The ‘Real’ State of the Union, 2005

The ‘Real’ State of the Union, 2005


Our current cheerleader for the corporate criminal class, George W. ‘Dubya, the Dangerous Dumb-Shit’ Bush—he was a cheerleader in college—gave his State of the Union address last week and his hubris was outrageous. I use the word hubris because it means an ‘exaggerated pride or self-confidence often resulting in retribution,’ and due to his ignorance and arrogance, the threat of terrorist attacks against America has grown exponentially. When I look at Bush Jr., I am reminded of Ronald Reagan and his simplistic world-view. Both of these mental midgets viewed the world as some sort of old western such as High Noon and saw themselves as Gary Cooper bravely going out to face the bad guys in a shoot-out. Both of these men have seriously impugned our reputation around the world and America has come to be considered somewhat of a dangerous joke. I submit that Bush is one of the most outlandish liars, cheaters, frauds, and killers of all time and should be ranked alongside of Hitler & Stalin. Right about now you’re probably thinking I should be run out of the country for being anti-American? Well my friend, I argue that it is far easier to just blindly go along with the herd in terms of popular opinion and that I in fact am a loyal American because I take Thomas Jefferson’s admonition seriously. Jefferson forewarned us that it was not only our right but our duty to hold our government accountable. Jefferson, John Adams, and others feared one branch of our government gaining too much power and this is why they established the separation of powers by creating a three-way division of power i.e. the legislative, the judicial, and the executive. Well, we have slid down that slippery slope towards an oligarchy and I posit that we have indeed arrived there. The executive has effectively usurped the overwhelming majority of the true power of our government. In fact, it’s naïve to even refer to it as ‘our’ government any longer. Why? Well, consider the definition of ‘oligarchy’ (a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes).


For instance, here are but a few brief illustrations of the Bush/Cheney junta or cabal which reveal we are living under an oligarchy: the presidential election of 2000 in which there was massive voter-fraud in Florida (which coincidentally was governed by Bush’s brother, Jeb) and the Supreme Court took the unprecedented and anti-Constitutional action of intervening in and appointed Bush as the president; the fact that this is the most secretive administration ever in U.S. history i.e. Cheney’s ‘Energy Summit’ and his refusal to disclose who attended & the fact that his refusal was backed by the Supreme Court; the intimidation and manipulation of the major intelligence agencies in order to con the U.S. public into supporting the invasion of Iraq; the almost total acquiescence on the part of Congress in going along with the Bush agenda right down the line; the repetition of voter fraud in the 2004 presidential election and the immediate abdication by the ‘democratic’ contender, Senator John Kerry; etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on & I will highlight more examples as I piecemeal Bush’s State of the Union speech.



I downloaded a copy of the complete text of Bush’s address and the following is my critique or dissection of this dangerous dissimulator’s rhetoric and dogma which his spin-doctors so cleverly wrapped in simplistic images and empty words and phrases designed to pull at our heartstrings in order to cloud our judgment and manipulate us. And speaking of manipulation, it is apropos to start off with this caution, perhaps the most pernicious proverb ever uttered is ‘Ignorance is Bliss?’ Why do I say this? Because the more ignorant a people are, the easier it is for the powers that be to control and manipulate them. And this is the motto of the evangelical fundamentalists of which Bush is a proud member and champion. But on the contrary, St. Jerome stated that “It is worse still to be ignorant of your ignorance.” In other words, far too many Americans aren’t even aware that they are ignorant. And I say this not out of a spirit of arrogance but as a matter of sad fact. Because our educational system is so extremely bureaucratized with layer upon layer of administrators all trying to hold onto their power and prestige, our children and hence, our citizenry, ranks 50th amongst approximately 150 nations that make up the United Nations. It is important to bear in mind that ignorance isn’t the same as stupidity. Ignorance simply means to not know and the overwhelming majority of Americans simply aren’t aware that they have been so seriously short-changed in their public education.


Furthermore, I would remind you of the dire warning George Santayana gave us; “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” In brief, because the majority of us are the products of such an inferior public educational system, we often don’t make the connections or remember the events of even the relatively near-past and the corrupt politicians and corporate C.E.O.s again and again get away with ripping us off. Georgie is suppose to be an affable, bumbling ‘Big Brother’ of benevolence simply trying to bring ‘democracy’ to the world yet, he struts around the world stage like a bantam rooster, cocky and sneering. I believe his image as a down-home, good ol’ boy from Texas is a total façade and this charade has been used time and time again to dupe the public into believing that they’re one of us. Yeah, right! He was raised in the northeast and went to elite prep schools and got into Yale on his daddy’s coattails and was a member of that ultra secret Skull and Bones Society of which John Kerry was also a member. They really think we’re all a bunch of stupid morons to believe we will fall for this country boy image. Every politician that runs for president cloaks themselves in this image because it has been so effective and it dates back to Abraham Lincoln and his being born in a log cabin and being a humble man who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. You can’t even run for president in today’s America unless you’re a multi-millionaire or billionaire! And herein lies the problem, in order to raise the kind of money necessary to run for the presidency, a politician must make countless deals with the corporate cockroaches and they don’t give money without expecting something in return i.e. protection from prosecution, sweetheart deals such as Halliburton’s contracts to ‘rebuild’ Iraq after our military bombed it into the Stone Age, etc.



Now, I am often guilty of long, polemical diatribes when I get into talking about politics but I am doing so partly because I often feel on the defensive because so many people I get into heated arguments and/or discussions with, have never heard the things I accuse Bush et al of. I want to cite Noam Chomsky here because I agree with some who have declared him as among the top ten most quoted people throughout western civilization and he happens to be the only one alive. This is my crude paraphrasing of something Chomsky said awhile back on Free Speech T.V.; “the information is available but few are able or willing to put the tremendous amount of effort into researching and digging the information up.” This essay is my opinion and my qualifications are the over thirty years I have spent pursuing the ‘truth,’ wisdom, knowledge, and experience. I have traveled fairly extensively, spent fourteen years pursuing & earning a bachelor’s degree in English literature, worked at perhaps a hundred different jobs, been an educator for over fifteen years, collected several thousand books, and read several hundred of which while making copious notes in them, etc. And I am not saying that I possess the ‘Truth’ but simply that I feel that I have at least paid some substantial dues and therefore deserve at least to be heard, and this brings me back to Chomsky. He points out that Bush and “most politicians use terms like ‘values’ in order to avoid the issues because discussion of the issues would reveal their true policies and actions. And ‘values’ appeal to people’s emotions and cloud their reasoning abilities.” (my paraphrasing) For example, note how often Bush used terms like ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ in his State of the Union. I have also noted how fond Bush is of throwing the word ‘tyranny’ around. Consider the definition of tyranny if you will (a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler; oppressive power <every form of tyranny over the mind of man—Thomas Jefferson>), I contend that Bush is ‘projecting’ upon all the other ‘leaders’ of the nations he doesn’t like, this image of tyranny which in fact he is dangerously close to realizing in total himself. Let’s now get to the meat and potatoes of his rhetorical bombast.


In the very first sentence of his speech, Bush asserts or claims that “¼we have been placed in office by the votes of the people we serve.” Well this may be a Freudian Slip because the people he serves are the top 1% or the corporate ruling elite but on the other hand as I said, this is a lie because he was appointed by the Supreme Court and therefore it wasn’t a true election. I believe this was significant and purposely chosen because in approximately half the nation’s voters’ minds, there is still doubt that he won the 2004 election fairly? And one thing all spin-doctors know is that if you repeat a lie long enough, most people will eventually accept it as fact or truth. In the next sentence he proclaims that Iraq is ‘free and sovereign.’ This is an incredible statement because only the most naïve and woefully ignorant could look at the current state of affairs in Iraq and call it free and sovereign. Their ‘provisional government’ was hand-picked by the Bush cabal who first tried to install Chalabi as president. Then Chalabi was revealed as a bank embezzler who is wanted by the Syrian government and all of a sudden Chalabi was persona non grata and just like ol’ ‘Kenny Boy’ i.e. Ken Lay of ENRON, Bush et al claimed they barely knew him. Yeah, right! Look up Bush’s first ‘inauguration,’ and the picture that was splashed across the front pages of newspapers all over America and the world clearly shows Chalabi seated right behind Bush as he is giving his speech. Barely knew him? Yeah, right!



Next, Bush says that he has “¼renewed the commitment of our Nation to the guiding ideal of liberty for all.” Hmm? He has a strange notion of ‘liberty?’ Because when I look at Afghanistan, Kabul is the only place that has some degree of law and order and only because it is heavily defended by U.S. forces. Outside of Kabul, the drug war lords rule once again just as they did before we invaded Afghanistan. Funny that we don’t seem to be concerned about the fact that these war lords preside over perhaps the largest opium growing fields on the planet? The people of Afghanistan are definitely not liberated from their oppressors. And the people of Iraq are definitely not liberated and in fact have been demanding that the American military leave for over two years. The people of Iraq are often under martial law, go through check points where they are bodily searched daily, have no work, electricity for about two hours per day, live under constant fear of being blown up by either an ‘insurgent’ or an American bomb or be shot, etc. This is so chillingly Orwellian in that oppression has now become ‘liberty.’ Equally important is the fact that with the aid of the ‘Patriot Act’ which only one member of Congress even bothered to read before it was signed and passed into law, which has demonstrably gutted our Bill of Rights. The ultra secretive and scheming Bush is now free to enter our homes and rifle through our personal belongings and lives without ever telling us and without a warrant. They can spy on our mail, our phone calls, the websites we go to, in short, they have complete freedom to spy on us whenever and wherever they please. They can and they have arrested hundreds if not thousands of Americans and held and tortured them all without ever even charging the people they abducted, giving them legal representation, or notifying their loved ones where they were being held. This is ‘liberty?’ The only ‘liberty’ is the liberty of the powerful and rich to screw us and the entire world. We are free to be subservient, an oxymoron George Orwell would have probably appreciated. Furthermore, Bush’s concept of ‘liberty’ is again revealed in the fact that at all his ‘public’ speeches and/or rallies, you must first sign a document testifying that you are one of his supporters. Remember that quaint notion sometimes referred to as Freedom of Speech? Or what about the right to dissent? We salute you o glorious Fuhrer! I believe Bush’s next assertion to ‘¼advance that ideal (liberty) at home and around the world,’ is a thinly disguised declaration of warfare against any and all who dare to stand up to him and his corporate masters?



Next Bush declares that we have a ‘¼healthy, growing economy.’ Oh it’s growing for the top 1% of the tax bracket for whom he gave the lavish tax breaks just like his second-rate actor predecessor, Reagan did. They are enjoying obscene rates of profit but for millions upon millions of working class Americans, they are being ‘down-sized’ and their jobs are being ‘outsourced’ overseas so their poor CEOs can make even greater profit off the slave labor of indigenous people around the globe. Bush cites a statistic of over two million new jobs have been created in the last four years but of course he forgets to mention the millions of jobs ‘outsourced.’ Naturally, statistics can be manipulated by both the conservatives and the liberals and they vary greatly from agency to agency but I believe one of the most accurate statistics is that the net result of the last four years under the bushwhackers is that approximately a hundred thousand jobs have been created. But don’t be mislead my friend. What the propagandists don’t tell us is how many more citizens have entered the job market in the last four years along with precisely what kinds of jobs have been ‘created?’ Are they ‘service’ sector jobs i.e. flipping burgers and such? Or are they ‘part-time’ as that exemplar of capitalist greed run amok, Wallmart is so fond of because they can therefore avoid providing any modicum of medical benefits? The ugly reality is that starting most blatantly under old Ronnie Reagan, the conservative extremists have been waging a war on all unions in America and around the world wherever and whenever any of their corporate interests have been ‘threatened.’ Translation, whenever their profits are reduced or disturbed by pesky workers who ask for a fair wage so they can provide food and shelter for their families. I don’t know about you but, I have been job insecure for most of my adult life. I couldn’t find work for three years approximately. And I’m a college graduate. Imagine how difficult it is and has been for those millions of Americans who not only don’t have a college education but many also of whom which didn’t graduate from high school. Again Bush thinks that by repeating ad nauseam  that our economy is ‘¼confident and strong,’ it becomes a fact. This is akin to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz believing that by simply clicking her heels, closing her eyes, & wishing for something, it comes true. I’m no big fan of Clinton’s but when he left office, there was something like a 400 billion dollar budget surplus and now after four years of the Bush junta, we are at an all-time record high of something like a $450,000,000 deficit. I’m definitely not an economic expert but this is suppose to be a ‘confident and strong’ economy?


And then the great deceiver goes on to say that “Our generation (code for him and his creepy crime partners) has been blessed—by the expansion of opportunity, by advances in medicine¼” In fact, if you bear in mind that he is really referring to his inner circle, this then does indeed become a true statement. Thanks to NAFTA, GATT, and other such trade agreements along with the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, etc. which, by the way was signed by that ‘democratic liberal’ John Kerry, the greedy corporate pigs have almost carte blanche to exploit just about every square inch of the planet. ‘Globalization’ and ‘privatization’ are the camouflage behind which the Robber Barons now hide. And just as they have ‘privatized’ the hell out of South America and destroyed the economies of dozens of countries by ‘privatizing’ their water, power, telephone, etc. utilities, in this State of the Union, Bush is now seeking to ‘privatize’ Social Security so his Wall Street cronies will be able to plunder it. Of course the scheming and conniving bastards behind the Bush façade e.g. Karl Rove et al, realize that the word ‘privatize’ might scare off a good number of Americans whom aren’t totally brain-dead so they cloak their intentions by calling it ‘retirement accounts.’ And as for his claim regarding ‘advances in medicine,’ is he being facetious because he has clearly stated and pursued a policy of stopping stem-cell research in order to placate his fundamentalist constituents. These anti-intellectual evangelicals were the primary reason Bush was able to dupe approximately half the American public into believing he is a man of character and principle.



Next, if it weren’t so devastating in terms of the harmful consequences, it’d be almost hilarious because Bush with a straight-face tells us “¼we have provided tax relief to every person who pays income taxes¼opened up new markets abroad, prosecuted corporate criminals¼” Let’s see, hmm? ‘Tax relief to every person who ‘pays’ income taxes?” In reality, most of Bush’s champions of capitalism have avoided paying their taxes almost entirely by opening front corporations in places like the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. And while they reap their fantastic profits from operating in the U.S. and enjoying the protections of the U.S. government and the U.S. military, they give practically nothing back. Our infrastructure is imploding and they sit back fat and sassy like Nero fiddling while Rome went up in flames. Furthermore, I heard awhile back that Bush has cut the funding for the department of the IRS that pursues corporate tax cheaters and at the same time, Bush increased the funding for the IRS department who’s job it is to pursue the small-time, individual citizens who cheat on their taxes. Equal justice for all?


Secondly, Bush stated that ‘we have opened up new markets abroad.’ Yes, this is true but as I stated earlier, these ‘new markets’ were opened up via the policies and practices of the IMF, the WTO, the World Bank and etc. And what Bush neglects to inform the public of is that these markets have been ‘opened’ through brutal intimidation tactics, through bribery, and a multitude of nefarious and immoral practices e.g. Coca-Cola has hired thugs in Columbia amongst other places to threaten, beat, and sometimes even kill union organizers in their plants. Ah yes, nothing like the ‘free market!’ Next, the bush leaguer proclaims ‘we’ “¼[have] prosecuted corporate criminals¼” Yeah, right! They went after that horrible Martha Stewart who wasn’t actually convicted of insider trading but of some minor infraction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of hers but her prosecution was a joke because she was clearly a scapegoat or a sacrificial lamb and when you consider the trivial amount of profit she made compared to the likes of Ken Lay and the billions he screwed his employees and investors out of, it’s absurd almost beyond belief? I’m not sure but I don’t think that Ken Lay even received any jail time whatsoever? Of course I shouldn’t be surprised at this turn of events because after all, back during Reagan’s reign and the Savings and Loan Scandal which also bankrupted and wiped-out tens if not hundreds of thousands of Americans life savings, good old Ned Bush was the president of Silverado Savings and Loan, and he too never saw the inside of a jail cell. These pirates and ideologues keep on resurfacing over the decades and they enrich one another and pardon one another. Meanwhile, they preach to us, the public, to be honest, frugal, hard-working, and etc. By the way, ENRON was just the most glaring example of corporate malfeasance. There were dozens and dozens of corporate giants who committed the same crimes of cooking their books and manipulating the gullible public by artificially pumping up stock prices by claiming projected future earnings and etc. as assets. This would not have been possible were it not for the accepted business practices and the atmosphere of unaccountability and license to pillage and plunder the public at will.



And then Bush has the gall to lecture us that “America’s prosperity requires restraining the spending appetite of the federal government.” What? He and his henchmen must think us a nation of Alzheimer’s patients because as I recently stated, we went from a budget surplus when Clinton left office and we are now in hock up to our eyebrows. Every snake-in-the-grass politician running for the executive office swears that he is the foe of big government and will drastically reduce its size. And every president for the past few decades has been a bald-faced liar because the actual size of their administrations has grown not been reduced. In fact, if you will recall, before we attacked Iraq, that fascist, Wolfowitz, was questioned at length about how much it might cost us to wage this war and he said about 50 billion after repeated questioning and he reassured us that other countries would contribute funding and that the oil revenues from Iraq’s industry would be used to compensate our tax dollars expended. Well to date, we have spent something like 240 billion dollars and there is no end in sight. Do you see why I used the word ‘hubris’ in my opening remarks? I used it because appropriately it illustrates a vital lesson several ‘empires’ have learned the hard way. It was the ancient Greeks who learned this lesson first I believe? Then the Romans, then the British, and now it is our turn. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, we may go down in history as one of the shortest lived empires due to the greed and stupidity of presidents like Bush?


Furthermore, the bastard goes on to proclaim that he has “¼substantially reduce[d] or eliminate[d] more than 150 government programs that are not getting results¼” Yes indeed! What he wisely leaves out though is that while he is slashing the budgets of many programs that he disagrees with politically and policy-wise, he is meanwhile transferring the funds to his ‘faith-based’ programs. He also neglects to mention that one of the very first acts he did upon taking the throne was to use executive privilege to make an end run around the wishes of Congress to establish his ‘faith-based’ offices in several of the federal governments’ major departments such as the Dept. of the Treasury, the Dept. of Health, Education, & Welfare, the White House, etc. etc. etc. This is clearly a gross violation of the principle of Separation of Church and State and hence anti-Constitutional. It’s critically important that we wake up to the fact that King George is a ‘true-believer’ and has an agenda with the main goal of making ‘Christianity’ the official state religion and of silencing every dissenting voice. Dubya is serving two masters, his corporate masters and God. He might actually believe he is waging a holy crusade against the heathen Muslims? He slipped and used the word ‘crusade’ in a few public speeches but was inundated with criticism and promptly stopped using the word. The vile, republican reptile then goes on to chastise us that “the principle here is clear: taxpayer dollars must be spent wisely, or not at all.” Can you believe the audacity of this guy? We are now the largest debtor nation in the world and if two of our major creditors call in the debts we owe them i.e. China and Japan, our economy could very easily go into a tail-spin and land us in another Great Depression perhaps more severe even than the last one in the 1930s? Another bleak scenario is that the European Economic Union may get fed up with us bullying the rest of the world and stop dealing with us which also could have catastrophic consequences for our economy. Lastly, some scholars have posited that one of the secret reasons why we invaded and will most likely occupy for decades to come is because Saddam was making overtures of switching the currency upon which oil from Iraq is currently based i.e. the dollar, to the Euro-dollar? This too would have been a serious blow to our economy.



At the same time, and in his very next breath, the Sultan of Swindle segues into “¼To make our economy stronger and more dynamic, we must prepare a rising generation to fill the jobs of the 21st century. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, ¼” As some wit put it, “the No Child Left Behind Act should more accurately be called the No Childs Behind Left.” Once again it’s amazing how short people’s memories are or how uninformed so many of us are. This ‘miracle’ act of legislation originated in Bush’s former governorship of Texas. The television program 60 Minutes! aired a story sometime back which revealed that school administrators falsified data and records to make this act appear a success and Bush still goes around the country touting its positive results? Once again the wizard of oz is attempting to fool us into believing his hocus pocus i.e. because he has declared its efficacy, it is so. Additionally, just because they ‘raise the standards’ and claim that ‘test scores are on the rise,’ doesn’t make it true or real. As a person who has worked in our public schools in both L.A. and Portland, Oregon in a variety of capacities and for over fifteen years, I know a thing or two about this subject in particular. Simply raising standards does nothing in terms of enabling teachers to become better teachers. Teachers need their bureaucratic paperwork to be reduced substantially, they need more rigorous training in college, they need more teaching assistants, they need better classroom furniture and environments, they need drastically better textbooks, they need to be paid at least $30,000 to start and be able to advance up to perhaps $100,000 per year if they have made significant improvements in the overall educational abilities of their students. Moreover, Bush leaves out of his rhetoric the fact that due to his massive giveaways to the oil industry, the Pentagon, the rich, his cuts in federal programs designed to help cities and states pay for their infrastructures costs, along with federal programs for health, education, and welfare, along with the ‘outsourcing’ of millions of jobs, school funding has been shrinking and the results are even lower levels of excellence and accomplishment. This pretense of caring about our children’s educations is a stupendous sham. Bush and his cretin friends don’t give a damn about public education because their children attend the elite private academies where the Classics in history, philosophy, literature, political science, etc. are rigorously taught. This ‘superior’ class believe like the ‘royalty’ of Europe during the medieval ages that theirs is a ‘divine right to the monarchy’ i.e. they alone are meant to rule and they alone are capable of ‘leading.’


Now Bush gets to what is the core of the ‘truth’ which lurks behind all the diatribes and polemics. “To make our economy stronger and more competitive, America must reward, not punish, the efforts and dreams of entrepreneurs (Chalabi, for instance). Small business is the path of advancement, ¼so we must free small businesses from needless regulation and protect honest job-creators from junk lawsuits. Justice is distorted, and our economy is held back, by irresponsible class actions and frivolous asbestos claims¼” This last passage is so rife with lies and distortions that I hardly know where to start? Well, to begin with, this is the crux of the agenda by Bush and his gang in that what they want ideally is complete and total free rein for the megalithic corporate leviathans. Ken Lay was one such ‘entrepreneur’ as well as Chalabi whom I mentioned above. And there were and are countless other such rugged individualists whom are bankrupting their companies, their countries, and the environment. And in this process of unbridled capital accumulation, millions and billions of human beings are suffering and dying from unspeakable ‘living conditions.’ Perhaps I should remind my reader here that entrepreneur is defined thus; ‘one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise’ ? Now I ask you who actually assumed the ‘risks’ of ENRON, the Savings and Loan industry, the war against Iraq, etc. etc. etc. Yeah, Kenny Boy and the hundreds if not thousands of other corporate cockroaches pretended to accept the ‘risk’ but the end result has been that millions of Americans were the ones who paid the costs because they trusted their politicians, pundits, preachers, journalists, and corporate icons. It’s imperative that we remember how pervasive the corruption was in many of the most venerated Stock brokerage houses such as Merrill Lynch.


Of course by ‘small businesses,’ Bush really means the small businesses such as Halliburton, Bechtel, General Electric, Shell Oil, etc. And these ‘honest job-creators,’ who threaten their employees that if they complain or demand better wages or job conditions, they will close up shop and go overseas. In addition, even though the majority of workers around the country have capitulated and even taken reductions in pay and benefits, they have still been ‘down-sized’ and reduced to near poverty conditions and have suffered serious depression and personal humiliation. This again is a reflection of the true ‘compassionate conservatism’ that Bush’s handlers came up with as their motto. The ‘needless regulations’ Bush was referring to are trivial matters such as polluting our environment and speeding up the process of global warming, the paying of bribes to ‘journalists’ who then help spread the propaganda put out by Karl Rove, banking regulations, savings and loans regulations, campaign contributions, workplace safety regulations, the selling off of our national parks, the insider trading regulations of which Bush himself was guilty but beat the rap with the help of his recently nominated Attorney General, the manipulation of stock prices, the right for workers to form unions, etc. etc. etc. Yes, these are all ‘frivolous’ and unnecessarily obtrusive regulations on those ‘honest job-creators.’ The aristocracy demands complete freedom and trust for those CEOs who have shown us repeatedly how untrustworthy they are and at the same time they have the balls to also declare that these self-same thugs not be held financially liable to all whom they screw, bankrupt, and physically maim or kill. The fact that the majority of politicians are or were lawyers is especially pertinent here. As lawyers they know that the highest paying clients are the corporations because the corporations can write off their legal expenses as business expenses. And when you have the kinds of assets and resources that these giants have at their disposal, they can clearly afford to outwait the little piss-ants who dare to sue them for their grievances. They simply play the delay game until the little guy or gal becomes totally destitute and is forced to drop their lawsuit. Isn’t it interesting that ‘irresponsibility’ and ‘frivolous’ are the adjectives applied to us as individual citizens but Bush doesn’t mention the ‘irresponsibility’ i.e. deaths and wiping-out of millions of Americans pensions and/or life savings? Bush at least did get something right although he attempted to misdirect us by laying the blame on the victims rather than the culprits when he said “¼Justice is distorted, and our economy is held back¼” Even the most illiterate amongst us know the reality of our justice system i.e. if you’re rich you can often get away with literal murder but if you’re poor, justice is swift and brutal!



Equally important in terms of ‘justice’ and in terms of the economic devastation wreaked upon millions of Americans to say nothing of the billions of people around the globe is the farce of concern and compassion regarding the skyrocketing health costs and the simultaneous cutting of medical benefits by employers and government officials. The health care industry has possibly the largest lobbying force in Washington D.C.? Better known as the American Medial Association, they and their co-conspirators, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) are paid by the pharmaceutical industry for instance, to rush through certain drugs which are potential great money-makers for the industry but which haven’t actually been fully tested for safety or reliability and at the same time, they drag their heels when it comes to approving the manufacture and distribution of drugs which are much more affordable for the poor, the working class, and the middle class and which could do the general public great benefit as in the case of diseases like HIV/AIDS. These are monsters masquerading as men! As a result of their ‘compassion,’ diseases which had once been totally eradicated are now making a comeback and countless thousands are dying and/or suffering needlessly. I don’t know if I really believe in Hell but, if there is a Hell, I hope and pray that there is a special corner of Hell that is so excruciatingly painful that it makes the rest of Hell look like the Elysian Fields and I hope that Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz, Perle, Hitler, Stalin, et al, spend eternity there. And since I’m dreaming or wishfully dreaming, the only other thing that would be sweeter would be that I was able to briefly visit these crustaceans and smile and spit in their faces!


Moreover, these reptiles are currently laughing their asses off at us because they via Bush’s State of the Union address have once again spit in our faces. The bushwhacker and his creepy cockroach cronies are now seeking to pound the final nail in the coffin of what used to be known as public health and medical programs for all Americans. Bush wants to push ‘health savings accounts’ on us so like his scheme for Social Security accounts which will open up people’s retirement safety net to the graft and corruption of his Wall Street wankers. Indeed, these pirates have the nerve to at the same time call for limiting the liability of medical corporations for such things as incompetence resulting in people’s death and/or serious physical, emotional, or psychological harm. This hyena of hatred and hypocrisy then spits out another of his ‘compassionate conservative’ public relations ploys i.e. ‘¼medical liability reform that will reduce health care costs and make sure patients have the doctors and care they need.’ Translation—open season on everyone not rich and part of the controlling class! They are becoming as arrogant and bold as the French aristocracy right before the guillotine was invented and the French Revolution swept over France. Remember what happened to those ‘superior’ people. The more power the wealthy acquire, the sloppier they get and they begin to grossly underestimate the power of the people. Also bear in mind what Thomas Jefferson said i.e. every now and then the Tree of Liberty must have some blood spilled on it. (something like that?)



Next, the Minister of Mendacity tells us “to keep our economy growing, we also need reliable supplies of affordable, environmentally responsible energy.” Wow! This cowardly coyote must actually believe his handlers and spin doctors’ propaganda? Bush’s hit team has the worst record on environmental protection of any presidency to date. They have opened up more of our forests to corrupt timber corporations who are wiping out the old growth, have cut down over 90% of the ancient and venerable Redwoods, plant tree farms for future destruction and claim they’re replacing the trees they cut down, etc. etc. etc. Of course they don’t tell us that it takes sometimes 10,000 years for a Redwood to grow to full maturity. They are opening up the Alaskan wilderness so we can have more oil spills like the Exxon Valdeez. They deny there’s such a thing as Global Warming even though there is more than enough scientific data and research to support its existence. Bush calls his laissez-faire attitude towards air pollution the ‘friendly skies’ initiative. It just goes on and on and I can’t seriously believe they can actually call themselves good stewards of our environment? What’s especially pertinent is Bush’s contradictory claim regarding ‘environmentally responsible energy’ when, Cheney went to the Supreme Court for protection against having to reveal who attended his top secret energy summit. This is being ‘environmentally responsible?’ If it’s ‘responsible’ then why did they fight so fiercely to keep the meeting secret? Could it be that if revealed, the identities of those who participated might show that corporations like Halliburton, Bechtel, etc. were part of the plan to invade and occupy Iraq so they could position themselves to be the only corporations to profit so fantastically off the loss of American soldiers’ lives, the slaughter of a people, and the gross violation of our right to know what our government is doing in our name and to profit a handful of corporations. By the way, I just found out that Bush’s legislation is called “Clear Skies,” not the Friendly Skies initiative. The bull-shitting bush leaguer also declared in his speech that he submitted “¼a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages conservation, alternative sources, a modernized electricity grid, and more production here at home, including safe, clean nuclear energy.” My God! He is not only creating a generation of young Muslims who are dedicating themselves to our destruction, he also wants to turn a blind eye to all the nuclear power plants woeful lack of safety in terms of not only vulnerability to terrorist attacks but also to melt downs like we had at Three Mile Island and countless other nuclear facilities! Again, I have a good amount of experience working with radioactive materials and I’m horrified at the complete lack of concern regarding the general public’s health and safety. The idea that there is or can be a ‘safe, clean nuclear energy,’ is a flagrant lie. Nuclear waste can’t be stored safely and it has been leaking into places like the Columbia River for decades with devastating results. The evil ones are now storing it in Nevada primarily and the residents of Las Vegas have been exposed countless times and are living directly in harm’s way and at great peril! I have an idea, why don’t we make Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. all live next door to nuclear stockpiles of waste? If it’s so ‘safe’ what are they afraid of? You can bet your last nickel that none on these lying & cowardly curs would never live next to such a site. The more of us that they kill off or cause to come down with cancer, the less they have to spend the taxpayer’s dollars to feed, clothe, educate, or provide even a modicum of health care on.



