The Mad Tea Party Misanthropes

The Mad Tea Party Misanthropes

Without a doubt, humanity is under assault like it never has been before in human history. And here in America, three forces are driving us toward an economic depression that I fear will make the “Great Depression,” look trivial in comparison. By the way, did you know that the “Great Depression,” was originally called the Republican Depression? I just learned this recently and how appropriate because they’re doing it all over again but this time with a vengeance. And the stakes are so great now that I honestly don’t know if we, the human species, will be able to survive the destructiveness of their unbridled greed.

The three forces are the Mad Tea Party misanthropes, yes, people who hate or avoid human society, fundamentalist “Christian” extremists, & the majority of the super-rich elite who pull the strings of everyone else. The “Tea Party” mentally-challenged ones are right to be angry but they are wrong as can be as to who the enemy is or what the sources of our problems are. And unfortunately, because of their naiveté, they have been & continue to be played like a bad joke by the likes of multi-billionaires like the Koch brothers, whose father was the founder of the John Birch Society. Moreover, with the free pass handed to the corporate crocodiles by the “Citizens United” decision, the scheming power elite can now funnel as much money into the pockets of the crass, the greedy, & the simpletons as they want and there is no accountability as to where the money came from or goes to. In short, democracy, truth, freedom, justice, equality is all up for sale. These values/principles that America was supposedly founded upon & which so many of our soldiers have died for are now clearly just a faded memory of a bygone era. The powers that be are the pimps and we’re all forced into prostitution & must sell our souls and what little dignity we might have left, to the pimps and we’d better not protest or we’ll join the homeless or the prison/industrial complex.
Next in my list of the triad of true terrorists who are threatening to destroy everything we used to hold sacred is the phenomenon of those who call themselves “Christian fundamentalists,” but who actually have far more in common with the Islamic fundamentalists known as the Taliban. I have written extensively about these scary people & have been following their words and deeds for over 20 years. They also aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box but the power elite keep them mollified by having their political lap dogs pontificate from their public pulpits on the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, the evil of abortion, general gay & feminist bashing, etc. In fact, the Bushwhacker, Georgie “Dubya,” went so far as to violate the Constitutional separation of Church & State, and created “faith-based” offices in several of our major federal departments for his “Christian” cronies who helped him considerably in his stealing of the presidency. And like Bush aka Alfred E. Newman, Obama is appeasing these nutcases by pushing their dream of closing down the American public education system and turning education over to “Charter Schools,” which bear a strong resemblance to those feared madrasas that these same lying politicians & “Christians” decry and proclaim that they teach Muslim children to hate America. Well, these “Christians,” also hate America i.e. they hate liberalism, freedom of speech, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, critical thought, secular humanism, etc. etc. etc.

Furthermore, these anti-freedom “Christians,” are bolstered by the likes of the bellicose & bombastic bullies such as Limbaugh, Beck, & O’Reilly who promote their ignorance & intolerance by regularly attacking women who dare to speak out. Again, like the Taliban, they believe that women should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen with their mouths shut & always deferring to men no matter how wrong or what evil the men are proposing and/or doing. The status quo who own the television, radio, cable, newsprint, etc. media, sit back and allow all manner of filth, racism, hate, & fear mongering, etc. to deluge us 24/7 because it suits their purposes e.g. keep us fighting amongst ourselves and therefore distracted from what they, the truly evil ones, are doing to all of us and to the planet.
To put it in another way, consider this if you will, do a Google search of those whom Hitler considered his enemies and then compare that list with the enemies of any despot, dictator, totalitarian leader you can think of e.g. Mussolini, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Pinochet, Somoza, Pol Pot, etc. and I think you may be somewhat surprised when you compare your lists with the “enemies” that the “Christian fundamentalists,” the Tea Partyers, the Republicans, the rich & powerful in America tell us we should beware of and stop from destroying America. Doesn’t it seem odd that one of the world’s most horrific & notorious mass murders i.e. Hitler, could have the same enemies as those in power in America, & those trying to assume power in America? Here is a list of some of Hitler’s enemies in no particular order:

Of course most of us are aware that Hitler hated & blamed Jews for mostly all of Germany’s problems (keep in mind all the white supremacist groups that blame Jews for America’s problems); gypsies (got to be fearful of the free traveling & wandering sorts); handicapped people, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, union members, intellectuals, artists, writers, painters, musicians, professors, teachers, Catholics, anybody who wasn’t Aryan or German, Polish, Romanians, all political opponents, Romanians, Russians, Americans, French, feminists, scientists, etc. to be discovered.

