uninformed the citizenry may be, it’s so outrageous & glaringly apparent that they are screwing us all so royally, and humanity may never recover?

Let’s see, we are suppose to believe that Wall St.’s major banks, investment houses, mortgage lenders, credit rating agencies, & the federal agencies charged with the responsibility of overseeing or regulating these institutions, were all just asleep on the job & once again, it was just a few ‘rotten apples?’ Give me a break! There had to be collusion and conspiracy for a crime wave this spectacular to have gone on for as long as it did. The interconnections & interdependence of these institutions is too elaborate or intricate for those at the top to not know what was going on. I am reminded of when Reagan was finally forced to testify regarding his part in the Iran/Contra Scandal and he was asked something like 270 questions and approximately, 245 times his answers were “uh, I don’t recall,” “I can’t remember,” “I can’t recollect,” etc. And speaking of forgetting, don’t forget that it was primarily Reagan’s doing that unleashed the wave of deregulation which led to the Savings & Loan Scandal and the current economic melee. Yes, Reagan that darling of the rich & rapacious, cold-hearted class.

Pursuing this further, Reagan made a career out of scaring us with “the commies are coming, the commies are coming,” and he even dubbed it “the speech.” He gave this speech for over twenty years as a spokesman for G.E., you know, that corporation that “brings good things to light.” And G.E. was one of the largest producers of nuclear energy & waste in the U.S. In addition, G.E. owned NBC and silenced critics of Reagan and the Reptile class e.g. Phil Donahue, CBS & Sixty Minutes, etc. I know this may be a lot to take in & that some of you who read this will label & write me off as a conspiracy nut also. But I don’t care. I’ve grown use to it because I have been mocked & ignored for most of my adult life. How is one suppose to condense thirty years worth of serious pursuit of the facts into a few brief paragraphs the average person can comprehend and believe? No, my friend, it’s not the communists nor the terrorists that we need to be afraid of, it’s those titans of finance we glorify in the media as exemplars of wisdom & success who are the greatest danger facing the world.

Consider the fate of just three among many, who spent their careers trying to warn Congress & the American public of major crimes & calamity approaching. For instance, John O’Neill, who was the F.B.I.’s top, counter-terrorism expert tried repeatedly to warn his superiors in the F.B.I., including the director himself, of an impending terrorist attack & that it would probably occur in New York City & be of colossal proportions. His reward? He was ignored, demoted, & given a Mickey Mouse position and he became so disgusted with the cowardice & corruption within the F.B.I. that he quit and took a job as head of security for the World Trade Center and died on that infamous day.

Or what about Brooksley Born, who testified before Congress 17 times about the coming financial disaster we are currently experiencing. Her thank you? She had her power taken away from her. The old boys club (the financial/economic wizards of Wall St. & the federal government, smashed her i.e. destroyed her reputation & credibility.

And lastly, a gentleman who worked in the top office of the Pentagon that deals with overseeing its budget (unfortunately, I can’t recall his name right now) who testified before Congress for over 20 years regarding the scams by “Defense” contractors, corporations, & their accomplices in the Pentagon and the federal government and he too, was ignored. The unmitigated gall or audacity of these thieves in high places is truly astounding? They have no shame and no conscience obviously. How they can stand up on their hind legs and cry, no, we can’t afford to provide health care for the American public after we were forced, against our will, to save their asses, is beyond me? They were given billions supposedly to stimulate the economy by making loans available for small businesses and working people but refused to do so & they now stand up on their hind legs and snidely tell us that where the money went & how it was spent, is none of our business? They are like a person who borrows money from a friend but claims he can’t pay his friend back even though his friend is now out of work, on food stamps, & has lost his home. And they boast of their record profits & personal bonuses? Just how much longer is the public going to keep its head buried in the sand & say, I’m not interested in politics and not be as mad as hell and do something about it?