Furthermore, this fabricating fundamentalist of ‘free market’ fascism declares that he has provided ‘strong funding for ¼renewable sources such as ethanol.’ I recently learned while watching the television program The West Wing that ethanol actually costs more than it supposedly ‘saves’ on energy costs but because it enjoys such a powerful corporate lobby in Washington D.C., due to the massive agricultural corporations who have systematically wiped out the small farmers who used to make up the backbone of this country. I believe they also pointed out that ethanol contributes significantly to the already existent air pollution? The Ambassador of Arrogance then has the insolence to insult our intelligence even further to claim that he is attempting to ‘make America more secure and less dependent on foreign energy.’ Simply mind-blowing in his audacity, this maggot who calls himself moral, knows this is a complete sham or swindle because they invaded Iraq to control the second largest source of crude oil on the planet. It’s important to not lose track of the minor fact that Bush’s cabinet are almost entirely made up of former oil industry professionals who became rich in the petroleum industry. Shit, Condoleeza Rice even had an oil tanker named after her! We’re suppose to swallow that now that they’re in office they will turn their backs on their former bosses? Not until hell freezes over my friend.


In addition to this stroll down an amnesiac Alzheimer’s fictitious fairy land we are led to believe Bush when he proclaims ‘we must update institutions that were created to meet the needs of an earlier time. Year after year, Americans are burdened by an archaic, incoherent federal tax code¼and I will work together to give this Nation a tax code that is pro-growth, easy to understand, and fair to all.’ Well coincidentally, I just bought a book today called Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich—and Cheat Everybody Else. Pro growth is simply code for letting the corporate crime lords do whatever they want to their customers, to falsify their accounting records and hence their true worth on the stock market, pollute the environment with no consequences, etc. And if they wanted to truly make tax laws ‘easy to understand,’ they would’ve done so decades ago. No, they like the labyrinth of our tax code so they can continue to evade paying their share of the tax burden with such convenient loopholes as opening a post office box in the Cayman Islands and then claiming it as their corporate headquarters so they aren’t taxed. If you believe Bush and the skunk, Cheney care one bit about ‘fairness to all,’ you are brain-dead. Fairness to all is really favoritism for the top 1% of the country’s citizens. I heard perhaps 20 years ago someone suggest that all we had to do was create a federal tax form which consisted of 3 lines i.e. name, address, & how much money you made for the year. And then everyone pays a flat 10% of their income in taxes. No exceptions! Of course they will never simplify the tax code this much because then all the corporate Benedict Arnolds would be forced to pay their fair share for once.



And then we witness Bush, the corporate cheerleader and whore pronounce that “America’s immigration system is also outdated—unsuited to the needs of our economy and to the values of our country. We should not be content with laws that punish hardworking people who want only to provide for their families, and deny businesses willing workers, and invite chaos at our border. It is time for an immigration policy that permits temporary guest workers to fill jobs Americans will not take, that rejects amnesty, that tells us who is entering and leaving our country, and that closes the border to drug dealers and terrorists.” First of all, the present administration and most of the previous administrations that preceded it don’t really give a damn about the drug trade because they have turned a blind-eye to it time and time again. And in fact, the government via the military has been an active participant in the international drug trade several times e.g. the Golden Triangle which was the opium center of Asia during our Vietnam debacle, Reagan’s team of terrorists smuggled cocaine from El Salvador and Nicaragua into the U.S. in order to finance the weapons they traded terrorists for American hostages, they ignored Noriega’s drug dealing empire for years as well as the Taliban’s poppy fields in Afghanistan, etc. etc. etc. As for Dubya’s concern for the ‘hardworking people who want only to provide for their families,’ then why do they make these poor Mexican people pay outrageous amounts of money to be smuggled across our border by coyotes who often abandon these unfortunate souls in the backs of unventilated semi truck containers to suffocate? Naturally the perjurer who poses as a pious pilgrim for the poor doesn’t mention all the corporations who are making record profits off the blood, sweat, & tears of these innocent souls who risk everything to get here only to be used as subhuman wage slaves. The argument that these ‘illegal aliens’ only take the jobs that Americans won’t take is only half the truth. Most of the jobs the migrant workers take pay less than a person can live on here because our cost of living is much greater than Mexico’s. Additionally, the Mexican poor are used to a bare subsistence level of existence and we have been brought up to expect a much more humane level or standard of living. The greedy globalists want nothing less than to reduce the entire world’s workers to the pathetic state of the Mexican downtrodden. Why? Because this means ever more profits for the filthy fiends of finance and fraud. Note also that Bush and Company are against giving amnesty to these ‘hardworkers.’ Another shining example of that compassionate conservatism. In other words, you are free to be exploited, exposed to unsafe working conditions, and near starvation wages but as soon as you become no longer profitable for your employer, get your butt back to Mexico to die in the dirt!



Equally important, don’t fall for his feigned concern about terrorists crossing our borders. Terrorists are very sophisticated and enter our country and others dressed in fine suits, well-educated, and under cover of various professional guises. It’s not necessary for a terrorist to swim the Rio Grande, jump fences, or hide in the desert under the cover of night. The border guard is there to simply regulate the number of poor laborers in order to keep the wages paid to these noble souls down and hence more profitable to their feudal lords. As for the bald-faced lying bastard’s claim to be worried about ‘the needs of our economy and the values of our country,’ I am yet again simply floored due to his pathological lying and complete inability to be honest or deal with the facts and reality of his corrupt agenda and co-conspirators? The bush-baby doesn’t give one hoot about our economy because he has clearly signaled the corporate vultures that they have carte blanche to rape, pillage, & plunder the planet and everyone one it except of course his top 1% or the elite aristocrats of the amoral. Recall the Savings and Loan ‘Scandal’ and the recent tidal wave of corruption across the boardrooms of the top 500 corporations and don’t fall for this pretense of patriotism. Bush is a partisan patriot of profit and persecutor of the poor and the pitiful. By the way, don’t get me wrong regarding the ‘undocumented workers’ who are ‘taking American jobs.’ I don’t blame them one bit. I would do the same if I were born in Mexico or in poverty. And don’t forget all those good American corporations who open up their factories right across the Mexican border so they can avoid all the inconvenient laws such as workers right to organize, environmental standards, taxes, etc. They close down shop here and ruin their former loyal employees’ lives so they can become obscenely rich and they cross back into America each night to sleep comfortably knowing that they’re being protected by American workers’ taxes in the form of our police and military personnel. How much more blatantly do they have to rub our noses in our own excrement before we do something about this travesty of justice for not only American workers but Mexican workers and workers the world over? As an illustration of the lie Bush is perpetrating, consider that the construction jobs that Mexicans perform here often pays a measly $5 per hr. for what typical American construction workers earn at $20 to $30 per hr. Of course American construction workers aren’t going to settle for such a paltry and insulting wage. What are the republican reptiles of rip-off going to suggest next, a 50 foot wall of concrete the entire length of our nation’s borders? Fortress America could very well be not only designed to keep others out but to trap us within as well? One giant prison. Sound far-fetched? Well note that we already have more people locked up per capita than any other country and our prison/industrial complex is thriving. I mentioned my new book on our sinister system of taxation earlier so let me now give you a few, brief bits from it to help highlight yet another facet of the swindling of America’s workers and citizens.

But before I get into my new book Perfectly Legal by David Cay Johnston, let me remind you of a few things. And by the way, I don’t claim to have any special insights or skills as a researcher. My chief talent is my memory and this is precisely what the corrupt politicians and businessmen hope that people don’t have. I simply connect the dots from the myriad bits and pieces of history I have read and/or lived through. For instance, recall that Bush-whacker senior was the director of the C.I.A. which should really stand for the Central Disinformation Agency. Our proud and patriotic secret agents who have trained the secret police for countless dictators in how to torture their dissenting citizens. And who have instigated and assisted in plots to overthrow democratically elected leaders the world over. Yeah, our Central Intelligence Agency who didn’t even know the Soviet Union was imploding until it was a fait accompli. Also remember what Bush Sr. repeatedly told us when he was president i.e. “read my lips, no new taxes.” Too bad we don’t have an office manned by the handicapped or the mentally challenged because they can read lips and they in their simplicity and honesty can tell when politicians are lying. Our ‘intelligence’ agencies are a sad and dangerous joke. In short, they are treacherous thugs who believe that anything they do, no matter how immoral, is okay because it’s done in the name of ‘National Security.’ Well it is exactly this kind of mindset and the multitude of nefarious crimes committed by the CIA and other agencies such as the NSA (National Security Agency—which makes the CIA look like the Mickey Mouse Club) which has engendered such bitter hatred and a thirst for revenge against America around the globe. So, bushwhacker junior learned from his dad how to dissemble, distort, & deny like a professional which is what politicians excel at. And just like dear old dad who swore he wouldn’t raise taxes and then did, Bush-boy jr. has lied and deceived us into believing the ever-changing reasons for our invasion of Iraq. I will never understand how so many Americans can believe in this president who is nothing short of a habitual or pathological liar? I didn’t need to be run over by a bulldozer before I came to the realization that he is our enemy and also the enemy of all humanity. What does it say about the anti-Christ in the Bible, that he will come disguised as our savior? Note Bush’s frequent evangelical references in his public speeches? I believe to the marrow of my bones that we are once again being assaulted by the combined forces of the church and the state as has been done repeatedly throughout history. Of course, the real power behind the church and the state is the multi-national megalithic corporations who no longer have to abide by any country’s sovereign laws. No, in this world where the Robber Barons have gained power never before imagined possible, economic blackmail is the order of the day and with the threat of astronomical fines levied for blocking the ‘free trade’ of corporations, countries regularly back down on issues of environmental pollution, monopolization, and unfair trade practices.



And speaking of unfair trade practices, let’s now turn to Mr. Johnston’s book on how our tax system really works. “I believe that taxes are at the core of our democracy. Americans pay heavy taxes. When you add to our taxes what we pay privately for health care and education our collective burden is heavier than that of many Europeans. Many live in fear of the IRS, a fear skillfully exploited by some politicians¼.If you have heard about companies using a Bermuda mailbox to escape American taxes or that the IRS audits the poor more than the rich or that Enron paid no taxes or that executives have amassed untaxed fortunes or that the retired chief executive of General Electric had a free corporate jet, then you have already had a taste of some of the more shocking stories I found¼.I was especially surprised to find that some of the biggest tax breaks for the rich are not even in the tax code and that the IRS was unaware of many tax fraud techniques¼.Many who pose as conservatives in Washington, or at least whom the news media label conservatives, reject the idea of taxation based on the ability to pay. Few have had more influence over the tax policies of recent years than Grover Norquist, who runs Americans for Tax Reform¼.


¼A good tax system flows from the economic order and greases the wheels of commerce. Taxes make it possible to do business through the enforcement of contracts, maintenance of the infrastructure, protection provided by the military and education of the populace. In places without a real tax system, such as Honduras or Afghanistan, there is no widespread wealth. All rich countries have high taxes because wealthy societies have high demands for public goods. As Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, ‘Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.’ Today, though, many want their civilization at a deep discount. Some want a free ride. There are politicians who spout law and order, but vote to handcuff the tax police¼.Worse are politicians who support loopholes and describe tax law enforcement as a tax increase. Representative Tom Delay of Texas, the Republican majority leader, did just that in the summer of 2004¼.spending money the government does not have, and financing it with more borrowing, is also unfair to honest taxpayers.


Perfectly Legal will expose how the majority of Americans are being duped into supplementing the incomes of the rich and powerful¼.Democracy is about individuals pursuing their self-interest in the belief that our society can achieve a common goal. Those who wash their hands of politics, do not vote and do not stay informed cede to others the shaping of society. It is this apathy that has allowed certain individuals to remake tax rules to their benefit at the expense of the average American taxpayer. We must fight these manipulations if we are to, as the preamble to our Constitution says, ‘establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’ It is my hope that the truths revealed in this book will serve as a wake-up call to everyone who believes in the principles our country was founded on.” (pgs. 1-5, David Cay Johnston)



Equally important my friend is the fact that we, the vast majority of Americans, are not only paying to subsidize the decadent and unethical rich of this country, but we are also paying the ultimate price in terms of sacrificing the lives of our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, & father, sisters and brothers in wars designed and fabricated by the wealthy weasels of Wall Street and Washington D.C. Ironically, we call the owners of top managers of corporations the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and the presidency is also referred to as the Executive branch of government. And just as the executive branch of government  has gained way too much power, the CEOs of corporate America and the world’s other giant corporations from countries such as France, Germany, Britain, Japan, China, etc. have also garnered far too much power for any one individual to have. CEOs should more accurately be called CFOs i.e. Chief Fabricating Officer because this is their true function. They consistently lie, distort, manipulate, dis-inform, rob, rape, pillage, and plunder the earth and all its people. And this is why Bush’s administration is the most secretive, scheming, and lying administration we’ve had since probably the days of the infamous Teapot Dome Scandal under President Taft I believe? As I have said before, Bush and his cockroach cabinet have a basically simple agenda i.e. to repeal and wipe-out every last vestige of the hard-won programs established to help the poor, the downtrodden, the physically fragile, the elderly, etc. And now they have set their sights on Social Security because it is like a juicy, ripe target for these gluttonous goblins feeding on the public like venomous vampires sucking the blood out of the body politic! Here are more of Dubya’s lies and manipulations regarding Social Security:


“One of America’s most important institutions—a symbol of the trust between generations—is also in need of wise and effective reform. Social Security was a great moral success of the 20th Century, and we must honor its great purposes in this new century. The system, however, on its current path, is headed toward bankruptcy. And so we must join together to strengthen and save Social Security.”



No, rather we must save Social Security from you and your perverted plunderers of the public trust. Bush and his cabal are the ones who are bankrupt, they are morally bankrupt. But there is a grain of truth in what Bush says although you have to read between the lines to discover it. This administration on its current path is bankrupting America and playing a very dangerous game which could result in our complete ruin economically and could lead to anarchy and the complete breakdown of law and order in America. A word of caution my friend, you and all of us had better start preparing for how to live off the land up in the mountains. I’m not trying to be an alarmist or a fear-monger but those who are caught completely off guard will be most likely amongst the first to fall victim to the predators. And the current predators of wealth and privilege posing as simple, country folk from Crawford, Texas will not cease their campaign to reduce us all to paupers until they are stopped and held accountable for all their crimes. This mendacious moral midget masquerading as a man i.e. George Bush has the temerity to speak of ‘honoring’ the ‘great purposes’ of our Social Security system while simultaneously striving to gut it financially for the benefit of his political campaign contributors i.e. corporate gangsters inc. Just as we honor our parents by showing them respect, we honor the Social Security program’s ideal by not opening it up to the plunderers of the public treasury. Isn’t it amazing how Bush and his gaggle of craven conspirators can always come up with the billions they need to wage wars against nations who dare to tell the corporations to go to hell but when it comes to public health, education, welfare, and now the fictitious future dissolution of the Social Security system, they are at a complete loss as to how we’re going to save this program established so that our elderly wouldn’t have to live in a constant state of anxiety regarding how they would live out the remaining days of their lives? Bush’s disingenuousness is so glaringly apparent that I’m totally incredulous he has the gall to even utter his pack of lies? He speaks of the ‘great moral success’ of the Social Security system when anyone who takes even a cursory glance at the history of the conservatives or the business elite can see that the conservatives have fought tooth-and-nail to block every progressive bill or piece of legislation with the aim of providing for the least fortunate amongst us! FDR’s ‘New Deal,’ and Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ programs are amongst the most despised ‘liberal programs’ of the rich and affluent. Almost all of the so-called ‘successful’ and filthy rich made their fortunes by lying, cheating, stealing, and etc. yet they lecture us that we should be honest, hardworking, and always pay our taxes? The vast majority of Americans have no clue as to just how depressingly deep in international debt Bush and his buddies have plunged us. If just two of our major creditors who have loaned us billions, if not trillions, were to call in the debts we owe them, I fear we could be plunged into a ‘Great Depression.’ I’m no fan of Bill Clinton’s but at least when he left office, we had a budget surplus of something like $400 billion dollars. By the way, I say I’m not a fan of his for amongst a plethora of other reasons, his wife, Hillary, used to be a lawyer for Wallmart that titan of tyranny in the workplace that is now the largest retail corporation in America. And speaking of tyrannical corporations, I believe that I heard somewhere years ago that shortly after the Social Security system was established, the government loaned millions to the Ford Corp. Remember good old Henry Ford, the Jew-hating American success story who supported not only Hitler but also contributed significantly to the undermining of our public educational system. Ah yes, the ‘free market’ system! A free ride for the already wealthy and a prison for all the rest of us. A prison wherein we are held captive in the collective darkness laughingly known as the mainstream media and where we are reduced to degrading and subhuman ‘living conditions’ and where we are occasionally tossed a few bread crumbs which the pigs of profit and piracy have accidentally dropped from their cavernous gaping holes in the masks they hide their grotesqueness behind!



Furthermore, in Bush’s façade of feeling and compassion he rolls out the never disappointing tactic of whipping up the public’s fear as George Orwell so brilliantly predicted. “If steps are not taken to avert that outcome, the only solutions would be dramatically higher taxes, massive new borrowing, or sudden and severe cuts in Social Security benefits or other government programs.” Bush and the vicious fundamentalist Christians and free market fundamentalists of the corporate cockroach kingdom are in fact trying to turn back the hands of time to the Dark Ages. That infamous age in which the peasants only barely scratched-out an existence at the discretion of the ‘nobility.’ The church and the state were feudal lords whom the people had to pay outrageous taxes and/or the bulk of their crops and were left with barely enough food to feed their families. This is why the ruling elite don’t want a truly well-educated public because they want to keep us in a dark ages of the mind as well as the spirit so we can be more easily duped and manipulated into doing their bidding. Naturally, the wealthy will not be forced to pay dramatically higher taxes—hell, they pay next to nothing already. And of course they will continue borrowing from other countries because after all, they are not the ones who are going to have to pay the loans back, it’s always us, the worker drones who pay the lion’s share of the bills owed. Lastly, they are going to make sudden and severe cuts in Social Security benefits and other government programs no matter what and you can take that to the bank. How? Oh, they’re very resourceful and diabolically clever in their excuses for sticking-it to the rest of us at every opportunity they get.


The barracuda Bush then has the effrontery to say, “You and I share a responsibility. We must pass reforms that solve the financial problems of Social Security once and for all. Fixing Social Security permanently will require an open, candid review of the options. Some have suggested limiting benefits for wealthy retirees¼.” Yeah, right, an ‘open, candid review.’ Open and candid as in Cheney’s ‘Energy Summit’ that he fought so valiantly to keep secret and hidden from the public who pays all the bills including Cheney’s salary. And no, we don’t share responsibility with Bush because he and his heinous henchmen alone are responsible for their crimes against humanity and the hastening of America’s decline. Besides which, since when has Bush ever showed even the slightest evidence of being ‘responsible’ in his life e.g. his unfair placement in the Texas Air National Guard ahead of many others who scored much higher on the tests required for entrance, his failure to take a physical that is mandatory to remain a pilot, his months of absence and failure to report for duty, his denial and burying of his record of drug and alcohol abuse, his repeated business failures and bailing out by dad and the Saudi Royal family, etc. etc. etc. Certainly one of the most outrageous suggestions uttered was the option of ‘limiting benefits for wealthy retirees.’ Those rich rodents would never dream of sacrificing their share of the public retirement plan. After all, they’re loyal and patriotic Americans who have lied, cheated, and stolen their ways to the top of the dung heap and have a ‘right’ to collect their due. It’s not relevant that they have paid little if any of their fair share in taxes. Taxes that are necessary to maintain the roads, highways, bridges and etc. which the wealthy also travel. Taxes which pay for the military and the police who protect the power elite from the savage peasants longing to punch the rich pigs’ lights out! When the light of truth is eventually shone on these contemptible cockroaches, they will scurry for the cover of the darkness in the holes they were hatched from.


Meanwhile, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, the High Priests of Heinous Hypocrisy tells us that “we have to move ahead with courage and honesty, because our children’s retirement security is more important than partisan politics¼.We must not jeopardize our economic strength by increasing payroll taxes. We must ensure that lower income Americans get the help the need to have dignity and peace of mind in their retirement. “



Yeah right, you lying, snake-in-the-grass! If you cared one iota for the welfare of the ‘lower income’ Americans i.e. everyone making less than a dozen or so million dollars per year, you wouldn’t keep rewarding those corporations that close shop here and cross sometimes just across the Mexican border with lavish tax exemptions. Bush’s confederation of creepy crawlers who call themselves ‘conservatives’ are in reality, reactionary extremists whom even scare mainstream or middle of the road republican conservatives. Additionally, if these two-faced, backstabbers gave a shit about our dignity and peace of mind they wouldn’t be constantly eroding every program the poor desperately need such as Head Start, food stamps, welfare, work-training, extended unemployment, tuition assistance, etc. etc. etc. And if they gave a damn about ‘jeopardizing our economic strength,’ they wouldn’t continue attacking other countries who have been no threat to us or continue throwing the trillions down the Pentagon’s pork barrel programs euphemistically referred to as the Defense Department on tanks, jets, helicopters, weapons, etc. that are seriously flawed and have costs the lives of countless young soldiers in ‘training accidents.’ No, those whom Bush doesn’t want to place in jeopardy are his rich benefactors. In brief, he doesn’t want to interfere with their feeding frenzy at the public treasury feeding trough. As for the bushwhacker’s anxiety over partisan politics, give me a break. The democrats are just about tied with the republicans when it comes to betraying their constituents by being little more than shills for the corporate overlords. In fact, Bush and his entourage of eunuchs are really nothing but pimps for hire because they will sell their own mothers out if the price is right.


Likewise, this coven of warlocks and witches have already shown us where their loyalties and patriotism is i.e. to the Saudi Royal family. If not then why did they allow the bin Laden family and all their relatives to flee the U.S. in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 when all other air traffic was grounded? Especially considering the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia—the other four were Pakistani, another great friend of America’s. Simply ignore the fact that Pakistan sold the nuclear technology to North Korea and with which North Korea is now publicly threatening us. Or the fact that Pakistan has aided the Taliban and Al-Quida in their eluding of U.S. forces. Nah! No big deal. Bush and his buddies are our protectors. What the lily-livered liar leaves out on the matter of payroll taxes is that this cost falls on the shoulders of his corporate crustaceans and ‘we’ can’t have that! Horrors! How dare the peasantry expect the filthy rich to shoulder the financial burdens of maintaining a country anywhere near on an equitable basis? How presumptuous of the peons!


Next, the prince of plunder and propaganda counsels us that ‘voluntary personal retirement accounts’ are the solution to the ‘crisis’ in the Social Security system. Yeah, voluntary. Mark my words, once the door to Social Security is opened to the Wall Street embezzlers and frauds, it won’t be long before the ‘voluntary’ option becomes the ‘mandatory’ law of the land and that supposed limit of 4% of your funds will quietly disappear and the buzzards will descend on the helpless and ignorant. This sleazy, snake-oil salesman and front man for the corporate heads of state now asserts that “your money will grow, over time, at a greater rate than anything the current system can deliver—and your account will provide money for retirement over and above the check you will receive from Social Security¼.and the government can never take it away.”



Of course, we have here yet another example of that age-old favorite game of bait and switch that the conservatives and other scoundrels love to play i.e. when it suits your propagandistic purposes, pretend to be a political outsider and against ‘big government.’ But, when it is convenient and useful politically, stand tall and identify with the government as a champion of the people. Politicians and especially presidents have more masks than Lon Chaney Jr.’s Man of a Thousand Faces and Bush like his bumbling mentor, Ronnie Reagan, is very adept at posing as the humble country boy one minute and the swaggering world leader the next minute. This con job of ‘fixing’ the Social Security ‘problem’ is in short a naked and brazen ploy to sucker the American public once again to trust Wall Street. How many times do they have to screw us royally before the public wises up to the fact that big business and big government are in collusion against our interests and only care about enriching themselves on our meager wages and savings? Does Bush now claim to have clairvoyant powers because he states unequivocally that the money people take out of their Social Security and ‘invest’ in the stock market, will go up in profitability? I would caution you mi amigo to beware of Greeks bearing gifts and if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. We are suppose to believe these habitual liars and thieves and trust that they won’t borrow from the Social Security funds and/or loan it to their corporate pirate pals like they did with the Ford corporation at little if any interest. Deregulation is their mantra and once they have fatally deregulated the Social Security safety net, we’ll go through yet another Savings and Loan Scandal and wipe out another several million American’s nest eggs for their golden years.


Pay close attention to the phrasing of the next passage from the State of the Union exercise in brainwashing or the seduction of the naïve and ignorant. “The goal here is greater security in retirement, so we will set careful guidelines for personal accounts. We will make sure the money can only go into a conservative mix of bonds and stock funds.” The key word in this passage is ‘guidelines’ because they aren’t laws and therefore the crooks can rob us blind once again and their comrades in crime, the politicians can throw up their hands in disbelief that the ‘guidelines’ weren’t followed. Of course, they’ll claim ignorance of what happened and they most surely will deny responsibility. Oh well? Such is life they’ll sigh. Note also the subtle slur against ‘liberals’ with “¼can only go into a conservative mix of bonds and stock funds?” Of course only those traitorous liberals are the wasters of the hard-earned taxpayers dollars. The ‘compassionate conservatives’ never waste billions and trillions of taxpayer dollars on boondoggle Pentagon programs. Nah! The republicans have never met a ‘defense program or project’ that they didn’t like. Reflect on Ronnie baby’s pet project aka Star Wars which pissed trillions of dollars away and was finally abandoned. And lo and behold, Bush is seeking to revive this massive give away program to the leviathans of larceny and lechery and never mind the petty fact that most if not all of these corporations have been convicted time and time again for defrauding the taxpayers by overcharging and underbidding amongst a host of other crimes. By the way, the democrats are just as guilty of turning a blind eye to these countless travesties of justice perpetrated by the corporate slime-balls. Ah! Here we go again with the infamous and ad nauseam pronouncements of holy ‘values.’ Excuse me while I rush outside to barf!



“Our second great responsibility to our children and grandchildren is to honor and to pass along the values that sustain a free society. So many of my generation, after a long journey, have come home to family and faith, and are determined to bring up responsible, moral children. Government is not the source of these values, but government should never undermine them.”


How right you are my backward and inbred idiot! Government is not the source of values but it is their original purpose or function to protect the values our country was founded upon such as equality, liberty, freedom to speak, and etc. Bush claims that the government isn’t the source of these values but then he takes advantage of many public speaking events to throw a few words in about the righteous evangelicals and their ‘values.’ Me thinks he speaks with forked tongue. As for the so-called ‘values’ of these Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists, you can keep them thank you. Their idea of ‘values’ are such lovely qualities as persecuting homosexuals, forbidding women to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive choices, silencing all dissent, allowing the wealthy to poison our environment and to rob us blind, attack weaker countries and confiscate ‘our’ natural resources which just happen to be in ‘their’ countries, etc. etc. etc. I don’t know about you but these are not ‘values’ which I would be proud to call my own? As the old saying goes, ‘talk is cheap,’ and that is precisely what Bush is i.e. a cheap imitation of a leader. Yes, I fire most of my harshest criticism at Bush alone and that is because as former president, Harry Truman said, ‘the buck stops here.’ In other words, because he holds the most powerful public office in the land, the blame and the responsibility whether negative or positive belongs on his shoulders. Bush daring to speak of such matters as morals and honor reflects that he possesses the morals of a maggot and/or a parasite! The bushwhacker is devoid of anything remotely close to what is called normal human decency. He is the chief clown put in office to distract us from the looting of our treasury and our spirits by the ultra-secret brotherhood of hoodlums and thugs on an international scale. No, they’re not intelligent enough to have plotted all this but it is depressingly coincidental that they, the power elite, seem to almost always have things go their way and cause great harm to the multitudes the world over?


Furthermore, to return to one of Bush’s favorite and much abused words, ‘liberty,’ another one of those ‘value’ words which the scheming sycophant perverts regularly to suit his ulterior motives, it occurred to me that it sure as hell doesn’t sound like Bush is defending ‘liberty’ when he has arrested perhaps thousands of American citizens with no search warrant, no charges, no right to counsel, little or no contact with family members, etc.? Or what about the dismissal of The Geneva Convention? Let’s see? In order to protect our liberty here in America, it is now necessary that we ignore the repeated violations of our Bill of Rights and The Constitution, and torture prisoners even thought this is a gross violation of the Geneva Conventions & which therefore leaves us with no right to protest when our soldiers are captured and tortured. In brief, by taking such immoral & illegal actions, we unnecessarily jeopardize our soldiers and push them into harms way carelessly. Equally important, it has also been revealed that the Pentagon has transported many ‘prisoners’ to friendly fascist countries like Egypt & Saudi Arabia where these ‘prisoners’ have absolutely no rights whatsoever even theoretically like we supposedly have here in America. Is this suppose to soothe our consciences? Does this make us any less guilty of crimes against humanity? In addition, I ask you, are these ‘Christian values?’


