America, The Land of Law & Order?

America, The Land of Law & Order?

“I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1812

Law and Order? Yeah, right! Witness the history of corporate crime, the crimes of the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., the crimes committed by our military, & our current, commander in chief of crimes, George W. Bush’s criminal record both as a private citizen & as governor and then as president of the United States. Look at the plethora of law & order type shows on television and the ‘reality’ shows such as ‘Cops,’ could it be that the corporate owners want to drill into us the importance of obeying the law & distract us from the fact that they daily break the law and don’t give a damn about the law? Recall that the Romans who first codified laws & spread them to every corner of their empire, distracted their citizens with Bread & Circuses while they expanded their empire, raised their taxes, and the internal moral decay led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome was where the concept of law and order rose to prominence and was admired the world over, but I fear that our reign as an empire is doomed to a much shorter duration? Consider the following passages I stumbled upon while ‘surfing’ the Internet for articles on corporate power. This is from an essay titled “Mechanisms of Corporate Rule”

“The men who run global corporations are the first in history with the organization, technology, money, and ideology to make a credible try at managing the world as an integrated economic unit.” (Richard J. Barnett & Ronald E. Mueller, Global Reach: The Power of the Multinational Corporations)

My central thesis is that we have reached a point in human history where the concept, the rights, & the powers of sovereign nations is disappearing and most of us aren’t even aware of this fact. All the bluster & bravado of little chicken-hawks like Bush strutting in front of the cameras like some western hero, is all smoke & mirrors. The real world is much closer to that old game, Risk, I believe it was called? You know, the game where you rolled the dice and slowly tried to acquire more countries than your opponent & build up your armies and hopefully overwhelm the weaker countries. Except, in today’s world, it’s not the governments who are calling the shots, it’s the behemoth multinational or transnational corporations. And these megalithic monstrosities don’t give a damn about ‘law and order,’ that’s just a PR (Public Relations) device to keep the citizenry fooled into believing there is fairness, justice, equality, and the possibility to get ahead or even keep their heads above water.

You may want to write me off as just another Left-wing, nut-case but please read on & let me present my argument. Here is another excerpt from that paper, Mechanisms of Corporate Rule:

“The fundamental purpose of the new free trade deals (e.g. NAFTA, GATT) are to provide protection among national constitutions for the freedoms of TNCs (TransNational Corporations) and banks to act unhindered by national laws. The rights of TNCs take precedence over the rights of citizens. And their ‘laws’ supercede the laws of the respective nations.”

I have heard and read that for example with the passage of NAFTA & GATT, a country can sue another country for restricting its business trade if it enforces its laws against environmental pollution or has trade tariffs or subsidies to various industries. In other words, our trade laws, environmental laws, financial regulations, etc. are meaningless because the gargantuan corporations who make up the World Trade Organization, can cry foul! And their ‘rights’ or ‘laws,’ trump the rights and laws of us peon citizens. And the clubs that they wield against each other in this global game of Risk are the World Bank & the International Monetary Fund. Now, I don’t claim to have a clear understanding of all this, I am just piecing together the bits and pieces of what I have learned in my 30 years or so of searching for truth or answers to this seeming chaos we call life. And of course, I could be wrong? Don’t take anything anyone claims to be the ‘truth’ or ‘absolute,’ for the gospel. Check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Before I get into the details of my evidence, there is someone you should definitely check out i.e. John Perkins, who wrote a mind-blowing expose of his career which he called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