Are you aware of the fact that George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, who was a U.S. Senator, had businesses in Nazi Germany and did business with the Nazis even while we were over there fighting them and didn’t stop doing business with them until forced to do so by our government? Or that IBM, GM, and other U.S. corporations did likewise and after the war ended, sued our government for damages to their factories that were damaged do to the war? Only in America can such hypocrisy and treason not only goes unpunished but even rewarded i.e. they were paid with our tax dollars.

My point being that all this vicious & vile hatred and fear mongering done by the likes of the drug using Limbaugh and his ilk as well as their so-called patriotism & loyalty to America is the biggest scam and façade of our time. They have no loyalty to us whatsoever and the truly inhuman (brutal; unfeeling, barbarous) among us are the one-tenth of the one percent who own & control the overwhelming majority of everything that is America. They aren’t ignorant like the Mad Tea Party morons or the fundamentalist fanatics dressed in sheep’s clothing, no, they are wickedly brilliant and they don’t come from any particular ethnic, religious, or political background. There is only one common characteristic among these humanoids that appear to walk upright but seem stuck in their reptilian brains 24/7 and therefore incapable of anything resembling human feelings or emotions, what they share is an obsession with wealth & power that can never be quenched or satisfied. You may be thinking right about now that I have truly gone off the deep-end & it wouldn’t surprise me because I am used to being dismissed, ignored, and mocked, etc. But we shall see who gets the last laugh and I won’t be laughing gleefully but rather in a perverse, horrific sense. In brief, I believe that because we, as Americans, have enjoyed peace & relative prosperity as compared to so many other peoples around the world, for so long, we have become so complacent & apathetic that the overwhelming majority of us have become incapable of being outraged and will just meekly go down the toilet as the powerful shit on us.

Hannah Arendt wrote a book called The Banality of Evil and detailed how people become desensitized to evil when they have lived with it for long periods of time. And my heart bleeds for so many billions of suffering souls around the world that most of my fellow Americans could care less about as long as they have their cell phones, iPods, big screen Blu Ray televisions, etc. Another writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature and experienced the Russian gulag system, gave a speech at Harvard University around 25 years ago. His talk was called The West’s Pernicious Mask of Well-Being; this too substantiates what I’m trying to warn you, my fellow Americans, of. I am also reminded of Pastor Niemoller’s famous/infamous cautionary tale:
First They came…
First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Pastor Niemoller was killed by the Nazis. At least he realized before he died, that his silence while others were being beaten and hauled away by the Nazis, allowed the evil to go on because he hadn’t spoken up or gotten involved. Will we wake up in time? I don’t know? What do you think? And in case any of you are still so gullible as to believe that Obama will rescue us and have a sudden epiphany and do a 180 degree about face and start taking on the powers that be, don’t hold your breath. Besides appointing to the inner circles of power, three of the top economic wonder boys who helped drive the world to the brink of economic collapse, and an executive from J.P. Morgan Chase, one of the most corrupt corporations on the planet, Obama brought into his cabinet as well as the son of Chicago’s infamous Mayor Daley, his latest confidante is known as “The Enforcer,” and he tells grass roots organizers, progressives, liberals, Democrats, if you want to continue to be invited to these meetings, you will sit down & shut-up! In short, we have been betrayed, sold-out, screwed, etc. by not only the Republican Robber Barons but the Democrats who pose as our champions. I won’t go into the long & ugly track record of the Democratic Party here but feel free to peruse it for yourself. I’m going to end this depressing diatribe with a list of just the past month’s headlines from a source you may care to check out that is if you haven’t totally scrambled your brains with what passes for entertainment & news via the boob-tube, Democracy Now! I’m not saying they’re incapable of making mistakes or that everything they say is the gospel truth but it is accurate, truthful, & more empowering than anything you’ve probably ever come across. So, if you’d like to begin exercising that thing we call the mind-muscle, there’s no better place to start than Democracy Now! By the way, I chose the headlines that I felt were most relevant to the topic of this essay i.e. the destruction of our democracy by the power elite.
1. G.E. builds unsafe nuclear power plants and pays no taxes and in fact, gets billions back in tax rebate
2. Republican lawmakers in Maine are pushing two bills that would roll back parts of the state’s Child Labor Laws
3. Ohio enacts an anti-union law that bars the right of employees to strike, forces employees to pay 15% of their health care premiums, removes automatic pay increases, & makes it more difficult for unions to collect dues.
4. New Hampshire and Oklahoma advance anti-union bills
5. Wisconsin governor ignores judge’s ruling to stop anti-union bill he just signed until it can be reviewed for legal improprieties
6. Supreme Court is deciding whether to hear a class action lawsuit brought by several women who worked for Wal Mart for sexism and discrimination
7. The Top Ten Worst Tax Dodgers in America: Exxon, Bank of America, G.E., Chevron, Boeing, Valero Energy, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Conoco Philips, & Carnival Cruise Lines
8. Michigan slashes Unemployment Benefits to 20 weeks and could drop to people only receiving benefits for as little as 12 weeks
9. New York slashes budget for education & health care, and cuts taxes for the rich.
10. Restrictive Voter I.D. bills advance in Ohio & Texas
11. Immigration bill (profiling) passes in Georgia (like Arizona)
12. GOP measure would deny food stamps to striking employees
13. House passes bill to defund NPR
14. U.S. develops Social Media Propaganda Software
15. Michigan enacts Emergency Management Laws (they can fire City Councils &appoint managers, etc.)
16. Florida advances restrictions on teachers—no more tenure & link salaries to students’ tests
17. Anti-teacher bill passes in Tennessee—end to collective bargaining
18. Utah enacts anti-immigration bill
19. Wisconsin democrats still held in contempt, votes not counted or recorded
20. Iowa considers bill to criminalize undercover videos on farms
21. House Panel votes to bar EPA from regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
22. Two-thirds of states have cut mental health services
23. Idaho Assembly OKs bill to curb teachers unions
24. U.S. judge sides with Chevron in its refusal to pay fine ordered by Ecuador court even though Chevron fought to have case heard in Ecuador
25. As Unemployment rate falls, new jobs pay less
26. White House Chief of Staff, William Daley of J.P. Morgan Chase, avoids calling for Wall St. arrests
27. Global food prices hit new high
28. Ohio Senate advances anti-union bill
29. Pennsylvania cuts 40,000 from low income insurance program
30. Wisconsin governor proposes drastic spending cuts to districts, education (12,000 jobs)
31. Report: Tax cuts could cost 19 states $5.3 billion in next few years due to Obama’s deal with Republicans
32. Democrats urge probe of firms linked to U.S. Chamber of Commerce (which leads in shipping jobs overseas)
33. Report: GOP Budget Plan would eliminate 700,000 jobs.