On the other hand, I’m not sure of the difference between ‘values’ and ‘principles’ but, they seem to be nearly synonymous in my book? One of the ‘values’ that I hear to a nauseating degree is that of the ‘Right to Life!’ Indeed! Life is so precious to these pious people that they harass, attempt to intimidate, & once in awhile resort to deadly force in their attempts to silence their critics. As a commentator I recently heard, phrase it, they said that these self-righteous crusaders should more accurately be called ‘Right to Birthers’ because as soon as the baby is born they stop providing assistance i.e. cut the financial support. They persistently pursue a course of reducing and/or totally eliminating many of the programs that help the single mothers of most of the babies born out of wedlock e.g. Head Start, Food Stamps, Welfare, Job Training, Pre-Natal Care, etc. etc. etc. Yes indeed, what champions of the unborn and absentee Christians like absentee fathers who got them pregnant & abandoned them, and then you phoney fundamentalists who make them give birth & then abandon them. High Priests of Hypocrisy & Callousness! How about this ‘value’ of Bush’s, back when Dubya was living in Texas, he was charged with insider trading and his appointed Attorney General of Latino descent helped Bush beat the rap. Bush is just another unethical ‘businessman’ who has assumed the mask of ‘evangelical Christian’ for obvious political gain. This wouldn’t be cause for great alarm were it not for the fact that he lied, cheated, and did whatever it took to ‘win’ the presidency. And this is a clear warning that a person like this in the White House can seriously destabilize the world significantly worse than it already is. Finally, to roughly summarize a bit of information I have recently garnered from a few different sources, here is an example of the ‘experts’ Bush has supposedly surrounded himself with i.e. his ‘Vulcans’ his superior to the democrats in their foreign policy experts or experience. Condoleeza Rice, the one-time ‘Russian-expert’ who didn’t have a clue that Russia was imploding until after the fact. What we have in the highest posts of our government are a motley crew of extreme right-wingers some dating back to the Nixon & Ford era. These ‘experts’ are reactionaries and yes, I know this is an obscure word. I have tried looking it up and it’s not easy to find much in the way of definitive explanation. But roughly, you could say that ‘reactionaries’ are simplistic, black and white perspectives, quick to resort to aggressive or militaristic ‘solutions,’ negative, pessimistic, paranoid, etc. etc. etc. In a sense, what we have in the West Wing resembles having a fox guard the hen house. Bush isn’t sly like a fox in terms of intelligence but rather resembles the fox in his savagery and total lack of compassion, sympathy, empathy, etc. Need more convincing? Okay, let’s return to that slavish, slogan-monger, Bush the Simple and his ‘speech.’


“Because marriage is a sacred institution and the foundation of society, it should not be re-defined by activist judges. For the good of families, children, and society, I support a constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage.



Because a society is measured by how it treats the weak and vulnerable, we must strive to build a culture of life. Medical research can help us reach that goal, by developing treatments and cures that save lives and help people overcome disabilities—¼We should all be able to agree on some clear standards. I will work with Congress to ensure that human embryos are not created for experimentation or grown for body parts, and that human life is never bought or sold as a commodity. America will continue to lead the world in medical research that is ambitious, aggressive, and always ethical.”


Always ethical? You mean like your former buddy, Ken Lay, of Enron which paid no taxes and ripped off tens if not hundreds of thousands of its customers & investors? Well, I don’t need to recount the examples of Bush’s ‘ethics’ which I’ve already mentioned so, I’ll say that the pretender to the throne i.e. Bush ‘Dub-ya!’ is correct in that his policies both domestic & foreign are indeed ambitious and aggressive. What distinguishes Bush’s gang most is its ability to turn complex & serious issues into simplistic slogans and thereby confuse the voters with emotional appeals to ‘patriotism’ and other jingoistic tricks and platitudes. I was also amused that he had the nerve to stress the need for ‘clear standards’ when his administration is so secretive that it makes Nixon look like a blabbermouth. Further, it almost made me want to gag when Bush proclaimed that ‘human life is never bought or sold as a commodity.’ Oh no? It seems to me that when so many of our public school graduates or drop-outs have nothing but two or three ‘options’ i.e. join the military, flip hamburgers for minimum wage, or join the underground criminal class, they are in effect being bought and sold as commodities which are used to ‘protect’ the employees of Halliburton, Bechtel, etc. Do these corporations even pay their fair share of taxes? Have they been convicted time and time again of defrauding our government in order to increase their already awesome profits? Yes, they have been caught lying, cheating, stealing, etc. but they don’t lose their ‘sweetheart contracts.’ Ethics? Values? Principles? Such exemplars of “Christian virtue!”



Furthermore, the word ‘ethics’ should never leave the lips of this venom-spewing snake-in-the-grass swindler, Bush. His right-hand man—some say his puppet-master, Cheney not only receives a pension of something like $400,000 per year, he also has several hundred thousand stocks/shares in Halliburton and therefore there is a clear conflict of interest. Why no one has had the balls to nail him to the wall for this is hard for me to understand? I call Cheney’s financial interests in Halliburton a conflict of interest because as vice-president or rather, president of vice, he has a tremendous influence on foreign policy and he has obviously benefited financially to an enormous degree. Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, etc. have consistently argued for the invasion of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and etc. in their imperial visions of hegemony (to lead—more at SEEK: preponderant influence or authority especially of one nation over others). Their vision of a world dominated by America has nothing to do with our safety but only with their financial dominance and obscene greed which knows no limits or bounds. So Bush and his crooked cabal of the corrupt are following a course of pure mercenary looting and plundering just as naked and self-serving as Blackbeard the pirate. When the bush-whacker utters words like ‘ethics,’ his tongue should burn and smoke should flow out of his mouth. I recently heard that Halliburton and Bechtel are closing down their business operations in Iran and Syria. Hmm? Ethics? There has been an economic sanction against these countries for years i.e. no American companies are suppose to do business with them yet Cheney and others side-stepped this law by opening companies in the Cayman Islands as phoney, subsidiaries of Halliburton, Bechtel, etc. to go around the sanctions and continue to profit by doing business with our ‘official’ enemies. Time and time again we are provided with ample evidence of their total disregard for the laws of our land. You see, the plain and simple truth is that the ‘laws’ are only enforced against us, the poor, the working class, & the middle class. The rich need not worry about the ‘laws.’ As the old saying goes, ‘the rich get richer and the poor have kids.’ Meanwhile, our sons and daughters continue to spill their blood, lose their limbs, suffer from nightmares and flashbacks, and die in order that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc. can continue to become ever wealthier. And how do our ‘noble leaders’ reward their sacrifices?


By cutting their medical benefits, denying the use of depleted uranium and/or its serious health risks, not attending a single funeral of a soldier, forcing them to stay in the military when their enlistments are up, not allowing even a picture of their flag-draped coffins to be shown on national television, etc. etc. etc. Do you begin to grasp the extent of my anger and repugnance at these so-called ‘compassionate conservatives?’ I am speaking as a former soldier who came perilously close to being sent to Vietnam, another of the evil one’s grand adventures in exploitation. Luckily, I trusted my gut-instinct and refused to serve as cannon fodder for the vile, reptiles posing as our representatives. Several of our current top political junta were involved in the Vietnam debacle as well. They count on our collective amnesia and perhaps this is why we hear the diagnosis of ‘attention deficit disorder’ so widely bandied about? Gore Vidal refers to the U.S. as the United States of Amnesia and how apropos this label is. Well, I’m either blessed or cursed depending on your point of view because I guess I haven’t killed off enough brain cells yet and I remember a lot of these bits and pieces of our history. I’m incredulous at how flagrantly the bastards at the top of our political and business institutions flaunt our laws and basic codes of decency. When I see Cheney, Bush, and etc. on television, they always seem to be sneering as if to say, you stupid morons, we’re ripping off the world and you fools don’t have a clue.



Next, speaking of brain cells, let’s return to the lying pig’s speech and his reference to stem-cell research. It’s patently clear to me that in regards to this ‘issue,’ he is pandering to his fundamentalist fascists’ i.e. the moral majority or the Christian Right-wing extremists. These moral and mental midgets have two obsessive concerns and that is abortion and homosexuals. Their ‘morality’ cares nothing about the millions and billions of people suffering and dying around the world due to the greed and corruption of their ‘leaders’ and ours. These imbeciles of intolerance try to paint stem-cell research as a careless and casual playing with fetuses for profit and egotistical purposes. Many stem-cell researchers/scientists/doctors believe that further research in this area offers hope in terms of possible finding cures for such tragic diseases as Alzheimer’s and these ‘moral contradictions’ posing as Christians want to stop them out of a childish fear that we are getting too close to God-like powers when our doctors pursue such research. These Neanderthals, which have been present in every historical stage of evolution, basically want all of humanity to behave like the proverbial ostrich with their heads buried in the sand i.e. hear no evil, see no evil, & speak no evil. Remember, knowledge is evil as epitomized in the myth of the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge. We are at one of the most pivotal points in human history due to our ability to blow the entire planet up many times over and our seemingly barbaric level of compassion and empathy for the poor, the destitute, the suffering of billions of human beings.


Indeed, I believe to the marrow of my bones that knowledge is our greatest weapon in this life and death struggle for the survival of our species. As H.G. Wells said at the beginning of the 20th century, “Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” It’s no mere coincidence that throughout human history, religious fundamentalists of whatever denomination, have been the enemies of knowledge. Whether Christian, Islamic, Jewish or whatever ‘faith,’ all fundamentalists fear knowledge because they sense the shallowness of their ‘beliefs’ and instinctively know they can’t defend their beliefs intellectually. Hence, all knowledge that is outside their narrow domain of dogma is perceived as a threat to their comfortable and familiar enclave. These illiterate savages would be amusing were it not for the fact that their numbers have grown so alarmingly that here in America, they are perhaps the single most decisive factor in the ‘election’ of the king bush-whacker. And Christian and Corporate fundamentalists have joined forces against the armies of the truly compassionate. We have regressed to a Manichean (a believer in religious or philosophical dualism) level of fundamentalists who see knowledge as synonymous with Satan and ignorance as synonymous with God. George Orwell himself would be horrified at the extent to which his nightmarish world of ‘double-speak’ has been realized.


For example, consider the recent revelations regarding the Federal Drug Administration and how it has become little more than a shameless whore for the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs which are most likely going to be great profit-makers for the pharmaceutical industry are rushed through the approval stages and allowed on the market while drugs which offer the potential to help humanity the most in terms of prevention of diseases but don’t offer much in the way of financial rewards are put on the back shelves for years and even decades. In other words it boils down to profits over people just about every time. Another prime example of compassionate conservatism. Equally important is the fact that countless thousands of Americans have died as a result of taking drugs the pharmaceutical industry put on the market with the sanction and approval of the FDA. And this is why when I hear Bush call for the building of a ‘culture of life,’ I am so infuriated that I would love to spit in his cowardly and craven face! And the arrogant asshole has the audacity to remind us that “a society is measured by how it treats the weak and vulnerable?” By even the barest minimum of such a standard, Bush and his cabinet of mendacious miscreants are a complete and utter failure. The lying and murdering thieves have only gotten away with their crimes against humanity because of the overwhelming ignorance of the Christian Right and the intellectually anemic who make up the rest of America. We have been deliberately dumbed-down via our public educational system and what laughingly is referred to as our ‘national media.’



Granted, I must admit that although Bush and company are very sinister in their scheming and manipulations of the masses, nonetheless, they have been very shrewd in their machinations and Karl Rove is one of the chief reasons why Bush has succeeded to such a frightening extent. Rove is perhaps one of the most callous and vicious spin-doctors that human history has ever known? Consider this ‘spinning’ or perversion of the issue of gay marriages; “Because marriage is a sacred institution and the foundation of society, it should not be re-defined by activist judges.” With this cleverly disguised bit of ignorance and intolerance, Rove acknowledges the concerns of the Religious Right regarding those ‘immoral’ homosexuals and takes a swipe at those who champion an open and tolerant society. By the sinister use of the word ‘activist’ Rove paints judges who disagree with the fundamentalists as enemies of Christian virtue and equates them with activists. Of course activists are lumped together in the general public’s mind as nuts, extremists, tree-huggers, unpatriotic, anti-American, etc. Therefore, with this single and seemingly innocuous statement, Bush in effect announces that any judge who dares to disagree with his intolerant fundamentalist viewpoint poses a threat to our society and the only voice we should listen to is that of the evangelical anti-intellectuals who proudly wear their ignorance as a badge of honor.


Of course Bush makes no mention of the ‘activism’ of Chief Justice Antonin Scalia whom has gone duck hunting with Dick Cheney and whom helped to keep Cheney’s top secret “Energy Summit” and its attendees hidden from the public or whom helped appoint Bush as president after Bush’s brother, Jeb, helped his brother ‘win’ the decisive state, Florida. For an excellent account of how the bush-whacker stole the presidency in 2000, read Greg Palast’s The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. In a nutshell, the bushwhacking brothers had tens of thousands—and almost entirely all Black voters—‘disqualified’ from the voter registration lists as convicted felons. The vast majority of those ‘disqualified’ were erroneously labeled as being felons and many were accused of having committed crimes in the future. Talk about life imitating art? This was like that Tom Cruise movie “The Minority Report” I believe in which Cruise hunts down people who haven’t committed a crime yet but whom the watchers of society knew were going to commit a crime sometime in the future. This is a surrealistic nightmare of a future society in which the corporate Robber Barons & the fascist fundamentalists have invaded even our inner worlds and where the ‘thought police’ viciously hunt down every last person who dares to think for themselves. Far fetched? Consider the ‘Patriot Act’ and its far-reaching and intrusive powers which have effectively rendered our Bill of Rights null and void.



And then, reflect on Bush’s speech where he pontificates that “fixing Social Security permanently will require an open, candid review of the options. “ There is an ‘open’ or ‘candid’ bone in his entire body. No, Bush is the consummate liar and cheerleader for both the corporate and Christian fascists who are trying to turn us into a morphed imitation of Stalinist Russia. Our founding fathers must be turning over in their graves with this travesty of justice we now call America? The secret police lurk in the shadows everywhere. They are or have infiltrated classrooms, peoples’ homes searching through their computers and personal libraries, are constantly urging us to inform on ‘suspicious’ activities of our neighbors, etc. etc. etc. And like a bushwhacker who cowardly hides behind a bush and shoots a man in the back so he can steal his wealth, the corporate bushwhackers are hiding behind Bush and his corrupt cabal of conspiring criminals to steal our birthrights as Americans. Again, they are succeeding so magnificently because they are relying on our gullibility and our ignorance which they have cultivated very thoroughly over the last several decades. As an illustration, here is a bit from an editorial in the Sunday Oregonian newspaper from Feb. 20th, 2005 by Ellen Goodman titled Now they’re trying to hijack FDR: “The Depression had pulled the rug out from under these shaky supports (the 1,300 penurious old-age homes scattered around the country)¼.’Security was the touchstone, the single word that summed up more of what Roosevelt aimed at than any other,’ writes historian David Kennedy¼.In FDR’s words, it offered a measure of ‘security against the hazards and vicissitudes of life.’¼Gradually it’s become clear that our president’s determination to partially privatize Social Security is an inverse image of FDR’s plan. It’s less a matter of economics than ideology. It’s anti-government and pro-market ideology. Bush’s ‘ownership society’ is an ‘on-your-own society.’


So the attempt to hijack Roosevelt and co-opt his approval is not only posthumous, it’s preposterous. Do any of FDR’s new best friends remember the boast he made in his 1936 State of the Union address: ‘We have earned the hatred of entrenched greed’? ¼’The test of our progress,’ said the real FDR, ‘is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.’”


In the same way that Reagan opened the floodgates of greed during what was referred to as the ‘Me decade,’ with his deregulation of just about everything he could get his hands on, Bush has resurrected the looting of the public treasury. The only thing that has changed is the wording. Currently, ‘globalization’ is the buzzword and this is a smokescreen for what’s really going on i.e. the drive to steal every last vestige of public control over public assets and resources such as water, electricity, communications, gas, the forests, etc. In other words, the free market fascists are drooling from their fangs at the thought of now being able to loot the entire planet along with even the crumbs which nourished the less fortunate amongst us.


Let me remind those of you who may be too young to remember that Reagan called his plan, ‘trickle-down economics.’ The rationalization was that by giving outrageous tax breaks to corporate America, the corporations would then re-employ the tens of thousands, if not millions, whom they were ‘forced’ to lay off. Instead, corporate America didn’t hire back but a tiny fraction of laid off workers and we witnessed a wave of record-setting mergers which increased the profits of the corporations sometimes by as much as 300%. I’m not an economist but I do have a fairly decent memory and it seems to me that Reagan’s unleashing of the corporate beast also marked the beginning of the false accounting practices which Enron epitomized i.e. the inflation of stock values by claiming predicted future earnings as current assets and a myriad of other deceptions. Also recall that during King Ronnie’s reign of robbery and deceit, due to his deregulation of the Savings and Loan industry, hundreds of thousands of citizens lost their life savings and Bush’s brother, Neal, was one of those who participated in that. Aptly, some pundit referred to Reagan’s economic policy as ‘voodoo economics’ and this fits perfectly because Reagan and Bush have placed a dark curse upon America and the world in general.


Also note that because the general public is still licking its financial wounds from the latest wave of corporate fraud as evidenced by Enron, World Com, Meril Lynch, etc. etc. etc. the ‘spin-doctors’ and corporate propagandists have now hired the actor, Sam Waterson, to do a television commercial designed to win back the trust of the public in buying stocks. Very clever indeed because Waterson has earned a reputation of trust and integrity by portraying a bulldog of a district attorney. And mark my words, the gullible public will once again fall for it and once again, the public will be taken to the cleaners as the rich sit back and laugh at the public’s never-ending naivete. Finally, in regards to Bush’s assault on Social Security I want to add that as the former Senator George McGovern who ran for president reminded us, FDR’s ‘New Deal’ was an attempt to correct and counterbalance the excesses of the corporate cockroaches who caused the Great Depression. Indeed, the brazen and outrageously audacious claim that conservatives are ‘compassionate’ is so far from reality that it ought to be ridiculed from one end of our country to the other and be decried for the lying treachery that it is. Are we living in the Twilight Zone or what?


Next we witness the hypocrite from on high tell us that “we have to move ahead with courage and honesty, because our children’s retirement security is more important than partisan politics. I will work with members of Congress to find the most effective combination of reforms. I will listen to anyone who has a good idea to offer. We must, however, be guided by some basic principles. We must make Social Security permanently sound, not leave that task for another day. We must not jeopardize our economic strength by increasing payroll taxes. We must ensure that lower income Americans get the help they need to have dignity and peace of mind in their retirement. We must guarantee there is no change for those now retired or nearing retirement. And we must take care that any changes in the system are gradual, so younger workers have years to prepare and plan for their future.”



For all that charade of compassion and concern for our welfare regarding our retirement years though, one minor thing is missing i.e. how are we suppose to build up a retirement nest egg if we don’t have a job? And once again, it’s both the democrats and the republicans who have sold us down the drain because note that it was Clinton who signed NAFTA and with it, the wholesale ‘outsourcing’ of manufacturing jobs by the millions has taken place. These jobs used to be sufficient for a family to get by but these jobs are now gone forever and more and more, people who used to be able to pay their rent and who had at least some medical coverage are being forced into taking minimum wage ‘service industry’ jobs with no medical benefits and no future. Hence, who does this vile reptile of a front-man for the crooked think he is fooling? The wealthy and the wicked are slowly but steadily eroding every last remnant of protection and support for those on the bottom rungs of this ‘affluent society.’ What they are doing in effect is beating us all down around the globe until we are all poor peasants begging for scraps and forced to prostitute ourselves in order to survive in a world that is becoming a heinous nightmare. Bush is the shameless stand-up comic of slogans and shibboleths who like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, is leading the children off into the void or bottomless pit of death, destitution, & destruction. His call for a ‘gradual change in the Social Security system’ is a thinly disguised veneer of venality offered up because there are still too many of us who haven’t taken complete leave of our senses yet. You can bet your last buck—and if they succeed it will be your last buck—that once they gain entrance to the Social Security funds, it won’t be long before they open the entire system up to plunder.


In fact, what this circus act of Bush’s boils down to is simply a call for us to trust him and the corporate Gestapo and for us to believe that these heinous hyenas have suddenly found religion and will no longer steal us blind. We’re asked to support America and to believe in the principles which this country was founded on such as equality of opportunity, truth, justice, fairness, etc. when time after time these bastards and baboons have screwed us and stolen our dignity and self-respect by ‘downsizing us,’ cutting or completely eliminating our medical insurance, spilled our children’s blood in foreign wars of aggression for the enrichment of the few, etc. etc. etc. Are we really that hopelessly ignorant as a people that we will allow this to go on ad infinitum? If so, then maybe we deserve our fate as dished out by these devious devils of dogmatism and deceit? I just realized that I have perhaps repeated myself by going over the same bit of Bush’s speech that I covered a few pages back? Forgive my oversight but nonetheless it bears repeating because we are constantly bombarded with the lies and propaganda of the extreme right-wingers and reactionaries. Therefore, let’s return to more of the bombast and bullshit by our ‘supreme commander.’

“I have a constitutional responsibility to nominate men and women who understand the role of courts in our democracy, and are well qualified to serve on the bench—and I have done so.” Yeah, you sure are a champion of ‘law and order’ and all we have to do to substantiate this is review the fact that in your rush to war, you spied on the United Nations Council members to learn which members weren’t buying your B.S.; or how about the hundreds of U.N. resolutions which almost without exception have been vetoed by the U.S. and Israel against the rest of the U.N.; or how about the scores of violations of international laws which America has flouted? I could go on and on but this will suffice for now. Our government is nothing but a self-serving bunch of sycophants who suck up to the megalithic corporations like dogs licking each others’ butts and they don’t give a rat’s ass about law, justice, fairness, or anything except making themselves richer. Yeah, Bush only wants those qualified to serve on the bench of the Supreme Court such as his benefactor Scalia and don’t forget good ol’ Clarence Thomas—yes, I know it wasn’t this Bush who appointed him but Thomas nonetheless is representative of the character of the ‘minorities’ whom Bush has brought with him e.g. Colin (colon) Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of Education Paige, etc.  These are obvious examples of window-dressing designed to dupe the public into believing Bush, the butt-pirate, is an equal opportunity defender. In order to qualify for membership on Bush’s team, you must have no morals or ethics. For instance, Colon Powell was the guy that the Pentagon assigned the task of ‘investigating’ the My Lai Massacre back in the 1960s and his ‘findings’ were summed up with ‘nothing happened.’ Powell clearly proved he was worthy to suck up to the military/industrial complex and he has been steadily rewarded all the way up the ladder of leeches and liars.



Furthermore, in case some of you have forgotten Clarence Thomas’ glorious reputation, his nomination to the highest court in the land was marred by one of the most hotly contested nominations in our history. Anita Hill whom worked with Thomas for years charged him with repeated gropings, and sexual harassment. She testified that he often loved to brag about the size of his penis and his sexual prowess. I watched most of these hearings that went on for over a week and I found her completely credible but once again, the wicked won out and we have a sick & salacious Supreme Court justice passing down judicial decisions. Let’s return to Bush’s bleating & blathering business baloney.


“Because one of the deepest values of our country is compassion, we must never turn away from any citizen who feels isolated from the opportunities of America. Our government will continue to support faith-based and community groups that bring hope to harsh places. Now we need to focus on giving young people, especially young men in our cities, better options than apathy, or gangs, or jail. Tonight I propose a three-year initiative to help organizations keep young people out of gangs, and show young men an ideal of manhood that respects women and rejects violence. Taking on gang life will be one part of a broader outreach to at-risk youth, which involves parents and pastors, coaches and community leaders, in programs ranging from literacy to sports. And I am proud that the leader of this nationwide effort will be our First Lady, Laura Bush.”


Please excuse me while I run outside to vomit! This barbarian masquerading as the leader of the free world makes me nauseous almost every time he opens his yap. I used to think that no president would ever be able to top the mendacity and the moral bankruptcy of Ronald Reagan but the Bush-league cover-boy for Mad magazine alias Dubya the Deceiver has taken over first place. The AWOL and coke-snorting creep from Crawford’s appointment of his wife of this ‘nationwide effort,’ reminds me of Reagan’s dragon lady, Nancy to the ‘Just Say No’ anti-drug campaign. And it’s just as superficial. The flim-flam front man for the fundamentalists and the free marketers says in one breath that he’s behind literacy programs and in the very next breath practically, he announces that he’s cut the funding for 150 programs that weren’t being effective. But, what he neglected to mention was that one out of every three of those ineffective programs were in the education field.



Equally important is the barfly’s omission of the fact that one of the programs that faced the chopping-block has been Head Start which has clearly been shown t bve significant impact on young at-risk youth in our inner cities. More Christian & Corporate Compassion anyone? No thanks, I’ve had more than my fill of their ‘compassion,’ and much more of it and I’ll keel over dead. Gaze into my crystal ball and I’ll show you what we can count on in the way of his ‘three-year initiative.’ Appeals to our sense of ‘civic responsibility’ will inundate us i.e. we will be regularly and thoroughly admonished to find the time in our lazy lives to volunteer at our public libraries as tutors or as mentors/role models for gang bangers. Meanwhile, eventually all public charities will be phased out and only those ‘charities’ officially recognized by the Compassionate Christian Right will hand out any form of government assistance and of course it will be contingent upon your conversion to Christianity and faith in the ‘free market’ along with globalization’s glorious philosophy. Hey, it just came to me that perhaps we’ve been preconditioned for this glorious state of affairs with the Beevis & Butthead duo which were really modeled on the Bush/Cheney ticket?


Naturally, I don’t mean to sound flippant or like I’m trivializing these serious matters but if we don’t find the humor in some of this stuff, we’ll go stark raving mad. Maybe this is my sense of black Irish wit? On the matter of Bush’s declaration of seeking to provide an ‘ideal of manhood that respects women and rejects violence,’ again I am flabbergasted at this serpents’ tongue. He says nothing of the utter denial of women’s right to determine what is right for them and their own bodies, he also leaves out all the violence perpetrated by his fundamentalist fascist Christians against abortion providers. Bush and his lemmings want all women to shut up, remain barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and always defer to their husbands, fathers, and sons. What about the indiscriminate bombing of Afghan and Iraqi cities and the sanctions against everyone doing business with countries like Iraq, Iran, & etc.—except of course Cheney’s homeboys like Halliburton and Bechtel to mention just a few? Yes indeed! Another fine example of that most cherished ‘value’ of these Huns i.e. ‘compassion’ as in regards to the over 500,000 Iraqi children who died due to the greed and violence of our corporate pirates. Our former ‘ambassador’ Madeline Albright when questioned about this tragic loss of innocent children’s lives a few years ago, said quite straight-forwardly that ‘this was an acceptable sacrifice on our part.’ Gee, I wonder why there is so much hatred for our government and corporations around the world?


I know, many of you ‘compassionate conservatives’ or ‘realists’ will argue oh well, that’s their misfortune and besides they’re ‘foreigners.’ Okay, not that I accept this ‘reasoning’ for one second but in the sake of playing the devil’s advocate, let’s bring the glaring hypocrisy of Bush’s claim that he and his cronies ‘respect women and reject violence.’ Consider the fact that hundreds of women have come forth and charged their male comrades in arms of raping them and time and time again, the Pentagon has either ignored the charges, denied the charges, or has even blamed the female victims of somehow being responsible for their being raped i.e. ‘boys will be boys?’ Yes sir! Be all you can be, join the military where you too can be raped, humiliated, persecuted, harassed, killed, maimed, etc. And when you need medical, psychological, financial, etc. assistance, you can only be sure of one thing i.e. the Pentagon will not be there for you!



But at the same time, Bush who proclaims ‘our government will continue to support faith-based and community groups that bring hope to harsh places,’ de facto brings not hope but depression and defeat to our ‘harsh places’ i.e. inner cities which have been ghettoized into urban war zones of drug dealers, gang bangers, or in short, an almost totally demoralized people. Equally important, recall that the sort of ‘faith-based’ religious and community groups that the bush-dodger is referring to are of the fundamentalist stripe and their obsession is with hellfire and damnation. In other words, the only ‘hope’ that these fanatics have is in the paradise called heaven by some. And in this respect they are little different from the Islamic fundamentalists who believe in their version of heaven and 17 vestal virgins for those who blow themselves to smithereens in the name of Allah. How anyone can believe Bush is a ‘compassionate conservative’ is a mystery to me? Sometimes I think perhaps most people are like pet dogs who will keep on taking abuse whether physically or by neglect & yet will leap to lick the master’s feet if a kind word or a smile is offered? How many times and ways do we have to be screwed by these protestant pirates before we wake up? I just read an editorial from Sunday, March 13, 2005’s Oregonian Newspaper and here are some relevant facts from it:


The title of this editorial is Bush policies create a Tuff Stuff Society and the author is Tom Teepen; “The flip side of the ‘Opportunity Society’ that President Bush champions is the Tuff Stuff Society. Claiming that it’s getting government off your back and out of your way, in fact the Republican Congress and White House are leaving increasing numbers of us at the dubious mercies of powerful economic interests whose concern for us ends as soon as we’re tapped out. The latest blow: a ‘reform’ of bankruptcy laws¼and Bush has said he is itching to sign it. The banks and the credit-card companies¼have been pushing the changes for years¼.the credit card companies profited by more than $30 billion last year. Something like half of all personal bankruptcies are created by unmanageable medical expenses.


