I Won’t Vote for Obama Again!

I Won’t Vote for Obama Again!

For the record, I jotted the notes down for this essay on Oct. 26th 2010 and today is the day after election day. I can’t say that I’m surprised that the republicans took control of the House but it never ceases to amaze me how they trot out the same old B.S. of “we’re going to reduce spending, cut taxes, & cut the government down to size and the yokels fall for it everytime. More importantly, Ralph Nader was proved right once again & as usual, the jackass stubborn democrats as well as the so-called progressives & liberals ignore Nader and believe that this rigged game supposedly consists of two rival parties. I wrote an essay a couple of years ago defending Nader & posted it on the “progressive” website “The Daily Kos,” and the kool aid drinking “liberal democrats,” came out of the woodwork calling me every name in the book.

So, here we go and I’m just going to jump right in with my list of reasons why I won’t vote for Obama again. The first thing that blew my mind was that he appointed Bernanke, Summers, & Geitner (the foxes who contributed significantly to our economic meltdown) to guard & guide our financial/economic policy (the hen house). I knew right then that he was just another lying politician who doesn’t give a damn about you or I. The following list is in no particular order but simply thoughts jotted-down as they came to me:

Obama vowed to shut down Guantanamo but has backpedaled on date.
Obama has escalated an immoral & unwinnable war in Afghanistan
Obama’s so-called withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq is a farce because 50,000 combat troops will remain indefinitely along with who knows how many murderous mercenaries from outfits like Blackwater & the world’s largest embassy along with numerous military bases weren’t built to just be a temporary thing.
Obama has continued the illegal spying on American citizens begun under the Bushwhacker.
Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other administrations combined.
Obama forced us to bail out the “super banks” with the promise they’d make loans available to small businesses and us but the banks took the money and told us to go to hell.
Obama refused to declare a national moratorium against home foreclosures even after it has been revealed that the banks foreclosed on perhaps millions of Americans illegally.
Obama is all talk (rhetoric), no action.
Obama has done nothing to stop the outsourcing of American jobs.
Obama declared from the beginning that he wasn’t going to prosecute Bush & his cabal for countless crimes they committed.
Obama kissed ass to the republican reptiles from the get go & they keep on blocking everything he tries to pass. When is he going to grow a set of balls and declare war on them as they have on him?
Obama has done little if anything to prosecute the financial industry & Wall St. for their crimes or to even regulate them.
Obama keeps reassuring Wall St. & the corporate robber barons “I’m on your side” Just how stupid can a guy be? They are dead set on bankrupting America & totally eliminating every last vestige of F.D.R.’s “New Deal” which was passed to protect the poor against the rich.
Obama caved-in to the oil industry again even after the environmental catastrophe caused by BP and once again it’s open season for BP and numerous other environmental destroyers.
Obama is seeking to build new nuclear plants (hasn’t been a new one built in over 30 years).
Obama, like all his predecessors, turns a blind eye to Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians.
Obama has shown no aggressive reform or regulation of Wall St. and we are headed for another, even more catastrophic economic meltdown while his campaign contributors continue to gorge themselves on the federal treasury while millions of Americans are losing everything.
Obama hasn’t fought back against the Supreme Court decision allowing the corporate crooks to spend as much as they want to get their toadies into public office.
Obama had the audacity to scold the American public before the election that we have a duty to vote or we’d regret what happens. What about his duty to honor his word and fulfill his vow to uphold the Constitution and protect America from both foreign & domestic enemies e.g. the republicans.
Obama started his Health Care Reform push by appeasing the republicans even before they began the process and he just capitulated on every significant aspect of it so that the end product is a pathetic creature hardly worthy of being called Medical Insurance Reform.
Obama promised to champion public education when running for office but has backed down on it like everything else he swore to “change.”
Obama has done little, if anything, to create jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans.
Obama has been meek on extending unemployment benefits or speaking out against the right wing greedy bastards who want to speculate with our Social Security fund.
Obama has backtracked on taxing the rich and making corporations pay their fair share of taxes and eliminating the obscene tax breaks for the filthy rich.
Obama keeps insulting our intelligence and telling us that things are getting better but only the rich are doing well, the rest of us are living in a state of perpetual fear and worry.
Obama insisted on bailing-out GM and GM turns around and opens a new plant in Mexico.
Obama doesn’t even consider reducing the wasteful military budget and in fact increases it to wage war in Afghanistan and give weapons to countries oppressing and slaughtering their own people. Case in point, we’re giving billions to the phony president of Afghanistan who dare not leave Kabul because the drug and war lords really control Afghanistan.
Obama talks a good game about rebuilding America’s infrastructure but again, all talk and no action on our roads, bridges, highways, ports, etc. that are crumbling.
Instead of pushing for “Green Jobs,” like he promised, he’s giving the oil, coal, & nuclear industries the green light.
Obama has greatly increased the number of agents on the Mexican border to prevent the destitute people from Mexico from entering even though our economy depends hugely on their cheap labor & we don’t prosecute the American companies who profit from these poor people & often cheat them out of their wages.
Obama promised to end the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy designed to keep homosexuals “in their place,” but has reneged on that promise as well.
Obama hasn’t pursued prosecution of Blackwater for numerous murders of Iraqis and Afghans as well as defrauding us on multiple contracts.
Obama has said & done nothing for all the crimes committed by Karl Rove and now Rove is building in effect, a shadow government, and is positioning himself to be the grand puppet master who will pick and choose who serves in Congress.
Obama has not given up any of the illegal powers that the Bush/Cheney junta illegally gave themselves.

In conclusion, Obama has revealed himself to be nothing less than the Bush brand of intoxication or Bush Dark/Bush Light! By the way, something interesting that I just learned a week ago. Penny Pritzker was Obama’s national finance manager when he was running for the presidency and she was his top choice for Secretary of Commmerce but was forced to withdraw when her involvement and profitting from the subprime mortgage crisis was revealed. She’s one of America’s wealthiest women and jogs regularly with her friend, Michelle Obama. So, who does Obama represent? The top 1% of America’s wealthiest or the suffering millions of working class & middle class Americans?

—Rob DeLoss, November 4, 2010

If Obama wasn’t in the corporate cockroaches pockets, he’d fight like a Tasmanian Devil to create a public works project similar to the one FDR established. Our infrastructure is crumbling and tens of millions of Americans are dying a slow, humiliating death. We need to make the greedy pigs pay the pre-Reagan tax rate and put the true Americans, the ever growing poor & the shrinking working class and the dwindling middle class, back to work. Instead, we get more lofty rhetorical speeches from Obama designed & timed to bolster his ratings in the polls for reelection. As the old Wendy’s commercial asked, “Where’s the beef?” The wealthiest corporations and individuals are not only not paying any taxes, they are actually receiving billions in tax refunds from the rapidly evaporating federal treasury. Yet these same corporations continue to be allowed to use all the infrastructure of America without which, they wouldn’t be able to conduct business here in America. Of course, that probably doesn’t concern them much because they can so easily shift their crime businesses overseas as well as their ill gotten profits and still claim to be American!
—September 5, 2011

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      Thanks for your words of support. You might find the essay I wrote “The Politics of Patriotism,” interesting and appropriate in light of tomorrow being 9/11. Take care and persevere!

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      Hi, and thanks for your kind words. I’m trying to figure out how to RSS feed and etc. I’m an old fart and technologically challenged. But I love writing and connecting with others. Hopefully we can make this a more equitable world. Persevere!


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