Disturbing the Peace?

     This is one of the most common charges used against the broken, the homeless, the poor, the destitute, the drunken, & the disruptive. But, who’s peace is it that they are supposedly disturbing? And how about the peace they i.e. the rich, disturb? The constant worry, anxiety, fear, despair, etc. of the working poor? Do we count anymore or is it no longer America but yuppie-land? Who is the greater disturber of the peace?
     The super-rich, the politicians, the multi-national corporate CEOs who keep the world or the relations between nations, in a constant state of fear & anxiety in order to assure the steady flow of the federal treasury i.e. the public’s (working stiffs) taxes or funds into the pockets of the obscenely rich & the morally bankrupt!
     The Robber Barons disturb every aspect of peace e.g. the peace of mind that comes from believing your decades of loyalty & hard work to your company will be rewarded with a fair pension, medical coverage for yourself & your family, etc. The vast majority of the working class & those who have temporarily been allowed a ‘middle class’ level of living, have slowly & steadily become painfully aware that they were duped or betrayed by those whom they placed their faith & trust in.
     I would imagine that a lot of these poor souls who are coming to this sad realization, are maybe feeling like a wife who’s husband has abandoned her for another woman, or, like a woman who has been raped & feels dirty & fearful of all men?
     Why is it that in this land of the so-called ‘Brave and the Free,’ the vast majority of us are cowering in the dark corners, scared to death of what will happen to us and our families if we lose our jobs, get sick, our car breaks down, etc.? Could it be that the real motive behind the call for ‘globalization’ is to drive the entire workforce of the world to the levels of desperation which is reflected in the statistic that over 2 billion people subsist on less than $2 per day?
     Think about it! Since when have the greedy ever been satisfied? Must we wait until the Earth’s resources are completely depleted? Until life on Earth is so ugly that death is preferable? When is enough, enough? When are we going to stand up and put the brakes to these rapacious ravagers of everything that we hold sacred and which makes life worth living?
     Think of the simple beauty of talking to your neighbor & trusting them. Or, the sacred beauty of the ancient Redwoods. Do you want to swim in an ocean that has been used as a toilet bowl for so long that it’s no longer safe to swim in it or eat the food that comes from it?
     Is it any wonder the poor, the broken-spirited, run when the cops drive up? They have been through the degrading experience of arrest time & time again and no matter how ‘low’ their social status, they don’t want to go through it again. They are the ‘bad’ ones because they attempt to dull the pain of their humiliation & degradation with alcohol and/or drugs yet the rich ‘abuse’ alcohol & drugs and it is glorified in the Hollywood Press?
     In other words, contrary to popular public opinion—largely the result of corporate news, the downtrodden are sub-humans because they abuse drugs & alcohol but, the rich are innocent victims to the pressures of success & fame! And the icing on the cake is that the perpetrators of most of the misery in the world are the ones who sit in their penthouse suites and declare their victims ‘dangerous, sub-humans,’ who need to be jailed or killed. If you kick a dog long enough, why should you be surprised when the dog eventually bites you? Recall the French Revolution?
     Have you ever wondered why America is so ‘violent?’ Why is it that ‘we’ the ‘most powerful nation on earth,’ and the ‘champions of democracy,’ are such a fearful & dangerous society? Something doesn’t add up. If we’re so great, then why are there such lower rates of homicide & other violent crimes in the rest of the world?
     Consider also, if what the poor are doing i.e. drug abuse, is so terrible, then why are the rich copying the poor in not only their drug & alcohol usage but in their dress and musical tastes? Hypocrisy?
     No! What we have is a glut of ‘Cops’ programs and etc. designed to give us reassurance that the cops are protecting us and to make us believe the cops are always the good guys and that we can sleep easy but, meanwhile, the most destructive criminals i.e. the bank presidents, politicians, etc. are left to rob, rape, & pillage at will. The street criminals affect us on a direct, personal level, but the executives in their penthouse suites, hurt us far more e.g. The Savings & Loans Scandals under Reagan, Enron, World-Com, etc. thanks to George ‘Dubya’ Bush (Alfred E. Newman of Mad magazine). As Gore Vidal pointed out so cogently in his book “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace,” the U.S. has been at war of one form or another for the past fifty years. Now, who are the greatest disturbers of the peace?
                                              Rob DeLoss, June 20, 2006
(idea came from watching the t.v. series ‘Cops,’ where a young gal was harassed & arrested for ‘disturbing the peace.’)


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