And in another act of increasingly brazen, top-down class warfare—a la Bush’s steeply tilted tax cuts—bankruptcy law still leaves escape hatches that favor the rich unplugged¼.Bush is working to replace the ‘security’ part of Social Security with a stock-market crapshoot. If you guess wrong, Tuff Stuff. And either way, your benefits get cut. More Tuff Stuff. The White House and Congress are limiting access to the civil courts for large numbers of honestly aggrieved potential litigants. They have already undermined class-action lawsuits, and behind the cover of  tort ‘reform’ they are working to gimmick justice’s scales to favor the corporate bar instead of plaintiffs. Tuff Stuff.


Medical savings accounts are beginning to let employers off the health-insurance hook. The administration refuses to increase the minimum wage, now frozen for eight years. And it keeps trying to find a way to limit overtime pay. Tuff Stuff. American society traditionally has been cobbled together in about equal parts from individual initiative and responsibility and from both public and private supports that acknowledge human fallibility and recognize a mutual obligation to mitigate its consequences. We have been the home of second chances. But that was then. This is now. Tuff Stuff.”



Wow! The old bush-whacking armadillo is incredible in his duplicity and the depths of his depravity because there doesn’t seem to be any semblance of decency in him. For the record, these tactics that Dubya the deceiver is trying to palm off on the American public aren’t original. Bush is plagiarizing ol’ Ronnie’s playbook. As I believe I’ve already stated, the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington role has already been played by dear old dead and dumb, Ronnie Reagan. It’s the age-old ploy and façade of being the ‘outsider’ and declaring that if elected, you will ‘clean house’ in Washington and throw out the bums and the spendthrifts. Reagan too gave lavish tax-cuts to the corporate cockroaches and told the poor, the working class, & the middle class that the tax cuts for corporations would enable them to hire back laid off workers and stimulate the economy. Oh yeah, it stimulated the economy alright, the rich pricks probably had a constant hard-on with the millions they awarded themselves. Only problem was the majority of the corporations who profited from Reagan’s tax-cuts didn’t hire back workers and in fact there was a whole slew of ‘record’ mergers and ‘record’ profits i.e. obscene levels of graft and corruption and meantime the average American working family fell farther and farther down the economic hole like Alice in Wonderland chasing the White Rabbit.



Bear in mind also my friend, Reagan’s first act while in office as president of the United States was to fire the air traffic controllers who were desperately short-handed at the time and which also happened to be one of the central reasons why they went on strike. The stress of their work takes a tremendous and terrible toll on these people & Reagan fired them for life! This is precisely the sort of ‘compassion’ that bush-licker loves to spout off about. Additionally, recall that Ronnie’s deregulation crusade also brought us the Savings and Loan Scandal which wiped out tens of thousands of senior citizens life savings that they counted on to allow them some measure of dignity and comfort in their declining years. It’s clear as the nose on my face that the Bush/Cheney cabal is a mirror image of the Reagan reptiles only on steroids. It’s also obvious that what they are attempting is a variation of the Wall-mart scheme which reduces workers or our entire work force into clones of Wall Mart drones with no overtime pay, no right to organize, little if any medical coverage, discrimination against women and minorities, and an extremely slow & difficult time in advancing up their corporate structure. And since we’re on the subject of corporate crime-lords, I just read that Ken Lay of Enron isn’t even due in court until next year in 2006 and the case against him seems to be rather weak? Tell me again that it’s just a ‘coincidence’ that his ex-buddy Bush is in the White House and he, Ken Lay, is still out and free several years after he raped and pillaged his company? The investors in Enron—many of whom were employees who had their pension plans invested in company stock—were scammed for over $65 billion dollars and ol’ Kenny boy is living in his multi-million dollar mansion and probably eating at fancy restaurants & chauffeur-driven everywhere he goes. Over 4,000 Enron employees lost their livelihoods and yet we are constantly bombarded by advertisements from corporate America’s stock trading corporations. This is how stupid they think we are, they just barely finish with one wave of corruption and rip-offs & they’re sitting us up for the next wave. They must sit in their elite, private clubs where they recline in leather recliners smoking their cigars & sipping their brandies as they plot the next way to reduce government ‘handouts’ to the poor and the needy so they can siphon off some more money into their Cayman Islands accounts. These scum have the nerve to admonish us to be loyal Americans i.e. pay our taxes, send our children to their wars of profit and plunder, and obey the laws and all the while they are paying little if any taxes because they open a bank account in The Caymans, Bermuda, or other such tax-havens. The bushwhacker declares that he wants America to become the ownership society as most recently in this ‘state of the union’ rhetorical ramble and blatant pack of lies but what the ‘ownership’ society really stands for in a thinly-disguised code is a society that gives free rein to the top 1% of its population i.e. the power elite and allows them to pollute, plunder, rape, & destroy anyone in their path. It’s a sick and perverse mockery of ‘justice’ because inversely as they allow the richest to get away with more and more crimes against we the people and our environment, they tighten the rules and regulations against the other 99% of us with such phoney things as the Patriot Act.



Equally important is the old adage that freedom of opinion and freedom of speech is reserved for those who own the press. Our national media is a sad and pathetic caricature of a crusading champion of the people which is dedicated to the pursuit of truth no matter what the consequences nor how high up the social and/or political & economic ladders. And why does the media hide in disgrace from its mission? Because they were tainted with being anti-American during the Vietnam ‘War’ because they actually did a fairly decent job of reporting though in fact many did ride into battle areas with the military and only after the military brass had cleared the areas of any embarrassing ‘mistakes’ i.e. innocent women, children, & elderly who were killed or maimed. So, fear of being a social pariah has reduced our ‘fourth estate’ to sniveling cowards like Dan Rather who stated proudly that wherever his president asked him to stand or line up, he would gladly do so. And Rather was supposedly one of the extreme leftist journalists of CBS’s Sixty Minutes television program? I have been an avid viewer of Sixty Minutes for over 25 years and they have done a lot of excellent reporting but their integrity has been slipping steadily for the past decade or two now. The New York Times is suppose to represent the bastion of liberalism in this country yet they beat the war drums for the invasion of Iraq led by Judith Miller, one of their top reporters on matters of National Security. The common thread between our mainstream media’s failure to inform us and why we, as a people, keep falling into the traps set by the Robber Barons is fear. And an interesting theory came to me as I watched Sixty Minutes last night, March 20, 2005. The expose was about a 50 caliber big rifle that can kill from over a mile away and which can penetrate armor. Sixty Minutes gets to look like the great detective who is going after the bad guys but I feel this story was a cover for the rich’s desire to remove guns from Americans & especially the most powerful ones because they know that sooner or later we are going to rebel. Their gutting of the national treasury and every last vestige of FDR’s social welfare programs established to give the poor some semblance of peace of mind, is forcing more Americans daily into desperation and destitution and people will only take so much abuse before they get mad as hell and throw the bastards out on their asses! I never thought I’d take a position on the side of the NRA and its gung ho gun fanatics but it seems to me that this is yet another propaganda ploy to whip up the public’s fears because the story brought out the idea that Osama bin Laden could very easily purchase these big rifles very easily due to the lax laws in the United States. Osama has become a very useful tool for the venal and corrupt ‘leaders’ in the White House because his name has become almost synonymous with that of Satan here in the U.S. and while the butt-boy Bush is calling Osama the devil, Osama is declaring Bush to be the great Satan of the West. These two psychopaths have reduced a large part of the world’s population to two warring camps of Good and Evil! And this phoney crusade provides perfect cover and distraction from the real war of the rich against the poor. Under the banner of the War on Terrorism, Bush is bankrupting America and stealing our precious rights and freedoms that once were the envy of the world. Tragically for us, we have grown so accustomed to the steady flow of propaganda that at least half of us don’t believe there is any point in voting, informing ourselves, & certainly not in protesting or taking action. This essay and the book I am writing may wind up being a history of the America we used to read about in our textbooks and which I truly believed in as a young boy growing up here. I am feeling more and more that I will spend the remainder of my life in some foreign country because I am sick and tired of feeling that I can’t even speak my mind without fear of someone wanting to punch my lights out or that the FBI or some other Gestapo will come a knockin’! The thought police are spying on the books we check out from the library and the books we buy in bookshops.


We have become a nation of ostriches or the infamous three monkeys of ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.’ Fascism was respected and supported by many wealthy and intellectual Americans as well as Europeans during World War II but still we persist in believing there’s no way it could ever take root here? I don’t know how much more obvious it could be but let me remind you of the simple fact that Bush who was a miserable failure in the oil business, was bailed out financially time and time again by his family’s dear friend, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia and most of Bush’s cabinet are still profiting from the oil companies which they used to work for. And the fact that Iraq is the second largest oil reserves in the world should make every one of us shout with anger at the blatant grab for Iraq’s oil fields with the blood of our sons and daughters. Are we really so blind that we can’t see this glaring conflict of interests by our top political representatives. This is what’s known as crony capitalism and the free market for the poor but socialism for the wealthy. Bush is in fact trying to privatize Social Security but his handlers know that the word ‘privatize’ would scare most people off due to the recent corporate scandals so he tries to distract us with an ‘ownership society’ or private retirement accounts but don’t fall for it my friend. These Cheshire Cats will not rest until they privatized us all into the gutter like so many millions and billions of the down and out around the globe. They want nothing less than absolute and total control over us from cradle to the grave and if you dare to challenge them you will be ‘disappeared’ just as the thousands in places like Chile, Argentina, etc. etc. etc. Their goal is sure as hell not as they claim i.e. to make the world safe for democracy but instead, their clear objective is to make the world safe for the richest bastards and bitches to plunder to their hearts’ content! Let’s return to that fascist fronting for the thieves in the penthouse suites better known as Dubya the duplicitous double-dealing dog from Crawford, Texas.



“Because one of the main sources of our national unity is our belief in equal justice, we need to make sure Americans of all races and backgrounds have confidence in the system that provides justice. In America we must make doubly sure no person is held to account for a crime he or she did not commit—¼” Yeah, right! Even the least well-educated amongst us knows about ‘justice’ in this country. If you’re rich and powerful you can and often do get away with literal murder but if you’re poor, you feel the full weight of the ‘law’ and if you’re a trouble-maker i.e. a dissenter, they can and have framed many for crimes they never committed in order to lock them up and silence them. What about the hundreds of Americans and new immigrants who have been kidnapped often in broad daylight and who were never charged, never allowed legal representation, held incommunicado from their loved ones, jailed and beaten for sometimes years since September 11th? Or what about our blatant rejection of the Geneva Accords and International law which we have flouted repeatedly for decades along with our crony, Israel? Law and justice are hollow concepts in this land of the free and home of the brave. We are not free and it is not brave to go and kill other peoples in their homes just because some second-rate oil man who has never worked an honest day in his life says so. If the Bush cabal had the slightest belief in justice they wouldn’t be the most secretive administration this country has ever seen. They know their sinister plotting couldn’t stand the light of day and it would expose them for the reviling and repulsive rodents they are. And in case I haven’t mentioned it already, the highest court in our land i.e. the Supreme Court, has also sold us down the river just like our media lap-dogs have done. The 2000 and the 2004 presidential elections were a complete travesty of justice and the rest of the world is looking and laughing at us with all our self-righteous pronouncements of spreading democracy and freedom around the world. Oh yeah, we can’t forget our Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez who saved Bush’s butt in Texas when he was accused of insider trading just like that terrible Martha Stewart who was convicted but not for insider trading but rather of lying I believe it was? Making Gonzalez the highest law official in America is like putting a fox in charge of the hen house. Law and Order? More like the farce or façade of freedom in the United States of fiefdom. Just as in the Dark Ages of history, the champions of globalism are reducing us to peons & peasants forced to live in filth and excrement with them as our corporate overlords and we must freely and gladly sacrifice our sons and daughters whenever the overlords call. As for me? I feel as Dylan Thomas i.e. “Do not go gentle into that dark night, Rage! Rage! Against the dying of the light!” (my emphasis & probably incorrect punctuation?)


And the only way the thieves can keep us in the dark is by doing things like making attendees of Bush’s public speeches whether on the campaign trail or simply out politicking for his corporate homeboys, sign pledges of loyalty and swear that they won’t disagree with him in public i.e. no vocal protests, no wearing of tee-shirts that ridicule him, etc. etc. etc. The Christian Rightists (self-righteous bigots & spreaders of violence & hatred towards all non-‘Christians.’) were probably the major factor in Bush’s ‘re-election’ and are firmly behind him because he knows how to press their simplistic & childish emotional buttons i.e. I’m merely a tool and a servant of God, etc. These Crusaders for Christ believe to the marrow of their bones that it is America’s and all Christians’ holy duty to either convert the rest of the world to the one and only ‘true’ religion i.e. Christianity, and if the heathens refuse to convert, they should be put out of their misery e.g. killed, locked up, tortured, whatever? Tis time to return to the mendacious and moral hypocrite’s speech on how things are going here and around the world.


“Our third responsibility to future generations is to leave them an America that is safe from danger, and protected by peace. We will pass along to our children all the freedoms we enjoy—and chief among them is freedom from fear.



In the three and a half years since September 11th, 2001, we have taken unprecedented actions to protect Americans. We have created a new department of government to defend our homeland, focused the FBI on preventing terrorism, begun to reform our intelligence agencies, broken up terror cells across the country, expanded research on defenses against biological and chemical attack, improved border security, and trained more than a half million first responders. Police and firefighters, air marshals, researchers, and so many others are working every day to make our homeland safer, and we thank them all.”


For all that, Bush is a blatant liar because he thanked the New York City firefighters and police—whom he cynically used as photo ops after September 11th—by blocking a wage increase for them. Just as our boys and girls in harm’s way in Iraq who are thanked for putting their butts on the line by not being given proper body or vehicle armor, who’s families are forced to go to food banks for charity because they can’t live on the measly amount of pay they receive, or who are denied medical benefits and are forced to stay in the military beyond their contract, etc. etc. etc. Our ‘border security’ is a joke and daily thousands of poor Mexicans and others slip across it in search of that American dream which is in fact a nightmare. Furthermore, for the bushwhacker to claim that he is reforming our intelligence agencies is grimly farcical because for months if not a few years before that tragic day of 9/11, John O’Neil, our top antiterrorism agent in the FBI had been warning his superiors of an imminent attack by Al Quida.


In spite of his persistence pleadings to his superiors and because a few of them didn’t like his flamboyant personality, he was ignored and demoted until he finally resigned in disgust. The cruel irony was that O’Neil took a job as top security consultant at the World Trade Center and he was amongst those who died that horrible day. If there was one shred of decency or honesty in the bush-leaguer sitting in the oval office, he would’ve fired dozens of the top officials in both the FBI and the CIA. He  fired the CIA chief simply as a ruse and to fool the public into believing he was seriously doing something. Chief Tenant was the fall guy for the Bush/Cheney cabal. Moreover, in an unprecedented series of actions, Cheney paid several visits to the CIA and basically told them to come up with  evidence supporting their accusations designed to justify our invasion and occupation of Iraq. In other words, Bush/Cheney et al cherry-picked the ‘intelligence’ they listened to from the CIA and when their house of cards came crashing down i.e. no weapons of mass destruction, no Saddam/bin Laden connection, etc. somebody had to take the fall because Bush & Cheney are two of the biggest cowards that ever lived—recall that they both dodged the Vietnam war.



Indeed, I strongly recommend that you check out John O’Neil and learn the horrifyingly stupid actions and inactions that caused this man to be pushed aside and written off. He had an extensive network of contacts around the world that he had built up with his flamboyant dining and drinking at some of New York’s finest restaurants and bars. Additionally, it bears repeating even though it has become somewhat common wisdom but our ‘intelligence’ agencies have long been the butt of serious ridicule and scorn. For instance, note our new Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, who was the Russian expert & didn’t have a clue that Russia was imploding. Our ‘intelligence’ agencies are very good at breaking our laws and spying on our citizens but are woefully inept when it comes to spying on other countries and their dirty work. Or what about the NSA (National Security Agency)? It is so powerful that as former Senator Frank Church from Idaho said ‘it makes the CIA look like the Mickey Mouse Club. How come we hear next to nothing about this big boy who’s budget is top secret and what were they doing when all this was going on? I’m not trying to build some grand conspiracy but simply saying that we have an alarmingly large number of simply greedy and pitifully stupid so-called leaders at these agencies and elsewhere and things are going to get worse before they get better if we don’t do some serious house-cleaning starting with the White House, Congress, and the agencies mentioned.



To return to the issue of the ‘safety’ of our borders and our safety in general, I have seen several investigative pieces that have revealed how easy it’d be for a terrorist organization to smuggle in weapons of nightmarish capabilities via our ports on the millions of ship containers that arrive here every year. Something like only 2% of them are physically inspected. I’m not trying to be an alarmist or a fear-monger but the liars in the West Wing are asleep at the wheel just as they were before 9/11 and they are trying to make us think they’re doing all they can to protect us and this is just plain not true. Bush and company remind me of the typical slacker on a job site who hides out and doesn’t carry his share of the work load but whenever the boss comes along they run around like they’re the hardest worker in the place. Furthermore, an issue of critical importance is all the old nuclear weapons of Russia’s that are floating around on the Black Market and the absurd level of ‘security’ at most of our nuclear power plants. Sixty Minutes and others have shown how easy it was for them to access several nuclear power plants. And what is the bush team’s response? Let’s increase our nuclear production. Instead of taking the much more logical course of action i.e. a full-fledged pursuit of alternative forms of energy that would make us less dependent on foreign oil and dangerous energy sources such as nuclear power and which wouldn’t add to the already perilously fragile environment, these snake-oil salesmen are holding secretive ‘energy summits’ dividing up the profits and plunder among themselves. Global warming is a myth they tell us. Don’t worry, be happy! In fact, have a Mc Donalds happy meal and let’s continue cutting down the Brazilian rain forest which serves as the lungs of our planet, just so we can all get fat eating McDonalds empty calorie burgers. Finally in regards to our ‘security,’ consider their brilliance yet once again i.e. while we have to be practically strip-searched before we can board a plane, the cargo that goes in the belly of our planes isn’t even searched. Oh yeah, I feel real safe! Of course it isn’t possible to rid the world of all terrorists and this is precisely why the horrendous events of September 11th played so well into the hands of Bush’s cabinet of warmongers and war profiteers because now they can use their ‘war on terrorism’ as the blanket excuse for their wars of aggression which are all about enriching themselves and their cronies. It’s perfect because it is open-ended unlike a war in which you face an enemy, do battle, and one side or the other loses. No, with this nebulous apparition of ‘terrorists’ lurking in the shadows and around every corner, the obscenely rich can silence their critics here at home and preemptively strike anywhere or anyone they want to. They are psychologically preparing the American public for their next invasions with the daily ‘news’ cranked out by their lapdogs in the media. Syria? Iran? Funny how we have ignored North Korea who blatantly threatened us with their actual weapons of mass destruction i.e. nuclear weapons but we only seem to be focuses on the Middle East? Nah, it couldn’t have anything to do with the suggested design of gaining control over this region so we could hold the rest of the oil-dependent nations hostage like China and Japan whom we are borrowing from in the trillions?


“Our Nation, working with allies and friends, has also confronted the enemy abroad, with measures that are determined, successful, and continuing. The al-Qaida terror network that attacked our country still has leaders—but many of its top commanders have been removed. There are still governments that sponsor and harbor terrorists—but their number has declined. There are still regimes seeking weapons of mass destruction—but no longer without attention and without consequence. Our country is still the target of terrorists who want to kill many, and intimidate us all—and we will stay on the offensive against them, until the fight is won.”



Indeed, ‘we’ are on the offensive against the entire world but very few Americans stop to ask themselves why we are the target of terrorists or if they could possibly have any legitimate reasons to hate us so violently. Sure, there are always going to be fanatics but most of the people plotting against America are angry for very specific reasons. ‘Our’ corporations have been ripping off and exploiting the poor and indigenous people of the planet for decades and our CIA amongst other agencies has aided financially many dictators and despots around the globe including Saddam. Our CIA has also trained many dictators death squads in the fine art of torture, silencing of dissenters, disappearing troublesome students, etc. This anger that Bush pretends to have no clue as to its origins has been building for decades and once again one of those cruel ironies has come home to haunt us i.e. the bush junta claimed that Iraq was a haven for terrorists and this was a total fabrication before our invasion but it has now become a reality due to our wrongful and stupid invasion and occupation of Iraq. Iraq has become a rallying point for tens of thousands of young men around the world who can’t find work and who are sick and tired of their countries being pushed around and exploited by the powerful American military and corporate global giants. In other words, it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Again the words of George Orwell from his classic book 1984 come back to me like a recurrent nightmare, ‘the enemy becomes ones own people and fear is the key to keeping them in line.’ (my crude paraphrasing) So when Bush pontificates about the terrorists wanting to ‘intimidate us all,’ I almost want to retch up my breakfast because he and his evil cohorts—most notably Karl Rove & Paul Wolfowitz—are the ones seeking to intimidate us. We are becoming alarmingly similar to prewar Nazi Germany where all who dare to disagree and who dare to voice their dissent are beaten up, their businesses vandalized, their homes broken into in the dark of night and they are dragged off often to never be seen again. Do we have to wait until the death camps start operating before we see what’s happening to us? Pay close attention my friend, Wolfowitz has been selected to head the World Bank and he was the main architect for the invasion of Iraq and he has been pushing for the attack and conquest of Iraq for over a dozen years. Robert McNamara was the main architect of the Vietnam war and he too became the president of the World Bank. Coincidence? I don’t think so! These guys are all about power and wealth and there isn’t one truthful or patriotic bone in their bodies. It’s very interesting to note also that it was primarily the leaders in our government who have actually fought in wars who were the ones arguing for a diplomatic solution to dealing with Saddam Hussein and it was those who have never faced the horrors of war like Wolfowitz and Cheney et al who pounded their chests while banging the war drums. Meanwhile, let’s reflect some more on Bush’s propaganda campaign which Joseph Goebels would’ve been proud of.


“Other nations around the globe have stood with us. In Afghanistan, an international force is helping provide security. In Iraq, 28 countries have troops on the ground,¼Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and nine other countries have captured or detained al-Qaida terrorists. In the next four years, my Administration will continue to build the coalitions that will defeat the dangers of our time.”



Yeah, some ‘coalition’ you lying lounge lizard. Britain is the only other country with a sizable military force on the ground in Iraq. Most of the other ‘coalition’ members Bush-boy claims have maybe a dozen or two soldiers there and may contribute a little financially in the hopes of sharing in some of the booty we are stealing from the Iraqis. As for Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Jesus Christ! Give me a break. Pakistan sold the nuclear technology to North Korea, has sheltered al-Qaida, and according to an excellent story done by The New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh, our forces had a large number of the Taliban pinned down but Pakistan requested that we let them go because some of their people were mixed in with the Taliban. As for Saudi Arabia, again remember that 15 out of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 were Saudis and the others were Pakistanis. Saudi Arabia is one of the most brutally repressive regimes in the Middle East but our media doesn’t ever mention—or very rarely—these inconvenient facts regarding our coalition partners. Additionally, the bushwhacker of course when mentioning the ‘security force’ failed to tell America that our sons and daughters who are over there in Iraq living under the constant stress of urban guerilla warfare are risking their lives protecting employees of Halliburton, Bechtel, etc. who brag to the soldiers faces and sneeringly tell them that they’re making $80,000 or more per year while our soldiers are making peanuts. Our sons and daughters are the ‘security forces’ and while they die and are maimed daily protecting the corporation’s employees, our infamous leader won’t even attend a single one of their funerals or even allow their flag-draped coffins to be seen on television. If everything is so honest and above board that this lying jackal sitting in the White House claims, then why do they hide our dead from our eyes? Could it be that they fear a repeat of Vietnam in which after seeing our young boys dying nightly on the news, eventually middle America too turned against the war? Additionally, note how junior keeps calling for the disarming of so many countries yet at the same time he is rejecting treaties calling for the reduction of nuclear weapons including ours? We are suppose to believe—and unfortunately all too many of us do believe—that America should be the only nation on earth to possess nuclear weapons and etc¼ Oh yeah, we’re such a peaceful and gentle giant and we only do good and spread ‘democracy’ around the world. Except for the simple fact that we’re the only country to ever use nuclear weapons i.e. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In fact, at the same time the bush-bastard is calling for other countries to give up their weapons of mass destruction, he is developing these mini-nukes. And it’s just a coincidence that we’re one of the wealthiest nations on earth and also have the most powerful military on earth. Just as its also coincidental that Halliburton, Bechtel, General Electric, etc. also just happen to manufacture many of the world’s most dangerous weapons. Yes sir, weapons and drugs are the two most profitable industries in the world and our friendly warlords in Afghanistan make a real nice living off heroin production. But of course we turn a blind eye to this because like Saudi Arabia, they are part of our ‘coalition of the willing.’ So what if you export death, stone your women to death if they don’t cover their faces in public and etc. You’re a proud member of the free and the brave making the world safe for Halliburton, Bechtel, and etc. Just as those other proud corporations who helped out in Vietnam by bringing us such lovely things as Agent Orange and napalm, we’re now using depleted uranium in Iraq and our soldiers are coming home with excruciatingly painful rare and exotic symptoms and diseases. Of course it’s all in their heads and the Pentagon consistently denies the use of depleted uranium just as they denied the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. It’s just battle fatigue and a few rotten apples like in Abu Gharib and the torture of prisoners. Some people are just so ungrateful and are so quick to blame the higher ups when everyone knows that it’s usually always the enlisted soldiers who are depraved and sadistic. The rich are the most honorable amongst us and pillars of virtue. The poor, who are forced to join the military because they can’t find work, are the dregs of society and moral reprobates. Savages, barbarians, etc. It’s been common knowledge amongst the elite throughout recorded history.


When I hear such bile spewing forth from the lying lizard’s hole, I am reminded of the despicable ‘living’ conditions of the vast majority of London’s poor and working class so heart-wrenchingly portrayed by that great master, Charles Dickens. Recall that those obscene conditions of moral and physical depravity were mostly the result of the Industrial Revolution which originated in England and was the foundation of Karl Marx’s brilliant, in-depth analysis of Capitalism’s flaws and contradictions. Unlike that duplicitous donkey dick in the White House, I unequivocally declare that our present cabal of petroleum prostitutes posing as our protectors are in fact the greatest danger facing the world! (I may be a bit over-the-top but I’ve been away from this keyboard for at least six or seven weeks due to another attempt at escaping from America i.e. a very brief trip to L.A., London, Budapest, & Colorado, and perhaps I’m making up for lost time with added venom & vigor?) I’m sure that some of you who may read this essay of mine may feel statements like I just made regarding who’s the greatest threat to the world will bristle (to take on an aggressive attitude or appearance—as in response to a slight) immediately and demand that I be jailed for sedition but I ask simply that you take a deep breath and try to hold your revulsion (a sense of utter distaste or repugnance) in check for a few moments. Even a cursory glimpse of our C.I.A.’s infamous history alone will reveal a long, dark, & murderous history of plots, assassinations, coup d’etat (a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially: the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group) dozens and dozens of which were either directly carried out by our agents or agents of brutal dictatorships financed and trained by our ‘black-bag operators,’ and countless other nefarious (flagrantly wicked or impious: EVIL synonym see VICIOUS) activities. And this is why I get so incensed (to arouse the extreme anger or indignation of) when I hear Bush proclaiming we are in Iraq to promote ‘democracy.’



Consider if you will my imaginary friend, isn’t democracy suppose to be all about freedom of expression, openness, honesty, fairness, equality, etc.? Then why is Dubya’s cabinet the most secretive administration this nation has ever known? Hell, the bush-whacking baboon makes Nixon look like a blabber-mouth in comparison! Next in Hitler’s—oops, I mean, Bush’s ‘State of the Union,’ he told America & the world that “In the long term, the peace we seek will only be achieved by eliminating the conditions that feed radicalism and ideologies of murder. If whole regions of the world remain in despair and grow in hatred, they will be the recruiting grounds for terror, and that terror will stalk America and other free nations for decades. The only force powerful enough to stop the rise of tyranny and terror, and replace hatred with hope, is the force of human freedom. Our enemies know this, and that is why the terrorist Zarqawi recently declared war on what he called the ‘evil principle’ of democracy. And we have declared our own intention: America will stand with the allies of freedom to support democratic movements in the Middle East and beyond, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.”


Well to quote the stereotypical ‘Valley Girl,’ “gag me with a spoon!” Let’s look at the definition of the word ‘tyranny,’ and by the way, I give these dictionary definitions and thesaurus synonyms not to insult your intelligence but because I want to be understood and I know that many people are like myself in that they usually won’t take the time to go to a dictionary or thesaurus when they may not be sure about the meaning or variations of a word’s meaning. It is because I am deeply troubled about the state of our world that I risk offending my possible readers and not out of a sense of superiority. Okay, here’s the definition of tyranny; (a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler) and here’s the definition of tyrant; (an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution). I contend (maintain, assert, declare, state, affirm, argue) that we are living under a tyranny and a tyrant because the butt-boy, Bush ‘won’ his first term due to the duplicity & illegal interventions of his brother Jeb who was & is still governor of Florida i.e. the deliberate disqualification of predominantly ‘black voters’ in such an outrageous & flagrant denial of the constitutional right to vote that I am quite honestly ashamed it was allowed to pass and the coup de grace (a death blow or shot administered to end the suffering of one mortally wounded; a decisive finishing blow, act, or event) was the fact that our ‘Supreme Court,’ the highest court in our land and one of the three critical powers which govern us, stepped in—a flagrant violation of the separation of powers our founding fathers set up.