Yes, my fellow victims, we are suppose to accept that this was all just an unfortunate set of circumstances & coincidences, not a conspiracy. Lest you think that I’m laying this all at the feet of the Republicans, no, not at all. It was under Clinton that the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed and opened the floodgates of this current wave of robbery. The Glass-Steagall Act was established after the Great Depression to prevent a recurrence of the corrupt practices that caused the Depression. And the corporate “businessmen,” have waged a steady campaign ever since the introduction of Glass-Steagall, to wipe it out and every last vestige of F.D.R.’s “New Deal.” Mind you, they haven’t been secretive about their desire to undo the “New Deal,” Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” in fact every single program set up to help the poor, the working class, & the middle class. It’s only “common sense” that the government provide subsidies, tax havens, federal dollars for research & development, the infrastructure for businesses to use & profit from but as soon as a corporation starts profiting from that government assistance, the profits become privatized. These are the glorious wonders of capitalism and the “free market.” Us “conspiracy nuts” on the Left are communist sympathizers or socialists—just one rung down from communists—when we demand that we be given safe working conditions, a living wage, social security, health coverage, decent public schools, and that our jobs not be shipped overseas so the corporate bastards can be given further tax incentives and greater profits.

Moreover, can you recall that preceding wave of corruption and greed exemplified by ENRON, World Com, etc. near the beginning of President “Dubya” Bush’s term in office? ENRON’s chief, Ken Lay, let Georgie use his private jet to fly around the country as he was campaigning for the presidency but as soon as “Kenny boy” (Bush’s affection nickname for Ken Lay) came tumbling down from grace & power, Bush claimed to barely know him. What about our current president, whom I voted for, hoping & praying that against all odds, he actually intended to honor his mantra of ‘change?’ Obama has betrayed us consistently since taking his oath of office & the most damning evidence of his betrayal of the American public is the fact that he appointed the very same bank robbers who led this looting of the federal treasury and the public’s private savings & investments e.g. Geitner, Summers, Bardikian, etc. Talk about putting the foxes in charge of the hen house!

It occurred to me this morning as I was formulating my thoughts for this essay that, these ‘wizards of Wall St.,’ differ little from the warlords of Afghanistan whom our tax dollars support in their drug trade & terrorism of the Afghan people. Our warlords wear $2,000 suits though. And our warlords threaten the entire planet whereas the Afghan warlords threaten only Afghanistan. Without a doubt, you’re going to think what I say next clearly proves I’m out in la-la land but check it out for yourself if you think me full of crap. Look up what’s been dubbed “Full Spectrum Dominance.” And an author by the name of Bruce Gagnon. Talk about a horror movie! In brief, our warlords are launching rockets & satellites into space with large quantities of plutonium & trying to erect a so-called ‘missile defense system,’ which will be equipped with lasers capable of threatening every nation on earth. Their goal is nothing less than the control of the galaxy or universe. They want to mine the other planets for valuable resources. Isn’t it interesting that the U.S. is so adamant about other nations possessing nuclear weapons but it’s okay if we own the world’s largest stockpile of them? And they neglect to inform us that all it would take, is for one tiny piece of the thousands of pieces of space debris (old satellites, etc. that have decayed & circle the earth) to hit one of these rockets as they fly into space and cause them to explode, releasing a dose of plutonium lethal enough to be fatal to every human on earth! I know, “don’t worry, be happy!” Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Just ignore these inconvenient facts & purchase that new, big screen, flat screen, HD television and amuse yourself to death.

Speaking of amusement, let’s hear it, three cheers for good, old FOX “News” Network. It would be funny if it weren’t for the tragic consequences of this faux paux “news” network and its reach around the globe. FOX is infotainment in all its ugly glory. It’s common knowledge amongst those who actually read critically & have been paying attention to the extremists for the past three decades or better, that FOX is nothing more than stenographers for the warmongers & were particularly useful in Bush’s campaign which gave us the Iraq war and helped mightily in bringing down the American economy and level of living. Doubt me? It’s again common knowledge and in fact, Rupert Murdoch told his media executives to ‘report’ daily “talking points” delivered from the Bush White House. By the way, bet you didn’t know that Murdoch’s “News” network is the only Western television network allowed to broadcast in communist China? Yes indeed, good, old democracy & freedom in action my friends. Limbaugh, O’ Reilly, Coulter, Beck, ad nauseam, all fear mongers serving one purpose & one purpose only i.e. keep the gullible & uninformed U.S. public scared so we’ll keep playing along in the game of our own destruction & so the tax dollars can keep on going to the unnecessary “defense industry,” and the pockets of the rich and not to providing medical care, schools, assistance to us unworthy ones. It just amazes me how they always claim “we” can’t afford these “social programs” but always manage to be able to afford the billions & trillions to wage wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and bail out the rich crooks on Wall St.? And what have we accomplished in Iraq? Hmm? Let’s see… oh yeah, several giant oil corporations have gotten sweet contracts for drilling Iraqi oil while we are paying more and more for gas as we lose our jobs, etc. And what are we fighting for in Afghanistan? Could it be the oil pipeline to the Caspian Sea?