In brief, Mr. Perkins details how he worked for a major engineering firm which preferred to stay out of the limelight. He was an economic forecaster and the work he did was actually covertly connected to the NSA and worked hand in glove with the World Bank, the WTO, & the IMF. His job was to wine & dine the leaders of nations whom these world puppet masters wanted to gain control over. Many national leaders would acquiesce with relative ease. They were given sexy prostitutes, fancy cars & homes, and the promise of millions once they signed over the rights for engineering firms like the one Perkins worked for, to start massive infrastructure projects such as in hydroelectricity, highways, oil refineries, etc. Perkins main task was to grossly exaggerate the costs of these projects which would go into the pockets of his bosses and cause the countries to go into such great debt that they would never be able to repay their loans from the World Bank & etc. Then down the line, Perkins or another Economic Hit Man would pay another visit to the nation’s president and say, look, you obviously are never going to be able to repay your loan from us so privatize your public utilities or other resources such as oil, agricultural products, etc. and allow us to buy them. If the leader balked, they were told that in one pocket was a bullet with their name on it & in the other pocket was millions of dollars for he and his family. And this was all ‘legal’ strictly speaking but what about morally or ethically? Perkins went on to confess that if a leader refused to play ball, the Jackals were sent in i.e. assassins. And several of the world’s leaders who died in ‘mysterious’ accidents e.g. their private planes exploded in mid-air, etc., were in fact the victims of the Jackals who worked for the CIA and other agencies. It was the NSA who first recruited Perkins for this job when he finished college. And every once in awhile, when the Jackals weren’t successful in getting their man, the last resort was the sending in of the U.S. military. Panama and Iraq are two examples that come immediately to mind. Recall that the U.S. was condemned by nearly the entire world community for invading Panama to go after a single man i.e. Noriega, & don’t forget that like Saddam, Noriega too, used to work for our CIA and was our ‘ally’ as long as they didn’t interfere with our corporate interests. Unfortunately, estimates go as high as 2,000 of poor, Panamanians who died in our ‘mission’ to prove that Bush Sr. wasn’t a wimp. Summing up Mr. Perkins amazing revelations, he says that he had long wanted to come forward but kept chickening out and the final straw was the attacks of 9/11 because he realized that the chickens were coming home to roost for all the dirty deeds of people like him & he was concerned about what kind of world his daughter was going to grow up in.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the more glaring corporate crimes committed in America & having a direct effect on our lives in the form of cutbacks in our health, education, & welfare programs designed for those of us who fall on hard times and who aren’t able to fend for themselves for one reason or another. I can’t tell you how angry it makes me to hear these ‘compassionate conservatives’ complain about welfare cheaters or all the ‘entitlement’ programs and handouts to the undeserving poor. Because if you take an honest look at the status quo, what we have is a de facto welfare for the rich system and these cold-blooded cockroaches ‘outsource’ & ‘downsize’ American workers by the millions with not a care in the world. Of course the standard excuse is that they have to tighten their economic belts. Well, if that were so then why was it that several years ago, the CEO of AT& T laid off 11,000 employees to reduce costs and turned around and tripled his salary to something like $140 million dollars?

Obviously, this war on the poor didn’t just start under ‘Dubya’s’ presidency. I first observed it when Reagan was in office. And that’s when I first got interested in politics because he scared the hell out of me. Unfortunately, I didn’t think things could get any worse than under Reagan but Bush, the Lesser, is even more heartless than ol’ Ronnie, the ‘great communicator,’ was. As you may, or may not recall, one of the first official acts of Reagan once he got in the White House, was to fire the air traffic controllers for life. I believe this was very symbolic and was sort of like an admiral firing a warning shot over the bow of the enemies’ ship at the start of a battle. This sent a message to workers that it was open season on unions & that’s why I say it’s a war on the poor because labor unions are the lifeblood of workers i.e. united we stand & divided we fall. And divide and conquer is precisely what has been going on since I have been paying attention in 1980.