Obviously, the executive branch of our government i.e. the president, has clearly over-stepped his authority but due to a myriad (multitude, infinitude, sea, swarm, host, profusion) of reasons, including & perhaps foremost the cult of personality, the executive has clearly usurped  (taken over, seized, commandeered, appropriated, wrested, encroached, arrogated, infringed upon, trespassed, stolen) the power & authority of the other two branches of our federal government i.e. the judicial (Supreme Court) & the legislative (the Senate & the House of Representatives). If not, then why did both of these branches of our government capitulate (surrender, give in, yield, submit, acquiesce, comply, bow, relent, succumb, defer, say uncle) with barely a whimper? And as if the first travesty of justice or a ‘fair election’ weren’t enough, the Bush-league fascists & ‘free market fundamentalists’ repeated their theft in November of 2004. We are clearly no longer living in anything remotely resembling a democracy but a system which much more closely resembles a theocracy or an oligarchy. (I’ll contradict myself here and leave these terms up to you to look up—if you care to?)


Actually, I’d say we’re living under fascist or totalitarian rule! Of course, the most common response is, ‘it can’t happen here!’ ( I stole this from an ‘infamous’ book from the bookshelves of those of us on the ‘Left’). If this is your preferred response, all I can say is that I hope that I am wrong? I feel I must add though that I believe this is a cop-out and is the human equivalent to the ostrich’s burying their head in the sand i.e. ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.’ Well if this is what enables you to get through your ‘life,’ so be it! But, you are part of the problem & not part of the solution! Yes, I dare to judge you. Somebody has got to stand up on their hind-legs and call a spade a spade. Ducking & dodging our responsibility to ourselves and to our fellow men is not going to make the evil ones go away or stop them. I believe to the marrow of my bones that we must wage the ‘good fight’ our entire lives. You may think me outrageous or out of line? So be it. All I know is that I am speaking from my heart and from my 52 years on this planet. I have worked in the factories, the warehouses, the gas stations, etc. of the ‘rich,’ and I have seen the pain & suffering of the multitudes. Fuck! I have felt and lived the pain. And I am here to tell you that sooner or later, the oppressed (downtrodden, disadvantaged, underprivileged, dispossessed, deprived, handicapped, abused, humble, prostrate, abject) will rise up with a vengeance that will cause the powers that be to quiver with terror.


The French Revolution is one of the most horrific examples that comes to mind. And what was the lesson of the French Revolution? In a nutshell I’d say it was that the poor, the shit on, the dispossessed & etc. will only put up with the jackboots on their necks & watching their children slowly die of starvation for so long and then you’d better run for your lives because everyone has their breaking point. Unfortunately, far too many times in our long and sad history, tyrants and devils posing as priests have gotten away with deceiving, manipulating, and even murdering the innocents. Moreover, today I was watching a DVD I just ordered through the mail which I had seen last summer at an independent movie theater. The title of the documentary is The Corporation and I couldn’t recommend a movie more emphatically. A segment was of Noam Chomsky and he spoke of corporations as tyrannies because they are accountable to no one but their stockholders and board members & they basically have unlimited power and only care about profit. And this is precisely the attitude of the French aristocracy which so pissed off the poor of France that they invented the guillotine and chopped the heads off half the rich bastards & bitches. Recall that Marie Antoinette epitomized this callous disregard for the suffering & starvation of the down and out when they came to her begging for bread and she haughtily said, ‘let them eat cake!’ I contend that our current puss-sucking politicians and corporate cockroaches reflect the same cavalier (free and easy, unconcerned, curt, grand, arrogant, disdainful) disregard for us.



For example, something like 46 million Americans have no medical coverage whatsoever and now the boot-licker Bush is attempting to cut Medicare by billions. And the fascist pig passes a law he hypocritically calls ‘No Child Left Behind’ but he refuses to fund it. In other words, he has put the screws to the schools and each state because they are required by federal law to comply with his bill but they must magically come up with the money on their already severely stretched budgets which the ‘compassionate conservatives’ have already slashed drastically. The result is that schools are now wasting precious dollars/resources on attempting to comply with Bush’s ludicrous bill and therefore the schools are forced to cut basic programs which have already proven effective i.e. Head Start to just name one of the most glaring examples. Welfare, Social Security, etc. etc. etc. are all on the chopping block. These ‘conservative Christian’ crocodiles have hearts of stone and ice water in their veins. In a perverse twist of fate, they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction because as I have repeatedly stated, the downtrodden will only take the cruel & inhuman treatment dished out to them for so long just as the French in pre-revolutionary France. And those on ‘top’ today will eventually be fleeing in utter terror not unlike cockroaches when you turn on the light and they scamper for the safety of the dark recesses of their lairs.


Finally, let’s now return to King Georgie’s garbage which his handlers, most notably and notoriously, Karl Rove or Rove the Rodent:


“The United States has no right, no desire, and no intention to impose (demand, force, inflict, intrude, encroach, take advantage, thrust, butt in, domineer, bully) our form of government on anyone else. That is one of the main differences between us and our enemies. They seek to impose and expand an empire of oppression, in which a tiny group of brutal, self-appointed rulers control every aspect of every life. Our aim is to build and preserve a community of free and independent nations, with governments that answer to their citizens, and reflect their own cultures. And because democracies respect their own people and their neighbors, the advance of freedom will lead to peace.”



Yeah, in the same way that our Department of Defense was and is actually the War Department, Bush’s idea of ‘peace’ is actually war. George Orwell’s nightmare vision of the future has become a stark (grim, harsh, pitiless, absolute, plain, complete) reality. Orwell brought us the term doublespeak, and the spin-doctors i.e. the propagandists, have perfected it. We are inundated (flooded, deluged, engulfed, overwhelmed, drenched) with doublespeak 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-in and year-out to the point that very few Americans are even aware of it or ever dare to question the state and corporate propaganda. I am not being an alarmist or a scare-monger. If you doubt me, a simple resource you can check out for yourself is the organization F.A.I.R. They have a web-site and publish a regular periodical. F.A.I.R. stands for Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. For those of you who are uninitiated in this area, you will be shocked and amazed. And this is why it’s so totally absurd and ridiculous for the FOX Network to claim that its ‘Fair & Balanced.’ FOX is the most extreme right-wing, reactionary example of conservative bias in this country. If you’d like to check this accusation’s validity for yourself, look up the video Outfoxed! I haven’t seen it yet but have read that it does an excellent job of revealing Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda machine i.e. FOX network, by the way, Murdoch started out in Australia with a trashy tabloid similar to our own National Enquirer. The video shows in a nutshell that the FOX Network receives daily ‘talking points’ from the White House and the Pentagon which clearly slant the news and perspectives to support whatever Bush’s cabinet want the public to believe.


Hence, our invasion and occupation of Iraq is bringing democracy to Iraq. But didn’t Bush just say that we have “no right, no desire, and no intention to impose our form of government on anyone else?” To be sure, to disguise their imperialistic ambitions, they bribed a few immoral and corrupt Iraqis with promises of powerful positions in the new ‘democratically elected Iraqi governing council’ to ‘invite’ our army to ‘help’ Iraq. Unfortunately though, the Bush-whacker’s war cabinet was embarrassed when their pick for the new ruler of Iraq, Chalabi, was discovered to have been feeding our ‘intelligence’ agencies a pack of lies with the help of Iran and it was revealed that he is a fugitive from Syria where he swindled a bank he worked for out of millions of dollars. The Bush propaganda team immediately distanced themselves from him with denials and claims that they barely knew him. Yeah right, that’s why in last year’s swearing into office of Bush, Chalabi is clearly shown sitting right behind the First family.


Next let’s turn to the duplicitous ‘Dubya’s’ statement that democracies respect their own people and their neighbors. I could go into our long track record of trying to assassinate and/or overthrow Castro’s government in Cuba but that didn’t start with the baboon Bush so I’ll illustrate with Haiti, clearly a neighbor. And our interference in Haiti goes back several decades but Bush too has clearly intervened here and most recently assisted the bloody mercenaries who have butchered countless Haitians and engineered a coup d’etat by forcibly kidnaping President Aristide and flying him to Africa. And again if you think that perhaps I am biased because of my left-wing perspective, I invite you to do a simple search on the Internet. Simply type in: U.S. Support of Dictators, and you will be amazed and perhaps disgusted at the long list of democratically elected world leaders whom our C.I.A. and various other agencies have either had a direct hand in assassinating or have trained, financed, & supported the overthrow of. And behind everyone of these dastardly deeds which clearly reveal that our government doesn’t give a god-damn about democracy, if you dig a little you’ll find multi-national corporations like AT&T, United Fruit, Bechtel, Haliburton, etc.



As for ‘respecting’ the citizens of democracies, I reiterate that our Bill of Rights has been shredded and if that isn’t disrespect for us as ‘citizens,’ then I don’t know what the hell is? Orwell was so prescient (foreknowledge of events: a: divine omniscience b: human anticipation of the course of events: FORESIGHT) in this respect that it is spooky. Recall that Orwell was describing a futuristic society loosely based on Stalinist Russia’s model but in interviews he warned his fellow Brits that Britain and America could go the way of Russia also. Also note that Orwell wrote this classic horror tale in 1948. He simply inverted the numbers 48 since it was the year he wrote it to the year 1984. In brief, the central message or lesson from Orwell’s book was that governments feared their own citizens more than anyone else because they knew that their citizens would eventually rebel against them for their immorality and injustices. Therefore, the steady stream of wars that governments declared were a ruse and the true war was against their own citizens. To keep their citizens in line it was necessary to expose them to a steady stream or barrage of propaganda designed to keep them afraid and willing to put up with or accept ever greater deprivations (deprived; adj: marked by deprivation especially of the necessities of life or of healthful environmental influences). I assert that our ‘War on Drugs,’ like our current ‘War on Terrorism’ is in fact a war on not only Americans who aren’t in the top 1% financially and also extends to a war on the rest of the poor all over the planet. Outrageous accusation? Well again I direct you to reflect on the history of the megalithic corporations who have raped, pillaged, & plundered for decades the natural resources and the poor of almost every country on earth!


Furthermore, what about the millions of America’s working poor and middle class who keep getting ‘down-sized’ and their jobs ‘out-sourced’ overseas? We are supposedly bringing ‘democracy’ to places like Iraq but what does democracy mean when we are continually lied to, manipulated, laid off work, have our medical coverage taken from us, our children sent to fight wars to protect the likes of Haliburton and Bechtel, etc. etc. etc.? Maybe I am the one who is naive but I was taught in middle and high school that democracy was about equality, freedom of expression, justice, equal opportunity, etc. I see very little democracy in the America I am living in. I see fear, hatred, and violence against immigrants increasing. I see ignorance growing like a snowball rolling downhill. I worry about government agents coming for me because I dare to write these words. I know from experience and a lifetime of striving to educate myself just how patently (self-evident, manifest, obvious, clear, transparent, explicit, unmistakable, undeniable, incontrovertible) false the claim that we enjoy equal opportunity in this land. And the foundation of our unequal opportunity rests on our deliberately dumbed-down public educational system. Bush the Bull-Shitter tries to pretend that he’s just a simple ol’ country boy but he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was raised in the upper class north east and went to private prep schools and got into Yale because of daddy pulling strings. He has failed at every business venture daddy bankrolled and bailed out by daddy and his rich Saudi friends time and time again. This is why I was so flabbergasted when the Bush team had the audacity to label Kerry as the elitist.



In the same way, as I just learned by watching a short video on Free Speech TV with George Lakoff, a professor at UC Berkeley, the right-wingers i.e. fascists, reactionaries, murderers, have succeeded so brilliantly because they have controlled the discussion/political arguments by ‘framing’ the debates. Lakoff defines this as purposely choosing the language or terms used so as to give them the psychological advantage and therefore no matter what their left-wing or liberal opponents argue, the right-wing extremists win because it is so easy to fool and manipulate people’s emotions. In other words, the Left has to stop playing by the Right’s rules or allowing them to control the terminology used. Bush and his cabal of henchmen (an unscrupulous often violent member of a gang) are the elitist and again I was astonished that Kerry didn’t go after him with guns blazing when Bush kept on painting him as the elitist when Kerry had not only put his butt on the line voluntarily in Vietnam and had in fact been a war hero while Bush’s daddy had again pulled strings to get him into the Texas Air National Guard and he couldn’t even handle that because of his drinking and cocaine sniffing. No, Kerry didn’t deserve to win if he didn’t have any bigger balls than he displayed throughout the charade called a presidential campaign. The rich life of being a politician and a billionaire’s husband must have softened him to the point that he is now a mere shadow of the man he once was?


Besides, Kerry may have been playing an agreed upon role designed to keep us believing that we really do have two parties politically and a democracy? They are both members of the elite and profit no matter what the political outcome of their bid for the presidency. Bush’s statement in his address to the nation that “they seek to impose and expand an empire of oppression, in which a tiny group of brutal, self-appointed rulers control every aspect of every life,” in my opinion is a perfect description not of other regimes but in fact of his

administration. Consider if you will that America is the sole superpower and we have more military might than the combined forces of the next dozen or so I believe, countries. We are the ones who invaded Iraq with no provocation on their part and with now clearly no justification and in defiance of the international community and international law. And we are the ones now rattling the sabers of war at Iran, Syria, and North Korea. As for ‘controlling every aspect of every life,’ I contend that the Christian right-wing fundamentalists with the assistance of their crusading corporate hypocrite, the bush-league president, are primarily responsible for putting King Georgie in power. I believe I have already mentioned the fact that one of Bushie’s first acts was the ‘Faith-based Initiative’ which is clearly a violation of the separation between church and state and installed Christians in several of our top federal departments such as the Department of Health, Education, & Welfare. This is clearly portentous (ominous, foreboding, impending, threatening, menacing, sinister, fateful, prophetic) picture of what not only the fanatical fundamentalists but also the corporate junta (a group of persons controlling a government especially after a revolutionary seizure of power) are actively and diligently (industriously, painstakingly, meticulously, zealously, doggedly) working to establish. In a nutshell these bastards of Beelzebub (prince of devils; lord of flies) seek total control and domination over us from the cradle to the grave.



Specifically and to name only a few of their many goals: the fundamentalists want nothing on television but their Christian propaganda programs, and the same for radio, books, magazines, etc.; they want to rid the public schools of every iota of ‘secular humanism’ i.e. anything that doesn’t conform with their ignorant and perverse view of the universe; they want to regulate how we dress, how we talk, how we think, etc.; they want to make adultery and homosexuality punishable by death; they seek to outlaw abortion; they are pursuing the complete elimination of every social welfare agency and institution we have so we’ll all be forced to come begging to them for crumbs of bread and they can force us to convert to their obscene definition of Christianity before they’ll feed us, in short, though they pretend that they respect other religions they in fact don’t and want to ban all other religions except their own twisted idea of what Christianity is. I could go on and on but this should suffice. And if this isn’t glaring proof of ‘self-appointed rulers’ seeking to ‘control every aspect of every life,’ then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Finally, I maintain that Bush, his Christian cabal (a number of persons secretly united to bring about an overturn of usurpation especially in public affairs), and the corporate power elite are the true ‘Evil Empire,’ which Reagan declared war against and which Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. have carried on. By the way, usurpation means (to seize and hold –as office, place, or powers –in possession by force or without right <usurp a throne>). It is critical and very important to never forget that Bush lied, cheated, and manipulated his way into the presidency illegally not only once but twice with the assistance of his brother Jeb and by disqualifying tens of thousands of blacks in Florida and with the assistance of his friends on the Supreme Court. And to have the gall to declare his administration the champions of democracy around the world is nothing short of blasphemy. Finally, Bush was accurate in at least one respect albeit unintentionally I’m sure and that was when he proclaimed that ‘the United States has no right…to impose our form of government on anyone else.’ But right and wrong don’t matter with this gang of genocidal and gutless thugs calling themselves Christians. My only comfort and solace lies in my belief that all bullies and evildoers eventually reap what they have sowed and I will dance with joy when Bush and his ilk (kind) get their comeuppance! In short, it never ceases to amaze me how these fundamentalists can stand there on television with straight faces and play the victims of some vast liberal, left-wing secular humanist conspiracy? A brief flipping through the channels on your local cable access will show what an overwhelming majority of the airwaves they control. These fundamentalists are the real wolves in sheep’s clothing and they continue to howl ‘unfair! bias! liberal conspiracy! Secular Humanist Devils! And all the while they are grabbing more and more power because they are without morality or ethics when it comes to sucking up to the politicians and vice-versa and they have no qualms (scruples, compunction, uneasiness, regret, misgiving, remorse, uncertainty) about the policies or practices of corporations who are driving America down the road to ruin, destroying our environment, jailing, torturing, raping, & killing the poor and the peasants of foreign lands all in the name of profit. Yes, power and profit are what these two camps i.e. the Christian fundamentalists & the corporate politicos have in common and it doesn’t matter to either that they are fundamentally according to their ideologies, contradictory. All that matters is gaining ever more power and this is why it would be downright laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious in terms of the destructive results of these madmen’s policies and practices. Hence it is imperative that we study their words and their actions closely so that we may be better equipped to discredit their twisted ‘logic’ and ‘reasoning’ when debating with them. Are you ready for more of the “Fortunate Son” and his pack of lies? (Fortunate Son is a book by J.H. Hatfield whom I believe was driven to suicide due to the vicious campaign the Bush clan waged against him because of the truth he spoke in this book)


“That advance [peace] has great momentum in our time—shown by women voting in Afghanistan, and Palestinians choosing a new direction, and the people of the Ukraine asserting their democratic rights and electing a president. We are witnessing landmark events in the history of liberty. And in the coming years, we will add to that story.”



In the back though, Bush being the consummate (perfect, supreme, absolute, accomplished, excellent) dissembler (to put on a false appearance: conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense) that he is, leaves out some very important facts in regards to all this so called progress in the countries he mentioned e.g. in Afghanistan, only the capital, Kabul, is secure from the drug lords who continue to rule & terrify the peasants because they are making millions from their lucrative opium trade which we turn a blind eye to (what happened to all that rhetoric about the ‘War on Drugs?’); our military forces were told to let a large body of Taliban whom they had trapped, escape because the Pakistani government requested us to do so because some of their forces were amongst them (see Sy Hersch’s articles from The New Yorker); Afghanistan’s infamous opium trade—which is where heroin comes from—was briefly disrupted when U.S. forces first invaded but our ‘high command’ soon made pacts with them in hopes of their assistance in capturing Osama bin Laden (they played us like complete fools) and the opium trade is again flourishing; [don’t forget that the 19 terrorists who flew those U.S. air-liners into the World Trade Center & the Pentagon, were Saudi Arabian & Pakistani, and while I’m not arguing that we should’ve invaded their countries instead of Iraq, I am saying why in the hell did we invade Iraq which clearly had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks?] women outside of Kabul who dare to show their faces i.e. unveiled as traditional Muslim women are commanded to be in public, in public, risk being literally stoned as related in the King James Bible; Israel is terrorizing Palestine but we rarely hear about the atrocities committed against Palestine by Israel because Israel is our ‘client state’ par excellence (being the best of a kind: PREEMINENT); and the Ukraine recently had a presidential election that was clearly more ‘democratic’ than ours here in the U.S. Yes, my friend, these are examples of our ‘spreading democracy’ around the globe. These bastards like Bush, the gutless coward hiding behind daddy’s & Prince Bandar Bush’s wealth & power are de facto (in reality: actually) the true terrorists because of their greedy & heartless policies which they have implemented around the world and especially here in the good ol’ U.S.A. and they in their farce (ridiculous or empty show) called the ‘War on Terror,’ have in fact made Osama’s fondest wish come true. How? Because of Bush baby’s killing & maiming of tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in our occupation of Iraq, Muslims around the world are accepting Osama’s rantings and ravings about America as the Great Satan just as the Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran declared us years ago. In other words, Bush is confirming Osama’s predictions in spades and is quite contrary to his lies of making progress in his War on Terror, throwing gasoline on the fires of hatred & revenge!



Henceforth (from this point on), Americans, Brits, & all who are participating in the occupation of Iraq are prime targets for kidnaping and death. As a professor whom I just saw on Portland cable access said, ‘Bush is merely a distraction.’ What she meant was that Bush keeps most Americans distracted with all his strutting around and talk tough as if he were John Wayne or something. And while he’s distracting the gullible masses, the Robber Barons like Bechtel, Haliburton, Exxon, & etc. are stuffing their bloody coffers (strongbox) by raping, pillaging, and plundering the oil, water, natural gas, etc. of the weaker countries. It took us such a short time to conquer Iraq because we had already bombed them nearly back into the Stone Age with our first attack in the Gulf War and with the ten years or better of sanctions against them, they were in no position to put up much of a fight. And this is why our pilots purposely targeted their infrastructure e.g. power plants, sanitation plants, etc. If you destroy a country’s infrastructure, it takes them sometimes years to rebuild and recuperate. Disease spreads due to unsanitary water. Businesses and people have a hard time living anything like a ‘normal’ life because electricity is vital for so many necessities. Imagine what it’d be like for us here in the U.S. if we only had power for a few hours a day? The bush-whacker swaggers and sneers in front of the world’s television cameras like he’s a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan and he is to some extent but he should hang his head in shame because our assault on Iraq was comparable to me, a 240 lb. man, beating up a kindergarten student.


Again, my intention isn’t to spit on the name of the United States but rather to spit in the faces of those Caligulas masquerading as our ‘leaders’ and I hope to inform & wake up those who might take the time to read my words? I’ll refer you to an excellent book which exposes the ‘monumental hypocrisy’ of our government, and the title is The Real Terror Network: Terrorism in Fact and Propaganda by Edward S. Herman. Mr. Herman also co-authored a book with Noam Chomsky and wrote another book by the name of Corporate Control, Corporate Power. Here is a brief list of some of the actions taken by our C.I.A. agents amongst others, in the promotion of ‘democracy’ in just 8 South American countries—and by the way, they have done these things & worse in many more countries than these I’m going to list: direct invasion or sponsorship of invasion; participation in coups (directing, encouraging, lending support to); assassination or attempted assassination of leaders; sabotage (property destruction); destabilization (economic or financial); buying politicians and other officials (including military and security); buying media and media personnel; buying intellectuals; buying labor leaders; black propaganda (lies and rumors dispensed without attribution); subsidizing student, youth, women’s organizations; providing military forces for occupation or counterinsurgency operations. The eight countries were these charges are well-documented are: Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, & Uruguay. (Pg. 134, Herman’s “The Real Terror Network”)


This kind of information seems outrageous to most Americans because they don’t hear about it in school or on the national media but there are hundreds and thousands of well-documented and researched books, magazine articles, etc. out there if they make a little effort to pursue it. And speaking of information, let’s get back to the Beevis and Butt-head Bush’s well-planned disinformation diatribe (a bitter and abusive speech or writing) of doublespeak and duplicity (deception, double-dealing, deceitfulness, dissimulation, hypocrisy, cant, insincerity, guile, artifice).


“The beginnings of reform and democracy in the Palestinian territories are now showing the power of freedom to break old patterns of violence and failure. Tomorrow morning, Secretary of State Rice departs on a trip that will take her to Israel and the West Bank for meetings with Prime Minister Sharon and President Abbas. She will discuss with them how we and our friends can help the Palestinian people end terror and build the institutions of a peaceful, independent democratic state. To promote this democracy, I will ask Congress for 350 million dollars to support Palestinian political, economic, and security reforms. The goal of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace is within reach—and America will help them achieve that goal.”



Note how the word ‘terror’ was only associated with Palestine and not Israel? This is a subtle and sly attempt to portray the Palestinians as the terrorists and Israel as the innocent ‘victim.’ Furthermore, it seems clear that Bush is pushing our form of government i.e. democracy, on Palestine in blatant contradiction to his claim at the beginning of his ‘speech’ where he said it’s not our right to force our form of government on other countries. If you pay attention to stories in the U.S. mainstream media about Israel, you’ll soon discover that in the vast majority of stories about this region, Israel is depicted as innocent and the Palestinians are portrayed as vicious, blood-thirsty terrorists. Equally important to this discussion and to the current state of affairs in Iraq is the fact that our long time support both financially and in the media for Israel has caused a lot of bitterness and enmity (hostility, hatred, animosity, antagonism, malice, bad blood) for the U.S. in the Arab world and is one of the justifications Osama bin Laden used in his call for holy war against America.


Furthermore, Dubya the Deceiver didn’t mention that of the 350 million dollars he requested from Congress to ‘help’ Palestine, 80 million of it will go to building the apartheid wall further breaking Palestine up into more manageable fragments for Israel to contain them. Additionally, this wall is a continuation of the land stealing the Israelis have been doing to the Palestinians for years. The wall also will make it even more difficult for Palestinians to get to work because they will have even more ‘checkpoints’ to go through daily. Professor Chomsky has discussed this history of land-stealing done by the Israelis and pointed out that maps showing just how unfair this is are censored in the U.S. but they are available if one does a little research. Besides the sham (fraud, mockery, swindle, lie) and charade (pretense) of promoting reform and democracy in Palestine, the bush league bastard dares to speak of breaking old patterns of violence and failure in Palestine when we have done everything to perpetuate it. In brief, Bush’s kind of ‘help’ is the last thing the Palestinians want or need and is doublespeak for in fact helping the Palestinians enemies i.e. the Israelis. Today is May 30, 2005, Memorial Day and I and my friend & roommate, Phil, watched a powerful and very disturbing documentary on my favorite alternative television program which is called Democracy Now! It’s subtitle is The War and Peace Report and this is very pertinent in these times of mass manipulation and deception by our mainstream press. The film was very disturbing because it was so frighteningly truthful and had clips of comments from a wide range of scholars most notably Noam Chomsky and Chalmers Johnson. The crux (heart, essence, core, sine qua non, root, cornerstone, gist) of it was that before the Bush-whacker came to power, our political leaders at least made a semblance of a show of respect for international law.



However, with the cockroach from Crawford masquerading as a crusading Christian, our supreme commander and his hideous hyenas of hypocrisy have given the world and all Americans the middle finger. They have told the world to fuck off! I believe it was Chomsky who said that this administration don’t care about being liked & what they want is for the rest of the world to fear us. I immediately recognized this as being one of the central tenets (creed, dogma, doctrine, gospel, catechism, conviction) of Machiavelli in his classic The Prince. This little book written over 500 years ago is the blueprint for despots & tyrants in that it is a simple guidebook of how to gain power and once you have gained it, how to keep it. As a matter of fact, somebody wrote a book recently and coined the term for Bush’s cabinet as the ‘Mayberry Machiavellians.’ And the term is very apropos (being both relevant and opportune) because Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz, Armitage, & Rice are as dumb as those small-town yokels from the lovable Andy Griffith t.v. show but unlike Andy, Deputy Fife, Goober, & etc., Bush’s cabinet are vicious, cold, calculating war-mongers who are jeopardizing not only America’s future but the very existence of humanity. In short, the Bush doctrine of ‘preemptive strike’ is nothing short of a declaration of war against the rest of humanity. Georgie, the man who would be the new Napoleon and crown himself emperor of the world has made it abundantly clear that he will do as he pleases and the international community and international law don’t mean shit to him and his homeboys from hell.

Equally important to this frightening picture of our state of the world is the fact that Bush just nominated Wolfowitz to head the World Bank. Irrelevant? Hardly. These scheming and conniving ‘Hounds of the Baskervilles,’ don’t do anything without some hidden agenda in mind. It seems rather obvious to me that Bush—or I should say that conglomerate of corporate crustaceans who control him—wants to ensure that not does the U.S. tower over the rest of the planet in terms of military might but with ol’ Wolfie running the World Bank, they’ll be able to block any attempts at blocking America’s imperialistic power grab? This may sound like one long digression (deviation, side issue, departure, aside, irrelevancy, detour, bypath) but it’s not because what I’m saying in a nutshell is that this entire ‘State of the Union’ that the supreme slime-ball spewed forth from his lounge-lizard lying lips is nothing but a cover-up designed & created to keep the rabble in line and an attempt to maintain the illusion of justice, honesty, courage, etc. Nevertheless, I should finish this critique & analysis because every bit of honesty spoken or written is ammunition for the poor and the disenfranchised in this battle for the survival of humanity. Therefore, no matter how distasteful and personally repugnant it is for me to reflect on the lies that drool from the crevice of that black hole i.e. King Georgie the god-awful cretin, it is time to return to more of his perversions.


“To promote peace and stability in the broader Middle East, the United States will work with our friends in the region to fight the common threat of terror, while we encourage a higher standard of freedom. Hopeful reform is already taking hold in an arc from Morocco to Jordan to Bahrain. The government of Saudi Arabia can demonstrate its leadership in the region by expanding the role of its people in determining their future. And the great and proud nation of Egypt, which showed the way toward peace in the Middle East, can now show the way toward democracy in the Middle East.”