At any rate, FOX “News” isn’t the only culprit in this pubic propaganda campaign being waged against us. No, the New York Times which proudly declares itself to be ‘the paper of record’ i.e. they set the standard by which most of the media, especially newspapers, measure themselves, beat the war drums for our invasion of Iraq nearly as loud as FOX. Remember Judy Miller, the Times’ star journalist. She took notes from Chalabi, the corrupt Iraqi who embezzled millions from Syria’s banks and is a fugitive from their judicial system. Chalabi was nothing but a lying crook who Bush promised to put in power in Iraq. Judy Miller never checked/verified any of Chalabi’s claims regarding weapons of mass destruction, etc. etc. etc. It was all printed as fact and with the assistance of Colin Powell’s testimony before the U.N., it was a done deal. What did all those thousands of American soldiers die for or come home with a leg or arm missing, to say nothing of the psychological damage done to them? Or the millions of innocent Iraqi women, children, elderly, and many men, die for? They died for lies and profits for the rich, greedy, slime-balls running this puppet show!

More specifically my friend, perhaps the central purpose of the loud-mouthed, rude, obnoxious, hateful mouthpieces on the extreme Right (Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck, et al) is to distract & divert the anger we’re feeling because everybody knows they’re being fucked, they just don’t know the truth about who’s responsible, onto gays, liberals, progressives, “illegal immigrants,” terrorists, etc. Their job is to keep us constantly off guard & worked-up but fighting amongst ourselves, so the rich can continue the plundering. As someone recently pointed out, the Wall St. giveaway is the biggest transfer of money from the poor to the rich since the days of slavery. And that’s what we are, we’re wage slaves from the cradle to the grave. Why do you think Limbaugh and the other lying pigs are paid millions? It’s because they are so effective at creating division and animosity among the very people who in fact share common cause with one another and should unite to overthrow the swine. All those whom Limbaugh attacks, are attacked because they question the status quo & the “values” which allow all these crimes committed against us to go on unpunished. As long as you share the “values” (absurd because they are immoral & have no common, decent values) of the robber baron class & think that you too can become one of them, you are a safe citizen i.e. they don’t fear you. But raise hell and challenge their authority & their words, and you become an enemy.

Once again, it’d be almost humorous if it weren’t so destructive but have you considered the irony of the fact that the values which this country was founded e.g. freedom of speech, freedom of worship, the right to assemble, the right to protest, justice, truth, etc. are now “unpatriotic?” Yes, the revolutionaries who initiated the Revolutionary war against the tyranny of King George of England, would in these times be jailed or hung. The conspirators in power have shredded our Bill of Rights and very few American seem to have noticed or care? It’s called “The Patriot Act,” and “Homeland Security bill.” Do a little research into the origins of fascism and reflect on Mussolini’s quote regarding fascism i.e. it’s really a joining of corporate power and government power. We fought against fascism & Nazism in WWII and yet we’re slipping into precisely a fascist or at least, a totalitarian state?