Equally important was Reagan’s deregulation of industry after industry. Trucking for example became extremely dangerous after it was deregulation because many truckers were driving with unsafe brakes to just name one example. But the most obvious example of the harm done by deregulating so many industries was shown with the Savings & Loan Scandal. I don’t recall the numbers but perhaps hundreds of thousands if not millions of senior citizens, lost their life savings thanks to dear old Ron, that charming and likable guy. And least you forget, Bushwhacker’s brother, Neil Bush, also made out like a bandit in the Savings & Loan Scam i.e. he worked for Silverado Savings & Loan and got over $550,000 plus a $100,000 home and when he was caught, he got a slap on the wrist i.e. I believe a $5,000 fine? Yep! Reagan’s deregulation joy ride unleashed a feeding frenzy on the part of the corporate elite. Note that regulations are in effect laws, and the rich don’t want any laws i.e. restrictions on their rapacious appetites for ever more money and power. What’s more, Bush Sr. & Jr. have carried on in the radical conservatives’ attempt to deregulate everything except what protects their rights to screw American workers and the workers of the world. Union membership went from a high of something like 35% in the 1950s to a record low of around 7 to 8% today. And again in the proud tradition of Reaganomics, the bantam rooster, Bush Jr., has also given fantastic tax breaks to the filthy rich. Reagan argued that by doing so, the corporate chiefs would then be able to hire back their laid off workers and this would stimulate the economy. The only thing it stimulated were the shriveled little balls of those corporate cretins because the federal treasury was like an open feeding trough for the fat cats. Meanwhile, Reagan’s ‘trickle-down economic plan,’ instead turned out to be a torrent up to the elite. Rather than hire back those pesky workers, there were record numbers of mergers and record profits were proudly waved for all to see on the covers of Forbes, Time, & etc.

Don’t touch that dial my friend! It just keeps getting better. I got a little sidetracked but as I said earlier, it’s so ludicrous for the conservatives and the wealthy to ever say a god-damn thing about welfare for the poor because almost every large industry from pharmaceuticals to the ‘defense industry’ are subsidized to the tune of millions and billions for their research and development by our tax dollars. Without our hard-earned tax dollars subsidizing them, most of these ‘economic miracles,’ would’ve never opened their doors or would’ve folded long ago. Moreover, once they start making a profit and begin to rake in fantastic amounts of dollars, they all of a sudden are a private company and get to keep all the money without ever kicking back a dollar to us, their sugar daddies. Boeing for example, just laid off several thousand workers crying they couldn’t afford their pensions or health benefits I believe? Yet where would they be if it weren’t for the taxpayers, some of which are those laid off workers? I remember some time back when Chrysler was going belly-up and good old Uncle Sam stepped in to bail them out. And then Lee Iacoca is all over the t.v. in ads proclaiming him to be some sort of business guru? If you or I own a little mom & pop store, gas station, or whatever and we’re going bankrupt, what are we told? Tough shit! That’s the free market! Funny how that works? We’re always told, ‘pick yourself up by your own bootstraps,’ but when the big boys are sinking, ‘oh, we must help them because they put Americans to work!’ Well, how many Americans have you seen them putting to work for oh, the past two decades or so?

In fact, the club they wield over our heads nowadays is that if we dare to complain because we have no health insurance for our family for instance is, keep your mouth shut or we’ll close shop and go overseas. In any case, they used to just cross over the Mexican border for dirt cheap labor and no environmental restrictions but that’s not even enough profit for them anymore. Now the rush is to countries like China who have an almost entirely dependent & abundant slave work force who sometimes work for as little as a dollar or two per day. Oh yeah, I again got away from the real meat and potatoes of the corporate welfare system in America. I forget the guy’s name right now but you can find him most likely if you Google search something like Pentagon whistleblowers. I saw him on Bill Moyers PBS program NOW! perhaps a year ago and this guy worked for the Pentagon for over 30 years in their budget dept. I believe it was? And no, this wasn’t another case of a whistleblower waiting until they had safely retired before they spilled the beans, this guy had been raising hell for his entire career. He testified in front of Congress several times and they just ignored him. In a nutshell, he said that the Pentagon has wasted, overcharged, defrauded us, etc. for decades and in the trillions of dollars. As if this weren’t bad enough, recall how many news stories we’ve had regarding defective tanks, planes, helicopters, etc.? Can you also remember that we have also lost many fine young soldiers, sailors, pilots, etc. due to these defective ‘defense weapons’ and often times knowingly because the Pentagon didn’t want to stop that flow of tax dollars to their ‘programs?’ Yet these very same warmongers are the ones who beat their chests on national t.v. and tell us it’s our patriotic duty to go fight in their trumped up wars to further enrich the corporations who are laying us off and getting stinking rich doing so! As that other circus ringleader besides Bush-baby i.e. P.T. Barnum said, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute!’