Anybody have a barf-bag? To start with the last lie first, yes, Egypt under Anwar Sadat, was making real progress towards a more just society and Sadat took the unprecedented step towards resolving the conflict with that barbaric ‘victim’ Israel and he was assassinated for it. Their current leader is a totalitarian tyrant and does everything he can to silence dissent amongst his citizens—just like Georgie who will only allow avowed supporters at his public speaking appearances. Come to think of it, you know what would be interesting? To do a study of exactly which countries of bushwhacker’s so-called ‘coalition of the willing,’ are the same countries to which we illegally fly prisoners we wish to be tortured for information. I am fairly sure that Egypt, Morocco, & Saudi Arabia are regularly used for these nefarious (heinous, wicked, atrocious, flagrant, infamous, villainous, abominable, base, vile, horrendous, sinister, vicious) purposes but, I’m not sure if Jordan and Bahrain are? My guess is that Jordan wouldn’t be party to this criminal conspiracy because they have been on our shit or hit list lately. Next it is imperative (compulsory, demanded, requisite, necessary, pressing, exigent, critical, urgent, decisive) that we deal with Bush’s brother in blood—or bloodthirstiness— who was fondly nicknamed by the Bush family itself as ‘Prince Bandar Bush.’ No, I shit you not. And lest you think me too far out there, I direct you to another excellent book by Craig Unger titled House of Bush, House of Saud. I won’t go into a long diatribe (a bitter and abusive speech or writing)—Hey! Somebody has to help educate the general citizenry because God knows that our public educational system has failed and continues to fail miserably & I know from over 27 years of schooling as a student and over 15 years as an educator myself—but consider the fact that Michael Moore brought up in his infamous film Fahrenheit 9/11 i.e. immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center & the Pentagon, all flights in the U.S. were ordered grounded but a private jet was allowed to go around the country collecting members of the House of Saud. Also, don’t forget that of the 19 hijackers who wreaked this horrific destruction on us, 15 of them were Saudis. Yet all those Saudis given this special exemption of being allowed to fly when all the rest of America wasn’t allowed to fly, weren’t even interrogated? True, they were asked a couple of cursory questions but you and I would’ve been grilled a lot more extensively for jaywalking. Food for thought?


And how does Bush speak of this nation, Saudi Arabia, in his ‘State of the Union?’ “…[it] can demonstrate its leadership in the region by expanding the role of its people in determining their future.” Yeah, butthead doesn’t call for democracy in Saudi Arabia but it does in Iraq. In Saudi Arabia if you dare to criticize the government or to march in protest, you most likely will end up in prison and be tortured & locked up if you’re lucky or more likely, you’ll be executed—often by public beheading. What a great friend we have in Saudi Arabia! Yep, true champions of free speech & democracy. Of course it has nothing to do with oil and the fact that they’re sitting on the world’s largest supply of it. You won’t get this sort of information, news, or facts on your nightly television newscasts or your daily national or local newspapers because the media is overwhelmingly owned by giant corporate interests and they’re not about to let the cat out of the bag. I know, sounds like another liberal, conspiracy nut, right? Well, if you really give a rat’s ass about your country or your own children being sacrificed in a war to protect and enrich the wealthy weasels, you’ll get off your couch-potato ass and do your own research!



In the background behind all Bush’s rhetoric about democracy and reform is the true reason we invaded Iraq and that as Chomsky I believe it was in the film I mentioned above said, was to show the rest of the world that we’re coming and we’re not just bluffing. Also pointed out by one of the film’s spokesmen was the fact that Cheney has already publicly stated that there are 50 regimes on his list for America to pursue a ‘regime change.’ And Bush did him ten better by calling for ‘regime changes’ in over 60 countries. These morally repugnant & moronic monsters believe we can take on the whole world and God help us when the dogs of war are let loose upon us due to their evil acts! Can you understand why I am so cynical and nauseated when our cowardly Christian who hid from war when it was his turn but has no compunction (qualm, misgiving, shame) or hesitance whatsoever when it comes to sending the young boys and girls of the poor, the working class, & the middle class off to shed their blood for his unholy agenda? Accordingly, when the butt-fucker for the business whores claims he is promoting peace and stability in the Middle East, he is coming from the Himalayas of hypocrisy! And what the hell is ‘hopeful reform’ suppose to mean? Now the buggered (sodomized) beast from Skull & Bones appears to claim he can read the minds of the millions of Middle Eastern peoples? His audacity is only matched by his stupidity and inhumanity and I sure do wish that God would send him a clear sign of how wrong he is because then we might just have a chance to survive this madman and his craven & greedy gargoyles. Bush in other words, is a habitual liar and he has been lying so long & has surrounded himself with flatterers and sycophants (bootlickers, toadies, lackeys, flunkies, yes-men, jackals) for so long that reality never touches him. Why do you think all his press conferences, presidential stump speeches, and etc. are controlled so totally in terms of who’s allowed to attend them, questions even from supporters must be submitted well in advance and are specially selected to make him look strong, etc.? If a serious question was posed to him without forewarning or he were forced to face the honest criticism of many of us on the Left or progressive side, he would crumble before the world’s eyes and all would see him for what he really is i.e. a third-rate actor and imbecilic front-man for the corporate pirates pulling his strings and telling him when to shit and when to smile. In brief, his environment must be absolutely controlled at all times lest he reveal his true identity. Things haven’t changed much since the days of Ronnie the Rat (Reagan) except now we have a certifiable nutcase and his handlers have pulled off the gloves of even the slightest hint of restraint. A crucial fact to bear in mind is the fact that even with all our military might, we can never win this fictitious war against terrorism because terrorists are extremely more mobile, flexible, & invisible than a standard military body. And with all the missing nuclear weapons from Russia, the chemical and biological weapons floating around the globe, and etc., the terrorists can strike with impunity (exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, or loss) whenever and wherever they want. No, if our ‘leaders’ really gave a damn about our safety they’d stop their aggressive actions around the globe and would do everything they could to cultivate friendship, trust, & respect with our neighbors on this fragile planet. If we did so, we might be tipped off by friends in other countries who get wind of planned attacks against us? Instead, we are saddled with a bully who thinks just because he has the power that he can threaten and attack any nation he so pleases. We all know what happens to bullies eventually but unfortunately, they might not get their just desserts until it’s too late for America and a good part of the rest of the planet? Knowledge is truly the greatest power and our greatest hope. Recall that Napoleon Bonaparte too suffered from delusions of grandeur and met his Waterloo. And even though he declared himself the Emperor of Europe, he knew he was going down the wrong road because he said, ‘There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind, and in the end, the mind always conquers!’



Obviously, the butt-licker isn’t worried about the safety of America but only about his own hide. Recall that when the attacks on the World Trade Center & the Pentagon occurred, Bush was on the run and the few pictures we saw of him on the news reflected a scared rabbit’s expression on his face. His kind have no backbone when the shit comes down. His coven (an assembly or band of usually 13 witches) of cowards and cutthroats hide in missile silos and don’t care if the rest of us are nuked because they think they can then nuke the ‘bad guys’ and will then be safe. Their ‘thinking’ is that of idiots who have never had an ounce of human kindness, compassion, or empathy for anyone outside their narrow little circles of buzzards. It has probably never occurred to them that what little may be left of America and the rest of the planet won’t be worth living for. The air, water, & land will be so radioactive that within days of exposure to it, a person will die an excruciatingly painful death in a matter of a few weeks. If they do manage to survive a nuclear world war, they will be forced to live out their remaining days underground. This won’t be that much of a change for these creatures though because they are sub-humans already. In contrast to the reality of Bush’s actions and policies, he continues to give lip-service to the values and principles this country used to stand for.


“To promote peace in the broader Middle East, we must confront regimes that continue to harbor terrorists and pursue weapons of mass murder. Syria still allows its territory, and parts of Lebanon, to be used by terrorists who seek to destroy every chance of peace in the region. You have passed, and we are applying, the Syrian Accountability Act—and we expect the Syrian government to end all support for terror and open the door to freedom. Today, Iran remains the world’s primary state sponsor of terror—pursuing nuclear weapons while depriving its people of the freedom they seek and deserve. We are working with European allies to make clear to the Iranian regime that it must give up its uranium enrichment program and any plutonium re-processing, and end its support for terror. And to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you.”


However, despite this bucket of bullshit that baby-face has dumped on us, the reality is that America vis a vis our militaristic mongrels is standing on the neck of Iran. I first got interested in politics when Rotten Ronnie became president because I was concerned about his stupidity and John Wayne approach to foreign policy but this bastard Bush is so belligerent (waging war; inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, or combativeness) and bellicose (favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars) that he makes Reagan look like a dove in comparison. Evidently, what these fanatics in the White House have done is simply replace the old, Cold War rhetoric directed at the Communists to the new bogeyman i.e. terrorists. How convenient and transparent a disguise for a naked imperialism bound and determined to rule the planet. As the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, & looks like a duck, it’s a duck. They can attempt to camouflage their vicious and greedy agenda with all the double talk, rhetoric, & euphemisms (the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant) they want to but their actions time and time again make liars of them.



Take the case of our invasion of Iraq, as Bush was spreading fear daily with his accusations regarding Saddam’s supposed weapons of mass destruction, our C.I.A. admitted that they hadn’t even done an analysis of Iraq’s military capabilities for over two years but this little detail didn’t matter to the rabid war mongers in Bush’s junta. [pg. 11, The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic, Chalmers Johnson] Undeniably, Bush and his spin-meisters believe they can perennially (perpetually, constantly, never-ending) simply make accusations against any sovereign nation they desire to invade and the gullible (unsuspecting, trustful, naive, simple, innocent, trusting, believing, unskeptical, unsuspicious) American public will fall for it hook, line, & sinker. And by and large, Bush’s cabinet of craven (dastardly, yellow, sneaking, base) cowards and captains of commerce have been right because we continue to send our young men and women to Iraq and other combat zones around the globe. The formula for keeping the general public under their thumb and complying with their murderous agenda is simple i.e. keep the masses scared to death with regular ‘reports’ of terrorist threats which are mostly exaggerated and often totally fabricated (contrived, made up, fake). Again remember my friend that during the ‘Cold War,’ the fear was maintained by regular warnings of ‘the commies are coming!’ Fear is a critical factor and must be kept alive continuously so the public won’t grumble too loudly at the billions and trillions of tax dollars that constantly flow into the ‘defense’ contractors while our roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and etc. crumble. Consequently, Bush’s speech-writers and main hatchet-man, Karl Rove, spew forth that at least 60 nations harbor Al-Quaeda terrorists, are building nuclear weapons facilities, or are pursuing weapons of mass destruction. With this arsenal of fear and lies, these lepers and parasites on humanity feel they have carte blanche (free rein, authority, license, freedom) to attack, invade, occupy, and steal from any country they please and they have positively laid out their targets.



What’s more, I believe Iran is near the top of the madmen’s hit list because they are really recycled Reaganites and they probably still harbor a bitter grudge at their embarrassment of getting caught in their web of lies and deceit regarding Iran? In case you don’t remember, Reagan swore time and time again that the U.S. would never trade weapons for hostages and then the Iran/Contra hearings proved him and his gang liars and criminals. Of course ol’ Ronnie escaped unscathed because after all he was the ‘teflon president.’ It’s the same old story i.e. they always throw a few underlings (inferiors, minions, stooges, flunkies) to the wolves snarling at their gates of power in order to appease (placate, pacify, calm, soothe, quench) the mobs who are calling for their heads after learning of their betrayal. Besides, I’m astounded (stunned, shocked, amazed, dumfounded, confounded, taken aback, appalled, staggered) that the bush-whacker thinks us so ignorant and gullible that he can criticize Iran’s lack of freedom when it’s neighbor, Saudi Arabia, has just as bad, if not worse record of tyranny and suppression of its people? Note also my comrade that he included ‘parts of Lebanon’ in his naming of just a few regimes that need changing? Like I said earlier, Palestine and Lebanon are often mentioned and therefore associated with if not outright labeled terrorists but rarely, if ever, is Israel mentioned in the terrorist context. We are constantly deluged (flooded) with a sea of propaganda and indoctrination with one primary goal in mind i.e. the softening up of our gray matter and preparation so we’ll go along with any barbaric program the evil ones dream up. As I have shown, Bush et al, are the world’s most dangerous gang of terrorists and while they proclaim it is our duty to chase down every last terrorist organization or country pursuing weapons of mass destruction, they have announced to the world in the official policy paper titled The National Security Strategy of the United States published in September of 2002 quite bluntly that the U.S. is not going to allow any nation get even close to our military capability or get in the way of our ‘economic interests.’ Without a doubt, these hyenas of hypocrisy and hubris are drunk with power and they are salivating at the thought of all the plunder (booty, spoils, loot) and power just waiting for their taking. I must say that this seemingly endless pack of lies and treachery (treason, duplicity, double-dealing, deceit, opportunism, deception, trickery, subversion) is taking its toll on me. I feel like I need a shower after each session of writing and analyzing this elaborate web of lies. We have regressed (gone back, reverted, relapsed, lost ground, backslid, deteriorated, degenerated) so far from our original democratic principles and creed, that I am extremely pessimistic that there is any saving of our former republic? Personally, I am looking around for a semi-hospitable country to escape to though it’s getting more difficult by the day to find such a place due to that baboon butt-fucker Bush’s callous and monstrous acts around the world. No, I’m not going down with the ship. My mom didn’t raise no fool. But I will continue to lend my voice and energies to trying to wake up the general American public in its ‘Lost Weekend’ and apparently never-ending state of amnesia. Fortunately, we are getting close to the end of the fuhrer’s (used chiefly of the leader of the German Nazis; a leader exercising tyrannical authority) ‘speech.’ By the way, I almost forgot to mention it but saw my notes scribbled in the margins of the speech, I believe Bush is deadly serious about invading Iran next because just recently Haliburton & Bechtel announced they were pulling out of Iran. Yet again, I am incredulous at the audacity of these pompous (grandiose, arrogant, haughty, self-important, patronizing, supercilious) pricks (PENIS—usually considered vulgar; a disagreeable or contemptible person) because by law, U.S. corporations aren’t even supposed to be doing business with Iran and they announce their withdrawal from Iran? They must be so damn smug (self-satisfied, conceited, self-important, self-assured, cocksure, triumphant) in their confidence that the complacent (serene, imperturbable, contented, pleased, unconcerned, at ease) cow symbolic of the body politic (a people considered as a collective unit; a group of persons politically organized under a single governmental authority) won’t bother to stop chewing its cud or raise its head up to see the oncoming locomotive about to annihilate us that they dare to make such a public admission? Obviously, since Cheney has such a fortune tied up in Haliburton, he has forewarned them that they had better get the hell out of Iran before all hell breaks loose i.e. before we invade and destroy yet another ‘sovereign’ nation in our bid for global dominance!



Without reservation, I am stating right here and now that the sodomizer of sheep aka King Georgie, the coward behind the bush and a good part of the butchery being done in the world at present, in no fuckin’ way speaks for me and I bet more than half of America i.e. those not totally brain-dead and ethically bankrupt! He claimed that ‘America stands with you,’ yeah, right! His definition of ‘America’ is the 1% or less who constitute the true ‘elite’ in that they currently hold the reins of financial, military, and governmental power—but their time is coming. The bushwhacker cares nothing about America’s poor, working stiffs, or middle and a good slice of the ‘upper crust’ and it is obvious if you’ll just take a brief look at his track record e.g. he hasn’t attended a single funeral of our soldiers returning from Iraq, he has cut medical benefits for soldiers, he placed them in harm’s way without sufficient numbers or material i.e. body armor, weaponry, etc., he has introduced bills to prevent workers from organizing, in short, he has undone dozens and dozens of programs established to help those less fortunate amongst us. So for him to stand up there in front of the television cameras and feign that he speaks for America is completely bogus (counterfeit, fake, spurious, sham, false, fraudulent, phony, artificial). I’m not a historian but I have read a good amount of history along with political science but, I don’t think we’ve ever had a president who was more blatantly in the pockets of the giant corporations than this sack of shit sitting behind the desk in the oval office?


Take the case of Bush’s golfing buddy, Senate Majority Leader Tom Delay, I was watching PBS’s program, NOW, last night i.e. June 3rd, 2005 and they did a story on the former insect exterminator, Delay. And isn’t his name so appropriate? He is obviously delayed ethically and that’s why the Senate Ethics Committee has filed charges against him 3 or 4 times so far. But, the reptilian republican rodents keep scrambling to change the ethical rules they established so as to protect the ‘hammer’ Delay. Curious isn’t it how self-righteous and outraged they were at Clinton’s indiscretions but Delay can do whatever he pleases? Delay, a self-proclaimed ‘Born-again Christian,’ just like his pimp, Bushie, claims to be a crusader for ‘family values,’ yet as was revealed last night on PBS, he went out of his way to block a bill introduced to stop the sweatshop conditions going on in garment factories in the Marianas, a U.S. commonwealth i.e. technically a part of the U.S. which means we can exploit them but they have none of the rights that we used to have in this country e.g. the right to organize a labor union. The poor women working 12-14 hour days in the garment factories are under armed guard and locked in by barbed-wire. They are forced to work Sundays off the clock i.e. no pay. Many of them come from Third World countries and are lucky if they make $350 per year. One of Delay’s home-boys, Jack Abernoff, a powerful lobbyist from Beverly Hills assured the governor of the Marianas that he could protect his lucrative trade in the modern day equivalent of indentured servitude i.e. slavery and he seduced Delay with free trips to places like Scotland’s world famous St. Andrew’s golf course, London, Russia, Indochina, etc. Yes indeed my friend, it sure warms my heart to see example after example of these good, ‘born-again Christians’ and all their good works representative of what they call ‘family values.’



To conclude my remarks on this last section of the banal (trite, tired, vapid, stale) tumbleweed from Crawford, Texas, let me add that unfortunately, far too many Americans are not aware of the power of words i.e. words can inspire us to greatness but they can also lead us down the road to ruin and damnation. And the bug who now sits on the throne in the White House due to his total lack of ethics or conscience has spin-doctors & public relations masters who have disguised the true cockroach that he is by wrapping him up in the American flag with a Bible in his hand. I’m not sure if I’ve already mentioned George Lakoff whom I just stumbled upon the other night while I was watching Free Speech T.V., but he has been dubbed something like the guru (mentor, expert, leader, authority, master) for the Left in terms of advising us on how to ‘frame’ our speeches, rebuttals, arguments, etc. in our battle with the ‘compassionate conservatives.’ And I can see why he has been elevated to such a high level. He quite simply and frankly says that we on the Left, the progressive, the democratic, etc. side of the political spectrum have to stop letting the right-wing lunatics ‘framing’ the issues with their deliberate terminology designed to keep us on the defensive and off-balance.


What’s more, it occurred to me that what Chomsky said in that documentary I recently mentioned on ‘Preventive Warriors,’ connects with what Mr. Lakoff is saying i.e. Chomsky said that in the lunatic framework that Bush and his band of crazies couch their propaganda and speeches to the world, their nonetheless is a logic—that is if you accept the framework or parameters (guidelines) or paradigm (matrix; EXAMPLE, PATTERN especially: an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype) that they use. It seems clear to me that our main focus needs to be on taking back the framework and the terminology used in our battles with these self-centered and selfish trolls. How much more is it going to take for us on the side of humanity to realize that by playing their game i.e. playing by their rules & using their devious terms, we are playing a sucker’s game. Quite simply, we need to follow the wise counsel of that venerable (worthy, time-honored, time-tested, holy, hallowed, illustrious) sage from ancient Athens, Socrates i.e. the Socratic method consisted of questioning your opponent before you even got into the heart of a debate as to precisely what their understanding was of the words you were debating e.g. truth, justice, beauty, etc.


Summing up, the bastards throwing gasoline on the smouldering hatred that is spreading like wildfire around the globe keep terrorizing America with their phantasmagoria (a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined <drugs that…can project the mind into a phantasmagoria lasting hours—John Kobler>) of ‘the terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming!’ It’s critical to remember that television is indeed one of the most powerful drugs that corporate America use to not only get us to buy their products but to also fall for their front-men like Dubya. Neil Postman elaborated on this in great detail in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death and I strongly suggest that you check it out for yourself lest you think me a little too far to the Left in my criticisms of American culture? Besides the obvious psychological harm in terms of stress and mental anguish, that these fear-mongers have perpetuated upon us, the greatest danger that their scare tactics pose is that they can cause us to panic and I know that when a person panics as in times of grave personal crisis such as near drowning—which I have come close to several times— they often don’t survive. Panic in other words is one of our most dangerous foes and what we need above all else is to be as calm & rational as we possibly can. And I am convinced that if enough of us educate ourselves and help to get the word out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters who may not have had the luxury or opportunity to learn the ugly truths behind these demons posing as protectors, we may yet have a chance of surviving these madmen? And don’t forget what a former president, Franklin D. Roosevelt warned us of i.e. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” [First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933]



Equally important my friend is to recall that F.D.R. and his ‘radical’ programs which put millions of Americans back to work on federally funded projects was a major factor in helping America recover from the Great Depression. And don’t forget that it was basically the unbridled greed and irresponsible policies and actions of Wall Street and the Robber Barons which plunged us into that devastating depression. The greedy elite have hated the democrats, those calling for governmental regulatory laws to keep the business moguls in line, and liberals & progressives in general because they have been forced to curb their greedy appetites for forty years. Unfortunately for most of us & tragically for some of us here in America and absolutely for billions of the poor around the globe, since roughly the first reign of Reagan, the reactionary Right have gradually taken back their power and are assaulting the poor with a viciousness that is mind-boggling. What’s more, since the manipulation of the public’s fear is so central to the reactionary Right’s hold over us, I’m going to give you some more relevant quotes on ‘fear’ listed in Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations: “Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh.” (Holy Bible, Proverbs 3:25); “The thing I fear most is fear.” (Montaigne, Essays, book I [1580] To the Reader); “Nothing is terrible except fear itself.” (Francis Bacon, [1623]); “The only thing I am afraid of is fear.” (Duke of Wellington, November 3, 1831); “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear.” (Henry David Thoreau, Journal, September 7, 1851). Finally, I want to add a few lines from a Joni Mitchell album and a song on it titled I Think I Understand; “I think I understand, fear is like a wilderness, stepping-stones or sinking sand.”


I wrestled with these words for quite sometime when I first heard it but I think I have a handle on what she was saying in them? Fear is like a wild, unknown, mysterious forest and we can either use our fears as stepping-stones to cross over the river of our consciousness to the other side which represents a higher level of consciousness, or we can allow our fears to swallow us up like being caught in quicksand. If we have the courage to face our fears one at a time as in crossing a stream one rock at a time, we can make it to the other side. And the fear-mongers in power in Washington have become master fear-mongers and alarmists (a call to arms; to strike with fear: TERRIFY; DISTURB, EXCITE; the often unwarranted exciting of fears or warning of danger). By keeping us in a perpetual state of fear they keep us ignorant and distracted from their dirty doings e.g. robbing us and the rest of the world. By keeping us scared they keep us off balance and the average person doesn’t have the knowledge or the energy and/or ability to inform themselves of the facts behind the state propaganda passed off as ‘journalism’ but which more closely resembles the ‘journalism’ of the former Soviet Union in its national newspaper, Pravda, which means truth. And that reminds me of a quote by George Seldes I believe? “Truth is the first casualty of war.” By the way, Mr. Seldes wrote a powerful book titled Witness to a Century which chronicled his interviews with almost all of the movers and shakers of the 20th century such as F.D.R., Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, etc. Mr. Seldes was a true journalist and didn’t spare anyone in his scathing honesty and probing questions. He was labeled a muckraker by those who feared his fearlessness and his integrity i.e. the crooked and immoral politicians and Robber Barons. I believe he just passed away a few years ago and he lived to be about 101 years old? If you’re interested in this crusader for truth, there is a documentary video on him available.


Meanwhile, to return to our current crook in charge i.e. Bush the bland, the banal, the bogus boy who claims to be from backwater, Crawford, Texas but who in fact was an Ivy League preppie born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and his handlers keep the propaganda pouring out 24 hours a day and day in and day out. Ask yourself this, how many simple, country boys have you ever heard of that were invited in to the most prestigious and secretive society America has ever known i.e. The Skull & Bones Society? It’s no surprise that the Bush administration is the most secretive administration in this nation’s history. And while I’m not suggesting some ‘grand conspiracy,’ it is worth noting also that Bush’s opponent in the last presidential race, Senator John Kerry, was also a member of the Skull & Bones Society. I’m just saying that one possibility could be that it was all a dog and pony show designed to dupe us once again into believing we actually still live in a democracy and have fair elections? This ultra-secret & elite society has placed its members in the U.S. presidency (Bush Sr. for example), the Senate, the House of Representatives, the highest courts in the land, and as C.E.O.s of the most powerful multi-national corporations. This entire ‘State of the Union’ speech of his is little more than an elaborate horror movie fabricated to keep us in line by scaring us. They threw in a few positive notes to give us the illusion that they are making war in this charade they have dubbed ‘the war on terror.’


Conversely, recall if you will some of the historical examples of ‘holy wars’ such as the Crusades which were in fact wars of terrorism the Christians waged against the infidels i.e. the Muslims. There are many forms of terrorism but the powers that be have succeeded in narrowing it down by repeated lies and distortions to the point that now, most Americans only see turbaned Muslims or arabs when they hear the word ‘terrorist.’ Bush claims to be a ‘born-again Christian’ but Jesus himself would spit in Bush’s face I’m sure if he were to appear. Even a cursory overview of Bush’s record clearly shows that he is one of the most unprincipled and callous presidents this country has ever seen. To demonstrate further the wickedness of this wolf in sheep’s clothing, let’s return to his ‘speech.’


“Our generational commitment to the advance of freedom, especially in the Middle East, is now being tested and honored in Iraq. That country is a vital front in the war on terror, which is why the terrorists have chosen to make a stand there. Our men and women in uniform are fighting terrorists in Iraq, so we do not have to face them here at home. And the victory of freedom in Iraq will strengthen a new ally in the war on terror, inspire democratic reformers from Damascus to Tehran, bring more hope and progress to a troubled region, and thereby lift a terrible threat from the lives of our children and grandchildren.”



Obviously the Middle East is a troubled region but the bushwhacker purposely leaves out the inconvenient truth that our greatest partner in crime i.e. Israel, is the major cause of Middle Eastern ‘trouble.’ Equally important is the fact that there were no Al Quaeda terrorists in Iraq when Saddam reigned because Osama bin Laden and Saddam were bitter enemies. But like a self-fulfilling prophecy, wild bill butt-fuck Bush with his crimes against humanity in Iraq i.e. terrorism on a massive scale that has killed by Johns Hopkins medical university’s estimate, at least 100,000 Iraqis and has therefore drawn veteran terrorists and has also attracted countless new recruits. Bush lied through his teeth to the American public and to Congress in order to justify his energy cabal’s desire to gain control over Iraq’s oil, water, & strategic location and lo and behold, now there are de facto terrorists swarming all over Iraq. Also bear in mind that just because Dubya the dumbshit labels those attacking our soldiers in Iraq ‘terrorists,’ doesn’t make it a fact. Most of them are in reality ‘insurgents’ or rebels. And also recall that when our founding fathers fought the British who called us their colony, they were labeled rebels, terrorists, etc. How can people who are fighting against invaders be called terrorists? If a country invaded our shores, would we be terrorists? It’s simply another blatant manipulation of language in order to rationalize the immoral policies and actions of our government vis a vis our military. Just watch the FOX network ‘news’ channel or recall during the height of our invasion how many generals they trotted out daily to beat the war drums. FOX should be called the propaganda channel and most of what passes for the ‘mainstream media’ is little better because they rarely challenge anything the White House puts out. If it weren’t so deadly serious, it’d be somewhat humorous that so much of the American public—including most of my friends—actually believe there is a liberal bias in the mainstream media. The right-wing fanatics have succeeded in convincing most citizens of this by simply employing what Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Goebels, knew i.e. repeat a lie often and long enough and eventually people will accept it as an established fact or truth.


To illustrate, consider if you will, this checklist from the back of a book I just checked out of my local library titled FRAUD: The Strategy Behind the Bush Lies and Why the Media Didn’t Tell You by Paul Waldman: “How to Build a Fraud: Portray son of one of America’s most influential families as down-home Texan. Berate media as ‘liberal’ until they stop asking tough questions. Take advantage of reporters’ tendency to not check the facts. Mask reactionary policies in compassionate words and pictures. Push false stories from right-wing media into mainstream media. Extol the virtues of workers while systematically pushing an anti-labor agenda. Propose a series of tax cuts aimed at the wealthy, but sell them as a boon to ordinary Americans. Disguise destructive initiatives with friendly sounding names. Befriend media with ‘genuine guy’ routine. Keep the public from accessing information. Maintain message discipline at all times. Question patriotism of anyone who disagrees. Repeat above until it all seems true.”



Evidently, I am not the only ‘kook’ who is trying to get the American public to wake from its big sleep. I am going to list several authors and books at the end of this paper for those who would like to check out my assertions and accusations for themselves. I must confess that I have been duped like most Americans into believing that Bush is just plain stupid but I am slowly discovering and beginning to realize that his misstatements and verbal gaffs are just a charade as Paul Waldman has pointed out. Bush is in fact a very clever and shrewd politician and realized that by playing dumb, he has gotten virtually a totally free pass from the mainstream media and those of us on the Left are insulted and labeled unpatriotic if we dare to point out his lies and contradictions just as G.E.’s front-man, Reagan’s hypocrisies. I recall some left-wing political writer commenting just before the 2004 presidential election that Bush was in fact a very effective speaker and though he liked to pretend he was a simple country boy, when he ran against Anne Richards for the governorship of Texas, he was very articulate and effective in their debate. Now some of you may dismiss me as a conspiracy nut, fanatic, loony, kook, etc. and this is a very common tactic on the part of the right-wing extremists in their patterns of marginalizing their critics but, who are the real nut-cases? Consider their track record—and I include many so-called ‘democrats’ because they often lack the balls to stand up on their hind legs to the powers that be and just want to keep in the game i.e. collecting that money from corporate lobbyists along with the wine, fine dining, travel junkets, etc.—e.g. the Great Depression, the Cold War, Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.–our nuclear policy), Star Wars–which they are bringing back out of the mothballs, Globalization & the permanent ‘outsourcing’ of millions of American jobs, Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto Accords i.e. denying the existence of global warming, etc. etc. etc.