Yes indeed my friend, a small sampling of the class war against all of us not born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Pure naked aggression and greed & they won’t stop until we stop them. The one ray of sunshine I’ve seen in a very long time was the massive protests in Madison, Wisconsin in freezing temperatures and for week after week. If we could marshal that kind of outrage across the country and sustain it in a targeted way against the key institutions supporting the raping, pillaging, & plundering of America by the cockroach corporate pirates, perhaps we stand a fighting chance? I’ll leave you with a brief recap of some of the most egregious crimes these inhuman, anti-humanist, & Mad Tea Party misanthropes have gotten away with, so far, and support wholeheartedly:

1. The Wall St. Bailout—the wrecking of the economy started with Bill Clinton’s repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act
2. Three illegal/immoral wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya (you can add up the costs of these wars for oil but no money for us peons at home)
3. Obama gave in with no fight to Republicans demands to extend Bush’s tax cuts to the super rich and this will cost us over $800 billion in the next ten years
4. Most of the megalithic corporations pay no taxes on the billions they make off of us and they get billions back in rebates?
5. Reagan started this “trickle-down” theory of economics i.e. gives huge tax breaks to the corporations and they’ll rehire people & stimulate the economy—the grand lie!
6. That darling of the Left, Bill Clinton, passed NAFTA and with it, millions of jobs in America have left & will never return
7. Most of the “Super banks” that were too big to fail and were bailed-out against our wishes, have committed fraud & forgery in perhaps millions of home foreclosure proceedings & they still go unpunished & continue throwing people out of their homes.
How would you feel if you were thrown out of your home, your biggest and dearest investment that you had poured blood, sweat, & tears into? The wisest man in America is Professor Noam Chomsky and he recently pointed out that the two greatest problems facing humanity are global warming/climate change and the dangers associated with nuclear power and nuclear weapons. What is it going to take before we see the flashing neon sign on the subway walls & tenement halls telling us it’s not the terrorists, the Muslims, Al Qaeda, homosexuals, liberals, union members, teachers, women who have abortions, etc. that are threatening America and the rest of the world, no, it’s the cabal of corporate conglomerates that are de facto ruling the planet!


Rob DeLoss, Tualatin, OR April 5, 2011

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