Too harsh? Oh yeah, what about Halliburton? I can’t believe we have a sitting vice president, ‘Dick’ Cheney, who not only receives a pension of about $150,000 per year from Halliburton but who also owns something like 450,000 shares in the corp. and declares with a straight face that there’s no conflict of interest? And reflect on how Halliburton has been doing just coincidentally during Cheney’s tenure in the White House e.g. sweetheart contracts to rebuild Iraq after Dickie boy & Co. knocked it down; the rebuilding contracts for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast—maybe that’s why the Bush Cabal took so long to react, they wanted to make sure there was plenty of easy money for Dickhead’s co. to rake in?; a new project to build a massive incarceration facility for ‘illegals’ from Mexico but some say might be for undesirables like myself who suffer under the delusion that we have the right to dissent?; and finally, I heard something the other day about Halliburton might be getting the contracts to run those several ports that have caused such a stir recently or maybe it was some ports in Dubai? Anyway, I think the pattern is pretty evident.

Never lose track of the fact that all this is perfectly legal. You see, at the risk of seeming overly simplistic, the ‘laws’ or regulations that protect the corporations are enforced and the laws that are suppose to protect us, the public, aren’t. Did you happen to notice during the last presidential ‘election,’ that one of the themes Bushie & the Cheshire Cat i.e. Cheney, kept harping on was the need to reform tort laws? This was because again, this administration is one of the most blatantly in the pocket of corporate America administrations this country has ever seen. And corporate America wants to stop all those class action suits that are filed against them for killing, maiming, poisoning, etc. their employees and customers. Bush and co. derided class action lawsuits, often the last course of action for desperate people, by referring to them as ‘frivolous lawsuits.’ This connects with a theory that some scholars have proposed and with which I agree i.e. the Bush junta has as its primary objective, nothing less than a complete dismantling of the social welfare system e.g. welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, education funding, etc. etc. etc. These radical reactionaries hope to cut all public funding for ‘entitlement’ programs and by spending astronomical amounts on their elusive & open-ended ‘War on Terror,’ eventually there won’t be enough money left in the federal treasury and they can say, gee, that’s too bad but you know, we have to keep on feeding the Pentagon because the boogie man terrorists are coming and we just want to protect you.

Finally, in regards to corporate criminals and law, let me remind you of the fairly recent wave of corporate crime e.g. Enron, World Com, Arthur Anderson, etc. and don’t lose sight of the fact that Enron’s Ken Lay was a close friend of Bush’s no matter how fast he backtracks from ever knowing him now. Bush called him ‘Kenny Boy’ and flew on his jets many times when he was governor of Texas. And ‘Kenny Boy’ was one of the largest campaign contributors to the Bush war chest. Oh yeah, I almost skipped a very significant group of players in the corruption and graft going on. Remember when I mentioned that whistleblower testifying before Congress regarding all the rip-offs the Pentagon was committing? Well, the Congress i.e. the Senate & the House of Representatives are suppose to represent us, the citizens, and they have clearly sold us out and represent not us, but the corporations who have their army of lobbyists enticing and seducing them with gifts and ‘campaign’ contributions constantly. The Congress is the legislative i.e. law-making body of our government and time and time again we see laws passed that benefit the rich and turn a deaf ear to the poor, the working class, & the middle class. In fact, we like to pretend that we’re a classless society but everybody knows what bull that is. I know this is all very gloomy & depressing but we can go on sticking our heads in the sand and hope that it all goes away but if you choose to do so, when you are finally reduced to begging in the street and are forced to ‘accept Christ’ from one of Georgie’s ‘faith-based’ charities in order to put a warm meal in your belly, perhaps you will remember my warnings? I came across a great quote recently i.e. “Information is the Oxygen of Democracy” from Steven Aftergood. In other words my friend, knowledge or knowing what’s going on is half the battle & the other half is uniting and taking positive steps to take back our rights as citizens of a once proud democracy. By the way, it was Mussolini who said that fascism should more rightly be called corporatocracy because fascism was really all about corporations and the government working together. Food for thought?