As I have said and that brilliant wit, Gore Vidal, said it way before me, ‘we really live under a one-party system in America which has two wings i.e. one wing is republican and the other wing is democrats but they both bow to their corporate overlords.’ (my crude paraphrasing of Vidal’s words because I can’t lay my hands on the book or speech of his which contained the exact wording). And this is why I don’t call myself a democrat but rather a liberal or progressive and even they fall short of my positions at times but must suffice for now for the sake of communication. Unlike that lying leech upon the body politic we call ‘president,’ I want to be understood, to be clear, and to shed light on the true state of our union, so pay heed my friend. Note that he mentioned Damascus and Tehran. This was deliberate and is part of the preparing the American public for more terrorism on the part of our ‘commander in chief.’ Damascus is in Syria and Tehran is in Iran & these two cities in particular were mentioned in Bush’s dissembling (counterfeit, falsify, conceal, camouflage, mask, disguise) speech because once again his puppet masters know that the more they connect Syria & Iran with words like terrorism, the public will eventually take it as truth and go along with the agenda of aggression and imperial conquest.



In any case, it is imperative to bear in mind that words shape our perceptions of the world and they help to color our emotions. Every word that comes out of Bush’s mouth is deliberately calculated to have an emotional affect on us and is skillfully employed to psychologically prepare us for the neo-cons next move on the ‘Grand Chess Board.’ Let me ask you something, does anything you see or hear about in Iraq even remotely look or sound like freedom to you? The great charlatan (fraud, mountebank, fake, trickster, cheat, confidence man, impostor, deceiver, swindler, hypocrite) and his right-hand henchman, Cheney, don’t give a damn about freedom or democratic reforms in Iraq or anywhere in the world including here in the U.S. If Bush actually cared about ‘democratic reforms,’ why has he waged the greatest assault on the social welfare institutions this country has ever seen? Why has he done everything in his power to break unions & prevent any new unions from being organized? Why has he cut federal subsidies for job-training programs so critical for the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs to corporations moving overseas to take advantage of the cheaper labor and resources and which have been rewarded by Bush with tax cuts? Why did Bush tout (vaunt, praise, celebrate, exalt, promote) his ‘No Child Left Behind’ bill but then refuse to provide the necessary federal funding for it? He forces a bill i.e. in effect a law, down every state’s throat knowing full well that every state is already desperately low on funds so they must adhere to it and therefore they are forced to cut state funding in other truly important educational programs with proven track records. This was a thinly veiled disguise to gut public education and push more students into private schools—mostly Christian—which will further sap their already weakened intellects.


Undeniably, this is the most anti-democratic and anti-reform president we have witnessed in our lifetimes. Bush is in fact a totalitarian tyrant who calls himself Christian but is really a fascist fundamentalist determined to bankrupt the federal treasury so all the programs the liberals and progressives fought so hard for over the last hundred years ago will be wiped out because there will be no more federal money available for them. He and his jackals probably sincerely believe that theirs is a moral crusade and that once the Christian fundamentalists are in total control, we will at last become a ‘Christian nation,’ a decades-long dream of theirs. But they are so blinded in their lust for power that they can’t even see how far from being truly righteous they are. I can’t say with any confidence whether Bush really believes in God or whether it is just part of his plastic persona designed to dupe us all? He may be truly scheming and conniving and just putting on a pretense of piety to cover for his true identity as a shill (one who acts as a decoy—as for a pitchman or gambler) for the corporate global barbarians? Any rate, it would behoove (suit) us all to remember the old, street hustle where a guy offers to pay you a buck if you can tell him which of the half-coconut shells is hiding the elusive pea. The shifting of the shells is to confuse and distract the sucker. And Bush is a master of shifting words, policies, actions, and deception in all its forms. The greatest tragedy that has befallen America in recent years i.e. the events of September 11th, 2001 were a blessing in disguise to the cold, callous, and calculating bastards residing in the West Wing. And Bush has no shame, no honor, and no compunction whatsoever about exploiting that terrible national tragedy ad nauseam (to a sickening degree) in order to pass whatever requests for military spending i.e. billions to his vice-president and all their vile villains. Under cover of pretending to go after those dastardly terrorists who attacked us so heinously, Bush and his clan now have carte blanche to pursue their dreams of world domination.


Therefore, when Bush speaks of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ in Iraq, I want to barf because it is the same old sad story i.e. we’ll install another brutal dictator just like we did with Saddam, Noriega, the Shah of Iran, Marcos, etc. etc. etc. and we won’t give a damn how vicious and sadistically they torture and kill their own citizens as long as they allow corporations like Halliburton, Bechtel, G.E., etc. to rape, pillage, and plunder their lands and their people. And when—as they sometimes do—the dictator appointed by us turns against us and tells us that we can’t keep ripping off his citizens, overnight we’ll declare him the new Hitler as we did with Saddam and we’ll invade. There is a clear photo of Donald Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand just over a dozen years ago. Don’t believe me but at least check it out for yourself!


And speaking of not believing, I am incredulous that Bush the bullshit king could seriously expect us to believe that our soldiers fighting in Iraq and stirring up ever more hatred towards America by even the furthest stretch of the imagination, make us safer here in the United States? Here in the real world i.e. not the fictional world of that Benedict Arnold Bush, our chemical and nuclear plants are still woefully unprotected. What’s more, the television program 60 Minutes did an expose awhile back and showed how easy it was for them to walk right into several nuclear plants. We have been warned repeatedly by a variety of security experts that less than 1% of the millions of cargo containers that come into our ports are checked and it’d be so easy to smuggle a nuclear bomb, deadly biological agent, or chemical agent in via these containers. What is the excuse given by this administration of ‘compassionate conservatives?’ We don’t have the funding. No, they can’t and don’t give a rat’s ass about protecting us on our own land even after the horrific events of 9/11 but they somehow keep on managing to come up with billions for ‘protecting Iraqi citizens.’ Yeah, they’ve protected them alright, they’ve protected them with a steady barrage of bombs and sniper shootings to the tune of over a hundred thousand Iraqi dead & most of them innocent women and children. God save us from the bushwhacker’s idea of protection and freedom. Iraqis are under constant martial law, curfew, their homes are burst into in the middle of the night and the men are whisked away to not be seen for weeks, months, or ever again. The ‘terrorists’ i.e. rebels, insurgents, etc. have chosen to make a stand in Iraq because they don’t feel that another country has the right to come in and occupy their land, steal their oil, maim and kill their people, etc. How ungrateful of them? Bush and his cabal of ghouls count on the general ignorance and short memory of the American public and this is the major reason they have gotten away with so much cruelty, robbery, & murder. Too harsh in my criticism you say? Well then, answer me this, why was it that immediately upon our taking control of Baghdad at the onset of our invasion of Iraq, our soldiers only guarded the Ministry of Oil? All the other government offices and Iraq’s world class museums and etc. were left wide-open for pillaging. Summing up, Bush spoke of ‘our generational commitment to the advance of freedom, especially in the Middle East,’ well again my friend I dare you to look into our shameful history of ‘advancing freedom.’



One source you might care to check out is Gore Vidal’s book Dreaming War: Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta and here is an excerpt from it: “The some two hundred recorded military unilateral strikes that the U.S. has made against Second and Third World countries is a great scandal not discussed in our Media or known to our taxpayers.” And as hard as it is for me to believe, there are actually some Americans who would and have argued that every single one of these unilateral strikes was justified. This betrays exactly what the dumbing-down of America by our public educational system and our media manipulators working for the corporate gangsters has done to our psyches. Far too many Americans truly believe that we are pure of heart and intention and that the rest of the world i.e. all those we have attacked, undermined, robbed, killed, and who’s environments we have polluted to such nightmarish levels it’s unfathomable, are evil people wishing us harm for no justifiable reasons whatsoever. (The quote from Vidal’s book was on pg. 64) And since we seem to be a people fond of statistics, here’s another one from Mr. Vidal: “Since 1950 the United States has fought perhaps a hundred overt and covert wars. None was declared by the nominal representatives of the American people in Congress Assembled; they had meekly turned over to the executive their principal great power, to wage war. That was the end of that Constitution.” (Pg. 124-25) And lastly, but certainly not the least: “I have a list in my new book that gives the reader some idea how busy we have been. Unfortunately, we get only disinformation from the New York Times and other official places. Americans have no idea of the extent of their government’s mischief. The number of military strikes we have made unprovoked, against other countries, since 1947-48 is more than 250. These are major strikes everywhere from Panama to Iran. And it isn’t even a complete list. It doesn’t include places like Chile, as that was a CIA operation. I was listing only military attacks.” (Pg. 185)


Gore Vidal is right on the money when it comes to our widespread ignorance about matters that might seem to not affect us personally as individual citizens but the events of 9/11 have clearly revealed that these trivial matters such as attacking other countries time and time again will indeed come back and haunt us. And ignorance of our government’s actions is no excuse and won’t matter when or if we are caught or kidnapped by some terrorist group. So keep on burying your head in the sand and hope that the violence won’t touch you or yours. As for me, I choose to inform myself and to do all that I can to spread the word and hopefully help wake up the zombies blissfully attempting to buy their ways into consumers’ paradise. So my friend, do you still wonder why ‘they’ hate us? At least I have exposed you to a little bit of the wrongdoings our government and corporate crooks have been up to and you can’t claim to be totally baffled anymore! And now it’s time to connect some more pieces of that puzzle Bush and company have assembled or rather ‘dissembled.’


“We will succeed because the Iraqi people value their own liberty—as they showed the world last Sunday. Across Iraq, often at great risk, millions of citizens went to the polls and elected 275 men and women to represent them in a new Transitional National Assembly. A young woman in Baghdad told of waking to the sound of mortar fire on election day, and wondering if it might be too dangerous to vote. She said, ‘hearing those explosions, it occurred to me—the insurgents are weak, they are afraid of democracy, they are losing….So I got my husband, and I got my parents, and we all came out and voted together.’ Americans recognize that spirit of liberty, because we share it. In any nation, casting your vote is an act of civic responsibility; for millions of Iraqis, it was also an act of personal courage, and they have earned the respect of us all.”



However, this hideous hyena of hypocrisy with the assistance of his brother, Jeb, the governor of Florida hired thugs to go out to the polling places in the predominantly black neighborhoods and attempt to intimidate black voters. The bushwhack brothers also disqualified thousands of black voters by declaring them ex-felons fraudulently and in the recent ‘election’ of 2004, in states like Ohio, they purposely restricted the numbers of voting machines in black neighborhoods and poor communities so voters had to wait in line for sometimes eight hours or more. The thieves didn’t stop there and even though it had been clearly proven that most of the electronic voting machines were defective and that there was no way to have a paper trail, the reptilian republicans insisted we had to use them. Why? Obviously they didn’t want a paper trail because then they would’ve been found out. For this felon to speak of ‘civic responsibility’ when he and his clearly have no respect for fair elections whatsoever leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He says that the insurgents are ‘afraid of democracy’ when in fact it is blow-job Bush who is afraid of democracy because if we truly had one, he never would’ve gotten elected even dog-catcher in Crawford.


To demonstrate the duplicity of this ‘country boy from Texas,’ here are a few examples of how he and his gestapo have deceived the American public. Before we first attacked Iraq under the reign of junior’s daddy, the ex-CIA chief, our ambassador to Iraq, April Galespie, met with Saddam and he complained that Kuwait was slant-drilling under their border and stealing oil from Iraq and our ambassador told him that it was none of our business so Saddam invaded Kuwait. And similar to the mysterious girl dick-face Dubya just mentioned, another mysterious girl testified before our Congress that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers pulling babies from incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals and throw them to the ground. After our invasion it was discovered that she was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S. —a very wealthy family with vested interests in punishing Saddam, and she had never witnessed any babies being pulled from incubators. Next, recall the famous statue of Saddam that was pulled down and shown on mainstream media ad nauseam? Guess what? Yep, another staged event. The ‘crowd’ was hired by American agents and was much smaller than the cameras revealed. Or what about the infamous ‘Jessica Lynch’ story? Fortunately, Jessica unlike that vampire in the president’s chair had integrity and refused to go along with the fabricated heroic story the bushites tried to foist (sneak in, palm off, pass off, put over, misrepresent, falsify) on us. I’m sure if I wanted to put more effort into it, I could come up with numerous other examples of their deceptive practices they devised to manipulate public opinion. But it’s not necessary. Simply answer this, if they are promoting and defending democracy then why have they lied, manipulated, and misrepresented their stated goals so often? Are you willing to die or sacrifice your loved ones for ‘politicians’ and corporate robber barons who clearly could care less whether you or I die, live in abject poverty with no medical coverage, etc.? It’s a no-brainer for me! Hell no! I heard something in the ‘alternative media’ i.e. the only place you can find some truth in this world of lies and deception ruled over by the corporate media moguls, and they said something like over 120 other nations have freer elections than we do here in the home of the free and brave. What a colossal farce this ‘freedom’ we claim to have and promote around the globe! And the fraudulent, free market fundamentalist posing as a friend to the forlorn goes on.


“One of Iraq’s leading democracy and human rights advocates is Safia Taleb al-Suhail. She says of her country, ‘we were occupied for 35 years by Saddam Hussein. That was the real occupation….Thank you to the American people who paid the cost…but most of all to the soldiers.’ Eleven years ago, Safia’s father was assassinated by Saddam’s intelligence service. Three days ago in Baghdad, Safia was finally able to vote for the leaders of her country—and we are honored that she is with us tonight.”


Although this may be true, it was clearly another public relations ploy (stratagem, maneuver, device, trick, artifice, tactic, subterfuge) without a doubt designed to put a human face on our ugly deeds in Iraq and pull on the emotional and patriotic heart strings of the American public. Clearly a repeat of the at first ‘unidentified’ girl from Kuwait with the heart-wrenching tale of Kuwaiti babies being torn from incubators and dashed on the ground. Bush the bogus also leaves out that Saddam’s ‘intelligence service’ was more than likely trained by our CIA? It is critical if we are to not be blinded by the rhetoric and blatant emotional manipulations of the Bush/Cheney & Karl Rove team, that we keep in mind that it was the U.S. who put Saddam in power in the first place and it was the British who invaded and occupied Iraq in 1920 under mandate from the League of Nations—the precursor to the United Nations—and then in 1932, Iraq was granted independence but in 1941, the allied powers and especially the British, coerced and overthrew the government of Iraq. It was the British who arbitrarily and artificially drew the present day borders of Iraq and ignored the ancient rivalries between the Kurds, the Sunnis, & the Shites. In 1955, the Baghdad Pact linked Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey with Britain, but the only Arab country to join was Iraq, which withdrew in 1959. I just gathered these last few bits from The Columbia History of the World, edited by John A. Garraty & Peter Gay. The point is that the West, most notably the British formerly and now the United States and Great Britain have been interfering in Iraq’s internal political affairs and occupying their land for decades and we don’t seem to catch on. And now Bush talks like this is a new agenda and that we’re bringing ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ to this troubled land. It is clear that the U.S. has simply taken the reins of the chariot that Britain used to hold and which once dominated the globe i.e. ‘The sun never sits on the British Empire.’ All Bush’s lofty rhetoric about Iraqis being able to vote now that we’ve invaded and are occupying Iraq doesn’t mean a damn thing to anyone with even the slightest memory or familiarity with America’s own long & infamous history of conquest, invasion, and coercion of countries around the globe. And the example that is most relevant in my own lifetime is that of South Vietnam. The president of South Vietnam was a puppet installed by us and he was clearly an ineffective and corrupt ‘leader’ whom we had to protect from his own people. We put him in power because we knew he’d do exactly as told and he ‘invited’ our invasion in Vietnam just as the hand-picked puppet we installed in Baghdad and Afghanistan have done. This sham hasn’t fooled the rest of the ‘civilized’ world nor the progressives in the United States. The only suckers for this line of crap are the woefully ignorant mass majority in this country who depend on television for their information. And as in Vietnam, it’s going to probably take another 50,000 or so American lives lost along with a million or more Iraqis lives lost before the sleepwalking American public rises from its somnambulant (walking or addicted to walking while asleep) stupor (a state of extreme apathy or torpor resulting often from stress or shock: DAZE) and stop falling for this snake-oil salesman for the oil cartels! I believe our numbness of spirit and our national stupefaction is the result of several forces most notably, what passes for our educational system and our Fourth Estate i.e. the national media. We can sit around and lament (a crying out in grief) this sad state of affairs or we can stand up on our hind legs and take that first step towards our own independence individually and collectively as a people. The prolific and brilliant science fiction and science fact writer, Isaac Asimov, put it very succinctly (concise, precise), “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” This reminds me of one of our most illustrious presidents, Abraham Lincoln, who was probably one of the last ‘self-educated’ men and definitely one of the most intelligent presidents we’ve ever had. Lincoln has been appropriated by the Republicans because he was a Republican but the Republican party of his day bears little resemblance to today’s crass and commercially self-centered selfish pigs. Lincoln reminded us that this is a government of, by, and for the people. Sadly, today the Republican reptiles believe the ‘people’ solely refers to the elite who own almost everything. So, my imaginary friend, let’s get on with the business of self-education so we can stop those slime-balls.


“The terrorists and insurgents are violently opposed to democracy, and will continue to attack it. Yet the terrorists’ most powerful myth is being destroyed. The whole world is seeing that the car bombers and assassins are not only fighting coalition forces, they are trying to destroy the hopes of Iraqis, expressed in free elections. And the whole world now knows that a small group of extremists will not overturn the will of the Iraqi people.”



Surprisingly, Bush doesn’t realize his Freudian slip but it didn’t escape my notice and I’m sure it didn’t go unnoticed by a good number of critics of this administration. Every day, more and more republicans are coming over to the side of rationality because they have finally realized that Bush’s junta are the extremists i.e. reactionary right-wing extremists who seem to be hell-bent on destroying America in their insane policy pursuits. Yes indeed, the whole world knows that the small group of extremists are Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rice, etc. Bush has defied international law time and time again and flaunts his disdain for it with a sneer and smug arrogance that has made him much more feared than Saddam or Osama have ever been. What’s more, Bush’s repeated assertions of an international coalition of the willing is a joke and should more rightly be called a coalition of the coerced (forced, bullied, intimidated, commanded, strong-armed, overpowered, obliged). Bush and his dragoons (to force or attempt to force into submission by violent measures: HARASS) threatened his ‘coalition partners’ with economic blackmail if they didn’t ‘voluntarily’ join in his holy crusade—he even used the word ‘crusade’ in a few speeches but there was such an uproar that he quickly dropped it from his speeches after that. In addition, it is Bush and his marauding (plundering, pillaging, ravaging, ransacking, despoiling, looting, sacking) mercenaries (soldiers of fortune, hirelings, Hessians), who are trying to destroy the hopes of the Iraqis. Undeniably, most of the Iraqi people were elated at the forcing Saddam from power but for America to then occupy their country and treat them so brutally and continue to kill and maim them by the tens of thousands is nobody but a cold-hearted tyrant’s definition of democracy or freedom. The ‘insurgents’ have never said they were opposed to democracy. What they have said repeatedly is that they want the American forces out of their country and want to be left alone to work out their own form of government and deal with their internal problems in their own ways. Bush claimed at the beginning of his propaganda from behind his bully-pulpit that we don’t have the right to impose our form of government on any other nation yet, every other sentence in this ‘speech’ is about us bringing democracy to Iraq. I emphatically reject the terrorists methods and simplistic views of the world scene but I also absolutely reject Bush’s actions and policies and two wrongs don’t make a right. Bush’s myth, like that of his co-conspirators, is unraveling and I only pray that he will be impeached and thrown out of office soon and before he can do much more harm in this already desperate world of starving and suffering billions. Finally, on the subject of ‘extremism,’ I would remind the reader that Barry Goldwater that staunch republican who launched this 40 year assault by the republicans on the American public’s psyche said “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And…moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” (Acceptance speech, Republican presidential nomination, July 16, 1964) I’ll leave it to you to sort out the irony of this for yourself. The most powerful myth is that Bush’s cabal of cretins are for democracy because de facto what they’re really all about is crony capitalism, greed, and the exploitation of the entire planet so as to enrich them and theirs. As someone once said, ‘Capitalism is organized crime!’ And it is vital if we are to stand a chance of surviving and beating back these madmen in Bush’s cabinet that we can take back our power but it’s not going to be easy. Has anything worthwhile ever been easy? We have to make use of what we have and even if we’re at the bottom of the rung in this ‘compassionate’ conservative ‘Christian’ nation, we still have our minds, our spirits, & the public library system. I guarantee you this, once you start empowering yourself with the knowledge out there waiting for you to discover it, you’ll also discover the inner wisdom we all have. The more effort you put into educating yourself, the more your spirit and your sense of hope grows. And this is our strength and as our numbers grow, so does our collective strength and sense of purpose and belief in a just and equitable world. United we stand and divided we fall. The powers that be have been working diligently for decades if not centuries to divide us and make us weak and dependent on them. The righteous will win out and I know this to the marrow of my bones and the depth of my soul! Read on my friend. Read, study, reflect, discuss, write. This is how we turn back this tide of tyrants!


“We will succeed in Iraq because Iraqis are determined to fight for their own freedom, and to write their own history. As Prime Minister Allawi said in his speech to Congress last September, ‘Ordinary Iraqis are anxious…to shoulder all the security burdens of our country as quickly as possible.’ That is the natural desire of an independent nation, and it also is the stated mission of our coalition in Iraq. The new political situation in Iraq opens a new phase of our work in that country. At the recommendation of our commanders on the ground, and in consultation with the Iraqi government, we will increasingly focus our efforts on helping prepare more capable Iraqi security forces—forces with skilled officers, and an effective command structure. As those forces become more self-reliant and take on greater security responsibilities, America and its coalition partners will increasingly be in a supporting role. In the end, Iraqis must be able to defend their own country—and we will help that proud, new nation secure its liberty.”



On the contrary, Bush and any competent parent knows that you don’t build a child’s sense of pride or self-confidence by keeping them a dependent child. And that is precisely how we are treating the Iraqi people i.e. like incompetent and dependent children who can’t mange their own affairs. An image of Iraqis as backward, ‘camel-jockeys’ and other such racist stereotypes has been foisted upon the American public partly via the official government propaganda and partly through the negative characterizations of Hollywood film directors and producers. Most Americans don’t know that Iraq was the ancient land of Mesopotamia and was the cradle of civilization. They gave the world algebra, the first alphabet, etc. Until we started bombing it back into the stone age with Bush-whacker Sr. and for the entire decade of the 1990s, Iraq was the jewel of the Middle East and had probably the most well-educated citizenry with top-notch doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. It’s not that the Iraqis are not capable of running their own affairs but rather, it’s that the U.S. and its ‘coalition’ i.e. Britain, won’t allow them to control their own destinies and therefore we keep on telling the American and British publics that they are weak and need our help. This image is crucial because without it, we would have no excuse for remaining and occupying their land. Why do you think we have built 14 separate and permanent military bases in Iraq and around the Caspian Sea? It’s as plain as the nose on your face, we intend to control the entire area until every last ounce of oil has been drained from it and then overnight we’ll announce democracy has won and we can now go home.


Moreover, ask yourself exactly why is it that we’re so concerned with ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ in Iraq? There are plenty of other tyrannical regimes around the planet who’s dictators have killed far more of their people than Saddam did but we say and do nothing. Blair and Bush count on people’s ignorance and apathy because the facts are available to anyone with half a brain. All you have to do is go to your public library, alternative bookshops, or the Internet and begin to inquire. I was just listening to Cornel West read from his book Democracy Matters and he makes a significant distinction between what he calls Constantinian Christianity and Prophetic Christianity, and he said that when Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century, it marked the joining of church and state and Constantine probably did it for gains in political power. He also noted that it marked the beginning of persecution and the death of many Christian sects like the Gnostics and Jews. Well, I see a parallel with our modern day emperor—or wanna be emperor—King Georgie, the backstabbing bastard who has betrayed his office and all of America!



Next, let’s consider why perhaps that the ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ in the Bush lexicon of lies, keep on targeting police and government officials? I emphatically stress that I’m in no way condoning these vicious attacks but for the sake of clarity in the deliberately muddied waters of perception that Karl Rove and the other devils of deception continue to cloud our thinking with, I posit (submit) that they continue their assault on the police and government officials because they see them as having sold out and colluding (secret agreement or cooperation for an illegal or deceitful purpose) with the invaders and occupiers i.e. the U.S. and Britain. Just as when we fought our Revolutionary War against Great Britain, any who provided assistance to the British were tried as traitors and hanged. The Iraqis are indeed fighting for their freedom and wish to write their own history but it isn’t the Iraqis that Bush has bribed with promises of land, power, and wealth who are fighting for Iraq’s freedom, no, those who betrayed their fellow countrymen are siding with the U.S. for their own personal enrichment and this is why they are targeted for death and are despised by the majority of Iraqis. Finally, I again am bewildered at how the Bush team of tyrants can actually think that they can get away with statements like “…and it also is the stated mission of our coalition in Iraq”? Do they really think they can just go on ad infinitum lying and it will never catch up to them? The most pernicious lie perhaps of all was that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and this was the foundation of their argument and justification for invasion and this mammoth lie has now been thoroughly shown to be a deliberate falsification. So, how in the hell does he have the audacity to believe he can make the assertion regarding our purpose for being there will be believed by any but the most hopelessly gullible and ignorant? Hell, I don’t know? I vacillate (waver, see-saw) between thinking and wanting to believe that surely America can’t be that stupid and believing that yes they are indeed so? Of course I am then accused of being an elitist snob and what irony because those hyenas and jackals feeding on our blood and suffering are the true elitist but if I get so frustrated and pissed off and scream out in outrage, my own people i.e. the working class, turn on me and defend the snakes oppressing us all? It’s enough to make one want to run away to a deserted island in the South Pacific and say fuck em all! But I haven’t reached that point yet. If I do abandon ship, it’ll be to continue waging my war from a safer vantage point and to keep my sanity because America today is a shameful disgrace and we’re acting like the worst from history’s long list of evil despots! Without a doubt, there will be those who will be outraged at these things I’m saying and denounce me as being anti-American but those who do, merely reveal their pitiful ignorance of history and particularly American history. The easiest thing to do is to jump on the bandwagon and repeat simplistic jingoes and militaristic rhetoric without ever bothering to think for oneself or to research the background of the issues. This is simply allowing oneself to get caught up in the mass hysteria and hatred. I spend at least 40 hours per week reading, researching, & reflecting on the major issues affecting not only us here in the USA but also around the world. If 9/11 showed us nothing else, it should have showed us that we can not separate or divorce ourselves from the actions and policies of our government. The days of isolationism are long past and the world has shrunk to a complex web of interconnectedness and interdependence i.e. what we do here in America has a ripple effect on the rest of the world and vice-versa. In short, we had better learn to get along together or together we’ll all go down a black abyss of annihilation! Undeniably, most Americans have slipped into a non-thinking, intellectually lazy lassitude (languor, torpor, lethargy, apathy, sluggishness, malaise) and people like myself who remind them of this are the targets of vicious slander and libel because so many assume that once a democracy always a democracy. Wrong! Democracy is a living entity that requires nurturing and most importantly participation i.e. we need to inform ourselves as to what our government is doing and to hold the politicians feet to the fires of truth! King Georgie born with the silver spoon in his mouth and a silver spoon to snort cocaine out of as a young man, keeps on braying (to utter the characteristic loud harsh cry of a donkey) the glory of ‘democracy’ yet all the while he and his inbred ‘Mayberry Machiavellians’ are destroying every last vestige (a minute remaining amount) of our freedoms e.g. the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, & the elimination of every last social welfare for those down on their luck usually due to the callousness of the corporate crime lords. We are fast becoming a despotic (tyrannical, autocratic, oppressive, dictatorial, authoritarian, fascist, inquisitorial, bullying, imperious, inhumane, merciless, Draconian) superpower feared and hated by the rest of the world.



