March 3, 2007 9:34 PM


I was sitting in my van at a park recently and read the following sign which got me to thinking about the meaning of freedom.

City of Bellflower
Parks and Recreation Department phone 804-1424
No littering
No bicycle riding
No skateboarding
No roller skating
No rollerblading
No alcoholic beverages
No animals
No motorized vehicles
No model airplanes
No kite flying
No golfing
No hardball or tackle football without city permit

Please Help Keep Our Parks Safe & Clean

“Safe?” Any more safe and you may as well be dead! Are we suppose to walk around in a protective bubble or a suit of armour? I’m surprised that the sign didn’t also say: No talking, no running, no laughing, etc. It just occurred to me that though it isn’t a law yet, we also have the social taboo of not talking about religion or politics in bars but in Europe they would laugh at such a taboo. Do the powers that be in America really think they can repress us to the point of total subservience? Could it be that because religion & politics are the two major institutions that have repressed people for over 2,000 years that the masters don’t want us discussing them? They say that ignorance is bliss, but for whom? The master or the slave? Think this too extreme? Look around at the state of employment, health care, & our public schools to name just a few glaring examples of life in the land of the free. “Our” government gives tax breaks to corporations who ‘outsource’ our decent paying jobs overseas where people sometimes work for a dollar or two per day. ‘Our’ government subsidizes Wal Mart with food stamps, health care, housing assistance, etc. (in the form of social welfare programs that we all pay taxes to fund) and then boasts about the Wal Mart miracle or example of success & the ‘free market.’

Meanwhile, Wal Mart drives all the local merchants out of business. The local merchants who know you by name and who are part of the communities they do business in. And these small businesses often pay a more livable wage than Wal Mart and provide better goods and services than an impersonal behemoth like Wal Mart. And what scares Wal Mart more than anything is talk amongst its employees of forming a union. I contend that this war against the poor and the middle class began with the so-called ‘Reagan Revolution’ and you may recall that one of his first actions as president was to fire the air traffic controllers for life. They were on strike because they were overworked and understaffed.


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