And speaking of Mussolini, this is a good point to transition to the next section of criminals and law breakers i.e. the ‘intelligence’ agencies and the military. I’m going to combine them and attempt to be much briefer than I was in the first section because hopefully, I don’t want to bore any possible readers of this paper. As I touched on it earlier when I was summarizing John Perkins book & mentioned that our military is usually called on to invade a country when it’s leaders have refused to succumb to the hedonistic & selfish enticements on the part of ‘economic hit men,’ and the Jackals have also failed to ‘get their man.’ Of course, this is never admitted in public and the military/industrial/media/congressional complex kicks into action i.e. American flags suddenly spring up everywhere and we are constantly bombarded with a deluge of generals, politicians, & some businessmen proudly proclaiming their patriotism and exhorting us to do likewise. Incidentally, if you want to read something that really knock your socks off on this subject, look up a short little book which you could read in about twenty minutes or less called The War Prayer by Mark Twain. He knew it was too powerful and disturbing and that he would’ve probably been tarred and feathered if people read it while he was still alive, so he left instructions that it wasn’t to be published until after his death. And this reminds me, for the record, no, I’m not anti-American nor sympathetic to terrorists of any stripe, nationality, or ethnicity. But for those of you who may believe that the only true patriots are those who blindly follow their leaders, I say that is a cheap and shallow kind of patriotism. I take Thomas Jefferson’s words to heart when he said that it’s not only our right to criticize our government but it’s also our duty. We, as a nation & as a people, have almost completely forgotten that it is we, the people, who are the sovereigns i.e. it is the citizens of America who are America, not those lying politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, & corporate whores who are America and they work for us but we haven’t been doing our civic duty and holding their feet to the fire or holding them accountable. I use the analogy of a parent who criticizes their children because they love them and are teaching them right from wrong and want them to grow up to be healthy and happy. And here’s another great quote I came across recently that is relevant; “Ignorance grows on the Spirit like a Tumor.” (Immortal Technique, a rap artist from South America I believe?) For your information, this is not to say that most Americans are stupid, stupid is different from ignorance. Ignorance simply means to not know something. I make a distinction though between what I call innocent ignorance and willful ignorance. Innocent ignorance is simply that you have never heard, read, etc. something. But willful ignorance is when somebody tries to tell you something and you purposely block it out because it conflicts with your beliefs or is too disturbing. And those sort of people I do pass judgment on. So, let’s get on with it.