Again remember that hatred, racism, & violence are fueled by ignorance. So, if we inform ourselves and work at spreading the information, we can erode the ability of the elite to manipulate our fears and emotions and become true citizens in a proud and free democracy. Here’s something to reflect (ponder, muse, deliberate, weigh, contemplate, mull over, study, consider, meditate, wonder, speculate) on, I was watching the recent hearings brought by Senator (Congressman?) Connors on the Downing Street Memo and one of the witnesses was Ray McGovern, a 27 year CIA analyst. McGovern said when asked about why we are in Iraq, “I use the acronym (a word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term) OIL; O = Oil, I = Israel, & L = Logistics.” Note that this administration of arrogant assassins first used the term ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation,’ but then they realized that perhaps it wasn’t very smart because it may have tipped their hand to the American people due to its initials being O I L or one of the three reasons we invaded Iraq as McGovern pointed out. And by logistics, McGovern said he meant that Iraq is situated in a very strategic position militarily when considering the geographic/political significance globally of various points around the world. Of course whenever you say anything critical of Israel you are immediately accused of being anti-Semitic but this is bogus and is similar to being labeled a conspiracy nut every time you point out something that is critical of the government or multi-national corporations i.e. it is a way of marginalizing you so as to hopefully discredit you and therefore cause people to not listen to you. Israel isn’t some bloodthirsty monstrous regime. But, just as here in America, Israel has its own share of far-right extremists and reactionaries who seem to be in charge at the moment and who are pushing it in aggressive and violent directions. Furthermore, the extremists in Israel and in America are seizing their time of opportunity now and trying to gain control over the entire Middle East it seems to me? Consider who Bush has been railing against over the last several months e.g. Iran, Syria, Lebanon. Food for thought? Lastly, in regards to ‘Why we’re in Iraq,’ if it has nothing to do with Iraq having the second largest oil deposits in the world, then why did that Cheshire-smiling cat, Cheney fight so defiantly all the way to the Supreme Court to block journalists from finding out who attended Cheney’s top-secret ‘Energy Summit?’ Could it be that he and his cohorts (accomplices) met behind closed doors to divide up the coming spoils of Iraq’s bountiful oil supply? And if this information was to get out, Bush and his warmongers would have been found out? Since when is our national energy policy a matter of ‘National Security?’ The term ‘National Security’ is the umbrella term trotted out ad nauseam every time the wrong doers want to hide their illegal & immoral activities. It is the thin veil they hide behind like the Wizard of Oz hid behind the curtain in Oz pulling levers to manipulate the people of Oz. And it’s now time for us to pull back the curtain of some more of Bush’s lies and deceptions.



“Recently an Iraqi interpreter said to a reporter, ‘Tell America not to abandon us.’ He and all Iraqis can be certain: While our military strategy is adapting to circumstances, our commitment remains firm and unchanging. We are standing for the freedom of our Iraqi friends, and freedom in Iraq will make America safer for generations to come. We will not set an artificial timetable for leaving Iraq, because that would embolden the terrorists and make them believe they can wait us out. We are in Iraq to achieve a result: A country that is democratic, representative of all its people, at peace with its neighbors, and able to defend itself. And when that result is achieved, our men and women serving in Iraq will return home with the honor they have earned.”


And Bush, the AWOL airman whom daddy got into the Texas Air National Guard so he wouldn’t have to go to Vietnam, is a fine one to speak of ‘honor.’ What’s more, how has he honored our dead in Iraq? By not providing them with proper body-armor—that would cut into the profits for Halliburton and his puppet-master Cheney’s profits—by cutting their pay at every opportunity, by cutting their medical benefits and denying medical treatment to many veterans, by offering such a meager salary that many soldiers’ families have to go to food banks to survive, by not allowing their flag-draped coffins to be shown on television, etc. etc. etc. Yes my friend, this is how the cowardly compassionate Christian corporate crony ‘honors’ our dead and fallen! Furthermore, how dare the bushwhacker talk of a goal of being at peace with its neighbors when under the audaciously aggressive and amoral administration of Bush we have in effect announced to the world that we will attack and invade any country we feel like if we think they may even be thinking of defying us. We i.e. the Bush cowboys, refuse to join the International Court of Justice because Bush et al know that they can very well be called before it to answer for crimes against humanity. So Bush can spout off all he wants to about justice, freedom, democracy, & etc. but it is all hollow rhetoric designed to keep the dumb Americans who only watch t.v. and don’t read a single book in a year, believing his lies and sending their kids to die in Iraq and paying their taxes while Halliburton, Bechtel, Exxon, etc. etc. etc. don’t pay their taxes. We’re a nation of suckers! As for not giving a timetable for leaving Iraq, if you buy Bush’s bullshit excuse on that, then you are truly brain-dead. First of all, it’s evident that the ‘terrorists’ i.e. insurgents or more accurately Iraqi citizens fighting against an invading military force, don’t need any help psychologically. They have been fighting against the U.S. and British forces for quite some time and have only gotten bolder & stronger in their resistance and attacks. The more vicious our methods we use against them, the stronger their resolve to defy and defeat us and the more they appear as the victims and we, the war criminals, to the rest of the world. And the more they attract recruits from around the world. America was less threatened before 9/11 and we had the world on our side after 9/11, but with this completely unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Iraq, we have increased the numbers of would be terrorists against us exponentially. In short, Bush and his sinister machinations have brought us a self-fulfilling prophecy and then ironically what he started this war with i.e. a pack of lies, becomes truth i.e. Iraq is now becoming a bed of terrorists because we made them so.



Next, in regards to Bush’s bodacious (OUTRIGHT, UNMISTAKABLE, REMARKABLE, NOTEWORTHY) B.S. about why he won’t give a timetable for our leaving Iraq, commonsense tells me that we wouldn’t build fourteen permanent military bases in Iraq if we were planning on simply staying there long enough for their military to get on its feet. We purposely broke up their military and many of them became the ‘insurgents,’ when we could’ve used them to maintain order during the transition to a new government. The plan was obvious, bomb their infrastructure to pieces, break up their military, and create social chaos so we then have the pretext of coming to the rescue and all the while, we can establish a permanent military presence and gain control over their oil and other resources for our profit. Of course the ‘our’ isn’t you or me, it’s the elite 1% who own America and own us! Just as in the Dark Ages under feudalism. The lords and ‘nobility’ go out and start wars and tell the peasants, you bust your asses from sun-up to sundown and give us the lion’s share of your crops and we’ll ‘protect’ you. But who protected the peasants from the ‘nobility?’ Certainly not the Church, they often were in cahoots (PARTNERSHIP, LEAGUE <in cahoots with the devil>) with the rulers i.e. the State.



And speaking of the Church and State being in league with one another, I am reminded of the PBS program NOW broadcast on June 17, 2005 because the first expose was about Bush’s dear brother, Jeb, the governor of Florida—remember, he helped steal the presidency for his big brother—because in a recent case where a 13 year old girl who is a ward of the state and who ran away from a foster care home. This poor girl got pregnant and logically was counseled that she should get an abortion but the self-righteous Christian Right jumped in via Jeb, and tried everything they could to prevent her from getting an abortion. The so-called Christian Right just like the so-called Compassionate Conservatives keep on claiming to be the victims or the underdogs in this society but are in fact the aggressors and are waging a serious war against all who dare to oppose their intrusions into our personal lives. This expose revealed that now they are not only going after and killing doctors who perform abortions but judges who’s decisions they don’t agree with. Yes, they have killed judges they label as ‘Judicial Activists.’ Naturally they don’t refer to themselves as activists because they are just doing the Lord’s work as they interpret it from the Bible. A very good point was made in this expose and that is the fact that these Christian cretins (Christian, human being, kind of idiot found in the Alps; a person with marked mental deficiency) rant and rave about Iran and other countries interpreting their laws through the Koran when the Christian Right is doing precisely the same thing here in America! Hypocrites of the highest or lowest order if you ask me. They call this part of the ‘culture wars’ here in America but culture wars sounds too innocuous (harmless, mild, moderate, banal, bland) to me because this is indeed a deadly battle they are waging against all who aren’t ‘born-again Christians.’ And we’d better wake up and start taking these maniacs seriously because they are indeed serious, dead-serious and they’ll kill anyone who seriously challenges them and points out their blatant hypocrisies and contradictions. Accordingly, we had better become activist citizens and stop these ‘Christian’ fanatics and fascist politicians and corporate con-men or we will one day wake up and find ourselves living in a country more closely resembling Communist Russia with its gulags than the America we used to know! How do we do this you ask? Simple, one step at a time and by going to your public library and checking out some of the books I have mentioned. And when you read these books, you will stumble upon other books and authors mentioned in them. Keep on following the trail and you will begin to see the connections. By the way, speaking of libraries, isn’t it noteworthy that it has been librarians who have disobeyed the government’s order to provide them with records of books we have checked out and who have quickly destroyed copies of our records? Right on! The humanities humanize and the liberal arts liberate! (My phrases) Viva la liberation! And let’s do some more liberating by dissecting further the web of deceit spun by that monstrous moron in the White House.


“Right now, Americans in uniform are serving at posts across the world, often taking great risks on my orders. We have given them training and equipment; and they have given us an example of idealism and character that makes every American proud. The volunteers of our military are unrelenting in battle, unwavering in loyalty, unmatched in honor and decency, and every day they are making our nation more secure. Some of our servicemen and women have survived terrible injuries, and this grateful nation will do everything we can to help them recover. And we have said farewell to some very good men and women, who died for our freedom, and whose memory this nation will honor forever.”


However, balanced against Bush’s personal and public track record, his conduct has been the essence of hypocrisy and he shouldn’t even be allowed to utter the word ‘honor.’ Today is the Fourth of July, 2005 and like all the fools lighting off fireworks, Bush knows nothing about true patriotism. They and he just like blowing things up and making noise. I have already mentioned Bush’s special treatment due to his having been born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth i.e. getting moved to the top of the list for the Texas Air National Guard even though he scored only one point above the passing score cutoff on the test. And don’t forget the fact that he was grounded from flying for refusing to take his physical. What was he afraid of? Could it be that a physical would show the cocaine and who knows what else in his bloodstream? Or how about the fact that once again daddy bailed him out and had him shipped to Alabama while still in the Air Guard to supposedly work on a friend’s political campaign—more likely to get him out of Texas where he was an embarrassment to the family due to his wild partying ways. And the ‘honorable’ one couldn’t even handle this cushy ‘job’ because he was marked AWOL for months at a time. Yeah, Bush Jr. is just like the rest of us good ol’ country boys, no special elite treatment there!



Whereas, I went AWOL and they sent the FBI to my mom’s house and arrested me. I may sound hypocritical but not really because I stood up and declared my opposition to the Vietnam War and kept going AWOL until they let me out with an undesirable discharge. We too had the supposedly ‘volunteer’ Army but that was a farce because we had the lottery and if your number was called, you had to report or go to jail. Bush just keeps on repeating the lie of a ‘volunteer’ army and the slumbering sheep keep going along with the oil cartel’s program. I was watching a repeat of Sixty Minutes last night and the story was about the reality of our ‘volunteer’ army i.e. the backdoor draft. Not only are guys who’s tours of duty are up, being forced to serve extended tours of duty, but they are calling up people who have left the military years and decades earlier. A woman of 55 who is only 4′ 8″ tall for example. A guy who suffered physical injuries when in the military and can no longer run is another example of Bush’s ‘volunteers.’ A woman who is 30 years old and has 3 young children including a baby was also forced into this ‘volunteer’ army. The military has steadily been failing to meet its hiring quotas for the past several months, why do you think this is if this is such a ‘just’ war or if Bush is such a ‘righteous’ leader?


Because even though the right-wing extremists have been extremely effective in their manipulations, lies, & distortions of the truth, the young people of this country are beginning to see the disconnect between reality and what the propaganda machine operating out of the White House says. Bush and company are only interested in one thing and that is to remain in power for as long as they possibly can. Just as Hitler and his henchmen, Bush’s Goebels is Karl Rove and he knows the power of words and images and has wielded his sword of subterfuge (ruse, pretext, excuse, trick, artifice, deception) mightily. In a nutshell, Rove and his ilk know full well the power of repetition and the well-staged photo opportunities. It’s all style and no substance and as I mentioned earlier, George Lakoff has shown us the power of ‘framing’ the debate so as to control and lead the listeners in your direction but if I had to choose between the power of words and the power of images, I’d have to choose images. Think about it, for those of us born after 1950, television has been the overwhelmingly dominant medium and we have been raised on images. Consider how many commercials we have been exposed to in our lifetimes to say nothing about all the billboards, magazines, etc. we have been inundated with. And this brings me to another excellent program I watched last Friday night i.e. NOW —formerly with Bill Moyers but now with David Brancacio. David’s guest was Milton Glaser who has been a major force in advertising, marketing, & design.


Mr. Glaser has designed such famous icons as the ‘I love (picture of a heart) New York’ and that world famous black poster of Dylan with his hair a rainbow of colors. Glaser just published a collection of images done by himself and others and the title is The Design of Dissent and in this land of the free and home of the brave, in this land of democracy that supposedly our soldiers are over in Iraq fighting to protect, Mr. Glaser’s book’s cover was censored i.e. they taped over some words or images. Everywhere I look, I see more and more suppression of dissent and fear we’re on a slippery slope to totalitarianism? It all adds up though because if we hadn’t become a nation so dumbed down by television and a neutered mainstream media along with a public educational system that has also sold out to the powers that be, we never would’ve allowed such national embarrassments as Reagan and Bush-boy in office. David Brancacio asked Mr. Glaser a question regarding the difference between dissent and propaganda, and Mr. Glaser’s response was enlightening. He pointed out that dissent is concerned about abuses of power and seeks the truth whereas propaganda doesn’t need to worry about truth or facts. Propagandists just need to keep repeating their lies and people will eventually accept their lies as facts or truth. He also noted that ‘spin’ is just a nice way to say ‘lie.’ In addition, Mr. Glaser asserted that entertainment has become more important than truth and our mainstream media has clearly gone in the direction of entertainment and have given up in speaking truth to power. Summing up, Mr. Glaser lamented the fact that immediately after WWII, as the Nurembourg Trials clearly showed, we were a people who felt strongly that the ends don’t justify the means i.e. even if you have a good goal in mind, it matters how you get to that goal. Hitler claimed he was working for the unification of Germany and the reclamation of their honor but he had millions of Jews and gypsies and others murdered. What is Bush doing? He’s having hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the name of his holy war on terrorism! And by the way, Bush isn’t the only president guilty of war crimes, Clinton with his sanctions against Iraq killed at least half a million. As Mr. Glaser sadly noted, nowadays people no longer care whether the means used to accomplish the powers that be’s goals are honorable. In other words, we now live in a time of almost complete lack of morality. Consider this when looking at the permissive atmosphere that gave us ENRON, World Com, etc. etc. etc.


Moreover, when Bush speaks of the ‘unwavering loyalty’ of our troops, he is lying by omission i.e. leaving out, all those soldiers who were forced to go to Iraq against their will and those forced to stay there even though their agreed upon term of service to this country was over. And when he talks of their being ‘unmatched in honor,’ was and is it honorable to torture prisoners, to sexually degrade them, etc.? And if you buy Bush’s lies that Abu Gharib was just a handful of ‘bad apples,’ then there is little hope that you will ever wake from your trance! I know that I sound like some sort of Benedict Arnold probably but I am a true patriot because I am ashamed of every American who does evil in the name of democracy and freedom and claims that they’re just following orders. Unquestionably the ultimate blame and responsibility lies on Georgie the backstabbing bushwhacker’s shoulders but that still doesn’t excuse or exonerate those who carry out immoral acts. Once again, just as all those good Nazis claimed they were just following orders didn’t excuse their evil crimes against humanity. Yes, Hitler was a master at manipulating the German people with his symbols such as the swastika and the eagle and Bush has also been masterful in his manipulation of the American public with the images of September 11th to arouse their anger and direct it at his target, Iraq. Tragically, it’s probably going to take us many years just as after the Vietnam war, for us to wake up and see the devastating psychological consequences of forcing our soldiers to commit acts of murder and other atrocities. But on Democracy Now!, that den of dissent & subterranean ship of subversives, a father and mother told the story of their son who came back from Iraq a shadow of his former cheerful self and how he was totally withdrawn and depressed and who after several months, one day hung himself in his parent’s basement. It was revealed that he had been ordered to murder a prisoner at point blank range by his superior officer. Honor? Loyalty? Democracy? Freedom?


Balanced against Bush’s rhetoric and manipulative phrasing are his actions which reveal the truth of this lizard king. I was recently reviewing Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD movie and though I wasn’t fast enough to catch every detail about Bush’s cuts in military programs, here are a few I did manage to write down. (The remote control pause button wasn’t working) I just remembered that I bought The Official Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader by Michael Moore and perusing it I found the precise facts that I want to share with you which show how much loyalty, honor, & decency Bush has for our soldiers dying and bleeding in Iraq because they were naive and trusted their president.



“Bush ‘proposed cutting combat soldiers’ pay by thirty-three percent and assistance to their families by sixty percent.’ SOURCE: The Bush administration announced that it would rollback ‘modest’ increases of benefits to troops. The Army Times noted, ‘the administration announced that on Oct. 1 it wants to roll back recent modest increases in monthly imminent-danger from $225 to $150 (a cut of 33%) and family-separation allowances from $250 to $100 (a cut of 60%) for troops getting shot at in combat zones.’


‘He opposed a $1.3 billion increase…in veterans’ health care, and closing seven veterans’ hospitals and he tried to double the prescription drug costs for veterans and opposed full benefits for part-time reservist.’ SOURCE: ‘On Nov. 12, the Office of Management & Budget opposed restoring $1.3 billion in funding for Veterans Administration hospitals that the House Appropriations Committee had cut. ‘It’s as if they’re not even aware [that] there’s a war on terror going on,’ says Steve Thomas, an American Legion spokesman and Navy vet who notes casualties in Iraq could make demand for VA services soar.’ Stan Crock in Washington, with William C. Symonds in Boston, ‘Will Troops Salute Bush in ‘04?,’ Business Week, December 8, 2003.”


By their actions ye shall know them! Step right up suckers to the traveling snake-oil salesman Bush’s tent-show. Here once again is proof of his ‘compassionate conservatism.’ How many times does he have to spit on the graves of our soldiers before we rise up and jerk his ass out from behind that desk in the oval office along with his cabal of cockroaches? Well I know that many Americans are still not persuaded that their illustrious leader could be deceiving them so, I will follow this analysis of Bush’s speech through to completion. And I now know that my words will fall on deaf ears for all those who as George Lakoff has pointed out are of a world view that believes in the strict or authoritarian father model. Progressives, which I proudly consider myself a member of, believe in the nurturing parent role model in contrast. And as a nurturing parent and empathetic citizen of the world, I will continue trying to persuade people to consider the deeper issues tearing our world apart. So, let’s return to Bush’s public propaganda pronouncements.


“One name we honor is Marine Corps Sergeant Byron Norwood of Pflugerville, Texas, who was killed during the assault on Fallujah. His mom, Janet, sent me a letter and told me how much Byron loved being a Marine, and how proud he was to be on the front line against terror. She wrote, ‘When Byron was home the last time, I said that I wanted to protect him like I had since he was born. He just hugged me and said: ‘You’ve done your job, mom. Now it’s my turn to protect you.’ Ladies and gentlemen, with grateful hearts, we honor freedom’s defenders, and our military families, represented here this evening by Sergeant Norwood’s mom and dad, Janet and Bill Norwood.”



Obviously Bush’s spin-doctors i.e. liar’s club, hand-selected this family and knew full well that they wouldn’t criticize this criminal cabal who sent their son to die in Iraq under totally fabricated reasons. Furthermore, this was clearly designed to pull on the heart-strings of America and meant to show America that all of the parents of our soldiers in Iraq felt the same way as these parents. If you think me too off the mark, answer me why it is that at every public speech the baboon gives, people must sign in effect a loyalty oath i.e. basically declare that they voted for Bush and won’t protest or be disagreeable? Every public event the butt-boy speaks at is controlled to a degree never seen before and this is clearly done to maintain the public image of a well-liked and strong leader. His handlers know full well that if people who disagree with his policies were allowed at his events, he’d be heckled and booed and would become flustered (bewildered, confused, addled, upset, perturbed, agitated, rattled, disconcerted, discombobulated, unhinged, unsettled) and that would tarnish his well-crafted image. And image is everything on the political world stage. Reading this slime from the serpent’s mouth, I am reminded of that gentleman who finally stood up and put an end to Joseph McCarthy’s reign of slander and terror with ‘have you no decency?’


What’s more, if we truly honored our soldiers, we’d bring them home and wouldn’t send them to make the world safe for Halliburton, Bechtel, and the other corporate cartels who are the true terrorists. These cold-blooded crooks are never satisfied no matter how many billions they steal from the American taxpayers and from the citizens of just about every nation on earth. I just heard on the PBS program NOW! that Halliburton and several other corporations are now making their employees pay more of their medical costs. These people are making good money in places like Iraq but they are also putting their lives on the line yet the corporate swine want to squeeze ever more blood from them. And remember that the president of vice i.e. Cheney, continues to profit handsomely from Halliburton. Also recall that this same corporation pays almost nothing in taxes because they take advantage of the off-shore tax havens such as in the Cayman Islands. Additionally, Halliburton has been fined several times for not providing the services or the products they have been paid to provide. It’s like this gang of pirates in the White House has opened the doors to the federal treasury and told all their cronies to come on down to the pig trough and gobbled up all they can before the public wakes up and closes the door.



Summing up this section of Bush’s lies and distortions, I noted how he or I should say, Karl Rove, again managed to slip in a bit of clever manipulation of the public’s mind as well as emotions. By inserting ‘how proud he was to be on the front line against terror,’ Bush again shores up one of his false excuses for invading Iraq i.e. Iraq is a hotbed of terrorists and Saddam and Osama bin Laden are in cahoots with one another. Additionally, by interjecting “you’ve done your job, mom. Now it’s my turn to protect you,” Bush again gives the public that somehow by invading Iraq which never even threatened America, he is protecting America? No my friend. Bush is protecting all his buddies in the oil and energy business because that is the industry that he came from and the industry that primarily financed his stealing of the presidency. And speaking of protection, as the tragic London bombings of July 6th 2005 reminded me, Bush has been draining our economy and turned the $3 trillion budget surplus President Clinton left into a $3 trillion budget deficit as of now and is borrowing billions per day to keep Halliburton and all the other mass-murdering mega-corporations solvent (financially sound). Meanwhile, they are slashing the funding for every single social welfare i.e. ‘Safety net’ program they can get their grubby little paws on. Again and again I ask myself how the public can be so blind to what these evil creatures are doing? Our sons and daughters i.e. predominantly from the poorest parts of town and the most economically devastated parts of the country, are forced to choose between a life of poverty, degradation, and despair or of joining the military to at least be able to hold their heads up. And again this evil bastard masquerading behind the claim of being a ‘born-again Christian,’ is cutting their pay, their medical benefits, and even denying many of their medical claims when they return physically and psychologically maimed. There’s a special place in Hell for evil-doers of this magnitude (immensity) and the only comfort I take is in knowing that Bush and his coterie (circle, clique, fraternity) will eventually join Hitler, Stalin, and etc. in eternal pain and damnation! Let’s rejoin the mendacious and malevolent miscreant’s speech.


“In these four years, Americans have seen the unfolding of large events. We have known times of sorrow, and hours of uncertainty, and days of victory. In all this history, even when we have disagreed, we have seen threads of purpose that unite us. The attack on freedom in our world has reaffirmed our confidence in freedom’s power to change the world. We are all part of a great venture: To extend the promise of freedom in our country, to renew the values that sustain our liberty, and to spread the peace that freedom brings.”


However the Bush, Cheney, Rice, et al oil cabinet’s idea of freedom is that of the fascists’ jackboot on all our necks. America has been spreading ‘peace’ for well over a hundred years starting back around 1890 with our invasion and occupation of the Philippines. I could be mistaken though, because I just thought of Mexico and I believe we stole California and a good part of our Southwest from Mexico in the time of Mark Twain? I have always wanted to study history formally in college but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Anyway, just as we’re now ‘liberating’ Iraq, we have ‘liberated’ many nations but what we actually did was liberate their land and resources from those who mistakenly thought it was their land and resources. Remember, God is on our side and it’s our Manifest Destiny to rule over all the non-White heathens. The British called it the White Man’s Burden—the term coined by Rudyard Kipling in defense of the British occupation of India. Bush’s hatchet man, Rove, is masterful at Orwellian doublespeak e.g. war is peace, prison is liberty, totalitarianism is freedom.



For instance, Bush has announced to the world that we reserve the right to attack any country at any time if we even think they might pose some future threat to our ‘interests.’ I am reminded of the Crusades where the good Christians invaded and slaughtered Muslims under the banner of doing God’s work. Don’t forget how powerful a force Christianity has been in Bush’s life i.e. he credits his born-again ‘conversion’ to saving his marriage because he was drinking heavily and etc. before he talked with Billy Graham. And recall that one of the very first things he did upon taking office was to enact his ‘Faith-based Initiative’ against the will of Congress and the Senate. Further, let’s reflect on what are the values that sustain our liberty? I’d say such things as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, a free press, the sovereign right to not have our homes invaded, fair representation in our government, openness in both domestic and foreign policies affairs, the right to organize in the workplace, etc. etc. etc. Suffice it to say without my going over each of these aspects of liberty, our liberties have been seriously abrogated (annuled, repealed, abolished, canceled, nullified, rescinded, countermanded, overridden, revoked, invalidated, set aside) under this tyrannical and repressive administration. And this is how fascism takes hold in a country i.e. the gradual erosion of civil liberties under the pretext of foreign enemies posing a serious threat to national security.


Simultaneously, Bush tells us ‘we are part of a great venture,’ well, that is partly right but he neglected to mention that the ‘venture’ he was referring to is venture capitalism as in his ploy to get people to risk their Social Security funds by investing in Wall Street. Sure thing, after all we can trust Wall Street right? Never mind all those minor ‘mistakes’ such as the Savings and Loan Scandal under Reagan’s deregulation campaign or the recent wave of corporate malfeasance by dozens and dozens of companies like Enron which was the major campaign contributor to Georgie. Don’t let the fact that tens of thousands of people lost their pensions and life savings, Wall Street is squeaky clean and honest as the day is long now. Finally, we are at the last paragraph of the parasite and pariah’s putrid (rotten, rancid, decayed, moldy) pack of lies.


“As Franklin Roosevelt once reminded Americans, ‘each age is a dream that is dying, or one that is coming to birth.’ And we live in the country where the biggest dreams are born. The abolition of slavery was only a dream—until it was fulfilled. The liberation of Europe from fascism was only a dream—until it was achieved. The fall of imperial communism was only a dream—until, one day, it was accomplished. Our generation has dreams of its own, and we also go forward with confidence. The road of Providence is uneven and unpredictable—yet we know where it leads: It leads to freedom. Thank you, and may God bless America.”



No, God help protect us and the rest of the world from you and yours! Just remember my friend that many tyrants and bloody dictators throughout history have invoked the name of God and therefore don’t fall for Bush’s phoney piety but watch his actions and you’ll soon see for yourself what a moral hypocrite and bald-faced liar he is! I saw a guy on cable access t.v. the other night by the name of Bruce H. Lipton. He is a cellular biologist and he said something that really caught my attention i.e. “Nurturing is the character of mammals.” This reminded me of George Lakoff’s assertion that most conservatives follow a strict-father, authoritarian role model or world-view and that most progressives follow or hold a nurturant parent world-view. He also added that we can hold both views. Some people can be nurturing at home but strict at work for example. In any case, I don’t believe there is an ounce of nurturing in Bush and it is appropriate because he must be a reptile to have done all the cold-blooded things he has done. To be cold is to be haughty (arrogant, patronizing, conceited, vain, pompous, imperious, condescending, snobbish, high and mighty) and aloof (unconcerned). Bush can talk and make claims of caring and compassion until he’s blue in the face but if you’ll take the time to check out his record, you’ll realize what a world of difference there is between his words and his deeds. This is one of the most cold-blooded (cruel, heartless, merciless, ruthless, brutal, pitiless, barbarous, inhuman, savage) presidents we have ever had. He struts around the world stage like he’s some sort of tough guy but where was he when he was suppose to be reporting for duty in the Texas Air National Guard? In the barrooms of Texas. Where was he when we were attacked on September 11th? HIDING! He failed at every business venture he was in but either daddy or Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar Bush bailed him out every time. He was under investigation for insider-trading when he was still in Texas but his buddy, Alberto Gonzalez, whom he appointed Attorney General bailed him out. He got into Yale and Harvard because daddy pulled strings and he was at best an average student. He got into the Skull and Bones Society again because of daddy dearest and there he made powerful connections. The Wizard of Oz is Karl Rove and Rove has been pulling his strings throughout his entire political career. He can put on a flight suit and stage an aircraft carrier off the coast of San Diego for a photo op but he was grounded from flying when in the Air Guard because he wouldn’t take a physical due to his probable cocaine snorting and heavy drinking. Daddy had him shipped to Alabama because he was an embarrassment and he continued partying and not showing up for duty. Our sons and daughters are dying in Iraq because of his treachery and he taunts the terrorists by telling them to ‘bring it on.’ Yeah, he’s real tough with other people’s kid’s lives but you can bet your bottom dollar that his daughters will never serve in the military. Words fail me. I can’t tell you how disgusted I am with this pimp-squeak strutting around like he’s some John Wayne and who has the gall to associate himself and his secret agenda of wiping out every last vestige of every single social welfare program. Millions of people sacrificed their blood, sweat, & tears for the social welfare programs established to help the unfortunate millions who have been used, abused, and cast aside by the wealthy.


As I have shown, Bush was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has been protected and handed everything his entire life. And true to form for the elite, he hasn’t an ounce of sympathy or compassion for the world’s oppressed because he and his kind are the oppressors getting richer by stomping on the rest of us. Incredible isn’t even close to his quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt because Bush and Reagan hated Roosevelt more than any other president because he established the New Deal to give relief to the vast majority of Americans who had their lives ravaged due to the unbridled greed of the wealthy in the 1920s and Bush is pushing us back towards another Great Depression. He is right though in that the American Dream is indeed dead but the dream that he and his henchmen are bringing about is actually a nightmare from which we may not survive? Bush is a prototypical fascist and I hope and pray that he too meets that other fascist’s fate i.e. Mussolini! God protect you but just in case I suggest that you get serious about educating yourself on these matters if you want to someday bounce your grandchildren on your knees and live a semblance of a ‘normal’ life. As others have said, don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. I have done my homework and now it’s time for you to do yours if you want to be a true citizen of this democracy we’re so fond of bragging about!




Rob DeLoss, July 10, 2005





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