If you wish to wake from your slumber, here are a few more morsels to chew over before I stop my “ranting & raving.” Although it hasn’t been 100% proven yet, I feel it’s very relevant here i.e. General Smedley Butler’s revelation that a group of powerful & wealthy businessmen approached him after F.D.R. became president and tried to persuade him to lead a coup against F.D.R. and assume the role of president of the U.S. Why? Well because again, the wealthiest people in this country or any other country always fear that their wealth may be taken away by the poor when they’ve had enough and rebel. And F.D.R.’s “New Deal” was seen by them and is still seen by the pigs in power today, as stealing from the rich and giving to the unworthy, low lifes at the bottom. I was reminded of General Smedley Butler just last Friday when Bill Moyers had a conversation with Oliver Stone & Mr. Stone brought him up. Oliver Stone is about as popular with the corporate criminals as Michael Moore is because of the movies he’s made. Although I am against our wars of aggression such as Vietnam, I have to respect Mr. Stone for serving in it and as he matured, he began to realize what a grand lie it had been and he began to connect the dots as I have. Here’s a quote from the dialog between Moyers & Stone:

Moyers: Do you think President Obama, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, the senior leaders of Congress who are lining up on this issue, do you think they have any understanding of what grunts like you are going to do in Afghanistan? I didn’t when I was at the White House. Do we ever? Those people at the top? Do they understand what you experience there?

Stone: I don’t think so. No. I think you have to go to war. But look what happens. The warriors who become generals tend to be the most hawk like. So you see, the guys who go in and out like me, they don’t listen to us. we disappeared into the landscape. A lot of the Vietnam veterans feel as I do and especially now that they’ve seen several wars as they’ve gotten older. They understand that, you know, as Smedley Butler, the great Marine general said the “war is a racket” for corporate America. And he said, “I fought—“ he got two medals of honor. Smedley Butler. He was in China. He was in the Philippines. He was in Haiti, Nicaragua. He said, “It was all for nothin’. It was all for Bank of America. It was all for the corporations. It was for United Fruit. It’s all for corporate interests. War is a racket. It’s a bigger racket than Al Capone ever invented,” he said. “Al Capone had two counties in Chicago. I was in ten countries.”

Following this a bit further, something I learned several years ago was the fact that our military invaded Nicaragua nine times in the last century. These invasions by the U.S. military were to suppress revolutions of the poor against the corrupt dictators ruling over them and the American corporations like United Fruit (which the Bush family were major stockholders in). I believe United Fruit is now either Dole or Chiquita Banana and this is where the term “banana republic,” originated. It’s also been charged that Prescott Bush, Georgie W’s grandfather, along with J.P. Morgan, were behind the plan to overthrow F.D.R. I know, just more mad conspiracy ravings. But as Michael Parenti (one of the top three intellectuals in America) said, “not all conspiracy theories are theories.” I could go on and on but will leave it here for now. Check into J.P. Morgan’s history and reflect on these two tidbits; during the American Civil War, J.P. Morgan bought thousands of defective rifles for $3 apiece and then sold them to the government for $17 apiece and have you noticed that of the five major banking & now, investment firms, two of them are owned by J.P. Morgan’s heirs, and check out his involvement in the Great Depression & how he profited from it. In addition, check out Noam Chomsky, revered around the world but marginalized here. He’s a one man tour de force, intellectual powerhouse. Also look up Howard Zinn, especially his “A People’s History of the United States.” To sum up, most of the so-called “Progressives,” are far too timid because they’re afraid to risk their careers and call out these scum bags and scream their knowledge & proof to the public. We can’t count on anyone but ourselves to pick up the ball and run for the goal posts, the goal posts of true freedom and justice! There was a book from the 1950s I believe, called “None Dare Call It Treason!” Well, I dare and I also dare to call it conspiracy and those cockroaches had better hide because as the American public wakens, and the light of truth is turned on, they will run for holes to hide in like Saddam Hussein, and like the vermin they are!
Rob DeLoss, Dec. 8th, 2009

P.S.  Conspiracies require silence and collusion. We need to talk to one another and compare notes. We’re not allowed to speak about politics in bars or taverns and the media clearly represents the corporate interests so blogging is one of the few avenues open to us to exchange ideas. Let me know what you think about anything I’ve said and whether we agree or disagree, we will be doing ourselves a service because we will be shedding light on these issues so critical to all of us.

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