In any case, in another essay I wrote, I listed far more dictators which we, that is our government and those ‘black-opps’ i.e. CIA hitmen and etc. have trained usually here on American soil at the Ft. Benning, Georgia, ‘School of the Americas,’ in the fine arts of torture and assassination. They have recently changed the name of the ‘school’ because protestors have brought too much public attention to what was going on there. And mind you that a lot of our ‘secret’ operatives are/have been interchangeable with the elite of our various branches of the military. For example, I read recently that some of our Green Berets assisted in the smuggling of heroin in the Golden Triangle when we were engaged in the Vietnam War. I know, it’s depressing to think of these fine fighting men being participants in something so against what we are suppose to represent. I don’t make these accusations lightly nor does it give me any joy to state them. I grew up like the vast majority of us, believing in the history they taught us in public school. But my real education began as I made my way through the real world outside of school. Here is a brief list of those I can recall off the top of my head: Somoza in Nicaragua, Marcos in the Phillipines, Chiang Kai-Chek in Taiwan, Idi Amin in Uganda, Pinochet in Chile, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Suharto in Indonesia, Noriega in Panama, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Shah of Iran, and Hitler. I’m sure that Hitler is most likely the most surprising example but yes, it’s true. During WWII, while our soldiers were being killed by the Nazis, GM, Ford, & Chrysler had automobile factories in Germany and they were refitted to build jet-engines and truck engines which were the backbone of the German army in terms of transporting their troops. Yes, these ‘patriotic’ American corporations who preach to us to be loyal Americans and buy American cars, were profiting from the death of Americans and from their plants here in America at the same time. IBM was also guilty of helping Hitler. And you’re not going to believe this, these corporations actually had the gall to sue the U.S. government after the war for war reparations i.e. damages done to their factories in Germany during the war by American bombers and I believe it was Ford who actually got a little under a million dollars from our government! Remember, Law & Order! By the way, Henry Ford received the highest medal the German government could bestow on a foreigner. Doesn’t it make you sick to your stomach? Again, I remind you to not take my word for any of this. Do your own research. Believe me, there are far more bloody dictators our government, military, & corporate leaders have put in power and helped to remain in power. There has only ever been one single demand for our support of these dictators that they were made very aware of i.e. don’t get in the way of U.S. corporations raping, pillaging, & plundering of your country’s resources or people. Every once in awhile, one of our dictator lackeys gets a wild-hair up their butts and decides they want to be remembered for something more than being a greedy & murderous bastard by their people. So, they start to say no to American and other countries’ stealing from their people and they start sharing some of the wealth with their people. This really pisses off the big boys in Washington and the corporate boardrooms. And overnight, our allies have become the new Hitler posing a threat to democracy and freedom. It’s amazing how consistent they are in this public relations assault on the American public and what’s even more amazing is how we fall for it time and time again? Here’s a little tidbit for you i.e. Bush Sr. was a major shareholder in United Fruit Corp. which had most of Central America locked up hence the term ‘Banana Republics’ and lo and behold, the U.S. Marines had to invade Central America nine times in the 20th century to defend democracy and freedom. Those damn uppity peasants have the audacity to think that they have a right to feed, house, & clothe their children with the riches from the countries they just happen to be occupying.

Furthermore, what’s really frightening as I have just learned, is that the fact that America is the sole superpower presently dominating the planet and scaring the hell out of many other nations because of our aggressive militaristic assaults on helpless nations but this isn’t enough for the greedy pigs, it’s never enough, no, now they’re launching a Space Program to control Space with satellites & nuclear laser weapons. Every time they launch nuclear material into Space, there is a chance of an accident and recall that a couple of our Shuttle flights exploded. Well, if one explodes with plutonium on board, it can release a lethal dose on every single human on the planet. These guys are absolutely insane and we just sit by like the proverbial lamb with their head on the chopping-block! Check out a guy named Bruce Gagnon. He’ll tell you far more than this and it’ll really scare the hell out of you! Not to mention the trillions of dollars they are going to waste on this lunacy. Already, 45 million Americans have no health insurance. I think their goal is a race to the bottom in the sense that contrary to their claims that Globalization is going to equal out the playing field so all the workers of the world will enjoy a decent standard of living, I believe they are trying to reduce us all to the level of which already exists i.e. over two billion people on this planet, subsist on less than $2 per day. The poorer we are, the easier it is for the corporate chieftains to control us. What? You don’t like your job? Fine, hit the road, there are hundreds of guys who’d kill to have your job. The WalMartization of America.

You know, that poster corporation symbolic of the triumph of the free market and the capitalist system? Yeah, those free market fundamentalists who decry the social welfare state and all the ‘entitlement’ programs for those lazy bums. But how many of you are aware that WalMart has become the top retailer in the world and one of America’s largest corporations largely due to its vicious, anti-union practices, its unfair labor practices, and its refusal to pay for its employees health coverage & in fact helps them fill out the forms to get government assistance for medical care, food stamps, etc. Yep, good old fashioned free trade and open competition! I wonder at times if there is one single iota of compassion in these corporate crocodiles ‘hearts?’ Bush says more Americans are working. Yeah, right! But he leaves out the inconvenient fact that most of the working and middle class that used to make $15 to $20 per hour and could live a decent life i.e. buy a modest home, provide for their family’s medical care, & sometimes even send their children to a state college—certainly not one of the Ivy League universities like Yale, where that humble old cowboy Bush who likes to relax on his ranch and cut firewood with his chainsaw, went. Last time I checked several years ago, colleges like Yale cost something like $40,000 per year. That’s the cost of most of the formerly okay working families paid for their homes. Now, people are losing their homes, their medical coverage, their pensions, & their self-respect by the millions and that scum-sucking butt boy in the Oval Office smugly smiles and tells us, ‘Everything is going fine!’ Think me too disrespectful, after all, he is our commander in chief? What about the disrespect he showed all our soldiers who have died in that phony war he lied us into in Iraq, when on national television, Bush joked around in the Oval Office and peered under his desk and said, ‘nope, no weapons of mass destruction there,’ and then looked in a couple of other places in his office and repeated the same line? That was the lie he launched an illegal & immoral war on. A war that we were condemned by the world community for launching. A war that has killed over 2,000 Americans and perhaps as high as 100,000 Iraqis—mostly innocent women, children, & old folks. A war that has generated massive hatred and disrespect for America around the world. A war that is fanning the flames of Islamic fundamentalists and inspired tens of thousands of young Muslims to sacrifice their lives in a holy jihad against us. Don’t tell me about respect for these evil bastard! Sorry, I get so wound up when I reflect on all the death & destruction that Bush and his crony capitalists have caused so many people, I could erupt. Oh yeah, one last little bit related to terrorism.

Do you recall when that darling of the conservatives i.e. Ronald Reagan, was president and they were so proud of their tough cowboy who stared-down the ‘evil empire’ (Russia) and proclaimed that we would never deal with terrorists? And George Bush Sr. was his vice-president or is that president in charge of Vice? Anyway, also note that George Sr. also used to be director of the C.I.A.. And we had that unfortunate little thing called the Iran/Contra Scandal. Let’s recap, it’s pretty much accepted fact that Ronnie’s team had their C.I.A. boys smuggle cocaine from Central America into the U.S. and they used this money along with the money they made from selling missiles and etc. to Iran, our sworn enemy who held 50 Americans hostage for a year and coincidentally released them just as Reagan was being sworn into office, to finance the Contras in Nicaragua better known by the locals as Death Squads. And even though this had been forbidden by a law passed by our Congress called the Boland Amendment I believe? Yes indeed! What tremendous respect our leaders have for law & order. And Reagan referred to the Contras as analogous to our founding fathers. Jesus Christ? And on a personal note, I lived in L.A. and used to go to Spanish speaking adults’ homes to tutor them in English. A woman I worked with named Maria, was from Nicaragua and told me one night that she fled the country when she witnessed her 9 month pregnant sister have her stomach cut open and her baby pulled out and its throat slit by a Contra i.e. Reagan’s ‘Freedom Fighters’ before her very eyes just before she died. And a few years later I had the privilege of teaching a couple of ESL classes at Van Nuys High School in the L.A. Valley & most of my students were from Nicaragua and El Salvador & they related to me many other horrific experiences. It’s heinous crimes like these that have been supported by us that are behind the events of September 11th my friend and we haven’t seen nothin’ yet. People will only take oppression, torture, murder, watching their children starve, etc. for so long. Remember the French Revolution? The people of France were starving and begging for bread and Queen Marie Antoinette scoffed ‘let them eat cake.’ Well, the people brought out the guillotine and cut the heads off half the aristocracy of France. And no, I’m not suggesting that we do likewise. I’m just trying to wake up my fellow citizens and to warn the greedy power elite that sooner or later, justice, karma, whatever you want to call it, catches up with all of us. Don’t forget, that pillar of virtue, Reagan when finally forced to testify in a closed court session, plead he couldn’t remember something like 160 times out of around 175 or so questions put to him. Gee, do you think that’d work for you or I in a court of law? Yet, to this day when Reagan’s name is mentioned, most conservatives start to well up with tears. I guess they miss those good ol’ days when Ronnie stood tall in the saddle and the open range of the federal treasury spilled forth its bounty for them?

While we’re on the subject, here’s a quote from that radical, Bill Moyers, who was Lyndon Johnson’s press secretary & who is on George W’s hit list because the program on PBS he formerly anchored called NOW! must’ve hit a little too close to home for his likes: “A lawless government is a contradiction in terms. Leaders cannot expect citizens to act lawfully if they themselves act unlawfully. Yet, in sponsoring a private war to overthrow the Nicaraguan regime, the administration consistently subverted our constitutional process. …Moreover, the president lied to the American people while his subordinates deceived the people’s representatives. This gave the White House free rein to manipulate and distort facts, escaping accountability to the public and undermining ‘the temper and the integrity’ of the political fight.” (pg. 105, The Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis, Bill Moyers, 1988) What’s that song by Led Zeppelin, The Song Remains the Same? Don’t forget that Bush-whacker (they shoot people in the back while hiding in the bushes) took his photo-op cues from the Gipper who liked to be photographed on his ranch in Santa Barbara in his jeans, cowboy hat, and chainsaw in hand. You see, it’s important to keep those Americans still gullible enough, believing that you’re actually not an elitist but just a simple, ol’ country boy. We’re not suppose to remember that Bush actually grew up in New England and went to Andover, one of the country’s most exclusive prep schools and to Yale, coincidentally where that true elitist, John Kerry, also went. Or that both of them were members of the most secretive society in America i.e. Skull & Bones. And isn’t it also interesting that all the past members of Skull & Bones went on to become senators, congressmen, C.E.O.s of America’s top corporations, presidents, directors of the C.I.A., and etc.? Oh yeah, Georgie’s daddy was also a member of it. And not that I’m any fan of Kerry’s, but it was unbelievable that the little, cocksucker Bush actually had the nerve to label him the elitist throughout the presidential race? And Kerry who actually served in Vietnam and was wounded saving some of his men was tarred with being a coward and liar. While the spoiled, little prep boy born with the silver spoon in his mouth, was allowed to duck the fact that daddy pulled strings to get him into the Texas Air National Guard which Molly Ivins says was referred to as F Troop with planes & Georgie’s unit was called the champagne unit. Never mind the fact that our illustrious leader only scored one point above the bottom line required to get in. And Bush who reminds me of Alfred E. Newman of Mad magazine every time I look at him, couldn’t even handle this cushy job. He got busted for cocaine and drunk driving but miraculously, his records like his repeated AWOLs just disappeared into thin air! Sadly and unfortunately for all the poor slobs in the military, it’s always those chicken-hawks who never served or never actually fought who are the first and the most gung ho to send them off to war for absolutely no good reason other than to enrich their cronies. I’ll tell you one thing I’m certain of, this spoiled and stupid little brat prancing around on the world stage like he’s something, wouldn’t have lasted two minutes in the neighborhood of L.A. that I grew up in. They would’ve pimp-slapped him and he would’ve went running home crying for his mommy. And from what I read, Barbara Bush is the one in charge of that family and rules with an iron fist. Yep, we’ve got a mama’s boy for ‘president.’

Since I’ve already started in on the little sissy-boy, let’s continue with some more of his crimes and obvious contempt for the laws.



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